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The first series of Ojamajo Doremi was originally aired on TV Asahi from February 7, 1999, to January 30, 2000, and lasted 51 episodes. It replaced the time slot for Yume no Crayon Oukoku and a new episode aired weekly. The series focuses on a little girl named Doremi Harukaze, who becomes a witch apprentice (witchling in the 4Kids dub). She is joined by her friends Hazuki Fujiwara and Aiko Senoo to complete nine witch exams in order to accomplish their goal.

No sooner, a direct sequel, Ojamajo Doremi #, was created near the end of the show's run and aired right after Ojamajo Doremi's end. It lasted from February 6, 2000 to January 28, 2001 with a total of 49 episodes. The same year, during summer, a short 30 minute film titled Ojamajo Doremi # The Movie was released along with Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! / Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals for the 2000 Summer Toei Anime Fair. The Digimon movie was split into two parts and Ojamajo Doremi # The Movie was screened in between.

After Ojamajo Doremi # ended in 2001, another direct sequel, titled Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi aired and lasted from February 4, 2001 to January 27, 2002 with a total of 50 episodes. In the summer, another short 30 minute film was released in theaters, titled Kaeru Seki no Himitsu. It was screened between Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers and Kinnikuman.

Following Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi, the fourth and final series, Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n!, ran on TV Asahi from February 3, 2002, to January 26, 2003, and lasted 51 episodes.

Ojamajo Doremi took a brief hiatus until early 2004, when Toei Animation announced news of making Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho. It was a 13-episode sidestory to Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi was originally scheduled to be released as an OVA beginning September 24, 2004, but was first made available on Sky PerfectTV!! PPV from June 26, 2004 until December 11, 2004.

Ojamajo Doremi made its US debut on 4Kids TV under the name Magical DoReMi with a preview episode on August 13, 2005 and regularly airing episodes beginning September 10, 2005; they aired 26 episodes by March 11, 2006. After that, the show was rerun until August 19, 2006. The show continued its run on November 13, 2007, exclusively on the network's web site and released its last episode on May 2, 2008. Due to the nature of some of the show's contents, 4Kids Entertainment altered or removed certain scenes and images to give the show a more Western feel and to make it suitable for younger audiences. Episode 30 was never released and dubbed in English.

Series 1: Ojamajo Doremi[edit]

J# U# Translated original title (English dub title)
Original Japanese title
Original air date (Japan) Original air date (U.S.)
1 1 "I'm Doremi! I'm a Witch Apprentice" ("Now I Am a Witchling")
"Watashi Doremi! Majo Minarai ni Naru" (私どれみ! 魔女見習いになる) 
February 7, 1999 September 10, 2005
Doremi Harukaze/Dorie Goodwyn comes across a magic shop and calls out the owner, Majorika/Patina, for being a witch, turning the latter into a witch frog. Now, she must become a witch apprentice herself to return Majorika to her normal self. 
2 2 "I, Become Hazuki-chan!" ("Being Dorie, Being Reanne")
"Watashi, Hazuki-chan ni Naru!" (私、はづきちゃんになる!) 
February 14, 1999 September 17, 2005
Doremi and her best friend Hazuki Fujiwara/Reanne Griffith want to swap lives for a day, as they both feel that the other is luckier. However, this leads to a few consequences. 
3 3 "The Transfer Student from Naniwa! Aiko Debuts" ("The Spit Curl Girl")
"Tenkōsei wa Naniwa-ko! Aiko Tōjō" (転校生はナニワっこ! あいこ登場) 
February 21, 1999 September 24, 2005
A new girl named Aiko Senoo/Mirabelle Haywood from Osaka/Buttercorn Ridge transfers to Doremi's class and unintentionally upsets Doremi and Hazuki at first. Once Doremi gets to know her, she befriends her and tries to find ways to cheer her up on Parents' Day at school. 
4 4 "It's Not Scary If We're All Witches" ("Dustin' the Old Rusty Broom")
"Minna Majo Nara Kowakunai" (みんな魔女なら怖くない) 
February 28, 1999 August 13, 2005

Hazuki and Aiko find out Doremi's secret of being a witch apprentice after the stunt she pulls on Parents' Day, so they must also become witch apprentices to protect Doremi. The three girls redecorate the magic shop with a more cheerful design after Doremi accidentally destroys the shop.

Note: This episode aired as a series preview one month before the actual premiere of Magical DoReMi on 4kids TV. 
5 5 "Grand Opening! House Of Magic" ("Witch Conya of the Lunaverse")
"Shinsō Kaiten! Mahōdō" (新装開店! MAHO堂) 
March 7, 1999 October 8, 2005
After fixing up the magic shop and dubbing it House of Magic (Mahōdō)/The DoReMi Magic Shop, the girls await their first customers and are visited by a singing witch wholesaler Dela/Conya. 
6 6 "A Liar's First Friendship" ("Believing Belinda")
"Usotsuki wa Yūjō no Hajimari" (ウソつきは友情の始まり) 
March 14, 1999 October 15, 2005
Nobuko Yokokawa/Belinda Higgins is a liar in the girls' class, but nevertheless amuses everyone with her imaginative stories. When Aiko believes in her and realizes she lied, she becomes very hurt. 
7 7 "Aim For Level 9! Witch Exam" ("Caitlyn's Day Out")
"Mezase Kyu-kyū! Majo Shiken" (めざせ9級! 魔女試験) 
March 21, 1999 October 22, 2005
The three girls prepare to take their first witch exam, but Doremi must spend the day supervising her younger sister Pop/Caitlyn. Pop wants to go to her grandparent's house by train by herself. When it comes to exam time, Hazuki and Aiko earn fairies for passing the exam. Doremi fails the exam, so she doesn't get a fairy. 
8 8 "Go to the Witch World!!" ("Finally a Fairy!")
"Majo no Sekai he Go!!" (魔女の世界へGO!!) 
March 28, 1999 October 29, 2005
After failing to pass the level 9 exam, Doremi is given another chance. Her goal is to find medicine for Motamota. Luckily, Doremi passes and gets her fairy, but she does it with the help of Aiko and Hazuki, who come to see her out of worry. 
9 9 "Where Did You Go!? Fairy Dodo" ("A Runaway Fairy")
"Doko Ittano!? Yōsei Dodo" (どこ行ったの!? 妖精ドド) 
April 4, 1999 November 5, 2005
Doremi's fairy Dodo runs off after being scolded, so the girls use their new magic spell, Magical Stage, to try to find her. 
10 10 "Pinch! The Teacher Found Out!!" ("Trouble in Store")
"Pinchi! Sensei ni Barechatta!!" (ピンチ! 先生にバレちゃった!!) 
April 11, 1999 November 12, 2005
Miss Seki/Miss Cooper and the vice principal drop by the magic shop after photos of the girls working there arise. 
11 11 "Early Riser Girl Marina and a Bouquet from the Heart" ("You Don't Bring Me Flowers")
"Hayaoki Shōjo Marina to Kokoro no Hanataba" (早起き少女まりなと心の花たば) 
April 11, 1999 November 19, 2005
After being insulted by Takao Kimura/ David, Marina Koizumi/ Amanda refuses to take care of the school's flowers. Hazuki is determined to help Marina realize Kimura is remorseful. 
12 12 "A Wish For A Precious Shirt" ("He Ain't Pelé, He's My Brother")
"Taisetsu na Shatsu no Negaigoto" (大切なシャツの願い事) 
April 25, 1999 November 26, 2005
A young boy named Misaki Shibayama/Evan trades in his favorite shirt to get a charm to help his older brother Daichi/Charlie play in a soccer game. 
13 13 "Everyone Fails!? The Level 8 Exam" ("Parsley and Rosemary")
"Minna Fugōkaku!? Yattsu-kyū Shiken" (みんな不合格!? 8級試験) 
May 2, 1999 December 3, 2005
The girls take the Level 8 Exam in which they have three hours to clear three obstacles unknowingly chosen beforehand. 
14 14 "Laugh and Forgive Me!?" ("A Tall Order")
"Waratte Yurushite!?" (笑って許して!?) 
May 9, 1999 December 10, 2005
Naomi Okuyama/Gia is insulted by the SOS Trio for showing her feminine side and refuses to forgive them until they make her laugh. 
15 15 "Majorika Goes to Kindergarten" ("Patina Goes to Kindergarten")
"Majorika Yōchien ni Iku" (マジョリカ幼稚園に行く) 
May 16, 1999 February 4, 2006
Majorika gets purchased by Pop. Pop treats Majorika like a plush toy and she takes her to school one day. 
16 16 "Fishing for Love" ("Gone Fishin'")
"Koi wo Tsuriageyou" (恋を釣り上げよう) 
May 23, 1999 February 4, 2006
Doremi's father takes her and her friends on a fishing trip with a young boy who shares his passion. 
17 17 "Yada is a Delinquent!?" ("Sketches of Pain")
"Yada-kun wa Furyō Shōgakusei?" (矢田くんは不良小学生!?) 
May 30, 1999 February 11, 2006
Masaru Yada/Justin gets arrested, and no one else besides Hazuki and Miss Seki believes that he did nothing wrong. With Miss Seki's job on the line, Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko use their magic to find out if the rumors behind Yada are true. 
18 18 "Don't Use That! The Forbidden Magic" ("The Flora Test")
"Tsukuccha Dame! Kinjirareta Mahō" (使っちゃダメ! 禁じられた魔法) 
June 6, 1999 February 11, 2006
After a fluke grants them immediate success on the Level 7 Exam, the girls find out that Nanako Okada/Autumn refuses to take care of the school's rabbits and use their new powers to find out why. They learn that Nanako once lost her puppy and is afraid to have another pet because she thinks the same thing might happen. 
19 19 "Hazuki is Kidnapped!" ("Uncle Mick and his Sidekick")
"Hazuki-chan Yūkai Sareru!" (はづきちゃん誘拐される!) 
June 13, 1999 February 18, 2006

