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The following is a list of films with gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender characters.

List of works[edit]

Film franchises[edit]

These are film franchises and shared universes whose film series collectively feature at least two (or more) LGBT characters in a leading or supporting role.

Franchise Year Title Character Classification Actor Notes Country
Austin Powers 1997 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Frau Farbissina Bisexual Mindy Sterling Shown to have had a relationship with Unibrau, a woman, and Doctor Evil, a man. United States
1999 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
2002 Austin Powers in Goldmember
Child's Play 1998 Bride of Chucky David Collins Gay Gordon Michael Woolvett United States
2004 Seed of Chucky Glen / Glenda Ray Genderqueer Billy Boyd Glen and Glenda are twins. They are two souls of opposite genders inhabiting the same sexless doll body.
2013 Curse of Chucky Jill Lesbian Maitland McConnell
Deadpool 2016 Deadpool Deadpool (Wade Wilson)[1] Pansexual Ryan Reynolds United States
2018 Deadpool 2 United States
Negasonic Teenage Warhead Lesbian Brianna Hildebrand Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio are in a relationship.
Yukio Lesbian Shioli Kutsuna
The Hangover 2009 The Hangover Leslie Chow Bisexual Ken Jeong United States
2011 The Hangover Part II Leslie Chow Bisexual Ken Jeong
Kimberly "Kimmy" Trans woman Yasmin Lee
2013 The Hangover Part III Leslie Chow Bisexual Ken Jeong
Harry Potter 2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Albus Dumbledore Gay Richard Harris Albus Dumbledore is the headmaster of the wizarding school Hogwarts. The films are based on the Harry Potter series of fantasy novels. While Dumbledore's sexuality is not openly portrayed or explicitly mentioned either in the books or the films, J.K. Rowling, the author of the books, revealed that he is gay. United Kingdom, United States
2002 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
2004 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Michael Gambon
2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
2007 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
2009 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
2010 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1
2011 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2
Mannequin 1987 Mannequin Hollywood Montrose Gay Meshach Taylor United States
1991 Mannequin Two: On the Move
The Producers 1968 The Producers Carmen Ghia Gay Andreas Voutsinas United States
Roger De Bris Gay Christopher Hewett
2005 The Producers Carmen Ghia Gay Roger Bart
Roger De Bris Gay Gary Beach
Scary Movie 2000 Scary Movie Bobby Prinze Gay Jon Abrahams United States
2001 Scary Movie 2 Ray Wilkins Bisexual Shawn Wayans
Star Wars 1980 The Empire Strikes Back Lando Calrissian Pansexual Billy Dee Williams Glover described Lando as charming; someone who "doesn't have hard and fast boundaries about everything. Are you a man or a woman? Are you literally a blob or robot? Like, who cares? Have good time out here."[2] United States
1983 Return of the Jedi
2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story Donald Glover
Star Trek 2009 Star Trek Hikaru Sulu Gay John Cho United States
2013 Star Trek Into Darkness
2016 Star Trek Beyond

===Stand-alone films=== 2018 - Bohemian Rhapsody Disobedience Rachel

Year Title Character Classification Actor Notes Country
1940 Rebecca Danvers Lesbian Judith Anderson United States
1941 The Maltese Falcon Joel Cairo Gay Peter Lorre United States
1944 Lady in the Dark Russell Paxton Gay Mischa Auer This film was adapted from a musical of the same title and was later adapted into radio. United States
1948 Rope Phillip Morgan Gay Farley Granger United States
Brandon Shaw Gay John Dall
1955 Rebel Without a Cause John "Plato" Crawford Gay Sal Mineo United States
1961 Victim Melville Farr Gay Dirk Bogarde United Kingdom
1968 The Mercenary Ricciolo (Curly) Gay Jack Palance Italy, Spain, United States
1968 The Sergeant Albert Callan Gay Rod Steiger United States
1969 Midnight Cowboy Joe Buck Bisexual Jon Voight This film is based on the 1965 novel of the same name.[3] United States
1970 Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Ronnie "Z-Man" Barzell Trans man John LaZar United States
1970 Myra Breckinridge Irving "Blaggot" Amadeus Gay Calvin Lockhart United States
Myra Breckinridge Trans Woman Raquel Welch
1971 The Last Picture Show Coach Popper Gay Bill Thurman United States
1972 Cabaret Baron Maximilian Von Heune Bisexual Helmut Griem This film is based on the musical Cabaret. United States
Brian Roberts Bisexual Michael York
1975 Dog Day Afternoon Leon Shermer Trans woman Chris Sarandon United States
Sonny Wortzik Bisexual Al Pacino
1975 The Rocky Horror Picture Show Brad Majors Bisexual Barry Bostwick United Kingdom, United States
Dr. Frank-N-Furter Genderqueer, bisexual Tim Curry
Rocky Bisexual Peter Hinwood
1976 Swashbuckler Lord Durant Gay Peter Boyle United States
1978 In a Year of 13 Moons Elvira Weishaupt Trans Woman Volker Spengler West Germany
1980 Stir Crazy Rory Schultebrand Gay Georg Stanford Brown United States
1981 Zorro, the Gay Blade Bunny Wigglesworth Gay George Hamilton United States
1982 The Emperor Caligula: The Untold Story Fagio Gay Italy
1982 Forbidden Zone René Henderson Transgender Matthew Bright United States
1982 Querelle Georges Querelle Bisexual Brad Davis France, West Germany
1982 Victor/Victoria 'Squash' Bernstein Gay Alex Karras United Kingdom, United States
Richard DiNardo Bisexual Malcolm Jamieson
Carroll "Toddy" Todd Gay Robert Preston
1985 Kiss of the Spider Woman Luis Molina Gay William Hurt Brazil, United States
1985 My Beautiful Laundrette Omar Ali Gay Gordon Warnecke United Kingdom
Johnny Gay Daniel Day-Lewis
1987 Less Than Zero Clay Easton Bisexual Andrew McCarthy United States
1987 Maurice Clive Durham Gay Hugh Grant United Kingdom
Maurice Hall Gay James Wilby
Alec Scudder Gay Rupert Graves
