List of Knights Commander of the Royal Guelphic Order

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Below is an incomplete list of Knights Commander of the Royal Guelphic Order, from the creation of the order in 1815. Appointments to the order have not been conferred by the British monarch (in their role as King of Hanover) since the death of King William IV in 1837, when the personal union of the United Kingdom and Hanover ended. It has however continued to be conferred by the Kingdom of Hanover as an independent state (for example, to Ernest Augustus, Crown Prince of Hanover in 1866) and subsequently after the defeat and forced dissolution of the Kingdom of Hanover by the Kingdom of Prussia to be awarded by the Royal House of Hanover.

List of Knights Commander of the Royal Guelphic Order[edit]

Appointment Name Notes
1815 Colonel Hugh Halkett Promoted GCH 1851
1815 Major-General Sir James Frederick Lyon Promoted GCH 1817
1815 Major-General Sir Colin Halkett Promoted GCH 1820
1815 Major-General Sir Benjamin Bloomfield Promoted GCH 1819, later Baron Bloomfield
1816 Major-General Sir Colquhoun Grant Promoted GCH 1831
1816 Major-General Sir Richard Hussey Vivian, Bart. Promoted GCH 1831, later Baron Vivian
1816 Colonel Sir George Adam Wood
1816 George Wilding, Prince of Butera
1816 Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Bolton Promoted GCH 1834
1816 Sir William Congreve, Bart.
1817 Colonel Sir William Robe
1817 Major-General Francis de Rottenburg
1817 Major-General Sir Alexander Dickson
1817 Colonel Sir Philip Roche
1818 Rear Admiral Sir Home Riggs Popham
1818 Colonel Sir Benjamin D'Urban
1819 Colonel Sir Haylett Framingham
1819 Colonel Sir William Rose
1819 Lieutenant-General Sir Francis Thomas Hammond Promoted GCH 1827
1819 Lieutenant-General Sir Tomkyns Hilgrove Turner Promoted GCH 1827
1819 Major-General Sir John Elley
1819 Major-General Sir Herbert Taylor Promoted GCH 1825
1819 Captain The Honourable Charles Paget Promoted GCH 1832
1819 Major-General Sir Andrew Francis Barnard Promoted GCH 1833
1820 Major-General George Airey
1820 Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Robert William Gardiner
