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Kamen Rider Zero-One is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in Toei Company's Kamen Rider series. It is the first series in the Reiwa period run and the thirtieth series overall.

Each episode title has a Japanese pronoun written in katakana.


No. English title
Original Japanese title
Writer Original airdate
1"I Am the President and a Kamen Rider"[1]
Transcription: "Ore ga Shachō de Kamen Raidā" (Japanese: オレが社長で仮面ライダー)
Yuya TakahashiSeptember 1, 2019 (2019-09-01)
After the death of his grandfather Korenosuke, failed comedian Aruto Hiden is chosen to inherit his company and be granted the power of the Hiden Zero-One Driver, just as a cyber-terrorist organization called begins their plan to exterminate mankind. Initially turning down the position as his dream is to make people smile, Aruto changes his mind when a rampant HumaGear, or Magia, threatens an amusement park; taking the Hiden Zero-One Driver from Presidential Secretary Izu in order to transform into Kamen Rider Zero-One.
2"Are AI Guys Enemies? Allies?"[2]
Transcription: "Ē Ai na Aitsu wa Teki? Mikata?" (Japanese: AIなアイツは敵?味方?)
Yuya TakahashiSeptember 8, 2019 (2019-09-08)
On his first official day as President, Aruto is surprised when Isamu Fuwa and Yua Yaiba of A.I.M.S. come to Hiden Intelligence to investigate what happened at the amusement park where Kamen Rider Zero-One first fought, and the former immediately comes to blows with Aruto over their views on HumaGears. When two rampant HumaGears attack Hiden Intelligence, one of them being a new friend of Aruto's, Isamu forcibly transforms into Kamen Rider Vulcan. In his first official press conference, Aruto reveals the existence of and accepts his role as President.
3"That Man, Sushi Chef"[3]
Transcription: "Sono Otoko, Sushi Shokunin" (Japanese: ソノ男、寿司職人)
Yuya TakahashiSeptember 15, 2019 (2019-09-15)
As Aruto starts to settle in as Hiden Intelligence's CEO, he and Izu travel across Japan warning businesses with HumaGears of's actions and show that the androids do have hearts. At their latest stop in a sushi restaurant however, Yua appears and challenges his idea. With Aruto trying to convince the owner that to allow HumaGears to work with him, Yua counters that like all machines, they are mere tools that you replace when broken. Yua later transforms into Kamen Rider Valkyrie whilst Aruto gains the power of a new Progrise Key: Biting Shark. Afterwards, it is revealed Yua hacked into a Chef HumaGear in order to spy on Hiden Intelligence and learns of their ability to create Progrise Keys.
4"The Bus Guide Saw It! That Truth"[4]
Transcription: "Basu Gaido wa Mita! An'na Shinjitsu" (Japanese: バスガイドは見た!アンナ真実)
Yuya TakahashiSeptember 22, 2019 (2019-09-22)
Aruto and Izu join a guided tour to the forbidden Daybreak Town, where the Daybreak accident occurred twelve years ago, to review the HumaGear Bus Guide Anna. Just then Gou, a boy on the tour, proclaims that his father was the one responsible for the accident when he caused a HumaGear factory to explode. Isamu takes the boy to explore the remains to find proof. Aruto joins them, not to cover up Hiden's potential involvement, but to discover the truth as his Vice-President refuses to help. Despite interference from Magias, Anna and Gou discover a memory chip that reveals the Daybreak accident was caused by and Gou's father sacrificed himself to contain the corrupted HumaGears when the factory exploded. Before they can reveal the truth to the world, Anna and the footage are destroyed by an unseen figure; later revealed to be Horobi.
5"His Passionate Path of Manga"[5]
Transcription: "Kare no Jōnetsu Manga-michi" (Japanese: カレの情熱まんが道)
Masaya KakehiSeptember 29, 2019 (2019-09-29)
Aruto and Izu visit the artist behind the former's favorite manga series to deliver an illustrator HumaGear, only to learn he's done with drawing mangas. Aruto tries to find a way to help reignite the fire in his heart, whilst also trying to help Izu understand the true meaning of passion. However their conversations lead Aruto to identifying a way to defeat the new Magia, leading to his new Progrise Key: Flaming Tiger.
6"I Want to Hear Your Voice"[6]
Transcription: "Anata no Koe ga Kikitai" (Japanese: アナタの声が聞きたい)
Masaya KakehiOctober 6, 2019 (2019-10-06)
While attending a live dubbing of his favorite anime, Aruto has to protect the leading HumaGear actress from A.I.M.S., who have come to arrest her because her manager broke a HumaGear law by basing her on his deceased daughter. When attack, Aruto loses the Flying Falcon Progrise Key during the ensuing fight, which results in a new Kamen Rider appearing on the scene to challenge Aruto as Zero-One. Meanwhile, Yua's mysterious associate gives her the Lightning Hornet Progrise Key to assist her in battle.