1990 Miller's Crossing Bernie Bernbaum Gay John Turturro United States
Eddie Dane Gay J.E. Freeman
Mink Larouie Gay Steve Buscemi
1991 Fried Green Tomatoes Ruth Jamison Bisexual Mary-Louise Parker United States
Idgie Threadgoode Lesbian Mary Stuart Masterson
1991 My Own Private Idaho Mike Waters Gay River Phoenix United States
1992 Basic Instinct Dr. Beth Garner Bisexual Jeanne Tripplehorn France, United States, United Kingdom
Roxy Lesbian Leilani Sarelle
Catherine Tramell Bisexual Sharon Stone
1992 The Crying Game Dil Trans woman Jaye Davidson Ireland, Japan, United Kingdom
1993 Philadelphia Miguel Alvarez Gay Antonio Banderas United States
Andrew Beckett Gay Tom Hanks
1993 The Wedding Banquet Wai-Tung Gao Gay Winston Chao Taiwan, United States
1994 Pulp Fiction Zed Gay Peter Greene United States
1995 Bugis Street Lian Transgender Hiep Thi Le The film is set in the former transvestite area of Bugis Street (now a shopping centre) in the heart of Singapore. The film features the transgender Lian and her lover, Meng. (British) Hong
Meng Bisexual[citation needed] Michael Lam
1995 Carrington Lytton Strachey Gay Jonathan Pryce France, United Kingdom
1995 The Doom Generation Xavier "X" Red Bisexual Johnathon Schaech United States
Jordan White Bisexual James Duval
1995 The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love Randy Dean Lesbian Laurel Holloman United States
Evie Roy Lesbian Nicole Ari Parker
1995 Jefferson in Paris Richard Cosway Gay Simon Callow France, United States
1995 Jeffrey Darius Gay Bryan Batt United States
Steve Howard Gay Michael T. Weiss
Jeffrey Gay Steven Weber
Sterling Gay Patrick Stewart
1995 Showgirls Cristal Connors Bisexual Gina Gershon France, United States
Nomi Malone Bisexual Elizabeth Berkley
1995 To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar Vida Boheme Gay Patrick Swayze United States
Noxeema Jackson Gay Wesley Snipes
Chi-Chi Rodriguez Gay John Leguizamo
1995 Billy Madison Principal Max Anderson Gay Josh Mostel United States
1996 Beautiful Thing Ste Pearce Gay Scott Neal United Kingdom
1996 The Birdcage Agador[4] Gay Hank Azaria United States
Albert Goldman Gay Nathan Lane
Armand Goldman Gay Robin Williams
1996 Citizen Ruth Diane Siegler Lesbian Swoosie Kurtz United States
1996 Hollow Reed Tom Dixon Gay Ian Hart Germany, United Kingdom, Spain
1996 I Shot Andy Warhol Candy Darling Trans woman Stephen Dorff United Kingdom, United States
1996 Sling Blade Vaughn Cunningham Gay John Ritter United States
1997 Waiting for Guffman Corky St. Clair Gay Christopher Guest United States
1997 My Best Friend's Wedding George Downes Gay Rupert Everett United States
1997 Boogie Nights Scotty J. Gay Philip Seymour Hoffman United States
1997 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil The Lady Chablis Trans Woman The Lady Chablis United States
1998 Aimée & Jaguar Felice Schragenheim Lesbian Maria Schrader Germany
1998 Get Real Steven Carter Gay Ben Silverstone United Kingdom
John Dixon Gay Brad Gorton
1998 High Art Lucy Berliner Lesbian Ally Sheedy Canada, United States
Greta Lesbian Patricia Clarkson
Syd Bisexual Radha Mitchell
1998 Hold You Tight Fung Wai Bisexual Sunny Chan The story of a man living in Hong Kong who is initially drawn to a young woman but soon finds he is more attracted to her boyfriend. Hong Kong (S.A.R. of China 1997—)
1998 Show Me Love Agnes Ahlberg Lesbian Rebecka Liljeberg Sweden
1998 Velvet Goldmine Brian Slade Bisexual Jonathan Rhys Meyers United Kingdom, United States
Mandy Slade Bisexual Toni Collette
Arthur Stuart Bisexual Christian Bale
Curt Wild Bisexual Ewan McGregor
1999 All About My Mother Agrado Trans woman Antonia San Juan Spain
Nina Cruz Bisexual Candela Peña
Huma Rojo Lesbian Marisa Paredes
Lola Trans woman Toni Cantó
1999 American Beauty Jim Berkley Gay Sam Robards United States
Frank Fitts Gay Chris Cooper
Jim Olmeyer Gay Scott Bakula
1999 Better Than Chocolate Judy Trans woman Peter Outerbridge Canada
1999 Big Daddy Phil D'Amato Gay Allen Covert United States
Tommy Grayton Gay Peter Dante
1999 Blast from the Past Troy Gay Dave Foley United States
1999 The Boondock Saints Paul Smecker Gay Willem Dafoe United States
1999 Boys Don't Cry Brandon Teena Trans man Hilary Swank United States
1999 But I'm a Cheerleader Megan Bloomfield Lesbian Natasha Lyonne Megan is the lesbian seventeen-year-old protagonist. Her parents send her to True Directions, a conversion therapy camp that aims to convert its campers to heterosexuality. United States
Graham Eaton Lesbian Clea DuVall Megan eventually starts a relationship with Graham, another camper she meets at True Directions.
Sinead Laren Lesbian Katharine Towne Sinead and Hilary are the other lesbian campers. Additionally, Jan (Katrina Phillips) is a girl mistook for lesbian because of her butch appearance, but she is actually straight.
Hilary Vandermuller Lesbian Melanie Lynskey
Dolph Gay Dante Basco Joel, Andre, Dolph and Clayton are the male gay campers.
Clayton Dunn Gay Kip Pardue
Andre Gay Douglas Spain
Joel Goldberg Gay Joel Michaely
Rock Brown Gay Eddie Cibrian Rock is the son of Mary Brown, the founder of True Directions. Rock is supposedly straight, but actually is a closeted gay man.
Mike Gay RuPaul Mike is supposedly an ex-gay man, who helps with the process of "curing" campers from their homosexuality. However, he is clearly shown to be still attracted to men, for example when he stares at Rock with a lustful expression and tone of voice as he says to the campers: "Don't you see how sad and pathetic you all are, always wanting something you can't have?"
Lloyd Morgan-Gordon Gay Wesley Mann Lloyd and Larry are a gay couple described as "ex, ex-gays". Before the events of the film, they were once campers at True Directions before they defected. They help the campers in the film to sneak out and go party at a gay bar, and also give advice about dealing with one's own sexuality. They let the ex-camper Dolph live with them when he is expelled from True Directions for having sex at the institution.