On the last day without magic for breaking the laws of the Witch World, Hazuki is kidnapped by two conmen and only Doremi and Aiko can rescue her.

Note: For the 4kids dub, the plot was altered so that Reanne spends the day with her uncle and his friend, and Dorie and Mirabelle mistaken that she has been kidnapped. 
20 20 "The Rival Makes Her Appearance! The House of Magic is in a Pinch!!" ("Get on the Bus")
"Raibaru Tōjō! Mahōdō Dai Pīnchi!!" (ライバル登場! MAHO堂大ピ〜ンチ!!) 
June 20, 1999 February 18, 2006
Majorika loses her shop to Dela in a card game, and her arch-rival Majoruka/Patunia takes over. 
21 21 "Majo Ruka's Goods are Filled with Danger" ("The Mystery Wind")
"Majoruka Guzzu wa Kiken ga Ippai" (マジョルカグッズは危険がいっぱい) 
June 27, 1999 February 25, 2006
After noticing that the people around them are becoming ill due to Majoruka's charms, Aiko, Doremi, and Hazuki use their magic to break the spell. 
22 22 "The Road to the Level 6 Witch is Long!?" ("We Need a Wandawhirl")
"Roku-kyū Majo he no Michi wa Tōi!?" (6級魔女への道は遠い!?) 
July 4, 1999 February 25, 2006
With the shop under enemy control, the girls must find a way to get in to take their Level 6 Exam and earn their Kururu Porons/Wandawhirls. 
23 23 "Big Turnaround!? Ojamajo's Training" ("Mirabelle's Blues")
"Daigyakuten!? Ojamajo no Shiren" (大逆転!? おジャ魔女の試練) 
July 11, 1999 March 4, 2006
After her father gives Aiko a new harmonica and decides to throw away the old, cherished one, she runs off to Hazuki's house. There, they find an extra magic bead, which they use to gain entrance to their exam. 
24 24 "Majoruka Versus Level 6 Ojamajos!" ("Down in the Dumps")
"Majoruka Tai Roku-kyū Ojamajo!" (マジョルカ対6級おジャ魔女!) 
July 18, 1999 March 4, 2006
The girls get a hold of Majoruka's crystal ball and are challenged to a magical duel for control of the shop. 
25 25 "Ojamajo Pop's Arrival!?" ("The New Witch on the Block")
"Ojamajo Poppu Tōjō!?" (おジャ魔女ぽっぷ登場!?) 
July 25, 1999 March 11, 2006
Pop is appointed as a witch apprentice after witnessing her sister and friends perform magic. She uses magic to create ghosts at her kindergarten sleepover, and Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko help clean up her mess. 
26 26 "We are the, Pureleine!" ("That Darn Evil Cat")
"Watashi-tachi, Pyuarēnu!" (わたしたち、ピュアレーヌ!) 
August 1, 1999 March 11, 2006
When returning the injured Kanae Ida/Haley to her father's steak shop, Doremi and the others discover the pall of bad luck covering the place and set out to uncover the mystery. They are appointed as Pureleine by the Queen to capture Bad Cards, as they have hearts pure enough to be able to do so. 
27 28 "Oyajide Arrives!?" ("You Ought Not to Be in Pictures")
"Oyajīde ga Yattekita!?" (オヤジーデがやってきた!?) 
August 8, 1999 November 20, 2007
The girls receive the Purelein Personal Computer from the Queen to capture the Bad Cards that exist in the Human World. Upon start-up, they are introduced to Oyajide/Feradasio, the captive wizard who let loose the cards. 
28 29 "Love is a Windy Ride Over a Plateau" ("Love Serving Love")
"Koi wa Kōgen no Kaze ni Notte" (恋は高原の風に乗って) 
August 15, 1999 November 27, 2007
Doremi comes across a cute tennis player named Yutaka Kashiwag at Hazuki's summer house and falls head over heels for him, but her snobby classmate Reika Tamaki/Josie also has an eye on him. 
29 27 "The Tap Disappeared at the Festival!" ("To Catch A Thief")
"Natsu Matsuri ni Tappu ga Kieta!" (夏祭りにタップが消えた!) 
August 22, 1999 November 13, 2007
Doremi accidentally loses her tap at the Summer Festival. 
30 "I Want to Meet the Ghost!"
"Yūrei ni Aitai!" (ユウレイに会いたい!) 
August 29, 1999
Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, and their classmates head to Nobuaki Yamauchi's temple to share ghost stories and test their courage. 
31 30 "Presents from Mongolia" ("Careful What You Witch For")
"Monguru Kara no Okurimono" (モンゴルからのおくりもの) 
September 5, 1999 December 11, 2007
Upon returning to school from summer vacation, the girls become interested in their classmate Shino Hanada's trip to Mongolia. At the same time, they are due to take the Level 5 Exam. 
32 31 "Defeat Tamaki! The Class President Election" ("Scooter For President")
"Datō Tamaki! Gakkyūīn Senkyō" (打倒玉木! 学級委員選挙) 
September 12, 1999 December 18, 2007
Masaharu Miyamoto/Scooter, with the support of Doremi and her friends, challenges Tamaki's bid for class president. 
33 32 "Much Panic at the Athletic Meet!" ("Born to Run")
"Undōkai wa Panikku ga Ippai!" (運動会はパニックがいっぱい!) 
September 19, 1999 December 21, 2007
It's the day of the school's Sports Festival, but trouble begins to plague the events. 
34 33 "I Want to See My Mother!" ("Mo' Mirabelle's Blues")
"Okā-chan ni Aitai!" (お母ちゃんに逢いたい!) 
September 26, 1999 January 2, 2008
Aiko's mother comes to visit, but she is unable to face her daughter. Upon finding out, Aiko heads to her mother's house in Hannan City/Dover City to meet her. 
35 34 "The Transfer Student is a Witch Apprentice!?" ("The Lyin' Witch and her Wardrobe")
"Tenkōsei wa Majo Minarai!?" (転校生は魔女見習い!?) 
October 3, 1999 January 8, 2008
The famous pop star and child actress Onpu Segawa/Ellie Craft becomes the new student in class. After a local audition, the girls find out that she is a witch apprentice under Majoruka. 
36 35 "The Level 4 Exam is Do-do-do-do-do!" ("Obstacle Schmob-stacle")
"Yon-kyū Shiken wa Do-do-do-do-dō!" (四級試験はドドドドドー!) 
