Bomilcar (4th century BC)

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For other people with the same name, see Bomilcar (disambiguation).

Bomilcar (4th century BC) was a Carthaginian commander in the war against Agathocles, who invaded Africa in 310 BC.

In the first battle with the invaders, Bomilcar, his colleague Hanno having fallen, betrayed the fortune of the day to the enemy, with the view, according to Diodorus, of humbling the spirit of his countrymen, and so making himself tyrant of Carthage.[1] Two years after this, 308 BC, after many delays and misgivings, he attempted to seize the government with the aid of 500 citizens and a number of mercenaries; but his followers were induced to desert him by promises of pardon, and he himself was taken and crucified.[2]



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