Larry Morgan-Gordon Gay Richard Moll
Kelly Lesbian Ione Skye (uncredited) In the True Directions orientation video, which depicts homosexuality as a problem to be "fixed", Kelly is a girl shown to be lesbian until "cured" by the institution. The orientation video shows that she eventually marries a man.
1999 Magnolia "Quiz Kid" Donnie Smith Gay William H. Macy United States
1999 Summer of Sam Ritchie Bisexual Adrien Brody United States
1999 The Talented Mr. Ripley Tom Ripley Bisexual Matt Damon United States
1999 Flawless Rusty Zimmerman Transgender Philip Seymour Hoffman
2000 American Psycho Luis Carruthers Gay Matt Ross United States
2000 Billy Elliot Michael Caffrey Gay, cross-dresser Stuart Wells (young boy)
Merryn Owen (adult)
Michael Caffrey is a young boy, the best friend of the protagonist and title character, Billy Elliot. At some point, Michael is seen using a dress and makeup. He is gay and shows interest in Billy. While Billy is not gay and does not reciprocate, he is supportive of his friend. United Kingdom
2000 Chuck & Buck Buck O'Brien Gay Mike White United States
2000 Best in Show Christy Cummings Lesbian Jane Lynch United States
Scott Donlan Gay John Michael Higgins
Stefan Vanderhoof Gay Michael McKean
Sherri Ann Ward Cabot Lesbian Jennifer Coolidge
2000 Before Night Falls Reinaldo Arenas Gay Javier Bardem United States
Pepe Malas Gay Andrea Di Stefano
Tomas Diego Gay Santiago Magill
Bon Bon Transvestite Johnny Depp
2001 Bungee Jumping of Their Own Seo In-woo Bisexual Lee Byung-hun A university student, Seo In-woo, falls passionately in love with a girl, Tae-hee, who is studying at the same university, within moments of first meeting her. They begin dating a short time after, but she is suddenly killed in a car crash. Almost twenty years on, married and with a daughter, he is a high school teacher. One day he spots a male student, Im Hyun-bin, who looks almost identical to his former girlfriend. Within a short time, Seo In-woo falls in love with him, even though he feels uncomfortable doing so, and both are soon bullied and taunted for being gay by the school's students. It is only gradually that Seo In-woo realises that Hyun-bin is in fact the reincarnation of Tae-hee. They then go to New Zealand and decide to jump off a bridge together without safety ropes, perhaps to ensure that both will be reincarnated. South Korea
2001 Hedwig and the Angry Inch Hedwig Robinson/Hansel Trans woman John Cameron Mitchell United States
Luther Robinson Gay Maurice Dean Wint
2001 Kissing Jessica Stein Helen Cooper Bisexual Heather Juergensen United States
Martin Gay Michael Mastro
Sebastian Gay Carson Elrod
2001 Lan Yu Lan Yu Bisexual[citation needed] Liu Ye The film is set in mainland China and tells the story of an affair between a younger and a middle-aged man. China, Hong Kong
Chen Handong Gay Hu Jun
2001 Lost and Delirious Pauline Oster Lesbian/Pansexual Piper Perabo Canada
Victoria "Tori" Moller Lesbian Jessica Paré
2001 The Man Who Wasn't There Creighton Tolliver Gay Jon Polito United Kingdom, United States
2001 Mulholland Drive Betty Elms Lesbian Naomi Watts France, United States
Rita Bisexual Laura Elena Harring
2001 The Royal Tenenbaums Margot Tennenbaum Bisexual Gwyneth Paltrow United States
2002 Bend It Like Beckham Tony Gay Ameet Chana
2002 Far From Heaven Frank Whitaker Gay Dennis Quaid United States
2002 The Hours Richard Brown Gay Ed Harris United Kingdom, United States
Sally Lester Lesbian Allison Janney
Clarissa Vaughan Bisexual Meryl Streep
2002 The Laramie Project Matthew Shepard Gay United States
2002 The Rules of Attraction Paul Denton Bisexual Ian Somerhalder Germany, United States
2003 Arisan! Nino Gay Surya Saputra Indonesia
Sakti Gay Tora Sudiro
2002 May Ambrosia Lesbian Nichole Hiltz United States
Polly Lesbian Anna Faris
May Dove Canady Bisexual Angela Bettis
2003 Beautiful Boxer Parinya Charoenphol Trans woman Asanee Suwan Thailand
2003 Latter Days Aaron Davis Gay Steve Sandvoss United States
Christian Markelli Gay Wes Ramsey
2003 A Mighty Wind Mark Shubb Trans woman Harry Shearer United States
2003 Party Monster Michael Alig Bisexual Macaulay Culkin United States
Christina Trans woman Marilyn Manson
Keoki Bisexual Wilmer Valderrama
James St. James Gay Seth Green
2003 Soldier's Girl Calpernia Addams Trans woman Lee Pace Canada, United States
2003 SpiderBabe Patricia Porker Bisexual Erin Brown United States
2003 Elephant Alex Gay Alex Frost United States
Eric Gay Eric Deulen
2004 Bad Education Enrique Goded Gay Fele Martínez Spain
Father Manolo Gay Daniel Giménez Cacho
Ignacio Rodriguez Gay Francisco Boira
Zahara Trans woman Gael García Bernal
2004 D.E.B.S Lucy Diamond Lesbian Jordana Brewster United States
Amy Bradshaw Bisexual/Lesbian Sara Foster
2004 Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story Kate Veatch Bisexual Christine Taylor United States
2004 Formula 17 Chou T'ien Tsai Gay Tony Yang A "feel good" gay romantic comedy film from Taiwan about a young man, Chou T'ien-Tsai, who is looking for romance as he takes a trip to the capital, Taipei, to visit an online boyfriend in person for the first time. Disappointed to find that his online friend only wants sex and has no interest in forming a romantic bond, he starts to look elsewhere. Finding his internet relationship. There are many adventures as T'ien's roommate and friends also help him look for the man of his dreams. The film was banned in Singapore, because it "portrays homosexuality as normal, and a natural progression of society".[5] Taiwan
Bai Tieh Nan/Richard Bai Gay Duncan Lai
