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The following is a list of characters from the Polish TV series M jak miłość.

Mostowiak family[edit]

Teodor Mostowiak
m. Maria Mostowiak
   c. Hanna Smine (Mostowiak, 1922-1978)
   c. Lucjan Mostowiak (1934-)
      m. Barbara Mostowiak (Wrzodak, married 1960)
         c. Maria Rogowska (Mostowiak, biological daughter of Zenon Łagoda, 1960-)
            m. Krzysztof Zduński (married 1984, widowed 2006)
               c. Piotr Zduński (1984-)
                  m. Kinga Zduńska (Filarska, married 2002)
                     c. Magdalena Zduńska (2009-)
                     c. Mikołaj Zduński (2014-)
               c. Paweł Zduński (1984-)
                  m. Joanna Liberadzka (married 2011, divorced 2012)
                  m. Alicja Zduńska (Domańska, married 2014)
               c. Maria Zduńska (stillborn 2001)
            m. Artur Rogowski (married 2008, divorced 2015)
               c. Barbara Rogowska (2009-)
         c. Marta Budzyńska (Mostowiak, 1970-)
            a. Norbert Wojciechowski
               c. Łukasz Wojciechowski (born Mostowiak, 1992-)
            m. Jacek Milecki (married 2003, divorced 2004)
            m. Norbert Wojciechowski (married 2005, widowed 2007)
               c. Anna Wojciechowska (2006-)
            m. Andrzej Budzyński (married 2012, divorced 2017)
         c. Marek Mostowiak (1978-)
            m. Hanna Mostowiak (Walisiak, married 2001, widowed 2011)
               c. Natalia Mostowiak (adopted, 1995-)
                  a. Dariusz Maj (affair 2015)
                     c. Hanna Mostowiak (2015-)
               c. Urszula Mostowiak (adopted, 1995-)
               c. Mateusz Mostowiak (2002-)
            m. Ewa Mostowiak (Kolęda, married 2014)
               c. Julia Mostowiak (stillborn 2017)
         c. Małgorzata Chodakowska (Mostowiak, 1980-)
            m. Michał Łagoda (married 2002, divorced 2004)
            m. Stefan Miller (married 2004, divorced 2005)
            m. Tomasz Chodakowski (married 2009, divorced 2014)
               c. Zofia Chodakowska (born Warakomska, adopted, 1999-)
               c. Wojciech Chodakowski (2014-)

Bielak and Budzyński family[edit]

 Janusz Bielak
 m. Edyta Bielak (2003–present, married)
    c. Piotr Bielak (born 2003, biological son of Andrzej Budzyński)
  • Edyta Bielak (created by Ewa Bukowska) – Andrzej Budzyński's former lover. She was married to Janusz Bielak and raised their son Piotr (born in 2003). In March 2013 Janusz made paternal tests and it was revealed that Piotr's biological father is Andrzej Budzyński. He wanted to divorce from Edyta but now plans to move with her and Piotr to Cracow. Edyta's friend is Andrzej's mother, Wanda Budzyńska.
  • Janusz Bielak (created by Wojciech Błach) – Edyta Bielak's husband and legal father of Piotr Bielak. In April 2013 he learnt that he's not Piotr's biological father and wanted to go to the USA. However, Andrzej Budzyński stopped him. Janusz plans to move with his wife and son to Cracow, Poland.
  • Piotr Bielak (created by Hubert Zduniak) – son of Andrzej Budzyński and Edyta Bielak, legal son of Janusz Bielak, born in 2003. He met his biological father in March 2013 after paternal tests done by his legal father Piotr Bielak. He has one step brother, Łukasz Wojciechowski and one step sister, Anna Wojciechowska. His grandmother is Wanda Budzyńska and his step mother is Marta Budzyńska (through his biological father's marriage).
 Wanda Budzyńska
 c. Andrzej Budzyński
    a. Edyta Bielak (affair 2003)
       c. Piotr Bielak (2003-)
    m. Marta Budzyńska (Mostowiak, married 2009, divorced 2017)
 Tadeusz Budzyński
  • Wanda Budzyńska (created by Maria Rybarczyk[1]) – mother of Andrzej Budzyński, mother in law of Marta Budzyńska, step grandmother of Łukasz Wojciechowski and Anna Wojciechowska and biological grandmother of Piotr Bielak. She worked as a judge. She lives in Warsaw. Wanda divorced from her first husband (and Andrzej's father) because he betrayed her and when she told him that their marriage is over he didn't try to get her forgiveness any more. Many years later Andrzej did the same thing: he betrayed Marta Wojciechowska a few weeks before their wedding and when Marta learnt the true, he wanted to go to Cyprus. In February 2013 she learns that she has a biological grandson, Piotr Bielak, who was born in 2003 after Andrzej's romance with Edyta Bielak. As of April 2015, she is dating Jerzy Kolęda, father-in-law of Marek Mostowiak.
  • Tadeusz Budzyński (created by Andrzej Łapicki) – Andrzej Budzyński's uncle who came from Toronto, Canada to Grabina in 2011 to attend Andrzej and Marta's wedding. However, the wedding was called off. Tadeusz stays in Grabina for a few months. He adores Barbara Mostowiak, Marta's mother and Lucjan is very jealous of him. He back to Poland also to find his old girlfriend and met her in Cracow, Poland. They plans to marry.

Chodakowski family[edit]

