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This is a list of fictional characters from DC Comics who are enemies of Firestorm.

Firestorm Enemies[edit]

In alphabetical order (with issue and date of debut appearance).

Villain First appearance Description
2000 Committee Fury of Firestorm #17 (October 1983) A clandestine organization that sought control of the United States government by the year 2000. Some of their former operatives included Multiplex, Tokamak, and Slipknot and hired Breathtaker's Assassination Bureau to capture Firestorm. One of their higher-ranking members was Martin Stein's ex-wife Clarissa Clemens.
Bazooka Joan Fury of Firestorm #29 (November 1984) Operative of the Assassination Bureau with a hover cycle featuring a large back-mounted cannon.
Black Bison Fury of Firestorm #1 (June 1982) When Bison-Black-as-Midnight-Sky is killed by muggers, his soul takes over his great-grandson's body John Ravenhair via an amulet to avenge wrongs done against the Native American people.
Bolt Blue Devil #6 (November 1984) Generally a Blue Devil foe, Bolt is an assassin that joined Multiplex's group of criminals that targeted Firestorm.
Breathtaker Fury of Firestorm #29 (November 1984) Head of the Assassination Bureau, a band of killers-for-hire.
Brimstone Legends #1 (November 1986) Sent by Darkseid to assist Glorious Godfrey in turning citizens against Earth's heroes. It would go on to threaten Earth's sun.
Bug & Byte Fury of Firestorm #23 (May 1984) Siblings Bernard and Blythe Bonner became a criminal duo where Bug used a power suit and Byte could turn into energy.
Casey Krinsky Firestorm (vol. 2) #4 (October 2004) Obsessed with Firestorm, Casey steals the power and matter of whatever she touches.
Deathstorm Brightest Day #10 (September 2010) During Blackest Night, Ronnie Raymond's body returned as an agent for Nekron as a Black Lantern. After Nekron's defeat, the corpse managed to remain inside the Firestorm matrix. Separating from the matrix, he seeks to torture the Firestorm hosts in order to create another big bang and destroy all life.
Enforcer Fury of Firestorm #14 (July 1983) Leroy Merkyn was hired by Multiplex under orders of Tokamak's civilian identity to capture Firestorm with a cybernetic suit of armor. Upon failure, Tokamak slew him.
Fury of Firestorm #14 (July 1983) (as Mica)
Fury of Firestorm #18 (November 1983) (as Enforcer)
An employee for Tokamak, Mica used the Enforcer armor to try and capture Firestorm but failed. She would later join the Suicide Squad and die in combat.
Flying Dutchman Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #70 (April 1988) Rikkard Rynders was obsessed with time travel and used drugs to practice astral projection. Leaving his body and entering the timestream, he permanently disembodied himself. Inevitably, he was able to enter the Firestorm matrix, subjugate it, and use it to go back in time. Eventually, Ronnie and Martin were able to regain control, expel Rynders, and return to the present.
Goldenrod Fury of Firestorm #19 (January 1984) Fred Delmar dies after taking the drug Nuvafed and his body dumped in the forest. The drug reacts with the plants therein and reanimate Delmar as the plant-man Goldenrod and sought revenge against the drug makers.
Hyena Firestorm #4 (September 1978) Summer Day was cursed as a were-hyena and her psychological issues with her policeman father and failure to become a cop compels her to attack criminals and police officers when she turns.
Fury of Firestorm #10 (March 1983) Psychiatrist Jivan Shi manipulated Summer into cursing him as a were-hyena so he could revenge himself against doctors.
Incognito Fury of Firestorm #29 (November 1984) A shape-shifter in the Assassination Bureau.
Killer Frost Firestorm #3 (June 1978) Scientist Crystal Frost was spurned by Martin Stein and developed the power to absorb heat and create cold after being locked in a thermafrost chamber. With these abilities, she initiated a deadly rampage against men. She died absorbing too much power from Firestorm in one of their battles.
Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #21 (March 1984) After the death of the original Killer Frost, her friend Dr. Louise Lincoln repeated the former's accident and became the new Killer Frost seeking revenge against Firestorm.
King Crusher Fury of Firestorm #51 (September 1986) Taking steroids to become a stronger wrestler, Crusher turned into a green, muscular behemoth similar to Killer Croc.
Mindboggler Fury of Firestorm #29 (November 1984) Leah Wasserman is a mercenary for the Assassination Bureau with the ability to confuse the senses of others and subvert their will. She died as a member of the Suicide Squad at the hands of Rustam of the Jihad.
Multiplex Firestorm #1 (March 1978) (as Danton Black)
Firestorm #2 (April 1978) (as Multiplex)
Formerly the assistant to Martin Stein, Danton Black was fired and sought to steal blueprints from his former employ. The explosion that created Firestorm provided Black the power to split into multiple versions of himself. He became one of Firestorm's most frequent sparring partners.
Naiad Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #90 (October 1989) Mai Miyazaki was murdered by an employee of the Shogun Oil Company for protesting. She was reborn as Earth's water elemental and initiated the so-called Elemental War with Firestorm (fire elemental), Swamp Thing (earth elemental), and Red Tornado (wind elemental).
Parasite Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #58 (April 1987) Darkseid decides to re-create the Parasite erased by the Crisis on Infinite Earths and manipulates S.T.A.R. Labs janitor Rudy Jones into becoming him. Drafted into the Suicide Squad to subdue Firestorm (Stein was, at the time, trying to wipeout all of the Earth's nuclear weapons), Parasite went berserk and attacked his teammates, Firestorm, and the Justice League (the latter also came to capture Stein).