October 10, 1999 January 15, 2008
For the Level 4 Exam, the witch apprentices must race the Witch World's fastest hare and tortoise through an obstacle course. 
37 36 "So Many Magical Frogs!" ("The Lost Greenlings")
"Majo Gaeru ga Ippai!" (魔女ガエルがいっぱい!) 
October 17, 1999 January 22, 2008
An intense storm in the Witch World blows a group of magic frogs into the Human World, and the girls must return them before anyone finds out. 
38 37 "Ryota and the Monster of the Night" ("Of Monsters and Witchlings")
"Ryōta to Mayonaka no Kaijū" (りょうたと真夜中のかいじゅう) 
October 24, 1999 May 2, 2008
Ryota Hayashi/Peter is obsessed with monsters, specifically Gazamadon, and everyone scolds him for it. He becomes so upset, he puts all his monster goods away. 
39 38 "Doremi's Boyfriend is a Middle School Student!" ("Skater Love")
"Doremi no Kare wa Chūgakusei!" (どれみの彼は中学生!) 
October 31, 1999 February 5, 2008
When Maki Higuchi's brother in middle school, Shuzou Higuchi, sees Onpu in her witch apprentice outfit, she uses her magic to make him fall in love with someone else, which turns out to be Doremi. 
40 39 "Doremi Wins Easily? The Level 3 Exam" ("The 3-Door Test")
"Doremi Rakushō? San-kyū Shiken" (どれみ楽勝? 3級試験) 
November 14, 1999 February 12, 2008
The girls go to take the Level 3 Exam, hoping to pass so they can be granted each a seedling that eventually sprouts into a tree and yields an endless supply of magic spheres. Surprisingly, the exam is one they will have to take separately. They each must pass through a door into their own world to encounter a series of events that will test their own individual strengths and are only allowed to use magic twice. The girls also must also complete the exam in one hour or else they will fail. 
41 40 "Father and Son: The Move Towards Victory!" ("There's no Business like Shogi Business")
"Chichi to Ko: Shōri no Itte!" (父と子·勝利への一手!) 
November 21, 1999 February 19, 2008
Shota Taniyama loves the game shogi and is able to defeat the vice-principal, but his parents are against his desire to play. With the help of Miss Seki, they allow him to play in an upcoming tournament. Taniyama makes it to the final round but becomes nervous whenever he touches a certain piece. Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko use this clue to identify the presence of a Bad Card. 
42 41 "The Ojamajo's Fight for Justice!?" ("Morph than a Feeling")
"Ojamajo Seigi no Tatakai!?" (おジャ魔女·正義の戦い!?) 
November 28, 1999 February 26, 2008
Kota Amano, a boy obsessed with hero shows, is challenged to a fight by an upperclassman, who mistakenly believes he is dating Onpu. 
43 42 "Tearful Memories of Papa and the Fireworks" ("Parental Guidance")
"Papa to Hanabi to Namida no Omoide" (パパと花火と涙の思い出) 
December 5, 1999 March 4, 2008
Tamaki decides to run away after thinking her father doesn't care because he never punishes her. She is accompanied by Shiori Nakayama/Susie, who has been out of school due to illness and also has problems with her father. 
44 43 "I Want to Be a Female Pro Wrestler!" ("Candi is Dandy")
"Joshi Puro Resurā ni Naritai!" (女子プロレスラーになりたい!) 
December 12, 1999 March 11, 2008
Mutsumi Kudo, the strongest fighter in class, looks up to professional wrestler Candy Itō, but becomes disappointed when she announces a possible retirement. 
45 44 "Help Santa!" ("Saving Santa")
"Santa-san wo Sukue!" (サンタさんを救え!) 
December 19, 1999 March 18, 2008
An ailing Santa Claus enlists the help of Doremi and the girls to deliver presents. 
46 45 "The Witches' Talent Show" ("Just Like Magic")
"Majo no Kakushi Geidaikai!" (魔女のかくし芸大会!) 
December 26, 1999 March 25, 2008
The girls help Michiaki Watabe with his magic show when his father is unable to. For the Level 2 Exam, Doremi and friends are given the task of entertaining a group of witches at a talent show. 
47 46 "Father's Arranged Marriage Meeting" ("The Date Crasher")
"Otō-chan no Omiai" (お父ちゃんのお見合い) 
January 2, 2000 April 2, 2008
Aiko's father's boss arranges a meeting with his daughter Midori for a possible marriage, but Aiko is not ready for another mother. 
48 47 "Onpu's E-Mail was a Love Letter?" ("Geek Love")
"Onpu no Mēru wa Rabu Retā?" (おんぷのメールはラブレター?) 
January 9, 2000 April 8, 2008
Goji Nakata becomes one of the many victims of a prank e-mail sent by Hehe/Felina asking for a date with Onpu. 
49 48 "I Want to Meet Papa! The Dream Placed on the Overnight Express" ("Train a Comin'")
"Papa ni Aeru! Yume wo Noseta Shindai Tokkyū" (パパに会える! 夢を乗せた寝台特急) 
January 16, 2000 April 15, 2008
Onpu's father, whom Onpu hasn't seen in six months, is conducting a new express train. So, she tries to get through her audition to meet him before he leaves again. 
50 49 "The Last Witch Apprentice Exam" ("The Final Test")
"Saigo no Minarai Majo Shiken" (最後の見習い魔女試験) 
January 23, 2000 April 22, 2008
The Level 1 Exam gives the girls the task of using magic to help someone and receiving thanks. However, things take a turn for the worse when their secret is discovered and spread around town. 
51 50 "Farewell House of Magic" ("The Hardest Test of All")
"Sayōnara Mahōdō" (さようならMAHO堂) 
January 30, 2000 April 29, 2008
Onpu uses her magic to make everyone forget about what they discovered but is punished into a hundred-year sleep because of it. Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko must decide if they will give up being witches to save their friend. Series Finale 