Grzegorz Chodakowski (1968-)
m. Aleksandra Chodakowska (divorced)
   c. Aleksander Chodakowski
      m. Magdalena Chodakowska (Marszałek, married 2015)
         c. Maciej Chodakowski (adopted 2016)
   c. Marcin Chodakowski (1990-)
      a. Katarzyna Mularczyk (engaged 2014, she died in 2015)
         c. Szymon Chodakowski (2015-)
      a. Izabela Lewińska (affair 2016-2017)
         c. Unnamed child (expecting)
Tomasz Chodakowski (1981-)
m. Małgorzata Chodakowska (Mostowiak, married 2009, divorced 2014)
   c. Zofia Chodakowska (Warakomska, adopted, 1999-)
   c. Wojciech Chodakowski (2009-)
a. Agnieszka Olszewska (affair 2014)
   c. Helena Chodakowska (2015-)
a. Joanna Chodakowska (Tarnowska, married 2017)
Grzegorz Chodakowski (born 1968, created by Wojciech Majchrzak), brother of Tomasz Chodakowski, father of Marcin Chodakowski. He came to Warsaw in 2013 and started a romance with Weronika Zawada (married woman who previously dated his son Marcin). His wife decided to file for a divorce. They have two sons, Aleksander and Marcin, and two grandsons, Maciej and Szymon.
Aleksandra Chodakowska (created by Małgorzata Pieczyńska), former wife of Grzegorz Chodakowski, mother of Aleksander Chodakowski and Marcin Chodakowski.
Aleksander Chodakowski (created by Maurycy Popiel), son of Grzegorz Chodakowski and Aleksandra Chodakowska, brother of Marcin Chodakowski. He works as a doctor in Warsaw. On December 21, 2015 he married Magdalena Marszałek. In March 2016 they adopted a son, Maciej Chodakowski. Aleksander cannot accept the new role in his life and has difficulties in contact with his son. As of September 2016 he wants to move alone to Kenya to pursue his medical career there.
Magdalena Chodakowska (nee Marszałek, formerly Maksymowicz, b. September 14, 1982, created by Anna Mucha) is a wife of Aleksander Chodakowski. They married in Warsaw on December 21, 2015. Due to Magdalena's cardiac illness they decided to adopt a child and in March 2016 they became parents to their son, Maciej Chodakowski.
Maciej Chodakowski (formerly Romanowski) is a son of Aleksander Chodakowski and Magdalena Marszałek, adopted in March 2016.
Marcin Chodakowski (born August 15, 1990, created by Mikołaj Roznerski) – nephew of Tomasz Chodakowski, son of Grzegorz Chodakowski. He was raised in Germany and came to Warsaw in early 2012. Marcin loves Agnieszka Olszewska, but dated Weronika Zawada (who was married) and Katarzyna Mularczyk (who broke up her engagement with policeman Robert for Marcin). He lives in Warsaw with Katarzyna and their friend. Katarzyna is still in love with him but he seriously thinks about Agnieszka who was his uncle former fiancee. He starts dating Olszewska in May 2013 but she asks him to not tell anyone that they're in a relationship. In late 2013 he started dating Katarzyna Mularczyk who became pregnant in 2014. They engaged. On March 8, 2015 their son Szymon Chodakowski was born. However, Katarzyna died the next day due to complications after childbirth. He is now dating Izabela Sajda.
Katarzyna Mularczyk (born July 18, 1984, d. January 8, 2015 in Warsaw, created by Agnieszka Sienkiewicz), was a fiancee of Marcin Chodakowski and mother of his child, Szymon Chodakowski. He came to Mostowiak house in Grabina in November 2011 to hide because she was a witness in an important lawsuit. She worked as a journalist and briefly dated Robert, a policeman from Lipnica. Robert proposed to her in September 2012 and she accepted, but broke the engagement off when she fell in love with Marcin Chodakowski. In 2014 she fell pregnant by Marcin and they got engaged. Katarzyna died on March 9, 2015 in Warsaw, a few hours after giving birth to her son, Szymon Chodakowski.
Szymon Chodakowski (born January 7, 2015 in Gródek), is a son of Marcin Chodakowski and his fiancee, Katarzyna Mularczyk. His mother died a few hours after his birth due to complications during her operation. He is now raised by his father and his new girlfriend, Izabela Sajda.
Tomasz Chodakowski (born 1981, created by Andrzej Młynarczyk) is a younger brother of Grzegorz Chodakowski. Tomasz comes from Szczecin and works as a policeman. He met Małgorzata Mostowiak, younger child of Lucjan and Barbara Mostowiak, in 2008, saving her from a rape. They started dating and Małgorzata fall pregnant. They married at hospital in Warsaw on November 10, 2009. The same day she gave birth to their son, Wojciech Chodakowski. She suffered from postpartum depression and spent three months after childbirth in France. She then recovered and came back to Warsaw and lived there with her family. Małgorzata and Tomasz adopted Zofia Warakomska, a girl from Szczecin, who was daughter of Tomasz's friends. Both her parents suddenly died – mother due to illness and father due to accident at work. When he was married to Małgorzata, Tomasz had a brief romance with his former fiancee, Agnieszka Olszewska, but he reconciled with his wife. In 2013 Małgorzata started a romance with her first husband, Michał Łagoda, and decided to divorce Tomasz, took their children and move to United States. She fall pregnant with Łagoda and they engaged. Tomasz divorced from Małgorzata in 2014 and fought to have sole custody of their children. Małgorzata and Michał had an accident in United States, Łagoda died and Mostowiak lost her unborn daughter. She hasn't came back to Poland since 2014. Chodakowski had a romance with Olszewska again and they welcomed their daughter Helena Chodakowska on February 16, 2016 in Warsaw. Tomasz is engaged to marry Joanna Tarnowska and is living with her and his two older children in Warsaw.
Małgorzata Chodakowska (born 1980, nee Mostowiak, formerly Łagoda, Miller, created by Joanna Koroniewska), was a wife of Tomasz Chodakowski since 2009 to 2014 and is mother to Wojciech Chodakowski and former adopted mother to Zofia Chodakowska (see details).
Agnieszka Olszewska (born 1978, created by Magdalena Walach) is a former fiancee of Tomasz Chodakowski and mother of his daughter Helena. Agnieszka came from Szczecin to Warsaw after being widowed from her first husband in 2010. She started working as Tomasz's boss while he was married to Małgorzata Mostowiak. They renewed their romance a few times, despite being in another relationships or not, resulting is Agnieszka's pregnancy. Their daughter Helena was born on February 16, 2016. Agnieszka was previously pregnant in 2011 after a one night stand with Andrzej Budzyński, husband of Marta Mostowiak. She miscarried her son. Olszewska has no partner right now and is living in Warsaw with her daughter.
Joanna Tarnowska (born 1987, created by Barbara Kurdej-Szatan) is a current fiancee of Tomasz Chodakowski. They met in 2014 when Joanna helped Tomasz to take his children to Poland from United States where they were staying with their mother Małgorzata Mostowiak. Chodakowski and Tarnowska became friends and then started a romance. He proposed to Joanna on April 2, 2016 and they plan to marry.
Zofia Chodakowska (born 1999 in Szczecin, nee Warakomska, created by Julia Wróblewska) is an adopted daughter of Tomasz Chodakowski and Małgorzata Mostowiak. She moved to Warsaw after her parents' deaths. She has one younger adopted half-brother, Wojciech Chodakowski and one younger adopted half-sister, Helena Chodakowska. She lives in Warsaw with her father, brother and future stepmother Joanna.
Wojciech Chodakowski (born November 10, 2009 in Warsaw, created by Franciszek Korzeniewski) is a son of Tomasz Chodakowski and Małgorzata Mostowiak. He was born at hospital a few hours after his parents married. His mother divorced from his father in 2014 and moved to United States with him. He was later rescued by Tomasz and Joanna. Wojciech has two sisters, Zofia and Helena.
Helena Chodakowska (born February 16, 2016 in Warsaw) is a daughter of Tomasz Chodakowski and Agnieszka Olszewska, being a result of their next romance in 2015. She has a sister Zofia and brother Wojciech and lives with her mother in Warsaw.

