List of ISO technical committees

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This is a list of ISO technical committees.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a standards-making body, similar to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). ISO works with National Committees in different countries in preparing and maintaining standards. ISO is the largest developer and publisher of international standards in the world.

Committee list[edit]

The ISO standards making process, similar to many other standards making processes, is handled by various technical committees (TC). The TCs are the key bodies that drive the standardization and comprise experts from the national committees and are a completely voluntary effort.

This list is intended to detail the various technical committees of ISO, the scope of the committees, their key members and the key relevance and outputs of these committees.

Committee Title Notes
ISO/IEC JTC 1 Information technology
TC 1 Screw threads
TC 2 Fasteners
TC 3 Limits and fits Disbanded
TC 4 Rolling bearings
TC 5 Ferrous metal pipes and metallic fittings
TC 6 Paper, board and pulps
TC 7 Rivets Disbanded
TC 8 Ships and marine technology
TC 9 Shipbuilding details for sea navigation Disbanded
TC 10 Technical product documentation
TC 11 Boilers and pressure vessels STANDBY
TC 12 Quantities and units
TC 13 Shaft heights of machinery Disbanded
TC 14 Shafts for machinery and accessories
TC 15 Coupling Disbanded
TC 16 Keys and keyway Disbanded
TC 17 Steel
TC 18 Zinc and zinc alloys STANDBY
TC 19 Preferred numbers STANDBY
TC 20 Aircraft and space vehicles
TC 21 Equipment for fire protection and fire fighting
TC 22 Road vehicles
TC 23 Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry
TC 24 Particle characterization including sieving
TC 25 Cast irons and pig irons
TC 26 Copper and copper alloys
TC 27 Coal and coke
TC 28 Petroleum and related products, fuels and lubricants from natural or synthetic sources
TC 29 Small tools
TC 30 Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits
TC 31 Tyres, rims and valves
TC 32 Splines and serrations Disbanded
TC 33 Refractories
TC 34 Food products
TC 35 Paints and varnishes
TC 36 Cinematography
TC 37 Terminology and other language and content resources
TC 38 Textiles
TC 39 Machine tools
TC 40 Upholstery filling materials Disbanded
TC 41 Pulleys and belts (including veebelts)
TC 42 Photography
TC 43 Acoustics
TC 44 Welding and allied processes
TC 45 Rubber and rubber products
TC 46 Information and documentation
TC 47 Chemistry
TC 48 Laboratory equipment
TC 49 Thread tolerances Disbanded
TC 50 Lac Disbanded
TC 51 Pallets for unit load method of materials handling
TC 52 Light gauge metal containers
TC 53 Packages for frozen foods Disbanded
TC 54 Essential oils
TC 55 Sawn timber and sawlogs Disbanded
TC 56 Mica Disbanded
TC 57 Metrology and properties of surfaces Disbanded
TC 58 Gas cylinders
TC 59 Buildings and civil engineering works
TC 60 Gears
TC 61 Plastics
TC 62 Preferred dimensions of wrought metal products Disbanded
TC 63 Glass containers
TC 64 Methods of testing fuel-using equipment Disbanded
TC 65 Manganese and chromium ores Disbanded
TC 66 Determination of viscosity Disbanded
TC 67 Oil and gas industries including lower carbon energy
TC 68 Financial services
TC 69 Applications of statistical methods
TC 70 Internal combustion engines
TC 71 Concrete, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete
TC 72 Textile machinery and accessories
TC 73 Consumer questions Disbanded
TC 74 Cement and lime
TC 75 Stretchers and stretcher carriers Disbanded
TC 76 Transfusion, infusion and injection, and blood processing equipment for medical and pharmaceutical use
TC 77 Products in fibre reinforced cement
TC 78 Aromatic hydrocarbons Disbanded
TC 79 Light metals and their alloys
TC 80 Safety colours and signs Disbanded
TC 81 Common names for pesticides and other agrochemicals
TC 82 Mining
TC 83 Sports and other recreational facilities and equipment
TC 84 Devices for administration of medicinal products and catheters
TC 85 Nuclear energy, nuclear technologies, and radiological protection
TC 86 Refrigeration and air-conditioning
TC 87 Cork
TC 88 Pictorial markings for handling of goods Disbanded
