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This is a list of internal combustion engines produced by the former Allis-Chalmers Corporation Engine Division for use in their lines of tractors, combine harvesters, other agricultural equipment, engine-generators, and other industrial plant.

Allis-Chalmers purchased the Buda Engine Co. in 1953 and took over their well-established line of products. Since Buda was merged entirely into A-C as part of their new Engine Division, its operations became known simply as the "Harvey plant" and all of its production after 1953 was under the Allis-Chalmers name.

The very earliest A-C tractors, up to the mid-1930s, used engines built by outside suppliers (LeRoi, Midwest, Waukesha and Continental were common). Those engines are not included in this list. In a later reversal of this practice, the Engine Division eventually served as a third-party supplier to other makers of farm and industrial machinery, most notably Cockshutt and LeRoi.

Allis-Chalmers (and Buda) produced heavy-duty engine designs that were built to handle a variety of fuel types (generally gasoline, diesel fuel, or liquefied propane gas). The types of fuel each engine could burn are listed where appropriate; further information on fuel types for each engine can be found in the individual engine articles.

Inline four-cylinder[edit]

Inline six-cylinder[edit]

V8 cylinder[edit]

V12 cylinder[edit]

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