7"I Am a Hot-Blooded HumaGear Teacher!"[7]
Transcription: "Watashi wa Nekketsu Hyūmagia Sensei!" (Japanese: ワタシは熱血ヒューマギア先生!)
Masaya KakehiOctober 13, 2019 (2019-10-13)
Both Aruto and A.I.M.S. are called to a high school whose HumaGear basketball coach is nearing technological singularity while developing the mannerisms of a hot-blooded coach, which the school's faculty fear could become problematic if not he is not immediately rebooted. Horobi gives a new HumaGear the ability to learn to enable it to become the ultimate HumaGear Assassin, whilst saving its data into the Dodo Zetsumerise Key. Before he can strike however, he is stolen by Yua, who then releases him to observe his actions. When the basketball coach HumaGear begins displaying sentience, Jin reveals that all the previous Magias that he created also attained sentience, which infuriates Aruto even more. Yua gives Aruto the Freezing Bear Progrise Key to defeat the two Magias. While Jin recovers the Dodo Key, Yua makes off with the Mammoth Key.
8"The Destruction Begins Now"[8]
Transcription: "Koko kara ga Horobi no Hajimari" (Japanese: ココからが滅びの始まり)
Yuya TakahashiOctober 20, 2019 (2019-10-20)
Aruto visits a hospital run completely by HumaGears for his annual medical examinations. Despite being destroyed, the Assassin HumaGear returns with instructions to attack Yua, which allows Jin and Horobi to attack A.I.M.S. headquarters and steal weapons and data on their newest asset: the giant robot Gigers. Doing so allows them to take control of a Giger and use its power to forcibly hack dozens of the hospital HumaGears simultaneously; doubling their casualty output. Jin and Horobi also reveal a shocking truth about themselves to Zero-One and the others, before Horobi uses the Sting Scorpion Progrise Key to become Kamen Rider Horobi, who Isamu recognizes as the mastermind behind the Daybreak Incident.
9"I Will Take Care of That Life"[9]
Transcription: "Sono Inochi, Azukarimasu" (Japanese: ソノ生命、預かります)
Yuya TakahashiOctober 27, 2019 (2019-10-27)
After Isamu sustains serious injuries during his fight with Kamen Rider Horobi, he's taken to the HumaGear hospital for treatment and placed in the care of a HumaGear surgeon. Complicating matters however, continue their attacks, leading Hiden Intelligence's VP Jun Fukuzoe to order all of the hospital's HumaGears to be shut down and forcing Aruto to choose whether to protect the life-saving androids or stop the rampaging Gigers. Learning of Aruto's indecision, Yua gives Izu the Mammoth Zetsumerise Key, who uses it to access data from Hiden Intelligence's Zea satellite, revealing the existence of a power capable of matching the Gigers: the Breaking Mammoth Progrise Key. Izu also discovers that leaked footage of the Assassin HumaGear transforming contains Yua recording it, though she later denies any knowledge of it.
10"I Am the Actor, Shinya Owada"[10]
Transcription: "Ore wa Haiyū, Ōwada Shin'ya" (Japanese: オレは俳優、大和田伸也)
Masaya KakehiNovember 10, 2019 (2019-11-10)
Hiden Intelligence's reputation took a significant hit following's attack on the HumaGear hospital, so Fukuzoe commissions a TV drama series starring a HumaGear actor and world renowned human actor Shinya Owada as the lead in order to restore it. The Assassin HumaGear, not understanding that Shinya is an actor, approaches him to teach him more about martial arts and assassinating people, which allows him to evolve even further. Meanwhile, Yua is revealed to be working with rival company ZAIA Enterprise, and her true mission is to ensure the collapse of Hiden Intelligence.
11"Do Not Stop the Camera, Stop That Guy!"[11]
Transcription: "Kamera o Tomeru na, Aitsu o Tomero!" (Japanese: カメラを止めるな、アイツを止めろ!)
Masaya KakehiNovember 17, 2019 (2019-11-17)
Feeling that his HumaGear costar is unable to accurately convey profound human complexities, Owada threatens to leave Hiden Intelligence's drama series. While Aruto tries to persuade him not to,'s Assassin HumaGear continues to gun for the world-renowned actor. Yua brings Aruto to ZAIA, revealing she actually works for them and was seconded to A.I.M.S. because ZAIA provides all their equipment. ZAIA President Gai Amatsu then demands that Aruto sell Hiden Intelligence to him, claiming that he must do so before his company fails.