Walisiak family[edit]

 Władysław Walisiak (?-1980)
 a. Unnamed woman
    c. Anna Gruszyńska (Walisiak)
       m. Unnamed Gruszyński (widowed)
       a. Adam Werner (engaged 2015)
 m. Maria Walisiak (married)
    c. Hanna Mostowiak (Walisiak, 1975-2011)
       m. Marek Mostowiak (married 2001)
          c. Natalia Mostowiak (adopted, 1995-)
             a. Dariusz Maj (affair 2015)
                c. Hanna Mostowiak (2015-)
          c. Urszula Mostowiak (adopted, 1995-)
          c. Mateusz Mostowiak (2002-)
  • Anna Gruszyńska (née Walisiak, created by Tamara Arciuch) – Hanna Mostowiak's half sister from their father's other relationship. Anna was married to a man who beat her and one day she killed him because he was aggressive. She moved to Warsaw in 2010 to meet Hanna and let her know that they're sisters. She is now overlapped through her husband's brother who want to revenge on her because of this murdery. She was introduced to Mostowiak family in 2011. She spent her childhood travelling in Europe with her mother who was tourist guide. She owns the cafe in Warsaw. Anna started dating Arkadiusz Nowacki who is a director of school in Lipnica. In November 2011 she asked Hanna to help her and they both went to Suwałki, Poland. When they were going back, Hanna had a car accident. They were not injured, but Hanna collapsed few hours later and died in a hospital because of an aneurysm. Anna proposed to Marek Mostowiak in December 2011 but he didn't agree for their marriage. Anna takes care of Ula Mostowiak after her problems with a sect and had a romance with Marek since February to April 2013. She fell in love with him and had a strong rivalization with Marek's current wife, Ewa Kolęda. Since 2014 she is dating a lawyer from Warsaw, Adam Werner. Werner proposed to her on August 31, 2015 and she accepted.
  • Adam Werner is a lawyer and works in Warsaw. Since 2014 he's in a relationship with Anna Gruszyńska and they're engaged to marry. His best friend is Andrzej Budzyński.

Bronisław Jakubczyk[edit]

Bronisław Jakubczyk – biological father of Urszula Mostowiak, adopted daughter of Marek Mostowiak and Hanna Mostowiak. He's an alcoholic.

Teresa Makowska[edit]

Teresa Makowska (created by Joanna Sydor) – Maria Rogowska's cousin and Paweł Zduński's first serious love. Teresa lived in Szczecin with her husband and daughter Agnieszka but she came to Grabina to her family to escape from her aggressive husband. She met her nephew, Paweł and they fall in love. There was a lot of controversies with their relationship – they were related, Teresa had her own family, Paweł has just finished the secondary school and she was over ten years older. Instead, they lived in Warsaw but one day Teresa went to sanatorium, met another man and left Paweł.

Sandra Matuszewska[edit]

Sandra Matuszewska (created by Anna Dereszowska) – Zofia's mother's sister and Zofia's aunt. She came to Poland from Ireland when her sister died in Szczecin. She took care of Zofia together with Tomasz Chodakowski (Małgorzata was in France at the time). She had some troubles with her former husband but Tomasz helped her. In 2011 Sandra started her relationship with Szymon Gajewski, proposed to him and he agreed. However, on May 11, 2011 Szymon went to the USA and they split up. Sandra saw Szymon kissing Marta Wojciechowska, who was his true love. She started dating Ireneusz Podleśny and working in his company but they split up. Then she went to the United States to meet with Szymon Gajewski. She back to Poland in February 2012 and started working in Adam Werner's company.

Magdalena Milecka[edit]

Magdalena Milecka – sister of Jacek Milecki, former sister-in-law of Marta Budzyńska. Magdalena had three sons with her first husband but they divorced because he was aggressive. She met Norbert Wojciechowski who needed help after his car accident in the United States. They became friends and engaged shortly after. However, Magdalena didn't marry Norbert and he later married Marta Mostowiak.

Simone Miller[edit]

Simone Miller (created by Agnieszka Perepeczko) – mother of Stefan Miller, mother-in-law of Elżbieta Miller, former mother-in-law of Małgorzata Chodakowska. She was very attractive and energic woman. She came to Grabina from Germany a few times and was friended with Barbara Mostowiak. She liked to be adored, her adorators were Włodzimierz Kisiel and a fireman Michał who was about twenty years younger than Simone.

Hanna Mostowiak[edit]

Hanna Mostowiak (not seen on screen) – sister of Lucjan Mostowiak who was thought to be dead during World War II. In April 2013 her granddaughter Jane Buford came to Grabina and told that her grandmother lived in the United States and had a family there.

Agata Rogowska[edit]

Agata Rogowska – sister of Artur Rogowski, sister-in-law of Maria Rogowska. She lives in Oslo, Norway with her husband.

Henryk Wojciechowski[edit]

Henryk (Henio) Wojciechowski (created by Tadeusz Chudecki) – Norbert Wojciechowski's half brother. He came to Warsaw just after Norbert's death to meet Marta and their children. He is childish and naive. Henryk started living in Marta's apartment and he helps her in home works and spends time with Anna when Marta is at work. In 2010 he moved to his own apartment and engaged to Nina, whom met in Teraz miłość. In 2011 tries to start his own business, but it's unsuccessful. Henryk separated from Nina in November 2011, just days before their wedding day, because his former girlfriend, Matylda came to Warsaw and said that she's seriously ill and will soon die. Henryk learnt that this is not true and back to Nina. They live outside Warsaw.

Zduński family[edit]

 Jadwiga Jabłońska
 m. Unnamed Zduński (widowed)
    c. Zuzanna Zduńska
    c. Krzysztof Zduński
       m. Maria Rogowska née Mostowiak (1984–2005, his death)
          c. Piotr Zduński (born 1984)
             m. Kinga Zduńska née Filarska (2002–present, married)
                c. Magdalena Zduńska (born 2009)
                c. Mikołaj Zduński (born 2014)
          c. Paweł Zduński (born 1984)
             m. Joanna Zduńska née Liberadzka (2011–2012, divorced)
             m. Alicja Zduńska née Domańska (2014–present, married)
          c. Maria Zduńska (born 2001, d. 2001)
 m. Karol Jabłoński (2002–present, married)
  • Jadwiga Zduńska-Jabłońska – mother of Krzysztof Zduński and Zuzanna Zduńska, mother-in-law of Maria Rogowska. She was conflicted with her son because she didn't want Krzysztof to marry Maria. She was seriously ill in 2001 and Maria took care of her. Jadwiga lived for a few months with his son's family. Then she met Karol Jabłoński and married him. Jadwiga has three grandchildren: Paweł Zduński, Piotr Zduński and Maria Zduńska and one great granddaughter, Magdalena Zduńska. She is also step grandmother to Barbara Rogowska.
  • Zuzanna Zduńska (never seen on screen) – older sister of Krzysztof Zduński, daughter of Jadwiga Zduńska-Jabłońska. She died of SIDS a few months after birth. Zuzanna could be an aunt to Krzysztof's children, Piotr, Paweł and Marysia. Jadwiga Zduńska, Krzysztof's mother, was seriously ill in 2001 and her daughter-in-law, Maria Rogowska, asked her to live with all family in Gródek. In the same time Maria gave birth to her daughter Marysia who died after birth and Jadwiga told her about her little daughter Zuzanna who also died in infancy.