Yu Gay King Chin
Jun Gay Jason Chang
C.C. Gay Dada Ji
Alan Gay James Yun
Ray Gay Jeff Locker
Kevin Gay Ladder Yu
2004 Grande École Paul Bisexual[citation needed] Gregori Baquet The story is based on an affair between Paul, a high-class young French man and Mécir, a young Arab manual worker France
Mécir Bisexual[citation needed] Salim Kechiouche
2004 Mean Girls Damian Gay Daniel Franzese United States
2004 Mysterious Skin Neil McCormick Gay Joseph Gordon-Levitt Netherlands, United States
2004 Star Appeal Xiao Bo Bisexual Yu Bo A gay-themed science fiction film shot on static video camera, the story revolves around a young man from the planet Mars, known as 'E.T.', who arrives on Earth totally naked. He befriends a young bisexual Chinese man, Xiao Bo, who removes his own clothes to make E.T. feel more comfortable, and teaches him languages, science and a range of other subjects. The two become close, and eventually fall in love. E.T. later falls in love with Xiao Bo's girlfriend, and the two attempt to have a baby. China
E.T. Bisexual Guifeng Wang
2004 White Chicks Aubrey Allure Gay Kevin Blatch United States
2005 Be Cool Elliot Wilhelm Gay Dwayne Johnson United States
2005 Breakfast on Pluto Patrick "Kitten" Braden Trans woman Cillian Murphy Ireland, United Kingdom
2005 Cold Showers Michael Bisexual Johan Libéreau The story of a ménage à trois between two young men and a young woman leads the men to become attracted to each other. France
Clément Bisexual Pierre Perrier
2005 Imagine Me & You Luce Lesbian Lena Headey Germany, United Kingdom
Rachel Bisexual Piper Perabo
2005 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Perry Van Shrike/"Gay Perry" Gay Val Kilmer United States
2005 My Fair Son Ray Gay Junrui Wang Ray, a teenage boy, falls in love with another student who sleeps over at his flat. His father sees them lying on top of each other naked the next morning, and begins to realise they are both gay. A few days later, Ray meets one of his father's employees, Xiao Bo, who is engaged to marry, and falls in love with him, too. China
Unnamed student Gay Guifeng Wang
Xiao Bo Bisexual Yu Bo
2005 Rent Thomas B. "Tom" Collins Gay Jesse L. Martin United States
Joanne Jefferson Lesbian Tracie Thoms
Maureen Johnson Bisexual Idina Menzel
Angel Dumott Schunard Gay Wilson Jermaine Heredia
2005 Transamerica Sabrina "Bree" Osbourne Trans woman Felicity Huffman United States
Toby Bisexual Kevin Zegers
2005 V for Vendetta Gordon Deitrich Gay Stephen Fry Germany, United Kingdom, United States
Valerie Page Lesbian Natasha Wightman
2005 Wedding Crashers Todd Cleary Gay Keir O'Donnell United States
2005 Where the Truth Lies Vince Collins Bisexual Colin Firth Canada, United Kingdom
2005 Brokeback Mountain Ennis Del Mar Gay/Bisexual Heath Ledger United States
Jack Twist Gay/Bisexual Jake Gyllenhaal
2006 The Architect Shawn Gay Paul James United States
Martin Waters Gay Sebastian Stan
2006 Boy Culture Alex "X" Gay Derek Magyar United States
Andrew Gay Darryl Stephens
Joey Gay Jonathon Trent
Gregory Talbot Gay Patrick Bauchau
2006 The Bubble Ashraf Gay Yousef 'Joe' Sweid Israel
Noam Gay Ohad Knoller
Yali Gay Alon Friedman
2006 Eternal Summer Jonathan Gay Bryant Chang Set in Taiwan, the story is about a studious schoolboy, Jonathan, who is asked by his teacher to look after another boy, Shane, who is rebellious and dislikes learning. Ten years on, they have developed a good friendship despite their divergent lives: Jonathan on course to go to university and Shane to become a basketball player. Jonathan is also attracted to Shane, but the attraction is not reciprocated. However, the young men's fates change when a girl, Carrie, has a secret affair with Shane (who is determined to keep it secret in order to protect Jonathan's feelings) and also does her best to persuade Shane to abandon basketball and instead work hard to try to enter university. Shane succeeds in doing so. However, Jonathan, feeling increasing confusion over his sexual identity, loses focus in his studies and fails to enter university. The three are then forced to confront the secrets they have deliberately withheld from each other. Taiwan
2006 The History Boys Stuart Dakin Bisexual Dominic Cooper This film is based on a play of the same title. United Kingdom
Douglas Hector Gay Richard Griffiths
Tom Irwin Gay Stephen Campbell Moore
David Posner Gay Samuel Barnett
2006 Let's Go to Prison Barry Gay Chi McBride United States
Nelson Biederman IV Gay Will Arnett
2006 Little Miss Sunshine Frank Ginsberg Gay Steve Carell United States
2006 Loving Annabelle Annabelle Tillman Lesbian Erin Kelly United States
2006 No Regret Lee Su-min Gay Lee Yeong-hoon Lee Su-min is an orphan who has turned 18 and must leave the orphanage but cannot afford to go to university. He works a variety of jobs and gets laid off. He is gay, and before taking up a new job at a host bar, his prospective new boss tells him he's quite reluctant to take him on because gay men often leave when they become romantically involved with the clients. Lee Su-min is determined this will not happen to him, and is accepted for the job on the understanding he keeps his word. However, his resolve is tested when he meets a gay man visiting the bar, named Song Jae-min, with whom he happens to have had an affair some years earlier. He finds he cannot resist falling in love with Jae-min for a second time. South Korea
Song Jae-min Gay Kim Nam-gil
2006 Wedding Wars Shel Gay John Stamos Canada, United States
2014 Pride (2014) Mark Ashton Gay Ben Schnetzer United Kingdom