Plastique Fury of Firestorm #7 (December 1982) A Canadian terrorist, Bette Sans Souci was foiled in her attempt to be a suicide bomber when Firestorm dissolved her outerwear, leaving her nude. Embarrassed, she underwent genetic testing to be able to unleash explosive blasts of force.
Pozhar Fury of Firestorm #62 (August 1987) After an accident in a nuclear reactor, Mikhail Denisovitch Arkadin was granted nuclear powers and became the Russian hero Pozhar. Ordered to battle Firestorm when Stein sought to eliminate the world's nuclear weaponry, a nuclear bomb was dropped on the pair during combat and they were fused into a new Firestorm. He would later be removed from the matrix and returned to Russia.
Sand Demon Fury of Firestorm #51 (September 1986) The manager to King Crusher who provided him the mutative steroids, Eddie Slick (who bears a strong resemblance to Martin Stein) was exposed to the same drugs as his wrestler and after being buried in the desert for exposing the drug ring behind the steroids. Developing the power to control sand, he sought revenge and crossed paths with Firestorm.
Satin Satan Justice League of America #179 (June 1980) Operating out of the Studio, a local disco, Satin Satan is possessed by the demon Sataroth that's been kidnapping young people including Firestorm.
Shadowstorm Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #96 (April 1990) When the shadows of the Orisha-Nla spread across the Earth, Firestorm was exposed to them and the result was a copy of the hero fueled by darkness and anger that sought to destroy the one he was patterned after.
Shango Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #95 (March 1990) African god of storms, Shango sought his brother Obatala on Earth and was interrupted by Firestorm in his search. He strikes the hero with his axe, sending him to Ifé.
Silver Deer Fury of Firestorm #25 (July 1984) When her brother and father were murdered by a bigot, Silver Deer studied the Cherokee mystics arts and sought revenge against white people. To this end, she sought aid in Black Bison.
Silver Shade Fury of Firestorm #53 (November 1986) Xavier Purvis is a metahuman with the power to absorb energy and use it to shape metal who built a suit to amplify his powers and sought Firestorm to fuel his abilities.
Slipknot Fury of Firestorm #28 (October 1984) Christopher Weiss uses his talent for rope use as a mercenary for the 2000 Committee under the direction of Tokamak.
Sparx Fury of Firestorm Annual #3 (1985) Substance abuser Frido Kelp develops the ability to manipulate electricity and comes into conflict with Firestorm.
Stalnoivolk Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #67 (January 1988) The Steel Wolf, Ivan Illyich Gort was the Russian Superman who slaughtered under orders of Joseph Stalin during and after World War II. After Stalin's death, Gort was exiled due to his cruelty but was later sought by the Red Shadows to battle Firestorm. He would kill Ronnie's grandfather Richard Dare (Captain X during WWII) before being defeated. Bears some similarities to Captain Nazi and Iron Munro.
Stratos Fury of Firestorm #29 (November 1984) Member of the Assassination Bureau able to control wind.
The Thinker Firestorm #1 (March 1978) (as Cliff Carmichael)
Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #99 (July 1990) (as the Thinker)
A frequent sparring partner of Ronnie Raymond at Vandemeer University, Cliff Carmichael had a psychological break after paralyzing his cousin and was institutionalized. There, the Thinking Cap of the original Thinker was used on him and Cliff used it to improve upon its design, placing microchips in his brain and developing the power of telepathy. He was drafted into the Suicide Squad but later betrayed him. When Jason Rusch took up the Firestorm mantle, Cliff combated him with Multiplex and Typhoon in his thrall.
Tokamak Fury of Firestorm #15 (August 1983) Henry Hewitt, head of the Hewitt Corporation, was a high level member of the 2000 Committee that used Multiplex to turn Lorraine Reilly into Firehawk. Data gathered from the event was used to turn Hewitt into Tokamak, the Living Reactor. In this capacity, he faced Firestorm on behalf of the 2000 Committee.
Firestorm (vol. 2) #28 (October 2006) Hewitt cloned himself to survive a terminal illness and took on the name Victor Hewitt under the guise he was the original's son. He sought to create global wide meltdowns in order to empower himself but was defeated by Firestorm, Firehawk, and Pozhar.
Trash Fury of Firestorm #54 (December 1986) Steve Brockman just wanted to be a rockstar but had no talent. So, he designed a guitar that created sonic blasts, force fields, and enabled flight.
Typhoon Flash #294 (February 1981) Exposed to radiation and ocean water, Martin Stein's colleague David Drake developed the ability to control weather. Initially going berserk whenever he entered the Typhoon identity, Drake later learned to control his powers and developed a hatred for Firestorm due to his numerous defeats at his hands.
Venom Fury of Firestorm Annual #4 (1986) Todd Walton sought to develop a non-addictive painkiller but instead created Venom-X, an addictive hallucinate that gives abusers snake-like qualities. Walton went on a killing spree, equipped with a wrist-mounted blaster that fired his drug.
Weasel Fury of Firestorm #35 (May 1985) John Monroe became the costumed serial killer Weasel to get revenge on those that mocked him as a youth. He died as a member of the Suicide Squad when he was killed by Rick Flag, Jr. under the control of the original Thinker.
The Zuggernaut Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #69 (March 1988) Matvei Rodor merged with an alien symbiote to become the Zuggernaut and sought revenge against corrupt prosecutor Soliony and came into conflict with Firestorm. The hero reflected one of the alien hybrid's energy blasts, mortally wounding Rodor who was abandoned by the extraterrestrial.