Łagoda family[edit]

 Feliks Łagoda (1896-1960)
 m. Zofia Łagoda (widowed)
    c. Zenon Łagoda (1934-2001)
       a. Barbara Mostowiak (engaged 1960, separated 1960)
          c. Maria Rogowska (Mostowiak, 1960-)
             m. Krzysztof Zduński (married 1984, widowed 2005)
                c. Piotr Zduński (1984-)
                   m. Kinga Zduńska (Filarska, married 2002)
                      c. Magdalena Zduńska (2009-)
                      c. Mikołaj Zduński (2014-)
                c. Paweł Zduński (1984-)
                   m. Joanna Zduńska (Liberadzka, married 2011, divorced 2012)
                   m. Alicja Zduńska (Domańska, married 2014)
                c. Maria Zduńska (stillborn 2001)
             m. Artur Rogowski (married 2008, divorced 2015)
                c. Barbara Rogowska (2009-)
       m. Unnamed woman (widowed)
          c. Michał Łagoda (1974-2014)
             m. Małgorzata Chodakowska (Mostowiak, married 2002, divorced 2004)
             m. Grażyna Łagoda (Raczyńska, married 2011, divorced 2012)
             a. Małgorzata Chodakowska (engaged 2013)
                c. Unnamed daughter (stillborn 2014)
   c. Marian Łagoda
Zenon Łagoda (created by Emil Karewicz)[2] – Maria Rogowska's and Michał Łagoda's father. He was Barbara Mostowiak's boyfriend when she was unmarried girl and she was pregnant at the time he said her that he goes to the USA. He wanted her to make an abortion but she didn't agree. Their daughter Maria was born in 1960. Zenon married an unnamed woman in America and they had one son, Michał. He back to Poland in 2000 and had an own business. He learnt that Barbara gave birt to their child and he wanted Maria to know the truth. He has four grandchildren: Paweł Zduński, Piotr Zduński, Maria Zduńska and Barbara Zduńska and two great grandchildren, Magdalena Zduńska and Mikołaj Zduński.
Michał Łagoda (born 1974, d. June 9, 2014 in Los Angeles, created by Paweł Okraska)[3] – Maria Rogowska's younger half brother, son of Zenon Łagoda and his first wife, Małgorzata Mostowiak's first husband. He was born in the United States and then he went to Poland. He married Małgorzata Mostowiak, Maria's half sister, but they then divorced. He went to the USA again, but back to Gródek and owned an ambulatory. He was romantically engaged to Dorota Stadnicka, but they split up. He is married to Grażyna Raczyńska who betried him with Marek Mostowiak in 2010. They separated but then Grażyna had serious criminal problems and they are still together. They live in Gródek. Michał is owner of Maria-Med, an ambulatory in Gródek. As of November 2011, they have many problems, because one of the greatest medical companies in Poland, called Permed want to build their branch in Gródek. In January 2012 Grażyna told that he is not faithful because he met with Małgorzata Mostowiak (his first wife) and she wants to divorce from him. Grażyna went to USA in January 2012. He briefly dated Julia Skiba in 2012 but then he started a romance with Małgorzata. She divorced from her husband Tomasz Chodakowski and they went to the USA with Małgorzata and Tomasz's son, Wojciech. Mostowiak became pregnant with Michał in 2014. On June 9, 2014 they had a car accident in Los Angeles. Michał died in a hospital. Małgorzata, who was seven months pregnant, was injured and lost her child.
Grażyna Łagoda (born 1978, née Raczyńska, created by Bożena Stachura)[4] – Michał Łagoda's second wife. She was raised in Grabina and she was Marek Mostowiak's first girlfriend. She back in 2009 to participate in a school meeting where she met Marek again. They had a romance. Instead of that, Grażyna secretly married Maria Rogowska's half brother Michał Łagoda and became working as a director in an ambulatory in Gródek. In 2010 she deducted a man and she escaped. She was then arrested and stayed in a prison. She met Ewelina there and the she was blackmailed. She had to employ Ewelina in an ambulatory and Ewelina than kidnapped Grażyna to swindle money from Michał. Michał and Grażyna are in love and they don't want divorce. In November 2011 it was released that the new ambulatory is going to be built in Gródek. It was called Permed and was a branch of one of the greatest medical companies in Poland. Grażyna and Michał were afraid that all of their patients would go to Permed. She met with Ewelina Walczak and asked her for a contact with offenders who had to help her win the bid between Maria-Med and Permed. After Hanna Mostowiak's death she wants to be Marek's new wife. In January 2012 she arranged her husband's meeting with his former wife, Małgorzata Chodakowska and charged him with betrayal. Grażyna wants to divorce from Michał. In January 2012 she went to Grabina and asked her former boyfriend, Marek Mostowiak, to go with her to USA and try to live together after Hanna Mostowiak's death. Marek declined and Grażyna went to USA alone.

Filarski and Marszałek family[edit]