TC 89 Wood-based panels
TC 90 Apparatus for testing milk and milk products Disbanded
TC 91 Surface active agents
TC 92 Fire safety
TC 93 Starch (including derivatives and by-products)
TC 94 Personal safety—Protective clothing and equipment
TC 95 Office machines Disbanded
TC 96 Cranes
TC 97 Information processing systems Merged into ISO/IEC JTC 1
TC 98 Bases for design of structures
TC 99 Semi-manufactures of timber Disbanded
TC 100 Chains and chain sprockets for power transmission and conveyors
TC 101 Continuous mechanical handling equipment STANDBY
TC 102 Iron ore and direct reduced iron
TC 103 Packaging dimensions Disbanded
TC 104 Freight containers
TC 105 Steel wire ropes
TC 106 Dentistry
TC 107 Metallic and other inorganic coatings
TC 108 Mechanical vibration, shock and condition monitoring
TC 109 Oil and gas burners
TC 110 Industrial trucks
TC 111 Round steel link chains, chain slings, components and accessories
TC 112 Vacuum technology
TC 113 Hydrometry
TC 114 Horology
TC 115 Pumps
TC 116 Space heating appliances Disbanded
TC 117 Fans
TC 118 Compressors and pneumatic tools, machines and equipment
TC 119 Powder metallurgy
TC 120 Leather
TC 121 Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment
TC 122 Packaging
TC 123 Plain bearings
TC 124 Industrial process control instruments Disbanded
TC 125 Enclosures and conditions for testing Disbanded
TC 126 Tobacco and tobacco products
TC 127 Earth-moving machinery
TC 128 Glass plant, pipeline and fittings Disbanded
TC 129 Aluminium ores Disbanded
TC 130 Graphic technology
TC 131 Fluid power systems
TC 132 Ferroalloys
TC 133 Clothing sizing systems - size designation, size measurement methods and digital fittings
TC 134 Fertilizers and soil conditioners
TC 135 Non-destructive testing
TC 136 Furniture
TC 137 Footwear sizing designations and marking systems
TC 138 Plastics pipes, fittings and valves for the transport of fluids
TC 139 Plywood Disbanded
TC 140 Floorings Disbanded
TC 141 Powered lawn and garden equipment Disbanded
TC 142 Cleaning equipment for air and other gases
TC 143 Pyrites and pyrites ash Disbanded
TC 144 Air distribution and air diffusion Disbanded
TC 145 Graphical symbols
TC 146 Air quality
TC 147 Water quality
TC 148 Sewing machines
TC 149 Cycles
TC 150 Implants for surgery
TC 151 Particle boards Disbanded
TC 152 Gypsum, gypsum plasters and gypsum products Disbanded
TC 153 Valves
TC 154 Processes, data elements and documents in commerce, industry and administration
TC 155 Nickel and nickel alloys
TC 156 Corrosion of metals and alloys
TC 157 Non-systemic contraceptives and STI barrier prophylactics
TC 158 Analysis of gases
TC 159 Ergonomics
TC 160 Glass in building
TC 161 Control and protective devices for gas and/or oil
TC 162 Doors and windows
TC 163 Thermal performance and energy use in the built environment
TC 164 Mechanical testing of metals
TC 165 Timber structures
TC 166 Ceramic ware, glassware and glass ceramic ware in contact with food
TC 167 Steel and aluminium structures
TC 168 Prosthetics and orthotics
TC 169 Fish-meal Disbanded
TC 170 Surgical instruments
TC 171 Document management applications
TC 172 Optics and photonics
TC 173 Assistive products for persons with disability
TC 174 Jewellery and precious metals
TC 175 Fluorspar Disbanded
TC 176 Quality management and quality assurance
TC 177 Caravans Disbanded
TC 178 Lifts, escalators and moving walks
TC 179 Masonry Disbanded
TC 180 Solar energy
TC 181 Safety of toys
TC 182 Geotechnics
TC 183 Copper, lead, zinc and nickel ores and concentrates
TC 184 Automation systems and integration
TC 185 Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure
TC 186 Cutlery and table and decorative metal hollow-ware
TC 187 Colour notations Disbanded
TC 188 Small craft
TC 189 Ceramic tile
TC 190 Soil quality
TC 191 Animal (mammal) traps STANDBY
TC 192 Gas turbines
TC 193 Natural gas
TC 194 Biological evaluation of medical devices
TC 195 Building construction machinery and equipment
TC 196 Natural stone Disbanded
TC 197 Hydrogen technologies
TC 198 Sterilization of health care products
TC 199 Safety of machinery
TC 200 Solid wastes Disbanded
TC 201 Surface chemical analysis
TC 202 Microbeam analysis
TC 203 Technical energy systems Disbanded
TC 204 Intelligent transport systems
