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The following is a list of radio show episodes of the public television cooking show America's Test Kitchen in the United States. The radio show debuted in January 2012 and is distributed by PRX.

Radio Shows[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Show Number Title
139 New Rule: A Calorie is Not A Calorie
138 The Amazing World of James Beard
137 Thanksgiving Special Show
136 Beyond Falafel: Middle Eastern Food Gets a Makeover
135 Tasting with The Brain: The New Science of Neurogastronomy
134 United Noshes: 170 Dinner Parties from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe
133 Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America
132 Are Super Foods Really Super?
131 Supermarket Design: The Perfect Consumer
130 Chopped: Inside The World of Food TV
129 Welcome to The All-New World of Cocktails!
128 Tupperware's Biggest Secret: Brownie Wise
127 First Class Dining at 35,000 Feet
126 The Food World According to Adam Gopnik
125 Big Appetites: The World of Competitive Eating
124 Secrets of The Perfect Cup of Coffee
123 Who is Martha Stewart?
122 What's for Dinner on The Space Station?
121 Last Suppers: Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe
120 The Great Carnivore/Vegetarian Debate
119 Turkey: The New Mediterranean Cuisine
118 The New World of Stolen Recipes
117 The Secret Life of Betty Crocker
116 The Truth about Organic Foods
115 The Raw Milk Debate
114 The Making of a French Chef: Eric Ripert
113 Do Diets Work?
112 The Mysterious Power of Detoxing
111 A New Manifesto for School Lunch
110 Inside The Lives of Chefs
109 What You Don't Know about Coffee Beans
108 The Mystery of Biodynamics
107 In Search of the Best Chef’s Knife
106 The Fish Mafia
105 Restaurant Critic Secrets Revealed
104 The Truth about Olive Oil
103 A Tribute to Julia Child
102 Blind Wine
101 Season to Taste

Season 2[edit]

Show Number Title
240 Holiday Special: Top Kitchen Gifts, Wine Guide, Celebrity Holiday Memories
239 Secrets of a Modern-Day 18th Century Cook
238 The Most Dangerous Fungi: Inside the World of Mushroom Hunters
237 Thanksgiving Special: Turkey Q & A and The Real Story of The First Thanksgiving
236 Up Close and Personal with Lidia Bastianich
235 Colonel Sanders: The Man Behind The Myth
234 Mollie Katzen Tells All: A Personal History of Moosewood
233 Secrets of Southern Cooking: Dan Doodles, Caramel Cake, and Pot Likker
232 Ethiopia to New York: Chef Marcus Samuelsson's Long Journey to The Top
231 Only 10% Human: Michael Pollan on The Weird Science of Your Gut, 1/23/2014
230 Rick Bayless Wins Top Chef Masters with Mexican Molé, 11/21/2013
229 The Perfect Cheese: A True Story of Love, Nature, and Revenge, 12/19/2013
228 The Drunken Botanist: Put The Garden Back into Cocktails!
227 The Mystery and History of Soul Food, 8/15/2013
226 Dognition: Why Your Dog is A Genius, 8/1/2013
225 The World According to Ron Finley, The Guerrilla Gardener of South LA
224 Swindled: The Amazing History of Food Fraud, 7/18/2013
223 Chocolate: What You Need to Know but Are Afraid to Ask!
222 Desperately Seeking Great Authentic BBQ
221 Cooking Behind Bars: A Recipe for Success
220 GULP! A Road Trip Through The Digestive Tract
219 The Truth about Celebrity Chefs: Tony Maws
218 Bartenders Tell All!
217 Downstairs at Downton Abbey, 12/26/2013
216 Voila! The Best Sourdough In The World, 10/3/2013
215 Jacques Pepin on DeGaulle, Kennedy, and The Best Roast Chicken
214 Food Styling Goes Hollywood. Is That Chicken Ready for Its Close up?
213 What's for Dinner? Tarantula Burgers!
212 Blood, Bones and Butter: New York Chef Confidential
211 Report from New Orleans: Katrina, Po'Boys, and Etouffé
210 Ode to Barbecue - Food Poetry Sings a New Song
209 The New British Invasion: Paris Food
208 The Kitchen Sisters Unplugged: America's Hidden Food Stories
207 Bitchin' Kitchen: Spandex Meets Food TV
206 Moonshine Madness: Still Crazy After All These Years
205 Investigating Molecular Gastronomy
204 40 Crazy Chefs—Live Shrimp Anyone?
203 500 Years of Kitchen Gadgets
202 Cook Fight: Two New York Times Foodies Battle over Dinner
201 Vegetarian Gourmet - A Brave New World