  • Zbigniew Filarski (created by Andrzej Precigs)[5] – father of Kinga Zduńska. He was married to Krystyna Marszałek, but they divorced in 2009. He has one granddaughter, Magdalena Zduńska via Kinga. His son in law is Piotr Zduński. Filarski owned his own company which produced windows and worked with Krzysztof Zduński a few months. His firm went bankrupt and Zbigniew moved to Warsaw. He often visits Kinga and her family on Deszczowa Street. His friends are Marek Lewicki and Artur Rogowski from Gródek. He tried to be Krystyna's partner again, but she decided to marry Wojciech Marszałek.
  • Wojciech Marszałek (created by Emilian Kamiński)[6] – father of Magdalena Marszałek. He was married to Halina Marszałek but his wife died in 2010. Wojciech married in 2011 Krystyna Filarska who divorced from Zbigniew Filarski. Wojciech has one step daughter, Kinga Zduńska and one step granddaughter, Magdalena Zduńska.
  • Krystyna Filarska-Marszałek (formerly Filarska, created by Hanna Mikuć)[7] – wife of Wojciech Marszałek, former wife of Zbigniew Filarski, mother of Kinga Zduńska, step mother of Magdalena Marszałek and grandmother of Magdalena Zduńska. She divorced from Zbigniew in 2009 and in 2011 married Wojciech Marszałek.
  • Halina Marszałek (created by Marta Klubowicz)[8] – mother of Magdalena Marszałek. She was married to Wojciech Marszałek until her death in 2010.
  • Magdalena (Madzia) Chodakowska (née Marszałek, formerly Maksymowicz, created by Anna Mucha)[9] – daughter of Wojciech Marszałek and Halina Marszałek, step-daughter of Krystyna Filarska-Marszałek, step-sister of Kinga Zduńska and godmother of Magdalena Zduńska. She studied psychology and lived with Kinga in Warsaw. She was romantically engaged to their roommate Kamil Gryc in 2005 and they expected their child, but she miscarried. Kamil then left Warsaw and she fall in love with his father Jerzy Gryc, but they separated. Magdalena married in a civil ceremony Russian film director, Sasza Maksymowicz to enable him get Polish citizenship and they then divorced. She was in love with Paweł Zduński, but then she decided to go to Africa to work for Polska Akcja Humanitarna and she left Paweł. Magdalena back in 2010 and she declarated that she still loves Paweł, but at this time he was engaged to Maja Chojnacka. In Africa she was seriously ill and one of the doctors saved her live, fall in love with her and they planned to marry. Then Magdalena understood that she doesn't love him and called the wedding off. Her mother died in 2010. In 2009 Magdalena became Kinga's and Piotr's daughter godmother with Paweł Zduński as a godfather. In 2011 Kinga's father, Wojciech Marszałek married Kinga's mother, Krystyna Filarska. Kinga and Magdalena are step sisters as a result. Magdalena attended their wedding and the same night had a one-night stand with Paweł Zduński. She came back to Poland in September 2012, just after Paweł's divorce from Joanna Liberadzka. She was engaged to Michał who was married and his wife was pregnant. On December 21, 2015 in Warsaw she married Aleksander Chodakowski, a medicine doctor, son of Grzegorz and Aleksandra Chodakowski. In March 2016 they adopted a son, Maciej Chodakowski.
  • Sasza Maksymowicz (created by Ivan Komarenko)[10] – a man from Russia who came to Warsaw and wanted to marry a Polish girl to get Polish citizenship. He married Magdalena Marszałek, but they were later divorced. He had a girlfriend Olga.

Kolęda family[edit]

Jerzy Kolęda
m. Unnamed woman (widowed)
   c. Ewa Mostowiak (Kolęda, 1978-)
      m. Krzysztof Szefler (married, divorced)
         c. Antoni Szefler (2002-)
      m. Marek Mostowiak (married 2014)
         c. Julia Mostowiak (stillborn 2017)
  • Jerzy Kolęda (created by Artur Barciś)[11] – Jerzy started working with Marek Mostowiak in September 2012. He has a daughter, Ewa Mostowiak, who married Marek Mostowiak in 2014. He has also one biological grandson, Antoni Szefler, and three foster grandchildren: Natalia, Urszula and Mateusz, via his daughter's marriage to Marek. He is dating Wanda Budzyńska.
  • Antoni Szefler (born 2002) – son of Ewa Kolęda and her first husband, Krzysztof Szefler. Through her mother second marriage he is a step son of Marek Mostowiak and step brother of Mateusz Mostowiak, Natalia Mostowiak and Urszula Mostowiak. He lives in Mostowiak family house in Grabina.

Nowicki family[edit]

  • Stanisław Nowicki (created by Igor Michalski – former husband of Janina Nowicka and father of Ewa Nowicka. He is divorced from Janina. He started working in an ambulatory and met Renata Zakrzewska. They married in 2011. He has one granddaughter, Aleksandra Skalska, and two step children, Justyna Zakrzewska and Antoni Zakrzewski from Renata's first marriage.
  • Janina Nowicka (created by Ewa Wencel) – wife of Teodor Nowicki, former wife of Stanisław Nowicki, mother of Ewa Nowicka and sister of Krystyna Cholak. She divorced from Stanisław and fall in love with Teodor but he was married at the time they met. He promised that he will be divorced but his wife was seriously ill and Teodor didn't leave her. Janina had alcohol problems because of that. After Teodor's wife's death they married and moved to Canada.
  • Teodor Nowicki (created by Edward Lubaszenko) – second husband of Janina Nowicka. They live in Canada.
  • Renata Nowicka (formerly Zakrzewska, created by Hanna Bieluszko) – she's a doctor and Maria Rogowska's best friend. She was divorced from her first husband Robert with whom she has two children: daughter Justyna and son Antoni. In 2011 in Gródek she married Stanisław Nowicki and she has one step daughter, Ewa Nowicka and step granddaughter, Aleksandra Skalska.
  • Ewa Nowicka (formerly Skalska, created by Dominika Figurska) – daughter of Janina Nowicka and Stanisław Nowicki, step daughter of Teodor Nowicki and Renata Nowicka, step sister of Justyna Zakrzewska and Antoni Zakrzewski. A young girl who had a romance with Maria Rogowska's first husband, Krzysztof Zduński. They met because Ewa's aunt was a secretary in Krzysztof's firm. Zduński had a family and they split up. Ewa had a one-night stand with Leszek Skalski and was pregnant. Her daughter Aleksandra was born and people thought that she's Krzysztof's daughter. Ewa asked Krzysztof to be Aleksandra's godfather. Ewa started working in an ambulatory and she met doctor Janusz Kotowicz. They fall in love but then Leszek back to Gródek after car accident. He learnt that Aleksandra is his child. Leszek and Ewa married, but he had a romance and they divorced. She back to Kotowicz and they went to London. Then they split up and Ewa back to Gródek.
  • Leszek Skalski (created by Michał Chorosiński) – former husband of Ewa Nowicka, father of Aleksanda Skalska. He had a one-night stand with Ewa after she separated from Krzysztof Zduński. Leszek didn't know that he has a child and one day he had a car accident and was hospitalized in Gródek. She met Ewa again. She was engaged to Janusz Kotowicz but they split up and Ewa decided to marry her daughter's biological father. They divorced after his romance.
  • Aleksandra (Ola) Skalska (created by Nastazja Chorosińska) – daughter of Leszek Skalski and Ewa Nowicka. Her godfather was Krzysztof Zduński who was also believed to be her biological father because of his romance with Ewa.
  • Justyna Zakrzewska – daughter of Robert Zakrzewski and Renata Nowicka, step daughter of Stanisław Nowicki, sister of Antoni Zakrzewski, step sister of Ewa Nowicka.
  • Antoni Zakrzewski – son of Robert Zakrzewski and Renata Nowicka, step son of Stanisław Nowicki, brother of Justyna Zakrzewska, step brother of Ewa Nowicka.
  • Krystyna Cholak (created by Joanna Jędryka) – Janina Nowicka's sister, Ewa Nowicka's godmother. She worked in Krzysztof Zduński's company in Gródek.


