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This a list of notable actors born in Jamaica.

  • Cherine Anderson (b. 1984, East Kingston, Jamaica), actress and dancehall/reggae vocalist
  • Roxanne Beckford (b. 1969, Kingston, Jamaica), film and television actress
  • Paul Campbell (b. Jamaica), film and stage actor
  • Sabrina Colie (b. 1980, Mandeville, Jamaica), actress and director
  • Doña Croll (b. 1959, Jamaica), television actress
  • Charles Hyatt (b. 1931, Kingston, Jamaica; d. 2007), film and television actor
  • Clifton Jones (b. 1943, Jamaica), television actor
  • Venice Kong (b. 1961, St. Mary, Jamaica), model and actress
  • Ky-Mani Marley (b. 1976, Falmouth, Jamaica), actor and reggae musician
  • Louis Marriott (b. 1935, St. Andrew, Jamaica), actor, director, writer and broadcaster
  • Yanna McIntosh (b. Jamaica), film, television and stage actress
  • Count Prince Miller (b. 1935, Saint Mary Parish, Jamaica), actor and musician
  • Evan Parke (b. 1968, Kingston, Jamaica), film and television actor
  • Keith 'Shebada' Ramsey (b. Kingston, Jamaica), actor and comedian
  • Audrey Reid (b. 1970, East Kingston, Jamaica), film actress
  • David Reivers (b. 1958, Kingston, Jamaica), film and television actor
  • Oliver Samuels (b. 1948, St. Mary, Jamaica), comedian and television actor
  • Dennis Scott (b. 1939, Kingston, Jamaica; d. 1991), playwright, actor, dancer and poet
  • Madge Sinclair (b. 1938, Kingston, Jamaica; d. 1995), film and television actress
  • Peter Williams (b. 1957, Kingston, Jamaica), film and television actor
  • Dhalia Harris (is a Jamaican actress, television host and a television journalist

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