Season 3[edit]

Show Number Title
335 Holiday Special: Paying It Forward: The Amazing Psychology of Holiday Giving
334 An Insider's Tour of Julia Child's Kitchen
333 Thanksgiving Special: True Stories from The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line
332 New York Times Restaurant Critic Pete Wells Speaks Out
331 Peace Meals: Eating in War Zones from Iraq to Afghanistan
330 The Day Meat Fell from The Sky: A Halloween Special
329 Mario Batali Speaks! Up Close and Personal with a Celebrity Chef
328 Rhubarb and Marilyn Monroe: Life on A Small Michigan Farm
327 New York Times Wine Critic Eric Asimov: Wine for The Rest of Us
326 Food Futurism: WikiPearls, oPhones, and Le Whif
325 Home Fermentation 101: Easy, Safe and Fun
324 The New Food Journalism: New Orleans Post Katrina
323 Eating White Dirt: Investigating The World's Strangest Food Obsession
322 What Has Your Food Been Eating? The Secret World of Modern Agriculture
321 Mean Streets: Rags to Riches with Boston's Top Chef Barbara Lynch
320 How (Not) To Start A Pizzeria: A Real-Life Survival Guide
319 July 4 Beer Special! The Amazing History, Lore and Science of America's Favorite Drink
318 Being Ruth Reichl: Up Close and Personal with The Last Editor of Gourmet
317 A New Theory of Evolution: Cooking Made Us Human!
316 The Insider's Guide to Paris with David Lebovitz
315 Secrets of Chinese Home Cooking
314 Inside Top Chef with Top Model Host Padma Lakshmi
313 In Memory's Kitchen: The Cookbook that Survived The Holocaust
312 Chef Jeremiah Tower Reveals The True Story of America's Food Revolution
311 The Business of Meat: How The Meatpacking Industry Revolutionized America
310 Junk Food Engineering: Why Food Companies Weaponize Sugar, Salt and Fat
309 Do Manners Matter? Yes... and They Can Change Your Life
308 Picnics on Mars: Packing for A Trip to The Angry Red Planet
307 Gut Instinct: How The Science of Gut Bacteria Can Change Your Weight, Your Health, and Your Life
306 Breaking The Code of Gluten-Free Baking: The Secrets, Science, and Techniques of Great Gluten-Free Recipes
305 Bronx Cheers: The "Baron" Seeks Out The Best Ethnic Food in America
304 Ramen Revolution: The Secrets of America's New Fast Food
303 The Best Restaurant in The World? Live Shrimp and Deep Fried Moss!
302 Extreme Eating: From 100 Year Old Eggs to Kopi Luwak
301 Private Cooking Lesson with Yotam Ottolenghi, Author of Jerusalem

Season 4[edit]

Show Number Title
435 Food in Holiday Literature: From Dickens' Christmas Pudding to Capote's Fruitcake
434 The Joys of Nordic Cuisine: Magnus Nilsson Cooks in a Hostile Land
433 The Crazy History of Thanksgiving Day Parades: Ragamuffins, Hobos, Scary Masks, and Trick or Treat!
432 Snap, Crackle, Pop! The Secret Science of The Sound of Food
431 Halloween Special: Who Killed Thelma Todd? We Reopen The Case of This Famous Actress/Restaurateur
430 The Great Sugar Debate: The Scientific Argument for Artificial Sweeteners
429 The Essence of Emeril: The Off-Camera Emeril Lagasse on Life, Cooking, Fame and Fortune
428 Cooking From Books: Brooklyn Butcher Nicoletti Serves Up Literary Dinners
427 The Art of BBQ: Aaron Franklin Strips it Down and Beefs It Up
426 Mexican Revolution: Enrique Olvera from Cosme Reinvents Mexican Cooking
425 The New Soul Food: Lighter and Fresher but It Still Has Soul!
424 Poisoned Vines: France’s Most Celebrated Vineyard is Attacked by Eco-Terrorism
423 Chimps Who Cook: At Jane Goodall’s Congo Sanctuary, Chimps are Cooking Up Dinner
422 The Truth about Gluten: Media Hype or Good Science?
421 Chiang Mai at Home: Thai Cooking Lesson with Andy Ricker
420 Prohibition Part Two: Cocktails and Politics in the Roaring Twenties
419 Prohibition Part One: Inside The 21 Club Speakeasy with Bogart, Bacall, and Hemingway
418 Mexican Cooking Class with Rick Bayless: Big Flavors, Easy and Everyday
417 Your Brain on Food: Lose Weight, Live Longer, Eat Chocolate, and Drink Coffee!
416 The Dorito Effect: The New Science of Creating Potent Flavor Chemicals to Market Bland Supermarket Food
415 The Man Who Mistook Oysters for Chocolate: Exploring The Rare Medical Condition of Synesthesia
414 Sorting It Out: How Four British Mates Founded SORTED, YouTube’s Hottest Cooking Channel
413 Cooking Lesson: The Secrets of Cooking Brilliant Chinese Food at Home with Fuchsia Dunlop
412 Pig Tales: A True Story of Smart Pigs, Dumb Farmers and The American Pork Industry
411 One Way Trip to Mars, Part Two
410 One Way Trip to Mars, Part One
409 The Dead Pit: The True, Shocking Story of The U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
408 Do Celebrity Diets Really Work? From Marilyn Monroe to Beyoncé
407 How to Cook A Puffin: The New Cooking of Iceland
406 Rachael Ray Speaks Out on Fame, Pajamas, Hard Work and Her Cabin in The Woods
405 Quack Diets? The Scientific Truth about Paleo, Gluten-Free, and Other Hot Diets
404 Chicken Madness: How A Rare, Exotic Bird Fed The World
403 The Aunt Jemima Syndrome: Southern Food Myths Exposed
402 The Barefoot Contessa Speaks Out
401 How to Read a Menu: The Secret Language of Food