12"That Famous Detective Has Arrived"[12]
Transcription: "Ano Meitantei ga Yattekita" (Japanese: アノ名探偵がやってきた)
Riku SanjoNovember 24, 2019 (2019-11-24)
Following the attempt on Owada's life, the police and A.I.M.S. launch an investigation into Hiden Intelligence, with Yua revealing the existence of Aruto's secret lab to them. When the authorities and Fukuzoe storm the President's office, they are stopped by detective HumaGear and Izu's "brother" Wazu Nazotoku, who tells Aruto that he was brought back online at the orders of the former President, Korenosuke. Putting his faith in Wazu's plan, Aruto goes on the run to buy his new ally time. Meanwhile, the Assassin HumaGear has grown tired of following Jin's orders and seeks to go his own way following his evolution. Followed by Izu and Isamu, Wazu learns a criminal stole 5 identical dancer-type HumaGears from a theatre production and then changed their faces to become 5 new identical HumaGears: 4 of them were stolen by and became the 4 Assassin HumaGears, but the fifth is missing. Wazu also concludes that the fourth incarnation of the Assassin HumaGear is trying to capture the fifth. When Zero-One confronts him however, he has trouble beating him until Izu returns with a newly finished Progrise Key: Shining Hopper.
13"My Job Is the President's Secretary"[13]
Transcription: "Watashi no Shigoto wa Shachō Hisho" (Japanese: ワタシの仕事は社長秘書)
Riku SanjoDecember 1, 2019 (2019-12-01)
Aruto uses the Shining Hopper Progrise Key and upgrades his powers to confront the evolved Dodo Magia, but Izu discovers the key is incomplete and Aruto is injured protecting her. As a result, Izu begins to believe she's no longer qualified to be Aruto's secretary, whilst Aruto and Isamu try to locate and protect the 5th dancer HumaGear. Izu later determines that the Shining Hopper Progrise Key failed because it doesn't have enough of Aruto's combat data to fully utilize its powers, and decides to transfer her own gathered data to it, despite the fact it'll destroy her since she lacks a backup. In the end however, Wazu takes Izu's place to compete the Shining Hopper Progrise Key, allowing Aruto to defeat the Assassin HumaGear once and for all as well as clear his name. All the while, Gai begins production on his latest project, "Thouser".
14"We Are the Astronaut Brothers!"[14]
Transcription: "Ore-tachi Uchū Hikōshi Burazāzu!" (Japanese: オレたち宇宙飛行士ブラザーズ!)
Yuya TakahashiDecember 8, 2019 (2019-12-08)
Two astronaut HumaGear brothers, Raiden and Subaru, storm into Aruto's office to air their grievances over being able to perform maintenance on the Zea satellite effectively after Aruto summons his motorcycle from the satellite just as the brothers were finished loading it back in. To make him understand just how much harder he makes their jobs, they take their boss to the company's Space Development Center to show him. Meanwhile, Yua concludes has a mole within the ranks of Hiden Intelligence based on their ability to locate HumaGears reaching singularity, whilst Horobi gives Jin the order to retrieve all the Progrise Keys, resulting in a red Kamen Rider entering the fray.
15"Each One's Ending"[15]
Transcription: "Sorezore no Owari" (Japanese: ソレゾレの終わり)
Yuya TakahashiDecember 15, 2019 (2019-12-15)
A.I.M.S. prepares to raid's lair as the terrorists receive a power boost from the Ark's reactivation. Meanwhile, visiting his family grave alongside Raiden, Aruto has a realization about the HumaGears before being informed of's activities; marking the beginning of a final confrontation between humans and HumaGears.
16"This Is the Dawn of ZAIA"[16]
Transcription: "Kore ga Zaia no Yoake" (Japanese: コレがZAIA(ザイア)の夜明け)
Yuya TakahashiDecember 22, 2019 (2019-12-22)
Following Jin's deadly attack on Izu in retaliation for Horobi's perceived death, Aruto confronts the rogue HumaGear in a final battle using the power of Shining Assault Hopper. All the while, Gai watches them from afar as he continues to prepare for what he believes will be the true battle now that he has Horobi in his possession.
17"For I Am a President and a Kamen Rider"[17]
Transcription: "Watashi koso ga Shachō de Kamen Raidā" (Japanese: ワタシこそが社長で仮面ライダー)
Yuya TakahashiJanuary 5, 2020 (2020-01-05)
With gone, Gai begins his quest to absorb Hiden Intelligence into ZAIA Enterprise by developing technology specifically designed to allow humans to outperform HumaGears along his own Rider system, Kamen Rider Thouser. In order to save his company, Aruto must defeat his corporate rival in a five-part competition that will determine which of their respective technologies is more beneficial to society as a whole.
