List of Permanent Representatives of Canada to NATO

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List of ambassadors and permanent representatives to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (North Atlantic Council)

Ambassador Start of Term End of Term Appointed by On the advice of
Arnold Danford Patrick Heeney 1952 1952 Vincent Massey Louis St. Laurent
Leolyn Wilgress 1953 1958 Vincent Massey Louis St. Laurent
Jules Léger 1958 1962 Vincent Massey John Diefenbaker
George Ignatieff 1962 1966 Georges Vanier John Diefenbaker
Charles Ritchie 1966 1967 Roland Michener Lester B. Pearson
Ross Campbell 1967 1972 Roland Michener Lester B. Pearson
Arthur Menzies 1972 1976 Roland Michener Pierre Trudeau
Joseph Hardy 1976 1980 Jules Léger Pierre Trudeau
John Halstead 1980 1982 Edward Schreyer Pierre Trudeau
James Taylor 1982 1985 Edward Schreyer Pierre Trudeau
Gordon Smith 1985 1990 Jeanne Sauvé Brian Mulroney
James Bartleman 1990 1994 Ray Hnatyshyn Brian Mulroney
Admiral John R. Anderson 1994 1997 Ray Hnatyshyn Jean Chrétien
David Wright 1997 2003 Roméo LeBlanc Jean Chrétien
Jean-Pierre Juneau 2003 2007 Adrienne Clarkson Jean Chrétien
Robert McRae 2007 2011 Michaëlle Jean Stephen Harper
Yves Brodeur 2011 2015
Kerry Buck[1] 2015