Mike Jackson Gay Joe Gilgun
Steph Chambers Lesbian Faye Marsay
Jonathan Blake Gay Dominic West
Gethin Roberts Gay Andrew Scott
Jeff Cole Gay Freddie Fox
Reggie Gay Chris Overton
Ray Gay Joshua Hill
Joe "Bromley" Cooper Gay George Mackay
Stella Lesbian Karina Fernandez
Zoe Lesbian Jessie Cave
Cliff Barry Gay Bill Nighy
Tim Gay Russel Tovey
2007 Across the Universe Prudence Lesbian T.V. Carpio United Kingdom, United States
2007 Breakfast with Scot Eric McNally Gay Tom Cavanagh Canada
Sam Gay Ben Shenkman
Scot Gay Noah Bernett
2007 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry Fred Duncan Gay Ving Rhames United States
2007 Planet Terror Dakota Block Lesbian/Bisexual Marley Shelton United States
Tammy Visan Lesbian Stacy Ferguson
2007 Pleasure Factory Jonathan Bisexual Loo Zihan This film is set in Singapore's red-light district. Jonathan has sexual relationships with both men and women. Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand
2007 Reign Over Me Charlie Fineman Bisexual Adam Sandler United States
2007 Shelter Shaun Gay Brad Rowe United States
Zach Bisexual Trevor Wright
2007 Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story Dewey Cox Bisexual John C. Reilly United States
2008 Dream Boy Nathan Davies Gay Stephan Bender United States
Roy Gay Maximillian Roeg
2008 City Without Baseball Ronnie Bisexual Ron Heung In a story set in the 1990s, Ronnie, a pitcher with Hong Kong's National Baseball Team, has a steady girlfriend and appears well settled-in. But over time he becomes increasingly attracted to one of his colleagues, and summons up the courage to kiss him in the men's changing rooms. The actors, including the protagonist, were real-life members of the National Baseball Team at the time of filming. Based on a real story, the film is the first feature produced by the award-winning Chinese LGBT filmmaker known as 'Scud'. Hong Kong
2009 Chloe Chloe Sweeney Bisexual Amanda Seyfried Canada, France, United States
2009 I Love You Phillip Morris Phillip Morris Gay Ewan Mcgregor France, United States
Steven Russell Bisexual Jim Carrey
2009 Mundane History Ake Gay Phakpoom Surapongsanuruk The film tells the story of a young Thai man, Ake, who is bed-ridden and paralysed from the waist down. He gradually becomes sexually attracted by his male nurse, Pun, during washing and changing. Thailand
2009 Permanent Residence Ivan Gay Sean Li Ivan seeks a long-term relationship with a straight friend. Befriending another young man, Windson, at a public sports club, the two build up a friendly rapport. However, Windson becomes aware of his inclination, and while happy to remain his friend, is initially very reluctant to become emotionally involved with him. It is the first feature to be directed by the award-winning Chinese LGBT filmmaker known as 'Scud'. Hong Kong
Windson Bisexual Osman Hung
2009 Shank Cal Gay Wayne Virgo United Kingdom
Jonno Bisexual Tom Bott
Olivier Gay Marc Laurent
Scott Gay Garry Summers
2009 Soundless Wind Chime Ricky Gay Lu Yulai An interracial love story. The story, told through a linear narrative and a series of complex, interlocking flashbacks, revolves around a young man, Ricky, who has arrived in Hong Kong from mainland China, and works as a delivery boy. He is robbed by a Swiss thief, Pascal, who admits his crime and returns the stolen item. The two eventually embark on a love affair, but through several flashbacks, it eventually becomes clear that Pascal has subsequently been killed in a road accident near their flat, which Ricky had witnessed. Some years later, Ricky visits Pascal's former home in Switzerland to find it abandoned. During his time there, he meets Pascal's doppelganger in a man called Ueli, who nevertheless has a very different personality. They too fall in love, and the contentment that Ricky finds enables him to reflect on the relationship he had with Pascal. Hong Kong, Switzerland, China
Pascal Gay Bernhard Bulling
Ueli Gay Bernhard Bulling
2010 Amphetamine Daniel Gay/Bisexual Thomas Price Daniel, a wealthy Chinese Australian investment banker working in Hong Kong who is openly gay, meets and befriends Kafka, a young swimming instructor from a poor local family, who has strong religious beliefs. Kafka was sexually assaulted as a teenager by a male gang after successfully defending a young woman from being raped, and as a result, he has become impotent and a habitual user of recreational drugs. Although initially uncomfortable with Daniel's obvious sexual attraction to him, he soon sees Daniel as offering him new hope in life, and he falls deeply in love with him. But Kafka's life begins to fall apart again when his mother dies suddenly, and he attempts to end his life. Set after the 2008 financial collapse, the film is the second feature film directed by the award-winning Chinese LGBT filmmaker, 'Scud'. Hong Kong
Kafka Bisexual Byron Pang
2010 Kaboom Hunter Bisexual Jason Olive United States
Lorelei Lesbian Roxane Mesquida
Oliver Gay Brennan Mejia
Rex Bisexual Andy Fischer-Price
Smith Bisexual Thomas Dekker
Stella Lesbian Haley Bennett
2010 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Ramona Flowers Bisexual Mary Elizabeth Winstead Like in the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series where this film is based on, Ramona Flowers has seven evil exes: six ex-boyfriends and her lesbian ex-girlfriend Roxanne. United Kingdom, United States
Roxanne "Roxy" Richter Lesbian Mae Whitman
Stephen Stills Gay Mark Webber
Wallace Wells Gay Kieran Culkin Wallace Wells is Scott's gay roommate.