Season 5[edit]

Show Number Title
529 Horror Kitchen: The True Story of Vincent Price, the Unlikely Cookbook Author and Gourmet
528 The End of Restaurant Tipping? The Psychology and Economics of Paying for Service
527 Grimm Food: The world of the Brothers Grimm is full of culinary allegory, from poisoned apples and edible cottages to hungry wolves and starving children
526 The Billionaire's Vinegar: The Mystery of The World's Most Expensive Bottle of Wine
525 Calories and Corsets: Weird Diets, Weight-Loss Gimmicks, and Changing Fashions from Rome to Today
524 Sioux Chef: Native American Food Truck Offers Sumac Popcorn, Cedar-Braised Bison, and Native Pestos
523 Food on the Campaign Trail: The Political Perils of Chili Dogs, Pizza, Cheesesteak, and Tamales
522 How to Print a Turkey: Will 3D Food Printers Change How We Cook and Eat?
521 Is Fat Duck Chef Heston Blumenthal The Michelangelo of Food?
520 The New Science of BBQ: What Meathead Goldwyn Knows that You Don't
519 The Buddhist Cook: Elizabeth Andoh explains how the principles of Kansha and Washoku can transform your cooking
518 The Secret Life of Roald Dahl and The Chocolate Factory
517 The Vanishing Sea Women of Jeju Island
516 Farm to Table Undercover: Fact or Fraud?
515 Take A Walk on The Wild Side: 12,000 Miles from Mongolia to Australia
514 First Bite: New Science Shows that Our Food Preferences Start Before Birth
513 Are you feeling lucky? Danielle Chang of LuckyRice talks about Asian food, superstition, and luck
512 Mamushka Can Cook! The Food, The Memories, and The Cooking of Eastern Europe
511 The Life and Extraordinary Times of Edna Lewis, The Grande Dame of Southern Cooking
510 Be A Successful TV Cooking Show Host! (Sara Moulton Reveals Her Secrets)
509 Beyond Wienerschnitzel: The Exciting New World of Austrian Cuisine
508 Enokie Dokie Burger Anyone? Inside Bob's Burgers with Creator Loren Bouchard
507 Hot Joy Restaurant! Chef Watson Mixes South Texas with Pan-Asian. Stoner Food or High Cuisine?
506 8 Glasses of Water/Day? Humbug! Dr. Aaron Carroll debunks this and other modern health myths
505 Inside The Museum of Food and Drink: Puffing Guns, Fake Flavors, and Perfect French Fries
504 Sweet, Sour, Spicy, Salty, Crunchy, Bitter, Creamy: The New World Cuisine of Travis Lett's Gjelina
503 The Ethical Meat Eater: Can Carnivores Adopt A Moral High Ground?
502 The Madness of Dan Pashman: The Sporkful Genius Rants about Hot Dogs, Cap'n Crunch and Mashed Potatoes
501 Wine Fraud Nation: Cheap Wine, Expensive Labels, and Big Money