  • Miss Ludmiła – she was the director of the orphanage in Józefowo where Hanna Mostowiak, Urszula Mostowiak, Natalia Mostowiak and Jolanta Żurawska were raised. She loved her work and wanted to help all of the children who lived there. She was Hanna's and Jolanta's "second mother". She knew that Hanna has a half sister, but she didn't told her that. Miss Ludmiła died in 2010.
  • Tadeusz Gałązka (created by Sławomir Orzechowski) and Irena Gałązka – Hanna Mostowiak's former adopted parents. They adopted her from an orpharange in Józefowo but returned when Irena learnt that she's pregnant. Few weeks later Irena miscarried and started to have a mental illness. When Hanna was pregnant with Mateusz, she was separated from Marek, because they quarreled. Irena proposed her to live in their home until the child's birth. Hanna agreed but one day she found a wardrobe with many childish clothes and understood that Irena wants to take her child. Hanna escaped from this home and gave birth to Mateusz, Marek Mostowiak's first son, in Grabina. When Mateusz was little, Irena came to Grabina and kidnapped him. Hanna and Marek found their son near the river and saved him. Irena went to a psychiatric facility.
  • Waldemar Jaroszy (created by Maciej Kozłowski) – a mysterious man who had suspicious business. He loved Hanna Mostowiak, but she wanted them to stay friends. It was released that Waldemar caused a fatal car accident many years before, in this accident Hanna's parents were killed. Hanna thought that it was Lucjan and Barbara Mostowiak's fault. He has a son and he died in 2010.

Living in Grabina[edit]

  • Sebastian Kociołek (created by Piotr Miazga) and Katarzyna Kociołek (née Wójcik, created by Ewelina Serafin)) – Sebastian is Marek Mostowiak's best friend and Katarzyna was Marek's fiancee when he was young. Marek broke their engagement off when he came back from Germany to Grabina in 2000 and fall in love with Hanna Walisiak. At the day of Hanna and Marek's church wedding Katarzyna went to Mostowiak's home and told that she's pregnant with Marek. Then they learnt that it wasn't true. Katarzyna married Sebastian Kociołek and they were happy until 2010. This year Katarzyna started working in school in Lipnica and she had a romance with this school's director, Arkadiusz Nowacki. She was pregnant with him and Sebastian left her. The same time Hanna left Marek because of his romance with Grażyna Raczyńska. Marek and Sebastian decided to try to back to their wives; Sebastian forgave Katarzyna who miscarried her and Nowacki's child.
  • Włodzimierz Kisiel (created by Jerzy Próchnicki) – Lucjan Mostowiak's best friend. He has a wife Zofia Kisiel. He likes playing chess with Lucjan. In May 2011 he has had a heart attack in Mrs Kwaśniakowa's shop. Łukasz Wojciechowski saved his life.
  • Miss Kwaśniakowa (created by Violetta Arlak) – owner of grocery in Gródek. She knows everything about people who live in Grabina and Lipnica. In May 2011 Włodzimierz Kisiel had a heart attack in her shop. Miss Kwaśniakowa is traacttive woman and likes to be adored.
  • Antoni Szefler – son of Ewa Szefler and her former husband, grandson of Jerzy Kolęda, Mateusz Mostowiak's best friend. After his mother's marriage to Marek Mostowiak he has three foster siblings: Mateusz Mostowiak, Natalia Mostowiak and Urszula Mostowiak.

Living in Gródek[edit]

  • Lucyna Banasik(created by Maria Maj) – a nurse and a receptionist in Maria-Med, she is also Maria Rogowska's friend from her former work at local hospital.
  • Marek Lewicki (created by Krzysztof Stelmaszyk) – a famous actor who went to Gródek in 2011 to take over Dorota Stadnicka's decrease. He pretended his love to Dorota, but then fall in real love. Dorota didn't want to forgive him, but they accepted. Marek then didn't tell her that he has five children. Now they are dating and living in Gródek. Marek's friends are Artur Rogowski and Zbigniew Filarski. He plans to move to Gdynia, Poland with Dorota and will play in a new television series.
  • Julia Skiba (created by Aneta Todorczuk-Perchuć)[12] – a doctor who works in Maria-Med in Gródek since 2012. She is dating Michał Łagoda.
  • Dorota Stadnicka (created by Ewa Gorzelak) – Artur Rogowski's former girlfriend. She was pregnant with him but miscarried and now she can't have more children. Dorota works in a laboratory in Gródek. She had a romance with Michał Łagoda and then with Jacek Kulesza who betried her. Now she is engaged to a famous actor Marek Lewicki. They split up for a while because he didn't tell her that he has five children. Now they are dating again. She plans to move to Gdynia, Poland with Marek and start working in a new place.
  • Julian Strzelczyk – a politician in Gródek. In November 2011 he had to decide who will win the bid: Maria-Med, Michał Łagoda's ambulatory or Permed, one of the greatest medical ambulatories in Poland. Grażyna Łagoda asked for help the offenders who burnt Strzelczyk's car.
  • Ewelina Walczak (created by Maja Bohosiewicz) – Grażyna Łagoda met Ewelina when they were both in a prison. Then Ewelina blackmailed Grażyna and started working in Michał Łagoda's ambulatory in Gródek as a nurse (in fact, she was not a professional nurse). Ewelina dated Paweł Zduński for a short time, but then she kidnapped Grażyna and wanted her to give her money. Walczak went to the prison again. In November 2011 Grażyna resumed her contact with Ewelina because one of the greatest medical ambulatories in Poland wanted to build their branch in Gródek. It could be a serious competition for Łagoda's ambulatory and they could lose their patients. Grażyna asked Ewelina for help and started working with offenders. Walczak told that she will help Grażyna, but wants to meet Paweł who has just married Joanna Liberadzka.

Living in Lipnica[edit]

  • Arkadiusz Nowacki (created by Michał Lesień) – current director of school in Lipnica. He teaches mathematics. He didn't like Hanna Mostowiak but then fall in love with her. Now he's interested in her half sister, Anna Gruszczyńska. His former fiancee was Agata Tomaszewicz, a doctor who worked in an ambulatory in Gródek.
  • Stanisław (Staszek) (created by Sławomir Holland) – a policeman from Lipnica who works also in Grabina.
  • Robert (created by Paweł Góralski) – Stanisław's nephew who also works as a policeman. He met Mostowiak family on November 29, 2011. Robert started dating Katarzyna Mularczyk in January 2012 and proposed in September 2012.