2010 Valentine's Day Sean Jackson Gay Eric Dane United States
Holden Wilson Gay Bradley Cooper
2010 Yes or No Kim Lesbian Supanart Jittaleela Thailand
Pie Bisexual Sushar Manaying
2011 Austin Unbound: A Deaf Journey of Transgender Heroism Austin Richey Trans man Austin Richey Documentary: Austin, a deaf man assigned female at birth, undergoes top surgery to complete his transition to male. United States
2011 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Graham Dashwood Gay Tom Wilkinson United Kingdom
2011 Just Go With It Ian Maxtone-Jones Gay Dave Matthews United States
2011 Love Actually... Sucks! Bridegroom Bisexual Jackie Chow The film tells a series of interconnected stories, several with LGBT relationships. It was inspired by real-life events. The opening wedding banquet reveals a sex affair between the bridegroom and a bridesman. Other stories include a married painter who falls in love with his young male life model, a dance school teacher who becomes involved with his senior student and a role-playing lesbian couple. The film celebrates the belief that life is love.[6][7] It is the third feature film directed by the award-winning Chinese LGBT filmmaker, 'Scud'. Hong Kong
Bridesman Gay Ryo van Kooten
Model Gay Tang Wei
Painter Gay/Bisexual John Tai
Policewoman Lesbian Lareine Xu
Policewoman's girl Lesbian Celia Chang
2011 North Sea Texas Pim Gay Jelle Florizoone Belgium
Gino Bisexual Mathias Vergels
2011 The Skin I Live In Cristina Lesbian Bárbara Lennie Spain
2012 Cloud Atlas Robert Frobisher Bisexual Ben Whishaw Germany, United States
Rufus Sixsmith Gay James D'Arcy
2012 Jack & Diane Diane Lesbian Juno Temple United States
Jack Lesbian Riley Keough
2012 Laurence Anyways Laurence Alia Trans woman Melvil Poupaud Canada
2012 The Perks of Being a Wallflower Brad Gay Johnny Simmons United States
Patrick Gay Ezra Miller
2012 Skyfall Raoul Silva Bisexual Javier Bardem United Kingdom
2012 Speechless Luke Gay Pierre-Matthieu Vital An interracial love story. Luke, a mute and naked Western man is found by the banks of a river in Wuhan in mainland China. He is rescued and sent to a local hospital, which is unable to diagnose his condition, and decides that his muteness and erratic behaviour mean that he must be sent to a lunatic asylum. His male nurse intervenes to stop this happening, and then manages to piece together Luke's story. He finds that Luke had an affair with a man called Han Dong, who had a girlfriend called Xiao Ning, who was a devout Catholic and often accompanied him to church. One day, Xiao Ning discovered her boyfriend's affair with Luke as Han Dong had hidden a video in his own apartment of them naked together and performing a sex act. Xiao Ning decides to publicly humiliate and shame him by playing the disc on a large screen in the middle of a church service in front of a packed congregation. Hong Kong, China
Han Dong Bisexual Jian Jiang
2013 Blue Is the Warmest Colour Adèle Bisexual Adèle Exarchopoulos Adèle meets Emma in a lesbian bar. They enter a relationship and start to live with each other. Eventually, Emma finds out that Adèle cheated with Antoine, a male colleague, and their relationship ends. Afterwards, Emma enters a relationship with Lise. France
Emma Lesbian Léa Seydoux
Lise Lesbian Mona Walravens
2013 Kick-Ass 2 Insect-Man Gay Robert Emms The film Kick-Ass 2 is based on the graphic novel of the same title. In both the comics and the film, Insect-Man is an insect-themed superhero and a member of the Justice Forever team, which consists of people who became superheroes inspired by Kick-Ass.

In the comics, Insect-Man wears a mask. He claims to be a policeman who uses his secret identity to do things being a policeman does not allow him to do. His sexuality is not addressed.

Conversely, in the film, Insect-Man is gay and was bullied when he was younger because of this. He claims this inspired him to become a superhero to stand up for the defenseless. He does not wear a mask because it would feel like going back into the closet.

United Kingdom, United States
2013 Kill Your Darlings Lucien Carr Gay Dane DeHaan United Kingdom
Allen Ginsberg Bisexual Daniel Radcliffe
2013 Dallas Buyers Club Rayon Trans woman Jared Leto United States
2013 Free Fall Marc Borgmann Bisexual Hanno Koffler Germany
Kay Engel Gay Max Riemelt
2013 Horns Eric Hannity Gay Michael Adamthwaite Canada, United States
2013 G.B.F. Tanner Daniels Gay Michael J. Willett United States
Brent Van Camp Gay Paul Iacono
2013 The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Alec Lightwood Gay Kevin Zegers Canada, Germany
Magnus Bane Bisexual Godfrey Gao
2013 Voyage Ryo Gay Ryo van Kooten Filmed in the English language across Asia and Europe, the story follows the journey of a young Hong Kong psychiatrist (played by Chinese-German film actor Ryo van Kooten), who is accompanied by his male lover as he visits former patients in neighbouring countries of South East Asia by travelling to see them on his large luxury sailing yacht. Several of his clents are themselves in LGBT relationships. The film is the fourth commercially released film directed by the award-winning Chinese LGBT filmmaker known as 'Scud', and features frequent full-frontal male nudity.[8] Hong Kong
Jip Gay Jason Poon
2014 Girltrash: All Night Long Misty Monroe Lesbian Mandy Musgrave This film is based on the Girltrash! series. United States
Daisy Robson Lesbian Lisa Rieffel
Colby Robson Lesbian Gabrielle Christian
Sid Lesbian Kate French
2014 The Imitation Game Alan Turing Gay Benedict Cumberbatch (adult)
Alex Lawther (young)
This historical drama film about the life of Alan Turing depicts his work on the cryptanalysis of the Enigma, an encryption machine used by Germany during the World War II. After the war is over, Alan Turing is convicted of indecency beause he is gay. He undergoes chemical castration and later commits suicide. United States
Christopher Morcom Gay Jack Bannon The young Alan Turing in school is shown being close to his classmate Christopher Morcom. They pass encoded notes to each other on paper. The messages include "see you in two long weeks, dearest friend" and "I love you". Their friendship comes to an end when the young Christopher dies from bovine tuberculosis. The adult Alan Turing names the Enigma-breaking machine "Christopher" after him.
2014 Life Partners Sasha Weiss Lesbian Leighton Meester United States
2014 The Normal Heart Dr. Emma Brookner Lesbian Julia Roberts United States
Felix Turner Gay Matt Bomer
Alexander "Ned" Weeks Gay Mark Ruffalo
2015 Dope Cassandra "Diggy" Andrews Lesbian Kiersey Clemons Diggy can be seen in male clothing. United States
2015 3 Generations Ray Trans man Elle Fanning United States
2015 4th Man Out Adam Gay Evan Todd United States
2014 The Way He Looks Leonardo Ghilherme Lobo Leonardo is a blind high school student who fell in love with the new kid, Gabriel. Brazil
Gabriel Gay Fabio Audi Gabriel is the new kid who fell in love with Leo, the blind student. He was once aroused when he saw Leo naked in the showers.