Series 2: Ojamajo Doremi Sharp #[edit]

# Title Original air date
1 (52) "Doremi Becomes a Mom!?"
"Doremi Haha ni Naru!?" (どれみママになる!?) 
February 6, 2000
When Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, and Onpu travel to the Witch World to visit Majo Rika, they inadvertently walk into the Queen's garden and encounter a baby born from a special rose. They are given their powers back and are asked to take care of the newborn for a year. 
2 (53) "Raising a Baby is a Lot of Trouble!"
"Akachan Sodate wa mō Taihen!" (赤ちゃん育ては、もうたいへん!) 
February 13, 2000
At the new Flower Garden MAHO Dou, the girls begin their motherly duties of taking care of Hana, while many friends, magical and not, come by to assist them. 
3 (54) "Don't Fall Asleep! Pop's Witch Apprentice Exam"
"Nemuccha Dame! Poppu no Minarai Shiken" (眠っちゃダメ!ぽっぷの見習い試験) 
February 20, 2000
With the announcement of a Level 9 Exam for new witch apprentices, Pop decides to take care of Hana for the night to prepare herself. 
4 (55) "Doremi Fails as a Mom!?"
"Doremi wa Haha Shikkaku!?" (どれみはママ失格!?) 
February 27, 2000
Although Doremi uses her magic to get two quarreling friends to make up, her deed causes Hana to become ill. 
5 (56) "So Long, Oyajide"
"Sayonara Oyajīde" (さよならオヤジーデ) 
March 5, 2000
When the girls see the iconic ivy of Miss Seki's old high school wilting, they do all they can to fix it in time for the graduation ceremony. 
6 (57) "Stubbornness and the Daisy in Flower Language"
"Ijippari to Deijī no Hanakotoba" (意地っぱりとデイジーの花ことば) 
March 12, 2000
Takao Kimura won't admit his crush on Marina Koizumi in front of the SOS Trio, and his stubborn action causes a rift to form between them. 
7 (58) "Hana's Health Examination"
"Hana-chan no Kenkōshinda" (ハナちゃんの健康診断) 
March 19, 2000
Just like their witch apprentice exams from before, Hana must undergo monthly health examinations, with the first one coming up very shortly. 
8 (59) "Through Time, in Search of Onpu's Mother's Secret!"
"Jikan wo Koete, Onpu Haha no Himitsu Sagase!" (時間を超えて、おんぷママの秘密を探せ!) 
March 26, 2000
Onpu and her friends use the power of Magical Stage to find out why her mother will not allow her to perform at a venue. 
9 (60) "Search for the Herb! The House of Magic's Bus Trip"
"Hābu wo Sagase! Mahodō Basu no Tabi" (ハーブを探せ!MAHO堂バスの旅) 
April 2, 2000
Majo Rika and the girls go on a trip to find a certain herb that Hana needs to cure her hiccups and come across Majo Rika's mother, Majo Ririka. 
10 (61) "High School Student Aiko is "The Running Girl"!?"
"Kōkōsei Aiko wa "hashiru shōjo"!?" (高校生あいこは「走る少女」!?) 
April 9, 2000
Nobuko has written a new story about Aiko and her friends, and the others take turns inputting their own bit into the story. 
11 (62) "Hazuki Learns How to Dance!?"
"Hazuki-chan Odori wo Narau!?" (はづきちゃん踊りを習う!?) 
April 16, 2000
Reiko Fujiwara wants her daughter to learn traditional Japanese dance, but Hazuki can't say no to her mother's request. 
12 (63) "The Health Examination's Yellow Cards!"
"Kenkōshinda de Ierō Kādo!" (健康診断でイエローカード!) 
April 23, 2000
The day of the second health examination has arrived, and the girls must try their best to complete tasks without accumulating three yellow cards, which will fail them immediately. 
13 (64) "Doremi, Becomes a Bride?"
"Doremi, Oyome-san ni Naru?" (どれみ、お嫁さんになる?) 
April 30, 2000
Sebastian Shinzou Osawa, son of one of the sponsors of Onpu's event, asks Doremi to marry him, to which she obviously accepts. 
14 (65) "Pop's First Love? The Admiration of Mr. Junichi!"
"Poppu no Hatsukoi? Akogare no Junichi-sensei!" (ぽっぷの初恋?あこがれの順一先生!) 
May 7, 2000
Pop grows affection for her new P.E. teacher, Mr. Junichi. 
15 (66) "Mother's Day and Mother's Portrait"
"Haha no Hi to Okā-san no Nigaoe" (母の日とお母さんのにがお絵) 
May 14, 2000
Shiori, who is motherless, and Masaru, who doesn't care much for his, decide to skip school after being asked to draw them as an art project. 
16 (67) "First Time Crawling!? Big Panic, at the Harukaze's!"
"Hajimete no Haihai!? Harukaze-ka, Dai Panikku!" (はじめてのハイハイ!?春風家、大パニック!) 
May 21, 2000
Doremi and Pop take Hana home to give Majo Rika and Lala a break, but the baby's newly discovered crawling ability makes things very difficult. 
17 (68) "Hana's Crawling Exam"
"Hana-chan no Haihai Kenshin" (ハナちゃんのハイハイ健診) 
May 24, 2000
Conveniently enough, the third health examination challenges the baby's ability to crawl. 
18 (69) "Dodo Runs Away!"
"Dodo ga Iede Shichatta!" (ドドが家出しちゃった!) 
June 4, 2000
Dodo rebels and once again flies away when Doremi works her too hard. 
19 (70) "Doremi and Hazuki's Big Fight"
"Doremi to Hazuki no Ōgenka" (どれみとはづきの大げんか) 
June 11, 2000
Doremi and Hazuki argue about how to properly take care of Hana, but any attempt of getting the two to make up only makes things worse. 
20 (71) "I Can Meet Mom! Aiko's Tearful Reunion"
"Okā-chan ni Aeru! Aiko Namida no Saikai" (お母ちゃんに会える! あいこ涙の再会) 
June 25, 2000
Aiko's mother invites her daughter to stay with her for the night, where she learns more about what led to the divorce. 
21 (72) "Misanthropist Majodon and the Promise of the Herb"
"Ningen-girai no Majodon to Yakusoku no Hābu" (人間嫌いのマジョドンとやくそくのハーブ) 
July 2, 2000
After easily passing the fourth health examination, Majo Heart asks the girls to retrieve lavender from the human-hating CFO of the Witch World, Majo Don. 
22 (73) "The Wizard's Trap - Oyajide Returns"
"Mahōtsukai no Wana - Kaettekita Oyajīde" (魔法使いのワナ 帰ってきたオヤジーデ!) 
July 9, 2000
With the passage between the Witch and Wizard Worlds now opened, Oyajide is tasked with capturing Hana. 
23 (74) "Using New Powers to Rescue Hana!"
"Arata na Ryoku de Hana-chan wo Torimodose!" (新たな力でハナちゃんをとりもどせ!) 
July 17, 2000
After failing to get Hana from the clutches of Oyajide, the Queen grants them access to more powerful magic to be used when the baby is in danger. 
24 (75) "Fried Bread Power is Scary!"
"Agepan Power Osorubeshi!" (あげパンパワーおそるべし!) 
July 24, 2000
Kotake and Kimura want to enter a sumo tournament to win a video game and get the fried bread-loving Susumu Yanagita to join them. 
25 (76) "The Mysterious Pretty Boy · Akatsuki-kun Appears!"
"Nazo no Bishōnen · Akatsuki-kun Toujou!" (謎の美少年·暁くん登場!) 
July 30, 2000
A young wizard named Akatsuki is sent out to aid Oyajide's kidnapping efforts and decides to use Doremi to get to Hana. 
26 (77) "Kanae's Diet Plan"
"Kanae-chan no Diet Sakusen" (かなえちゃんのダイエット作戦) 