TC 205 Building environment design
TC 206 Fine ceramics
TC 207 Environmental management
TC 208 Thermal turbines for industrial application (steam turbines, gas expansion turbines) Disbanded
TC 209 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments
TC 210 Quality management and corresponding general aspects for medical devices
TC 211 Geographic information/Geomatics
TC 212 Clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostic test systems
TC 213 Dimensional and geometrical product specifications and verification
TC 214 Elevating work platforms
TC 215 Health informatics
TC 216 Footwear
TC 217 Cosmetics
TC 218 Timber
TC 219 Floor coverings
TC 220 Cryogenic vessels
TC 221 Geosynthetics
TC 222 Personal financial planning STANDBY
TC 223 Societal Security Merged into TC 292
TC 224 Service activities relating to drinking water supply systems and wastewater systems - Quality criteria of the service and performance indicators
TC 225 Market, opinion and social research
TC 226 Materials for the production of primary aluminium
TC 227 Springs
TC 228 Tourism and related services
TC 229 Nanotechnologies
TC 230 Project Committee: Psychological assessment Disbanded
TC 231 Project Committee: Brand valuation (Now ISO/TC 289 Brand evaluation) Disbanded
TC 232 Learning services outside formal education
TC 233 Project Committee: Cleaning services Disbanded
TC 234 Fisheries and aquaculture
TC 235 Project Committee: Rating services Disbanded
TC 236 Project Committee: Project Management (Now ISO/TC 258 Project, programme and portfolio management) Disbanded
TC 237 Project committee: Exhibition terminology Disbanded
TC 238 Solid biofuels
TC 239 Project Committee: Network services billing Disbanded
TC 240 Project Committee: Product recall Disbanded
TC 241 Road traffic safety management systems
TC 242 Energy Management Disbanded
TC 243 Project Committee: Consumer product safety Disbanded
TC 244 Industrial furnaces and associated thermal processing equipment
PC 245 Project Committee: Cross-border trade of second-hand goods Disbanded
TC 246 Project committee: Anti-counterfeiting tools (see ISO/TC 292 Security) Disbanded
TC 247 Fraud countermeasures and controls (see ISO/TC 292 Security) Merged into TC 292
TC 248 Project committee: Sustainability criteria for bioenergy Disbanded
TC 249 Traditional Chinese medicine
PC 250 Project committee: Sustainability in event management
TC 251 Asset management
PC 252 Project committee: Natural gas fuelling stations for vehicles Disbanded
TC 253 Project committee: Treated wastewater re-use for irrigation Disbanded
TC 254 Safety of amusement rides and amusement devices
TC 255 Biogas
TC 256 Pigments, dyestuffs and extenders
TC 257 Energy savings Disbanded
TC 258 Project, programme and portfolio management
PC 259 Project committee: Outsourcing Disbanded
TC 260 Human resource management
TC 261 Additive manufacturing
TC 262 Risk management
TC 263 Coalbed methane (CBM)
TC 264 Fireworks
TC 265 Carbon dioxide capture, transportation, and geological storage
TC 266 Biomimetics
TC 267 Facilities management
TC 268 Sustainable cities and communities
TC 269 Railway applications
TC 270 Plastics and rubber machines
PC 271 Project committee: Compliance programs Disbanded
TC 272 Forensic sciences
PC 273 Project committee: Customer contact centres Disbanded
TC 274 Light and lighting
TC 275 Sludge recovery, recycling, treatment and disposal
TC 276 Biotechnology
PC 277 Project committee: Sustainable procurement Disbanded
PC 278 Project committee: Anti-bribery management system - Requirements Disbanded
TC 279 Innovation management
PC 280 Project committee: Management consultancy Disbanded
TC 281 Fine bubble technology
TC 282 Water reuse
PC 283 Project committee: Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements
PC 284 Project committee: Management System for Quality of Private Security Company (PSC) Operations - Requirements with Guidance Merged into TC 292
TC 285 Clean cookstoves and clean cooking solutions
PC 286 Project committee: Collaborative business relationship management
PC 287 Project committee: Chain of custody of wood and wood-based products
PC 288 Project committee: Educational organizations management systems - Requirements with guidance for use


