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The following is a list of E instruments, or instruments for which the concert pitch of E is notated as C in standard terminology. They are listed by the type of instrument, such as woodwind and brass.

Woodwind instruments[edit]

The E Clarinet

Brass instruments[edit]

  • Tuba in E-flat
  • Circular altohorn (Koenig horn) pitched in E
  • Tenor cornet
  • Mellophone
  • Alto trombone
  • Vocal horn (cornet with an upward-facing bell)
  • Duplex horn (Gemelli) pitched in E
  • Tenor horn (with a forward-facing bell)
  • Tenor ventil horn pitched in E (an early horn that was one of the first to use valves)
  • Over the shoulder bass horn pitched in E

NOTE: Cornets are occasionally known as coronets, although this may be a historical corruption of the word 'cornet'.

Percussion and stringed instruments[edit]

A piano solo by Ludwig van Beethoven played in the key of E major.

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