August 6, 2000
Since her swimsuit from last year no longer fits, Kanae Lida decides to go on a diet and asks Doremi for help. Coincidentally, the next Health Examination for Hana checks the baby's appetite. 
27 (78) "The Northern Country Herb and the Important Memory"
"Kitaguni no Herb to Taisetsu na Omoide" (北国のハーブと大切な思い出) 
August 13, 2000
Majo Ririka comes for a visit, and everyone goes to Hokkaido to find magic marigolds to cure Hana's rash. While there, they come across Doremi's father fishing with an unknown woman. 
28 (79) "The Targeted Physical Examination"
"Nerawareta Kenkoushindan" (ねらわれた健康診断) 
August 20, 2000
Oyajide sneaks into the next health examination to once again capture the infant. 
29 (80) "Everyone Disappears During the Test of Courage!?"
"Kimodameshi de Minna ga Keitai!?" (きもだめしでみんなが消えた!?) 
August 27, 2000
Once again the class, this time with Tamaki, make a trip to Yamauchi's temple to test their courage. 
30 (81) "Miss Seki's Got A Boyfriend!?"
"Seki-sensei ni Koibito ga Dekita!?" (関先生に恋人ができた!?) 
September 3, 2000
Miss Seki has gotten a boyfriend over the summer, so Doremi and the others try to find out just how great a person he is. 
31 (82) "The FLAT 4 Arrive From The Wizard World!"
"Mahoutsukai no Kuni kara FLAT 4 Sanjou!" (魔法使いの国からFLAT4参上!) 
September 10, 2000
Fujio, Leon, and Tooru, three more young wizards, join Akatsuki (together known as the FLAT 4) and Oyajide in their question to retrieve the magic baby, while the girls prepare for the seventh health examination. 
32 (83) "Fly Away! Dodo and the Others' Big Transformation"
"Tondekepyuu! Dodo-tachi no Dai Henshin" (とんでけピュー!ドドたちの大変身) 
September 17, 2000
While Dodo and the other fairies become trapped and transform in the new laptop given to the girls by the Queen, the FLAT 4 successfully kidnap Hana and put the blame on the unknowing Oyajide. 
33 (84) "Say Cheese on the Class Trip!"
"Ensoku wa Minna de Hai Chitsu" (遠足はみんなでハイチーズ!) 
October 1, 2000
On a school trip, Kaori takes charge of taking pictures, but she goes overboard and produces some embarrassing photos of everyone. 
34 (85) "Takoyaki is the Taste of Making Up"
"Takoyaki wa Nakanaori no Aji" (たこ焼きは仲なおりの味) 
October 8, 2000
Aiko and Onpu argue with each other after Aiko misunderstands the importance of the idol's feelings. 
35 (86) "Aim for the Top in the Sports Festival!"
"Undoukai de Teppen wo Mezase!" (運動会でてっぺんをめざせ!) 
October 15, 2000
The kindergarteners are preparing for the athletic track meet. During practice, it's revealed that Kimitaka has a few cooperation and balance problems. 
36 (87) "Aiko's Rival! Sports Showdown!"
"Aiko ga Rival! Sports Shoubu!!" (あいこがライバル!スポーツ勝負!!) 
October 22, 2000
The athletic Leon of the FLAT 4 challenges Aiko to all sorts of sports, while Hana wanders off chasing a dragonfly. 
37 (88) "Hana and Pop Both Take Exams!"
"Hana-chan mo Poppu mo Shiken Naka!" (ハナちゃんもぽっぷも試験中!) 
October 29, 2000
Hana's next health examination and Pop's Level 4 apprentice test occur at the same time. Hana's actions begin to affect Pop's test. 
38 (89) "Hazuki is a Great Director!"
"Hazuki-chan wa Meikantoku!" (はづきちゃんは名監督!) 
November 12, 2000
Hazuki is chosen to direct the class play for the talent show, but encounters difficulties when she is unable to make her own decisions. 
39 (90) "A Selfish Child and The Angry Monster"
"Waga Mamaako to Okotta Kaishuu" (わがままっ子と怒ったかいじゅう) 
November 19, 2000
After Hana passes another health examination, Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko go to see Onpu's filming in Kyoto. The kid who plays Onpu's brother, Chikara, gets jealous of Onpu spending more time with Doremi and the others. 
40 (91) "The Piano Comes to the Harukaze House!"
"Harukaze Ke ni Piano ga Yattekuru!" (春風家にピアノがやってくる!) 
November 26, 2000
After the events of the Sharp movie, Pop asks her mother to teach her how to play the piano. 
41 (92) "Onpu is Overtaken! The Road to Becoming an Idol!"
"Onpu ni Oitsuke! Idol He no Michi!" (おんぷに追いつけ!アイドルへの道!) 
December 3, 2000
Tooru tries to become an idol like Onpu, but fails in every way. Oyajide attempts another kidnapping. 
42 (93) "The Witch Who Does Not Cast Magic"
"Mahou wo Tsukawanai Majo" (魔法をつかわない魔女) 
December 10, 2000
Majo Heart is revealed to have an adopted daughter, Majo Ran. Majo Ran refuses to use magic, and is trying to get to the Queen's castle. 
43 (94) "Hana is Our Classmate!?"
"Hana-chan wa Classmate!?" (ハナちゃんはクラスメイト!?) 
December 17, 2000
Because Majo Rika and Lala are ill, the girls take Hana to school. 
44 (95) "White Christmas of Happiness"
"Shiawase no White Christmas" (幸せのホワイト·クリスマス) 
December 24, 2000
The girls get to spend time with their families on Christmas Eve. Although there are happy times, there are sad times as well. 
45 (96) "Ojamajo Era Drama: The Girl Harboring Ambition!"
"Ojamajo Jidaigeki · Shōjo yo Taishi wo Idake!" (おジャ魔女時代劇·少女よ大志をいだけ!) 
December 31, 2000
The girls go into a Storybook world, with the characters portrayed by notable people during the season. 
46 (97) "The Final Physical Examination; Hana's Mom Will Protect Her!"
"Saigo no Kenkoushindan · Hana-chan wa Haha ga Mamoru!" (最後の健診·ハナちゃんはママが守る!) 
January 7, 2001
During the final Health Exam, the girls are taken away by the FLAT 4. Their thoughts are clouded, yet they carry out their duty of kidnapping Hana. Can Doremi get through to them? 
47 (98) "Give Back Hana! The Great Magic Battle"
"Hana-chan wo Kaeshite! Mahou Dai Kessen" (ハナちゃんを返して!魔法大決戦) 
January 14, 2001
It's the girls against Oyajide and Ojijide as they race against the clock for the fate of the Witch and Wizard worlds and Hana. 
48 (99) "Hana's Dying!?"
"Hana-chan ga Shinjau!?" (ハナちゃんが死んじゃう!?) 
January 21, 2001
Picking up from the last episode, the past Queen of the Witch World curses Hana, making her very ill. There is only one thing that can cure her, the Love Supreme flower in a cursed forest, but if she isn't cured, Hana will die. 
49 (100) "Good Bye, Hana"
"Sayonara Hana-chan" (さよならハナちゃん) 
January 28, 2001
The four witch apprentices go into the forest and retrieve the Love Supreme flower, however the previous queen tries to stop them. Doremi finally gets the flower and Hana is saved, but they fall asleep for 1000 years. Hana calls out to them, which awakens her mothers. When they saved Hana, their crystals break. They can't see Hana again because of this, and they part ways. 