1820 Major-General James Murray, 1st Baron Glenlyon
1821 Major-General Sir Charles William Doyle Promoted GCH 1837
1821 Lieutenant Lord Francis Conyngham Promoted GCH 1823, later 2nd Marquess Conyngham
1821 General George Cockburn Promoted GCH 1831
1821 Sir William Knighton, Bart. Physician to the King, promoted GCH 1823
1821 General Ferdinand Ludwig, Graf von Hompesch
1821 Major-General Sir Edward Kerrison, Bart. Promoted GCH 1831
1821 Lieutenant-General Sir Samuel Ford Whittingham
1821 Major-General Sir George Augustus Quentin
1821 Major-General Sir William Keir Grant Promoted GCH 1835
1821 Colonel Thomas Henry Browne
1821 Colonel Henry Frederick Cooke
1822 Lieutenant-General Sir Richard Church Promoted GCH 1837
1822 Major-General Louis Guillaume, vicomte Chabot
1822 The Honourable Francis Nathaniel Burton Promoted GCH 1824
1822 Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John May
1824 Colonel Sir James Henry Reynett
1824 Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John Harvey
1825 Sir Henry Halford, Bart., (civil division) Promoted GCH 1830
1826 Lieutenant-Colonel Sir William Lewis Herries
1827 Sir Frederick Beilby Watson (civil division)
1827 Sir Jonathan Wathen-Waller, Bart. (civil division) Promoted GCH 1830
1827 Sir John Conroy, Bart. (civil division) Comptroller and Private Secretary to the Duchess of Kent
1827 Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John Macra
1828 Frederick Augusta Barnard Librarian to the King
1828 Captain The Honourable Robert Cavendish Spencer Private Secretary to the Duke of Clarence
1829 Major-General Sir James Carmichael Smyth, Bart
1829 Lord Albert Conyngham (civil division) Secretary of Legation at Berlin, later Baron Londesborough
1829 Colonel Sir Augustus Frederick d'Este (civil division)
1830 The Honourable Sir John Kennedy-Erskine Equerry to the King
1830 Colonel Sir Willoughby Cotton
1830 Sir Philip Charles Sidney (civil division) Promoted GCH 1831, later Baron De L'Isle and Dudley
1830 Major-General Sir Alexander Bryce
1831 Major-General The Honourable Sir Frederick Cavendish Ponsonby
1831 Major-General Sir James Charles Dalbiac
1831 Colonel Sir Charles Wade Thornton
1831 Major-General Sir John Brown
1831 Major-General Sir James Campbell
1831 Major-General Sir Benjamin Charles Stephenson Promoted GCH 1834
1831 Major-General Sir Henry Wheatley Promoted GCH 1834
1831 Sir John Hall (civil division), Hanoverian consul general in London
1831 Sir George Harrison (civil division)
1831 Lieutenant-Colonel Sir William Gosset
1831 Captain Sir George Francis Seymour Promoted GCH 1834
1831 Captain Sir Thomas Ussher
1831 Sir Matthew Tierney, Bart. (civil division)
1831 Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Whatley
1831 Colonel Stephen Remnant Chapman
1831 Sir William Burnett (civil division)
1831 Lieutenant-Colonel The Honourable Sir Edward Cust
1831 Sir George Baillie Hamilton (civil division)
1831 Lieutenant-General Sir Phineas Riall
1831 Lieutenant-General Sir William Hutchinson
1831 Major-General Sir Lewis Grant
1831 Major-General Sir George Pownall Adams
1831 Major-General Sir Amos Godsill Robert Norcott
1831 Major-General Sir James Cockburn, Bart.
1831 Colonel Sir Michael McCreagh
1831 Colonel Sir Evan John Murray MacGregor, Bart.
1831 Colonel Sir Thomas Downman
1831 Colonel Sir Neil Douglas
1831 Colonel Sir Archibald Christie
1831 Captain Sir William Howe Mulcaster
1831 Sir John Bedingfield (civil division)
1831 Colonel William, baron von Tuyll
1831 Lieutenant-General Sir Samuel Hawker
1831 Major-General Sir George Bulteel Fisher
1831 Sir William Pym (civil division)
1832 Lieutenant-General Sir James Hay
1832 Lieutenant-General Sir Warren Marmaduke Peacocke
1832 Lieutenant-General Charles Bulkeley Egerton
1832 Lieutenant-General Sir William Sheridan
1832 Major-General Sir William Paterson
1832 Major-General John Frederick Sigismund Smith
1832 Major-General William Nicolay
1832 Major-General Arthur Benjamin Clifton
1832 Colonel George Whitmore
1832 Colonel Leonard Greenwell
1832 Colonel Robert Henry Dick
1832 Colonel Frederick William Trench