2015 Carol Carol Aird Lesbian/Bisexual Cate Blanchett United States
Therese Belivet Lesbian/Bisexual Rooney Mara
2015 The Danish Girl Lili Elbe Trans woman Eddie Redmayne United Kingdom, United States
2015 Grandma Deathy Trans woman Laverne Cox United States
Elle Reid Lesbian Lily Tomlin
2015 The Heroes of Evil Aritz Gay Jorge Clemente Spain
2015 Holy Mess Oscar Gay Anton Lundqvist Sweden
Simon Gay Anastasios Soulis
2015 Legend Ronnie Kray Gay Tom Hardy France, United Kingdom
Teddy Smith Gay Taron Egerton
2015 Tangerine Alexandra Trans woman Mya Taylor United States
Sin-Dee Rella Trans woman Kitana Kiki Rodriguez
2015 Utopians Hins Gao Bisexual Adonis He Fei Hins Gao is in a relationship with his female classmate Joy, but gradually becomes attracted to his professor, Antonio Ming.[9] Hong Kong
Professor Antonio Ming Bisexual/Gay Jackie Chow
2016 Center of My World Nicholas Bisexual Jannik Schümann Germany
Pascal Lesbian Nina Proll
Phil Gay Louis Hofmann
Tereza Lesbian Inka Friedrich
2016 Fair Haven James Grant Gay Michael Grant United States
Charlie Green Gay Josh Green
2016 Handsome Devil Conor Masters Gay Nicholas Galitzine Ireland
Dan Sherry Gay Andrew Scott
2016 Heartstone Kristján Gay Blær Hinriksson Iceland
2016 King Cobra Brent Corrigan Gay Garrett Clayton United States
Harlow Cuadra Gay Keegan Allen
Joe Kerekes Gay James Franco
Bryan Kocis Gay Christian Slater
Mikey Gay Spencer Lofranco
2016 Moonlight Chiron Harris ("Little"/"Black") Gay Trevante Rhodes, Ashton Sanders, Alex Hibbart Moonlight is a film with an all-black cast, where Chiron is the protagonist. He is shown growing up as a gay black man, from childhood to adulthood. He faces bullying and homophobia.

Kevin studies in the same school as Chiron when they are teenagers. At some point, Kevin and Chiron kiss and masturbate.

However, Terrel, another student at the school, makes Kevin beat Chiron up in public. Chiron and Kevin drift apart. Years later, Kevin seeks Chiron again as adults, apologizes for the past and seeks to make peace with him. Kevin has a son with an ex-girlfriend. Eventually, Chiron reveals that Kevin was the only person who ever touched him.

United States
Kevin Jones Bisexual André Holland
2016 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Pete Regazolli Gay Dave Franco United States
2016 The Neon Demon Ruby Lesbian Jena Malone Denmark, France, United States
2017 Call Me by Your Name Oliver Bisexual Armie Hammer Brazil, France, Italy, United States
Elio Perlman Bisexual Timothée Chalamet
2017 God's Own Country Gheorghe Ionescu Gay Alec Secareanu United Kingdom
Johnny Saxby Gay Josh O'Connor
2017 A Fantastic Woman Marina Vidal Trans woman Daniela Vega Chile
2017 Beauty and the Beast LeFou Gay Josh Gad This film is a live-action remake of the 1991 animated film of the same name. In the animated film, LeFou is Gaston's bumbling sidekick, who looks up to Gaston and happily takes abuse from him. In the remake, Gaston is more intelligent and down-to-earth. Only in the remake, LeFou is shown to be gay and infatuated with Gaston. He is Disney's first openly gay character. United States
2017 Atomic Blonde Lorraine Broughton Bisexual Charlize Theron United States
Delphine Lasalle Lesbian Sofia Boutella
2017 Power Rangers Trini Kwan Lesbian/Bisexual Becky G United States
2017 Princess Cyd Cyd Bisexual Jessie Pinnick United States
Katie Lesbian/queer Malic White
2017 Rough Night Blair Bisexual Zoë Kravitz United States
Frankie Lesbian Ilana Glazer
2017 The Shape of Water Giles Gay Richard Jenkins United States
2017 Lady Bird Danny O'Neill Gay Lucas Hedges United States
2017 Battle of the Sexes Billie Jean King Lesbian Emma Stone United Kingdom, United States
Marilyn Bennett Lesbian Andrea Riseborough
2017 Thor: Ragnarok Valkyrie Bisexual Tessa Thompson United States
2017 The Carmilla Movie Carmilla Karnstein Lesbian Natasha Negovanlis Canada
Laura Hollis Lesbian Elise Bauman
Elle Sheridan Lesbian Dominique Provost-Chalkley
S. Lafontaine Non-binary Kaitlyn Alexander
Danny Lawrence Lesbian Sharon Belle
2018 Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot Donnie Gay Jonah Hill United States
Martingale Gay Ronnie Adrian
2018 The Miseducation of Cameron Post Cameron Post Lesbian Chloë Grace Moretz United Kingdom, United States
2018 Love, Simon Simon Spier Gay Nick Robinson United States
Bram Greenfeld Gay Keiynan Lonsdale
Cal Price Bisexual Miles Heizer
2018 Alex Strangelove Alex Truelove Bisexual Daniel Doheny United States
Elliott Gay Antonio Marziale
2018 To All the Boys I've Loved Before Lucas Krapf Gay Trezzo Mahoro Lucas was one of Lara Jean Covey's crushes who she wrote a letter to. He told Lara Jean he was gay after receiving the letters, sent by Lara Jean's younger sister Kitty. United States