Series 3: Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi[edit]

Main episodes[edit]

# Title Original air date
1 (101) "Doremi's Stormy New School Year"
"Doremi, Arashi no Shingakki!" (どれみ、嵐の新学期!) 
February 4, 2001
Doremi and the girls are given a second chance to take care of Hana by going through a series of cooking tests conducted by the Witch Senate. A Japanese-American girl named Momoko arrives to help. 
2 (102) "Momoko Cries!? Secret of the Earring"
"Momoko ga Naita!? Pierce no Himitsu" (ももこが泣いた!?ピアスの秘密) 
February 11, 2001
At school, Momoko refuses to let the school confiscate her earring. Momoko tells the story of her past in America, and how meeting Majo Monroe helped her make friends. 
3 (103) "I Hate You! But I Would Like to Become Friends"
"Dai Kirai! Demo Tomodachi ni Naritai!" (大キライ!でも友だちになりたい!) 
February 18, 2001
While Momoko is annoyed with Reika, her attitude offends Hazuki and Onpu. Aiko advises Momoko to be more aware of other people's feelings. 
4 (104) "Welcome to the Sweet House!"
"Youkoso, Sweet House He!" (ようこそ、スウィートハウスへ!) 
February 25, 2001
Miss Seki wants to go on a diet. 
5 (105) "The SOS Trio Break Up!?"
"SOS Trio ga Kaisan!?" (SOSトリオが解散!?) 
March 4, 2001
Sagawa and Oota have found Satou as a replacement for Sugiyama in the New SOS Trio. However, Sugiyama teams up with Ogura to form a comedy duo named Toyoken. 
6 (106) "Challenge! The First Patissier Exam"
"Chousen! Hajimete no Patissier Exam" (挑戦!初めてのパティシエ服) 
March 11, 2001
The girls go through the first Patissier Exam. Majo Miller wants the girls to recreate scones that a bakery in London made from long ago. 
7 (107) "Welcome Home! Hana"
"Okaeri! Hana-chan" (おかえり!ハナちゃん) 
March 18, 2001
Things get hectic when Oyajide takes Hana out of the Witch World. Momoko spends some time with Hana and they get to know each other. 
8 (108) "What Is A Close Friend?"
"Shinyutte, Nani?" (親友って、なーに?) 
March 25, 2001
Nobuko gets a new friend, an artist named Miho Maruyama. 
9 (109) "Hazuki and Masaru's Treasure"
"Hazuki to Masaru no Takaramono" (はづきとまさるのたからもの) 
April 1, 2001
Yada is angry that Hazuki let Momoko keep a whistle that was a childhood treasure between them. Momoko is determined to patch things up. 
10 (110) "We Don't Want to Become Adults!"
"Otona ni Nante Naritakunai!" (おとなになんてなりたくない!) 
April 8, 2001
The fact that students are pointing out Naomi's breasts are embarrassing her, causing her to be self-conscious about her body. 
11 (111) "The Teacher Doesn't Stop!!"
"Sensei ga Tomaranai!" (先生が止まらない!!) 
April 15, 2001
Miss Nishizawa is determined to become a better teacher and learn more control over the class. 
12 (112) "Kotake vs. Demon Coach Igarashi"
"Kotake VS Onii Coach Igarashi" (小竹VS鬼コーチ五十嵐) 
April 22, 2001
Igarashi is made the coach of the soccer team, and Kotake is not appointed as a regular while Itou is. Kotake is angry at both Igarashi and Itou. 
13 (113) "The Dream Boat That You Want!"
"Yume no Fune ni Noritai!" (夢の船にのりたい!) 
April 29, 2001
The girls and Hana go to Yokohama
14 (114) "A Messed Up Happy Birthday"
"Harann no Happy Birthday" (波乱のハッピーバースデー) 
May 6, 2001
Reika is accidentally invited to Momoko's party and unintentionally offends her. 
15 (115) "Do I Love My Pretty Mother? Hate?"
"Kirei na Okaasan wa Suki? Kirai?" (きれいなお母さんはスキ?キライ?) 
May 13, 2001
Hasebe hates his mother's job and wants her to quit. 
16 (116) "Tasty, But It's No Good!?"
"Oishii Dakeja, Dame!?" (おいしいだけじゃ、ダメ!?) 
May 20, 2001
It's time for the next Patissier exam. Majo Sareba wants to study the witch apprentices' environment and find a sweet that appeals for both looks and taste. 
17 (117) "Rival Connection! Harukaze and Tamaki"
"Innen no Rival! Harukaze to Tamaki" (因縁のライバル!!春風と玉木) 
May 27, 2001
Pop, Doremi's sister, and Erika, Reika Tamaki's sister, go at one another at what they do best. 
18 (118) "Glued To!! A Child Idol's Day"
"Micchaku! Chaidoru no Ichijutsu" (密着!!チャイドルの一日) 
June 3, 2001
Onpu teaches Momoko Japanese while bringing her to the television station, but she is a little worried about singing in English in her new single. 
19 (119) "A Temporary Quarrel Between Parent and Child"
"Kenka Bakkari Nitamono Oyako" (ケンカばっかり似たもの親子) 
June 10, 2001
20 (120) "Welcome the New Classmate"
"Hajimete Au Classmate" (はじめて会うクラスメイト) 
June 24, 2001
A new classmate comes into Doremi's school. Due to some accidents, she begins to hate school... 
21 (121) "Out Of Magic Powder!!"
"Mahou no Moto ga Naku Nachau!!" (まほうのもとがなくなっちゃう!!) 
July 1, 2001
The girls are out of magic powder and need to get more in the Witch World. Things get complicated along the way. 
22 (122) "Pop is a Big Sister??"
"Poppu ga Oneechan??" (ぽっぷがお姉ちゃん??) 
July 8, 2001
A young child, younger than Pop, is lost. When the girl follows Pop, she declares her to be a big sister. 
23 (123) "Nagisa's Clam"
"Nagisa no Hamaguri" (なぎさのハマグリ) 
July 15, 2001
The girls are at the third exam, which they must make sweet that match Majoprima demand. Use oven, on season, not too sweet and even person who has no appetite want it!! 
24 (124) "A Rock 'N' Roll Music Club!?"
"Ongaku Club de Rock 'N' Roll!?" (音楽クラブでロックンロール!?) 
July 22, 2001
Hagiwara joins the Music Club but is unable to play guitar despite his father having been the lead singer of a now disbanded group. 
25 (125) "A Lonely Summer Vacation"
"Hitoribocchi no Natsuyasumi" (ひとりぼっちの夏休み) 
July 29, 2001
