List of Insektors episodes

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This is a list of Insektors episodes.

Series 1[edit]

# Episode Name in French Episode Name in North America Episode Name in UK Description
1 La guitare à Kouleurs The Kolor Guitar The MusiKal Kolour Gun The Kruds/Yuks have stolen Flynn's/Fulgor's amazing musical color gun and he needs it for the Verigreen's/Joyce's rock concert. He sets out for Krud City, but will he get back in time?
2 Des fleurs pour BaKraKra Flowers for Bakrakra Flowers for Katheter It's Queen Katheter's/Bakrakra's birthday and her son Prince Max/Acylius's has bought her a bunch of flowers - what they do not realise is that they at Verigreen's/Joyce's fastest growing flowers and threatens to overgrow the whole Krud/Yuk city.
3 Koa la grenouille Koa the Frog FrogbuKket The Verigreens/Joyce's Great Prism is sick, and only pollen from the rare Prismaflora can save it. When efforts to find some pollen are hampered by a plague of giant mechanical frogs.
4 Au feu les jonKilles Daffodil Kraze The ResKue The Kruds/Yuks have launched Operation Daffodil to steal wood for their boiler and during the raid Flynn/Fulgor is captured. Alex/Aeila sets out to rescue him and blow up the Krud/Yuk boiler.
5 EsKapade The Escape The EsKape Prince Max/Acylius is trying to escape the dark world again and crashes near the flowered city. Alex finds him and mistake him for a Verigreen/Joyce. Is this the start of something big?
6 Planète Karbone Planet Karbon The BlaKk Planet The Queen thinks that Max/Acylius has been kidnapped by the Verigreens/Joyces and sends in the army to get him back.
7 Koléoptère The Koleopter The Daffodil Kollector Synapse/Teknocratus has invented a flying fortress to collect daffodil wood out of the reach of the Verigreens/Joyces.
8 Katerpilar Katerpillar The MeKhanical Digger Synapse/Tehnocratus has invented a tunnelling machine to steal daffodil wood and conquer the flowered city. Can Flynn/Fulgor stop his dastardly plan armed only with a magnet?
9 Troglodyte Rock Troglodyte Rock The Prince of RoKk The Verigreens/Joyces are playing loud music. Wasabi/Lukanus and Fugg/Kretinus overhear, and like true Kruds/Yuks, kidnapped the Verigreens/Joyces to keep them quiet. Will Prince Max be able to help them escape the dungeon?
10 Les Detrakeurs du Ciel The Sky Breakers The Weather ForeKast In another attempt to keep the Queen warm, Synapse invents a machine that melts clouds. But it causes a drought and Godfrey/Pyro takes up the rain dancing.
11 La Nuit Elektrik Electrik Night Klose EnKounters The Verigreens/Joyces always enjoy the annual night of the fireflies. The Kruds/Yuks see the glow above The Flowered city and investigate. They kidnap Elmo/Spotty and suggest a little medical research into his glowing body.
12 Le Pont de la Konkorde Konkord Bridge The DiplomatiK Bridge Amazingly, Draffsack/Krabo has what seems like a good idea. He wants to make peace with the Verigreens/Joyces by building a bridge between the two cities. But is it just a trick to build a bridge for his invading army.
13 Les Sekrets du Grand Artificier Great Pyro's Sekrets Godfrey's SeKret To Everyone's surprise Godfrey/Pyro reveals that Peg/Gallopus is a krud/yuk invention. Flynn/Fulgor and Max/Acylius breaks into the Krud/Yuk Central Library to find Peg's/Gallopus's instruction manual. In it, they also find a page from a diary which reveals more about Flynn's/Fulgor's past then he wants to know.

Series 2[edit]

# Episode Name in French Episode Name in North America Episode Name in UK Description
14 Grosse Kolere Fulgor's Kwest Krud Konfessions
15 Koup de Kafard Krabo's Kase SiKk at Heart
16 Kui-Kui Bird Kalls If ChiKkens Kould Fly
17 Le Kadeau Lukanus' Koncert The Kage
18 La Kourse Katch Me If You Kan AthletiKs
19 Kataklysme Kataklysm Komet
20 Suksession Sukcession Ruling Klasses
21 Koupable Kourt Kase AKKused A courtroom drama unfolds when Flynn/Fulgor is charged with colouring one Corporal Stanley Churchill Elvis Greeb/Kaboche.
22 Kontagion It's Katching EpidemiK The Verigreens/Joyces are dropping like flies, brought low by a disease which affects their wing muscles. Draffsack/Krabo, seizing his chance, marches into the Flowered City unchallenged, but soon the kruds/yuks begins to notice strange happening to their voices.
23 Rekolte The Kure The Kure The Kruds/Yuks begins a desperate search for a cure for their embarrassing vocal problem. Meanwhile, Prince Max/Acylius is trying to turn a krud war machine into a pollen harvester.
24 Kalkulator Kalkulator Sparkie and Ko Synapse/Teknocratus computerized Krud/Yuk City and automated the collection of flower wood. Flynn/Fulgor must enter Krud/Yu to try and stop this devastation.
25 Spektre Spektre A SpeKtre Kalls Krud/Yuk City is sent into a panic by the appearance of a ghost. Draffsack, who has a terrible bout of hiccups accuses Max/Acylius of being the saboteur.
26 Katakombs Katakombs The Kave Max/Acylius thinks the saboteur and Flynn's father are the same. He takes Flynn/Fulgor to a cave far beneath the city in the hope of reuniting them. Draffsack/Krabo has other plans and sends the troops after them.


# Episode Name in French Episode Name in North America Episode Name in UK Description
SP Pas De Kadeaux Pour Noel No Presents for Khristmas (Name Translation Only) No Presents for Khristmas (Name Translation Only)
SP Insektors: The Making Of Insektors: The Making Of (French Only) Insektors: The Making Of (French Only)
SP Insektors The Game Insektors The Game Insektors The Game Jérémy prefers to play "Insektor the game" rather than do his homework. Unfortunately his mom watches.