TC 289 Brand evaluation
TC 290 Online reputation


TC 291 Domestic gas cooking appliances
TC 292 Security and resilience
TC 293 Feed machinery
PC 294 Project committee: Guidance on unit pricing Disbanded
PC 295 Project committee: Audit data collection
TC 296 Bamboo and rattan
TC 297 Waste management, recycling and road operation service
TC 298 Rare earth
TC 299 Robots and robotic devices
TC 300 Solid Recovered Fuels
TC 301 Energy management and energy saving
PC 302 Project committee: Guidelines for auditing management systems
PC 303 Project committee: Guidelines on consumer warranties and guarantees


TC 304 Healthcare organization management
PC 305 Project committee: Sustainable non-sewered sanitation systems
TC 306 Foundry machinery
TC 307 Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies
PC 308 Project committee: Chain of custody
TC 309 Governance of organizations
TC 310 Wheeled child conveyances
TC 311 Vulnerable consumers Disbanded
TC 312 Excellence in service
TC 313 Packaging machinery
TC 314 Ageing societies
TC 315 Cold chain logistics
PC 316 Project committee: Water efficient products - Rating
PC 317 Project committee: Consumer protection: privacy by design for consumer goods and services
PC 318 Project committee: Community scale resource oriented sanitation treatment systems


TC 319 Karst
PC 320 Project committee: Tableware, giftware, jewellery, luminaries - Glass clarity - Classification and test method


TC 321 Transaction assurance in E-commerce
TC 322 Sustainable finance
TC 323 Circular economy
TC 324 Sharing economy
PC 325 Project committee: Sex toys - Design and safety requirements for products in direct contact with genitalia, the anus, or both


TC 326 Machinery intended for use with foodstuffs
TC 327 Natural stones
TC 328 Engineered stones
PC 329 Project committee: Consumer incident investigation guideline
TC 330 Surfaces with biocidal and antimicrobial properties
TC 331 Biodiversity
TC 332 Security equipment for financial institutions and commercial organizations
TC 333 Lithium
TC 334 Reference materials
PC 335 Project committee: Guidelines for organizations to increase consumer understanding of online terms and conditions
TC 336 Laboratory design
PC 337 Project committee: Guidelines for the promotion and implementation of gender equality
TC 338 Menstrual products
TC 339 Small hydropower plants (SHP plants)
TC 340 Natural gas fuelling stations
TC 341 Heat supply network
TC 342 Management consultancy
PC 343 Project committee: Management System for UN Sustainable development goals – Requirements for any organization
TC 344 Innovative logistics
TC 345 Specialty metals and minerals
TC 347 Data-driven agrifood systems
PC 348 Project committee: Sustainable raw materials

Other bodies developing standards or guides[edit]

  • CIE - International Commission on Illumination
  • IIW - International Institute of Welding
  • ISO/CASCO - Committee on conformity assessment
  • ISO/COPOLCO - Committee on consumer policy
  • ISO/REMCO - Committee on reference materials
  • ISO/TMBG - Technical Management Board - groups
  • IULTCS - International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies

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