What starts out as an accident turns out to be Doremi's worst day ever—until she finds a surprise waiting for her at the MAHO Dou. 
26 (126) "Let Fly Your Feelings! To Osaka, Aiko"
"Omoi yo Todoke! Aiko Osaka He" (想いよとどけ!あいこ大阪へ) 
August 5, 2001
27 (127) "Going Through a Nasty Exam!"
"Ijiwaru shiken wo Kiri Nukeru!" (いじわる試験を切りぬけろ!) 
August 12, 2001
Pop goes through her Level 3 Witch Apprentice Exam. 
28 (128) "Witch Kindergarten, In the Nick of Time!"
"Majo Youchien, Kikiippatsu!" (魔女幼稚園、危機いっぱつ!) 
August 19, 2001
A day in the Witch World's kindergarten is chronicled. 
29 (129) "Terror! The Curse of the Water Well Ghost"
"Kyoufu! Ido Yuurei no Noroi" (恐怖!井戸ユウレイの呪い) 
August 26, 2001
The girls and Momoko go through a Courage Test. 
30 (130) "Please Give Us the Illusionary Recipe!"
"Maboroshi no Recipe wo Kudasai!" (まぼろしのレシピをください!) 
September 2, 2001
The girls are trying to get a recipe book from Majo Roxan, the previous queen's favorite cook, but the girls must defeat her best student, Majo Para, as the next Patissier Exam. 
31 (131) "I'll Do It! Vegetable Distaste"
"Naoshite Misemasu! Yasai Girai" (なおしてみせます!野菜ギライ) 
September 9, 2001
Complications arise when Hana is losing her power and dislikes vegetables. The girls get a recipe book to look for exotic vegetable sweet recipes for Hana. 
32 (132) "Momoko's Mother Training"
"Momoko no Haha Shuugyou" (ももこのママ修行) 
September 16, 2001
Momoko learns what being a mother is when it's her turn to raise Hana. 
33 (133) "Unrivaled!? Ojamajo's Assistance In Battle"
"Tenka Muteki!? Ojamajo na Sukedachi" (天下無敵!?おジャ魔女な助太刀) 
September 23, 2001
A dojo is in danger of closing out, and Momoko joins up, expressing an interest in Samurai. 
34 (134) "Resurrection! The Legendary Sweet"
"Yomigaere! Densetsu no Okashi" (よみがえれ!伝説のお菓子) 
September 30, 2001
35 (135) "Tamaki, Taking On The Rule!?"
"Tamaki, Tenka wo Toru!?" (玉木、天下をとる!?) 
October 7, 2001
Misora Elementary is choosing a class president. Reika becomes a candidate. 
36 (136) "Hazuki's Delicious Idea"
"Hazuki no Oishii Idea" (はづきのおいしいアイデア) 
October 14, 2001
Hana won't eat a certain vegetable sweet recipe. Hazuki remembers her youth in order to get her to try it. In a side story that ties to the main one, one of the students in Pop's class, Sayako, is going through the same problem prior to a luncheon in the school. 
37 (137) "Big Rebellion of the Fairies!!"
"Yousei Datte Kyuu Mitai!!" (妖精だって休みたい!!) 
October 21, 2001
Tired of being overworked, the fairies start a rebellion against their masters. 
38 (138) "Go To School!"
"Gakkou ni Ikitai!" (学校に行きたい!) 
October 28, 2001
Nagato, who entered Doremi's class as a new student, has become a hikikomori. Doremi and the others try to get her back on her feet and back to school. 
39 (139) "School Arts Festival! Who's the Lead Part?"
"Gakugeikai! Shuyaku wa Daare?" (学芸会!主役はだーれ?) 
November 11, 2001
Pop and Erika are at odds again when they decide which play their class is to perform at the School Arts Festival. Finally deciding with Erika's idea to do Cinderella instead of Puss in Boots, they now compete on whether Kumiko or Erika gets the lead part. Meanwhile, Doremi and the girls run into their own troubles with their performance for the festival when Sawada, the Music Club's president, falls ill. 
40 (140) "Hana, Digging for Potatoes!"
"Hana-chan, Imo wo Horu!" (ハナちゃん、イモを掘る!) 
November 18, 2001
The girls and Hana go to a farm and learn how to cook potatoes from Aiko. They also get an exotic vegetable recipe for Hana to eat. 
41 (141) "Welcome to the Witch-Frogs' Village"
"Majo-gaeru no Mura Okoshi" (魔女ガエルの村おこし) 
November 25, 2001
Majo Reed, caretaker of the Witch-Frog village, is the next witch to run the Patissier Exam. This conflicts with her schedule, and since most of the apprentices are Japanese, she fails the girls immediately. 
42 (142) "Heart-Pounding! The Twins' Mysterious Magic"
"Dokidoki! Futago no Fushigi na Mahou" (ドキドキ!ふたごの不思議なまほう) 
December 2, 2001
Two twin siblings express different interests, but one girl catches a twin's eye. 
43 (143) "The Ojamajo Cross the Sea"
"Ojamajo wa Umi wo Koete" (おジャ魔女は海を越えて) 
December 9, 2001
44 (144) "Ai-chan Isn't Coming Back!?"
"Ai-chan ga Kaecchau!?" (あいちゃんが帰っちゃう!?) 
December 16, 2001
45 (145) "Merry Christmas, Everyone!"
"Minna de! Merry Christmas" (みんなで!メリークリスマス) 
December 23, 2001
Now that Nagato is in school, she needs to get to class. 
46 (146) "The Nonsensical Magical New Year's Party"
"Hachamecha Mahou Bounenkai" (ハチャメチャ魔法忘年会) 
December 30, 2001
47 (147) "Hana's Great Adventure"
"Hana-chan no Dai Bouken" (ハナちゃんの大冒険) 
January 6, 2002
Hana spots a dog and goes off on her own outside the MAHO Dou. 
48 (148) "Zero Clues! The Final Exam"
"Tegakari Zero! Saigo no Shiken" (手がかりゼロ!最後の試験) 
January 13, 2002
The final Patissier Exam, the final chance to prove the girls are worthy of their crystals. The person who runs the test looks familiar to Momoko, but it's not the same person. 
49 (149) "Open Your Eyes! Manipulated Momoko"
"Me wo Samashite! Ayatsurareta Momoko" (目をさまして!あやつられたももこ) 
January 20, 2002
Momoko becomes possessed by the past Queen, leaving her mind stuck in a dream. The other four girls and Hana reach out to her and save her. 
50 (150) "Good Bye, Witch Apprentices"
"Sayonara Majo Minarai" (さよなら魔女見習) 
January 27, 2002
The quintet of Witch apprentices must remind the past Queen of her happy memories in order to get out of the cursed forest. 