18"This Is How I Arrange My Flowers"[18]
Transcription: "Kore ga Watashi no Ikeru Hana" (Japanese: コレがワタシのいける華)
Yuya TakahashiJanuary 12, 2020 (2020-01-12)
In the first part of the corporate challenge, an ikebana contest, ZAIA Enterprise's human representative easily defeats his HumaGear opponent. However, Gai learns he cheated and calls for a rematch against a reset version of said HumaGear. Following this, the ikebana artist is approached by a mysterious figure and transformed into a Raider, a new type of monster that uses Progrise Keys.
19"She Is a Humagear Who Sells Houses"[19]
Transcription: "Kanojo wa Ie Uru Hyūmagia" (Japanese: カノジョは家売るヒューマギア)
Yuya TakahashiJanuary 19, 2020 (2020-01-19)
After winning the first stage of the corporate challenge, ZAIA Enterprise now faces Hiden Intelligence in the world of real estate. Whoever sells the most houses and makes the most money will win. Meanwhile, the mysterious figure continues to hunt down humans in order to create more Raiders.
20"That Is 1000% the Best House"[20]
Transcription: "Sore ga Sen-pāsento no Besuto Hausu" (Japanese: ソレが1000%のベストハウス)
Yuya TakahashiJanuary 26, 2020 (2020-01-26)
The second stage of the Hiden vs. ZAIA corporate challenge continues as the latter's human representative resorts to underhanded tactics to defeat his HumaGear opponent, with the winner being ultimately decided by whoever can sell houses to millionaires on a budget. Meanwhile, Aruto begins to question himself after Gai tells him a good president is only as good as the profits they make.
21"Objection! That Trial"[21]
Transcription: "Igi Ari! Sono Saiban" (Japanese: 異議あり!ソノ裁判)
Yuya TakahashiFebruary 2, 2020 (2020-02-02)
With two losses against them, Hiden Intelligence must defeat ZAIA Enterprise in the next challenge, wherein a HumaGear defense attorney must face a veteran human prosecutor in court, in order to survive. As Aruto questions if the future of the defendant should be decided in a contest, the mysterious figure transforming humans into Raiders strikes again.
22"Even So, He Didn't Do It"[22]
Transcription: "Sore demo Kare wa Yattenai" (Japanese: ソレでもカレはやってない)
Yuya TakahashiFebruary 9, 2020 (2020-02-09)
Following their lawyer HumaGear's destruction at Thouser's hands, Hiden Intelligence is on the verge of losing both the trial and the "5-Part Workplace Competition". Not only that, Aruto faces difficulties in determining the new Raider's identity. Just then, Isamu comes forward with crucial evidence that could turn the tables on ZAIA's clean sweep.
23"I Am in Love With Your Intelligence!"[23]
Transcription: "Kimi no Chinō ni Koi Shiteru!" (Japanese: キミの知能に恋してる!)
Minato TakanoFebruary 16, 2020 (2020-02-16)
In a unique turn of events, Aruto finds himself dealing with three crises at the same time. His Metal Cluster Hopper powers prevent him from using his other Progrise Keys in the Zero-One Driver, Chiharu comes to him demanding to be married to someone following the Hiden vs. ZAIA trial, and he has to introduce a HumaGear-Human marriage consultation service.
24"It Is Our Turn"[24]
Transcription: "Watashi-tachi no Ban desu" (Japanese: ワタシたちの番です)
Minato TakanoFebruary 23, 2020 (2020-02-23)
Amidst the human/HumaGear wedding, both the HumaGear groom and pastor are suddenly transformed into Magias just as a new Raider and Thouser go on the attack. When Aruto tries to use his Metal Cluster Hopper powers to stop them, he goes berserk once again. All the while, Gai continues to poison his mind with the idea that HumaGears are holding him back, but Izu attempts to help Aruto believe in them.
25"I Will Save the HumaGears"[25]
Transcription: "Boku ga Hyūmagia o Sukuu" (Japanese: ボクがヒューマギアを救う)
Yuya TakahashiMarch 1, 2020 (2020-03-01)
All communication with the Zea Satellite has mysteriously been cut off, so Izu summons the doctor HumaGear Bot to investigate as he's responsible for the manufacturing and development of HumaGear systems. After Horobi disappears from A.I.M.S.'s containment however, Bot reveals he created him along with the truth of the Zero-One system. Meanwhile, a new Rider appears on the roof of Hiden Intelligence with unknown intentions.


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