Living in Warsaw[edit]

  • Teresa Drawicz (created by Dominika Łakomska) – Marta Budzyńska's friend. In April 2013 she starts a romance with Artur Rogowski who is married to Maria Rogowska, Marta's half sister. She lives in Warsaw and works as a lawyer.
  • Krzysztof Jankowski (created by Mariusz Bonaszewski) – Mirka Kwiatkowska's former boyfriend, a businessman.
  • Jan Kozłowski (created by Bartłomiej Świderski) – professor of Warsaw University of Life Sciences who was previously engaged to Joanna Zduńska, Paweł Zduński's wife. He worked with Artur Rogowski, Joanna's father-in-law.
  • Mirosława (Mirka) Kwiatkowska (created by Andżelika Piechowiak) – Irenuesz's former fiancee and Kinga Zduńska's employer. She owned a dating website Teraz miłość after she split up with her fiance, Robert. She's attractive and self-confident. Mirosława told that she doesn't like children and wasn't happy when Kinga had to take care of her daughter Magdalena. Mirka was engaged to Ireneusz Podleśny but they split up in 2011 because she wanted to start a family and he didn't. She then started dating Jankowski, but they split up in November 2011.
  • Mariusz Kwiatkowski (created by Robert Rozmus) – Mirosława Kwiatkowska's father who came to Warsaw in 2013. His best friends are Wojciech Marszałek and Zbigniew Filarski.
  • Gabriela (Gabi) Lassota (created by Gabriela Pietrucha) – Łukasz Wojciechowski's former girlfriend. They met at school and were dating until 2011. Then he met Ewa, his neighbour's daughter and left Gabriela. Gabi started dating Łukasz's best friend, Wojciech. When Łukasz back to Warsaw from Berlin in October 2011, they talked and released that they are still in love. However, Gabriela can't split up with Wojciech, because his mother died recently.
  • Laura Liberadzka (created by Beata Rybotycka) – mother of Joanna Zduńska and former mother in law of Paweł Zduński. She's a gambler. She promised Jan Kozłowski that if he will pay her some money, he could marry her daughter Joanna. Despite that, Joanna married Paweł Zduński. Laura lived temporary with Joanna and Paweł but stole them some money. Her daughter divorced from Paweł in September 2012.
  • Aleksandra (Ola) Malinowska (created by Anna Karczmarczyk) – Paweł Zduński saved Aleksandra's life in 2010 when she was driven to a whorehouse. She had only a grandmother who died few months later. Paweł helped Aleksandra to get a job in Oaza club. Aleksandra told Paweł on April 4, 2011 that she loves him, he even kissed her, but Paweł wants they to be friends. Ola met her step-father in 2011.
  • Anita Morawska (created by Anna Popek) – a famous actress. She works with Małgorzata Chodakowska and produces TV programms about famous people's gardens.
  • Monika Ochman (created by Anna Wendzikowska) – a lawyer. Monika works in Adam Werner's and Andrzej Budzyński's company. She's a very attractive woman but she doesn't have a boyfriend. She likes her workmate, Piotr Zduński and wanted to pick him up, despite Piotr being married to Kinga. This situation started a crisis in Zduńskis' mariagge.
  • Sylwia Okońska (created by Anna Gzyra) – waitress in Oaza club. She was raised in a small village near Warsaw and came to the city to start working. She fall in love with Paweł Zduński and was even pregnant with him, but miscarried. Then she had a relationship with Jan Zawadzki, director of Oaza club who is older than she. In 2009 she was seriously injured after club's arson and had a plastic surgery to save her face. Jan Zawadzki gave money to her father to make this operation possible. Sylwia had a romance with a doctor who operated him and was pregnant but this man left her. She back to Warsaw to Oaza and in 2011 gave birth to her son. Jan still loved her and let her live in his home. Sylwia proposed to Jan in May 2012 and he accepted.
  • Agnieszka Olszewska (created by Magdalena Walach) – Tomasz Chodakowski's former fiancee. She left Tomasz just before their wedding and married another man, Tomasz's close friend. This man died and in 2010 Agnieszka came from Szczecin to Warsaw and started working as Tomasz's boss. She fall in love with Tomasz again and even kissed him, but he has his own family. He told Agnieszka that they can be only friends. In 2011 she had a one-night stand with Andrzej Budzyński, Marta Wojciechowska's fiance and she became pregnant. She then moved to Szczecin in November 2011 but few weeks later her unborn child died and she came back to Warsaw. Agnieszka started dating Andrzej Werner and became friend with Marta Wojciechowska., However, on March 13, 2012 Marta learnt that Agnieszka was pregnant with her husband and their friendship is over. In May 2013 she started dating Marcin Chodakowski who is younger than she but she asks him to not tell anyone about their relationship.
  • Michał Ozon – Magdalena Marszałek's lover. They worked together in 2012, but Michał is married and doesn't want to divorce from his wife.
  • Helena Podleśna (created by Karolina Chapkp) – Ireneusz's half sister from his father other relationship. Helena met Ireneusz in February 2012 after their father was seriously ill and told that he has two children.
  • Irenuesz (Irek) Podleśny (created by Maciej Jachowski) – Krzysztof Ziober's biological father and Jakub's best friend. He was engaged to Mirosława Kwiatkowska but they split up in 2011. She said that Ireneusz is too young and he doesn't want to have a real family. He started dating Sandra Matuszewska but they split up. In 2012 he met his half sister Helena Podleśna.
  • Ewa Rosner – daughter of Janina Rosner. She moved to Warsaw in 2010. Łukasz Wojciechowski helped her with maths during his relationship with Gabriela Lassota. Ewa fell in love with Łukasz and she competed with Gabi. In 2011 she was knocked over by the car and Łukasz took care of her. A lot of misunderstandings were done, Ewa released that Łukasz is irresponsible and told him that their relationship is over.
  • Janina Rosner – a lawyer. Janina studied with Marta Budzyńska. They met in 2010 when Janina divorced from her husband and moved to Warsaw to live in the same high – rise, where Marta lives. Janina has one daughter, Ewa, who briefly dating Łukasz Wojciechowski.
  • Alicja Staniszewska – former girlfriend of Jakub Ziober. She was Jakub's best friend's sister. They met in Warsaw after a few years. Alicja fell in love with Jakub but he didn't really love her. She worked as a journalist with Marzena.
  • Natasza Wolska – a girl from Russia, Jakub Ziober's mistress. They met accidentally a few days before Natasza's wedding and fall in love. Natasza married her compatriot Igor but was still in love with Jakub. They met secretly. On April 4, 2011 Natasza's mother died. She started living with Jakub, but was kidnapped by Igor in May 2011. She escaped few days later. Natasza died in October 2011 because of a leukemia.
  • Jan Zawadzki (created by Jacek Lenartowicz) – Oaza club owner and director. He married his first wife because she was pregnant with him and has two adult sons. They divorced in 2009. Jan fall in love with Sylwia Okońska, endowed her operation after a fatal accident which took place in a club, but she betried him. They were friends for a while but it was released that Sylwia is pregnant with another man. She gave birth to her first son in 2011. Jan understood that he still loves this girl and proposed her living in his home.
  • Jakub (Kuba) Ziober (created by Przemysław Cyrpryański) – former policeman and now a detective who lived with Kinga, Piotr and Magdalena when they were students. Jakub fall in love with several women, but he married Olga Jankowska and adopted her son, Krzysztof. They divorced because Olga wanted to work abroad and had a romance. Jakub met Natasza, a girl from Russia who married Igor in 2011. They meet secretly because Natasza's husband doesn't let his wife to meet with another man. Natasza died in October 2011 and Jakub went to the monaster.
  • Krzysztof (Krzyś) Ziober (created by Wojciech Traczyński) – Olga's son and Jakub Ziober's adopted son. His biological father is Ireneusz Podleśny. His legal parents are divorced and he spends time with both of them in Warsaw or in Portugal. He has a half brother Aleksander, born in 2010, from his mother's relationship with Roberto.
  • Mariusz Żurawski (created by Jerzy Gudejko) and Jolanta Żurawska (née Kowalska, created by Anita Jancia)) – Jolanta is Hanna Mostowiak's best friend, they were borh raised in an orpanage in Józefowo. Jolanta doesn't know her parents. She was planned to be Stefan Miller's wife but she left him in the church because she loved another man. Than she had a romance with her boss and she was pregnant. She lost her work because she didn't want make an abortion. She met Mariusz Żurawski who is a former director of school in Lipnica. They fall in love and married and they raise their son, Mariusz. They live in Warsaw.

