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for more in depth information about the magazine see Black Mask (magazine)

The Casey franchise was started in 1934 by George Harmon Coxe in Black Mask (magazine). A total of 22 stories were published in the magazine,[1] plus two serialized novels. Note the company these stories keep within the pages of Black Mask such as Raymond Chandler & E. Stanley Gardner. This magazine was an important part of the pulp magazine genre.

Casey, Crime Photographer shorts, published in Black Mask (magazine)
Title Volume-Issue, Month Year
Blood on the Lens 25-09, Jan 1943
Buried Evidence
w/Tom Wade
18-05, July 1935
Casey Detective 17-12, Feb 1935
Earned Reward 18-01, Mar 1935
Fall Guy 19-04, June 1936
Hot Delivery 17-05, July 1934
Mr. Casey Flashgun's Murder 18-08, Oct 1935
Mixed Drinks 17-06, Aug 1934
Murder in the Red 25-02, June 1942
Murder Mixup 19-03, May 1936
Murder Picture 17-11, Jan 1935
Once Around the Click 24-01, May 1941
Pinch-Hitters 17-07, Sep 1934
Portrait of Murder 18-12, Feb 1936
Push-Over 17-04, June 1934
Return Engagement 17-01, Mar 1934
Special Assignment 17-02, April 1934
Thirty Two Tickets to Win 18-04, June 1935
Too Many Women 19-04, Sep 1936
Two Man Job 17-03, May 1934
Women are Trouble 18-02, April 1935
Casey and the Blonde Wren August 1940

In addition to these stories, the two earliest novels were serialized over three issues each.


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