1832 Captain William Augustus Montagu
1832 Sir William Franklin (civil division)
1832 Sir Henry Seaton (civil division)
1832 Major-General John Macleod
1832 Major-General Frederick William Mulcaster
1832 Major-General Claude François, vicomte de Rivarol
1832 Major-General Sir William Parker Carrol
1832 Major-General John Hanbury
1832 Colonel David Ximenes
1832 Captain Sir John Marshall
1832 Sir John Webb (civil division)
1832 Major-General Joseph Straton
1832 Colonel John George Woodford
1832 George Hamilton Seymour (civil division) Promoted GCH 1834
1832 Captain Sir Humphrey Fleming Senhouse
1832 Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Browne
1832 Major-General William Douglas
1832 Major-General William Cornwallis Eustace
1832 Captain Nisbet Josiah Willoughby
1832 Captain Andrew Pellatt Green
1832 Captain Arthur Farquhar
1832 Commissary-General Sir John Bisset (civil division)
1832 John Deas Thomson (civil division)
1832 Sir George Jackson (civil division)
1832 Commodore Charles Marsh Schomberg
1832 Rear Admiral Sir Charles Cunningham
1832 Rear Admiral The Honourable Courtenay Boyle
1833 Lieutenant-General David Latimer Tinling Widdrington
1833 Major-General William George Harris, 2nd Baron Harris
1833 Rear Admiral Edward Durnford King
1833 Captain Sir Francis Augustus Collier
1833 Captain Richard Spencer
1833 Colonel John Boscawen Savage
1833 Captain Sir Samuel John Brooke Pechell, Bart.
1833 Lieutenant-General Henry John Cumming
1834 Lieutenant-General Evan Lloyd
1834 Lieutenant-General Thomas Gage Montresor
1834 Major-General Samuel Trevor Dickens
1834 Major-General James Kearney
1834 Major-General Lorenzo Moore
1834 Major-General James Viney
1834 Major-General Henry Willoughby Rooke
1834 Major-General Sir Patrick Ross
1834 Colonel Henry King
1834 Rear Admiral John Ferris Devonshire
1834 Captain James Hillyar
1834 Captain Salusbury Pryce Davenport
1834 Commissary-General Sir Robert Hugh Kennedy (civil division)
1834 Commissary-General Sir William Henry Robinson (civil division)
1834 Sir John Woolmore (civil division)
1834 Lieutenant-General Sir Joseph Maclean
1834 Rear Admiral Sir Hugh Pigot
1834 Commodore Robert Barrie
1834 Colonel Patrick Lindesay
1834 Lieutenant-Colonel Edmund Currey
1834 Colonel Sir Samuel Gordon Higgins
1834 Captain The Honourable Sir Henry Duncan
1835 Captain Charles Bullen
1835 Captain William Henry Dillon
1835 Captain William Elliott
1835 Captain Edmund Lyons Later Baron Lyons
1835 Major-General Thomas Bligh St George
1835 Major-General Thomas Pearson
1835 Major-General Maurice Charles O'Connell
1835 Colonel Patrick Doherty
1835 Colonel Sir Octavius Carey
1835 Captain Lord James Townshend
1835 Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Holland Hastings
1835 Commodore Sir Samuel Warren
1835 Colonel The Honourable Sir Horatio George Powys Townshend
1835 Rear Admiral Sir Robert Lewis Fitzgerald
1835 Sir Francis Bond Head (civil division)
1836 Major-General Wiltshire Wilson
1836 Major-General Sir Charles William Maxwell
1836 Major-General William Gabriel Davy
1836 Captain The Honourable Fleetwood Broughton Reynolds Pellew
1836 Captain The Honourable James Ashley Maude
1836 Captain John Strutt Peyton
1836 Captain Richard O'Conor
1836 Captain Henry Hart
1836 Captain James John Gordon Bremer
1836 Sir Robert Ker Porter (civil division)
1836 Captain Sir John Franklin (civil division)
1836 Sir John Nicol Robert Campbell (civil division) Later baronet
1837 Lieutenant-General Alexander Halkett
1837 Major-General Robert Barton
1837 Major-General Augustus De Butts
1837 Major-General Thomas Hawker
1837 Vice Admiral Sir Adam Drummond
1837 Captain Sir David Dunn
1837 Captain Edward Chetham
1837 Captain Thomas Mansell
1837 Woodbine Parish (civil division)
1837 Major-General Sir Edward Bowater
1837 Major-General James Macdonnell
1837 Major-General Robert McCleverty
1837 Rear Admiral John Wentworth Loring
1837 Colonel George Arthur Later baronet
1837 David Davies (civil division)
1837 William Frederick Chambers (civil division)
1837 Captain Thomas Barker Devon