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Director of the Roscosmos State Corporation
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Constituent part of the Director's standard
Yury Borisov official portrait.png
Yuriy Borisov

since July 15, 2022
Term lengthAt the pleasure of the Prime Minister
Inaugural holderYuri Koptev
FormationFebruary 25, 1992 as successor for Soviet space program

The directors of Roscosmos are the highest-ranked officials of Roscosmos, the space agency of the Russian Federation. The director serves as the senior space science adviser to the President of Russia.

The deputy director of Roscosmos serves as the agency's second in command and is responsible to the administrator for providing overall leadership, planning, and policy direction for the agency. They represent Roscosmos to the Presidential Administration, State Duma, heads of federal and other appropriate government agencies, international organizations, and external organizations and communities. They also oversee the day-to-day work of Roscosmos’ functional offices.

The first director was Yuri Koptev; during his term the agency suffers from financial crisis, and he was who led the Private flights to space, and was also the longest-running director, who held the post from 1992 to 1999.

The current director is Yuriy Borisov, was appointed by President Vladimir Putin on July 15, 2022.


Photograph Name Term start Term end
Yuri Koptev February 25, 1992 March 11, 2004
2010-06-19 Перминов Анатолий Николаевич (cropped).jpeg Anatoly Perminov March 12, 2004 April 28, 2011
Vladimir Popovkin.jpg Vladimir Popovkin April 29, 2011 October 10, 2013
Oleg Ostapenko 1.jpg Oleg Ostapenko October 10, 2013 January 21, 2015
Expedition 43 State Commission - Igor Komarov.jpg Igor Komarov January 21, 2015 May 24, 2018
Дмитрий Рогозин.jpg Dmitry Rogozin May 24, 2018[1] July 15, 2022
Yury Borisov official portrait.png Yury Borisov July 15, 2022

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