List of monarchs of Carthage

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Until 308 BC Carthage was ruled, at least officially, by monarchs, in the sense of the word that executive power was held by one person. It also seems for the time period below to have been passed down in the clan of the Magonids. The title itself was most likely Suffete.:[1]:115–116


  • Dido 814 – c. 760 BC (queen)
  • unknown
  • Hanno I c. 580 – c. 556 BC
  • Malchus c. 556 – c. 550 BC



In 480 BC, following Hamilcar I's death, the king lost most of his power to an aristocratic Council of Elders. In 308 BC, Bomilcar attempted a coup to restore the monarch to full power, but failed, which led to Carthage becoming in name, as well as fact, a republic.


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