Living abroad[edit]

  • Maja Chojnacka – Paweł Zduński's former fiancee. They studied together in Warsaw. Maja was very attractive woman, Paweł fall in love and proposed to her. She was very jealous of Magdalena Marszałek, Paweł's former girlfriend and after Magdalena's arrival from Africa to Warsaw she decided to left Paweł and go abroad. Jakub Ziober tried to found her but she changed the places she was. First, she went to Austria, but now Paweł get a letter from her from Mexico. Maja was raised by her bossy father and thought that her mother died when she was a child. It was turned out that Maja's mother lives, they met and went abroad together after Mr Chojnacki's death.
  • Szymon Gajewski – Marta Wojciechowska's and Małgorzata Chodakowska's neighbour. He's a doctor. He is widowed, his wife died in 2010 because of cancer. They had a daughter who also died many years before. Szymon fall in love with Marta, they spent a night together, but Marta met Andrzej Budzyński and decided to leave Szymon. They're now friends. Gajewski started his relationship with Sandra Matuszewska in 2011, she proposed to him and he agreed. Few months later he decided to go to the USA for six months and they split up. On December 31 (in fact it was emitated on May 11, 2011) he kissed Marta Wojciechowska, told her that she's the woman of his life and went to the airport.
  • Olga Jankowska (formerly Ziober) – Jakub Ziober's first wife. She has a son, Krzysztof from her relationship with Irenuesz Podleśny. She is a dancer and she wants to work abroad. In 2009 she divorced from Jakub and married Roberto who lives in Portugal. They have a son, Aleksander (born in 2010). Olga and Roberto divorced in February 2012.
  • Jacek Kulesza – Dorota Stadnicka's former fiance. He worked as a doctor, proposed to Dorota and promised her that they'll together emigrate to Italy. Instead, he has had a romance with Dorota's associate, Agata Tomaszkiewicz. It was released in 2011. Agata lost her work and they both went abroad.
  • Agata Tomaszewicz – a doctor who worked in Artur Rogowski's ambulatory. Many years ago she was Arkadiusz Nowicki's fiancee and she back to Gródek in 2010 to find him. She left him to marry another man, but then divorced. She wanted him to forgive her. They met in Lipnica, but Arkadiusz didn't want to renew their relationship. Agata is very attractive woman and Maria Rogowska was jealous of her because she picked up her husband, Artur. Few months later Agata had a romance with Dorota Stadnicka's fiance, Jacek Kulesza. She left her work and went with Jacek abroad.


Łagoda family[edit]

 Feliks Łagoda (born 1896, zm. 1960)
m. Zofia Łagoda
   c. Zenon Łagoda (born 1936, d. 2001)
      a. Barbara Mostowiak (?–1960, engaged, separated, b. 1940)
         c. Maria Rogowska (born 1960, legal daughter of Lucjan Mostowiak)
            m. Krzysztof Zduński
            m. Artur Rogowski (2009–2014, separated)
               c. Barbara Rogowska (born 2009)
      m. Unnamed woman (widowed)
         c. Michał Łagoda (died 2014)
            m. Małgorzata Mostowiak (2002–2004, divorced)
            m. Grażyna Raczyńska (divorced)
   c. Marian Łagoda

Notable actors who left the series[edit]

  • Małgorzata Kożuchowska who created Hanna Mostowiak since the beginning of the series decided to leave in March 2011.[13] In serial, Hanna (who was Marek Mostowiak's wife and Mateusz Mostowiak's mother) was killed in a car accident in November 2011.
  • Małgorzata Pieńkowska who created Maria Rogowska since the beginning of the series decided to leave in June 2012.[14] In serial, Maria moved to Trondheim, Norway with her husband Artur and youngest daughter Barbara. She came back in 2014 and her character is currently divorcing from husband Artur.
  • Przemysław Cypryański who created Jakub Ziober since 2006 decided to leave in June 2012.[15]
  • Joanna Koroniewska who played Małgorzata Chodakowska since the beginning of the series decided to leave in September 2012.[16] She will create her role until December 2012 and then Joanna Osyda will replace her.
  • Magdalena Walach who played Agnieszka Olszewska since 2010 decided to leave in October 2012 because she couldn't play in another films when she had a contract with "M jak miłość" producents.[17] This is not stated what will happened to Agnieszka Olszewska but she will be in the series until June 2013. However, she came back to the series in 2014.
  • Tadeusz Chudecki who played Henryk Wojciechowski since 2010 decided to leave in October 2012.[18]
  • Agnieszka Sienkiewicz who played Katarzyna Mularczyk decided to leave in late 2014 after winning TV series Dancing with the stars. Her character died on March 9, 2015 in childbirth.


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