Year Title Character Classification Actor Notes Country
2003 Normal Roy / Ruth Applewood Transgender Tom Wilkinson
1998 Head On Ari Gay Alex Dimitriades
1984 Sleepaway Camp Angela Baker Transgender Felissa Rose
1971 Daughters of Darkness Countess Bathory Lesbian Delphine Seyrig
2005 C.R.A.Z.Y. Zachary Beaulieu Bisexual Marc-André Grondin
2001 Wet Hot American Summer Ben Gay Bradley Cooper
2001 Wet Hot American Summer McKinley Gay Michael Ian Black
1997 As Good as It Gets Simon Bishop Gay Greg Kinnear
2005 Cursed Bo Gay Milo Ventimiglia
1986 Blue Velvet Frank Booth Pansexual Dennis Hopper
1997 In and Out Howard Brackett Gay Kevin Kline
2010 Easy A Brandon Gay Dan Byrd
2008 Mamma Mia! Harry Bright Gay Colin Firth Harry says that the only woman he ever loved was Donna.
2005 Capote Truman Capote Gay Philip Seymour Hoffman
2006 Infamous Truman Capote Gay Toby Jones
2009 Jennifer's Body Jennifer Check Bisexual Megan Fox
2012 Foodfight! Vlad Chocul Gay Larry Miller
1997 All Over Me Claude Lesbian Alison Folland
2000 Wonder Boys Terry "Crabs" Crabtree Bisexual Robert Downey Jr.
2005 Saved! Dean Gay Chad Faust
1961 The Children's Hour Martha Dobie Lesbian Shirley MacLaine This film is based on a play of the same title.
1996 Johns Donner Gay Lukas Haas
1997/2001 Chasing Amy; Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Banky Edwards Gay Jason Lee
1978 Midnight Express Erich Gay Norbert Weisser
2010 Sex and the City 2 Erin Lesbian Alice Eve
1969 The Damned Konstantin von Essenbeck Gay Reinhard Kolldehoff
1997 Ma Vie en Rose Ludo Fabre Transgender Georges Du Fresne
2009 A Single Man George Falconer Gay Colin Firth
2013 Palo Alto Fred Nat Wolff
2001 Blow Derek Foreal Gay Paul Reubens
1999 Trick Gabriel Gay Christian Campbell
1964 Goldfinger Pussy Galore Lesbian Honor Blackman
1994 Four Weddings and a Funeral Gareth Gay Simon Callow
1976 L'Alpagueur Gilbert ("L'Epervier") Gay Bruno Cremer
2004 Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Rebecca Gilles Lesbian Jacinda Barrett
1953 Glen or Glenda Glenda Transgender Ed Wood
2004 A Home at the End of the World Jonathan Glover Gay Harris Allan/Dallas Roberts
2009 Prayers for Bobby Bobby Griffith Gay Ryan Kelley
1991 The Silence of the Lambs Jame Gumb Bisexual Ted Levine
2010 Beginners Hal Gay Christopher Plummer
2008 RocknRolla Handsome Bob Gay Tom Hardy
2013 The Bling Ring Marc Hall Gay Israel Broussard
1998 The Object of My Affection George Hanson Gay Paul Rudd
1996 Flirting with Disaster Paul Harmon Gay Richard Jenkins
2016 Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Bisexual Margot Robbie
2000 Holiday Heart Holiday Heart Gay Ving Rhames
2004 The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Alistair Hennessey Bisexual Jeff Goldblum
1996 Camping Cosmos Harry Gay
2014 Dear White People Lionel Higgins Gay Tyler James Williams
1996 Camping Cosmos Arno Hintjens Gay Arno Hintjens
1997/2001 Chasing Amy; Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Hooper X Gay Dwight Ewell
2011 J. Edgar J. Edgar Hoover Gay Leonardo DiCaprio
1998 Edge of Seventeen Eric Hunter Gay Chris Stafford
2006 Shortbus James Gay Paul Dawson
2006 Shortbus Jamie Gay PJ DeBoy
2006 Another Gay Movie Jarod Gay Jonathan Chase
1982 Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean Joanne Trans woman Karen Black
2015 Most Likely To Die Jade Lesbian Tess Christiansen
2014 Obvious Child Joey Gay Gabe Liedman
1997/2001 Chasing Amy; Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Alyssa Jones Bisexual Joey Lauren Adams
2009 The Joneses Mick Jones Gay Benjamin Hollingsworth
2009 Woman on Top Monica Jones Trans Woman Harold Perrineau Jr.
2010 The Kids Are All Right Jules Lesbian Julianne Moore
2001 Ichi the Killer Kakihara Bisexual Tadanobu Asano
1970 The Vampire Lovers Carmilla Karnstein Lesbian Ingrid Pitt
2006 Crank Kaylo Gay Efren Ramirez
1996 Flirting with Disaster Tony Kent Bisexual Josh Brolin
1999 East is East Nazir Khan Gay Ian Aspinall
1984 Revenge of the Nerds Lamar Gay Larry B. Scott
1995 Home for the Holidays Tommy Larson Gay Robert Downey Jr.
2000 Wonder Boys James Leer Gay Tobey Maguire
1998 Bedrooms and Hallways Leo Bisexual Kevin McKidd
2000 Bring It On Leslie "Les" Gay Huntley Ritter
2009 Jennifer's Body Anita "Needy" Lesnicki Bisexual Amanda Seyfried
1996 Don't Be a Menace... Loc Dog Bisexual Marlon Wayans
2010 The Last Exorcism Logan Gay Logan Craig Reid
2014 The Taking of Deborah Logan Sarah Logan Lesbian Anne Ramsay
1979 Life of Brian Loretta Transgender Eric Idle
1994 Interview with the Vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac Bisexual Brad Pitt
2005 Sin City Lucille Lesbian Carla Gugino
1997 All Over Me Lucy Lesbian Leisha Hailey
1997 All Over Me Luke Lesbian Pat Briggs
2008 Sunshine Cleaning Lynn Lesbian Mary Lynn Rajskub
1999 Trick Mark Gay John Paul Pitoc
1997 In and Out Peter Malloy Gay Tom Selleck
2014 Boys Marc Gay Ko Zandvliet
1994 Four Weddings and a Funeral Matthew Gay John Hannah
1999 Election Tammy Metzler Lesbian Jessica Campbell
1996 Chacun Cherche son Chat Michel Gay Olivier Py
2013 Geography Club Russell Middlebrook Gay Cameron Deane Stewart
2008 Milk Harvey Milk Gay Sean Penn
2005 Saved! Mitch Gay Kett Turton
1994 The Sum Of Us Jeff Mitchell Gay Russell Crowe
1991 Soapdish Montana Moorehead Trans Woman Cathy Moriarty
1992 Peter's Friends Peter Morton Gay Stephen Fry
2009 I Love You, Beth Cooper Rich Munsch Gay/Bisexual Jack Carpenter
1982 The World According to Garp Roberta Muldoon Transgender John Lithgow
2000 Dorothy Nelson Common Ground Lesbian Brittany Murphy
2010 Nic The Kids Are All Right Lesbian Annette Bening
2006 Gabriel Noone The Night Listener Gay Robin Williams
1991 JFK Willie O'Keefe Gay Kevin Bacon
2004 Saving Face Willhelmina Pang Lesbian Michelle Krusiec
2003 Under the Tuscan Sun Patti Lesbian Sandra Oh
2002 May Polly Lesbian Anna Faris
2003 Hamlet 2 Rand Posin [10] Gay Skylar Astin
2011 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Lisbeth Salander Pansexual Rooney Mara
2014 Boys Sieger Gay Gijs Blom
2017 F the Prom TJ Gay Luke Bilyk
2001 Gypsy 83 Clive Webb Gay Kett Turton
2011 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Miriam "Mimi" Wu Lesbian/Bisexual Elodie Yung
2005 Kinky Boots Simon/Lola Gay, Drag Queen Chiwetel Ejiofor

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