Sidestory: Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho[edit]

# Title Original air date
1 "A Screwed Up Bicycle Trip ~The Secret Of The Boys~"
"Haran no Cycling ~Otokonoko no Naisho~" (波乱のサイクリング 〜男の子のないしょ〜) 
June 26, 2004
Kotake and a group of boys decide to bicycle to Mount Fuji. Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko have to convince him otherwise. 
2 "MAHO-DOU in New York ~Momoko's Secret~"
"N.Y. no MAHO-Dou ~Momoko no Naisho~" (N.YのMAHO堂 〜ももこのないしょ〜) 
July 10, 2004
Momoko meets Onpu at New York and tells a story of what happened before she became a witch apprentice. 
3 "The Value of Swimming! ~Aiko's Secret~"
"Oyoide Nanbo! ~Aiko no Naisho~" (泳いでナンボ!〜あいこのないしょ〜) 
July 24, 2004
The swim meet is nearing and Aiko has been chosen as Anchor for her class. There's only one problem, though... 
4 "Non-standard ~Onpu's Secret~"
"NonSutandādo ~Onpu no Naisho~" (ノンスタンダード〜おんぷのないしょ〜) 
August 7, 2004
Onpu cannot decide on a role for a movie and she reflects on what made her become an idol. 
5 "Someone Who Knows the Sorrow ~Pop and Hana's Secret~"
"Namida wo Shiru Hito ~Poppu to Hana no Naisho~" (涙を知るひと〜ぽっぷとハナのないしょ〜) 
August 21, 2004
The trouble with Hana is that she still needs to work on her potty-training. When Pop and Hana switch bodies, that's the main thing on Pop's mind! 
6 "Memories in Confeito ~Baaya's Secret~"
"Konpeitou no Omoide ~Baaya no Naisho~" (金平糖の思い出〜ばあやのないしょ〜) 
November 9, 2004
When Baaya was younger, she fell in love at first sight with two things. The first was ballet, the other a boy. 
7 "I Love Taiyaki! ~Father and Son's Secret~"
"Taiyaki Daisuki! ~Oyako no Naisho~" (タイヤキダイスキ!〜親子のないしょ〜) 
November 18, 2004
The son of a Taiyaki maker is fed up with his father criticizing him, and goes to the Maho-do to start his business. 
8 "Flute File! ~An Honor Student's Secret~"
"Recorder Jiken! ~Yuutousei no Naisho~" (リコーダー事件!〜優等生のないしょ〜) 
October 2, 2004
When a flute is broken by an honor student with a crush, Onpu takes the blame. 
9 "Excellent Baseball Team ~The Witches' Secret~"
"Bacchiguu Yakyuubu ~Majo-tachi no Naisho~" (バッチグー野球部〜魔女たちのないしょ〜) 
October 16, 2004
Momoko, inspired by two baseball lovers, makes a team of her own friends and they compete with their first team...pros! 
10 "Marriage Promise ~Childhood Friend's Secret~"
"Kekkon no Yakusoku ~Osana Najimi no Naisho~" (結婚の約束〜幼なじみのないしょ〜) 
October 30, 2004
Aiko reunites with Anrima, who made a promise to her when she was younger. 
11 "Valentine's Day ~Hazuki's Secret~"
"Valentine Day ~Hazuki no Naisho~" (バレンタインディ〜はづきのないしょ〜) 
November 13, 2004
Every Valentine's Day, Hazuki and Masaru swap gifts. There's a reason why they stopped. 
12 "The Seventh Witch Apprentice ~Non-chan's Secret~"
"Shichi-nin Me no Majo Minarai ~Non-chan no Naisho~" (7人目の魔女見習い〜のんちゃんのないしょ〜) 
November 27, 2004
Doremi meets a girl named Nozomi in the hospital, who is also a fan of witches and believes in magic. She vows to her, despite her cancer, that she would become a Witch Apprentice. 
13 "Dolls Through the Ages ~Doremi's Secret~"
"Toki wo Kakeru Ohina-sama ~Doremi no Naisho~" (時をかけるお雛様〜どれみのないしょ〜) 
December 11, 2004
Doremi meets a mysterious girl named Fami, who shares similar traits with her. Fami is later revealed to be Doremi's future granddaughter. 

Series 4: Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n![edit]

# Title Original air date
1 (151) "Doremi's Surprise! A New Ojamajo"
"Doremi Bikkuri! Atarashi no Ojamajo" (どれみびっくり!新しいおジャ魔女) 
February 3, 2002
Hana accidentally sets free Baba and wants to go to Doremi and her friends' school by transforming herself into an 11-year-old. She surprises Doremi and the girls at school in her new form. 
2 (152) "Hana Becomes a Sixth Grader!"
"Hana-chan Roku Nensei ni Naru!" (ハナちゃん6年生になる!) 
February 10, 2002
Hana begins sixth grade, but cannot read or write. 
3 (153) "Hana Will Not Give Up!"
"Hana-chan ni wa Makerarenai!" (ハナちゃんには負けられない!) 
February 17, 2002
Hana passes the 9th witch exam while Pop is a little jealous at how fast she is progressing. 
4 (154) "The MAHO-Dou Goes Bankrupt!?"
"MAHO-Dou ga Tsuburechau!?" (MAHO堂がつぶれちゃう!?) 
February 24, 2004
The MAHO-Dou is getting less money than normal from the reopening. Hana tries to solve the problem on her own. 
5 (155) "Onpu's Unpainted Face"
"Sugao no Onpu" (素顔のおんぷ) 
March 3, 2002
Onpu, tired from her busy life, is unable to see her father. Hana breaks her promise with her and pretends to be Onpu to go to her fashion shoots. 
6 (156) "The Class Library's Combination is Missing!?"
"Gakkyuu Bunko no Mai Konbi!?" (学級文庫の迷コンビ!?) 
March 10, 2002
Hana meets a girl who is fond of books, so Hana uses magic to send them both inside the story. 
7 (157) "Open! Door of the Heart"
"Hiraite! Kokoro no Tobira" (開いて!心のとびら) 
March 17, 2002
One of Majo Tourbillon's children loved seashells. To remove a cursed bramble from her, they make a seashell necklace and open the door to her heart. 
8 (158) "Found Out!? Hana's Secret"
"Barechatta!? Hana-chan no Himitsu" (ばれちゃった!?ハナちゃんのひみつ) 
March 24, 2002
Nobuko and Miho create a manga called "Hana's Secret", which is about Hana being a witch. 
9 (159) "Hazuki's Shining Star"
"Hazuki no Kirakira Boshi" (はづきのキラキラ星) 
March 31, 2002
Hazuki feels that she and Yada are becoming more distant as he becomes closer to Shiori. 
10 (160) "Field Trip!! Being a Leader is Hard"
"Shuugakuryokou!! Hanchou ha Tsuraiyo" (修学旅行!!班長はツラいよ) 
April 7, 2002
For the upcoming study trip to Nara and Kyoto, Hana volunteers to become the leader for her group. However, she has yet to learn what the responsibility of being leader means. 
11 (161) "Nara! A Fated Meeting"
"Nara! Unmei no Saikai" (奈良!運命の再会) 
April 14, 2002
On the class study trip to Nara, Doremi and the girls meet up with the FLAT4 again. 
12 (162) "Kyoto! Never-Ending Night"
"Kyoto! Owariwareranai Yoru" (京都!終わらない夜) 
April 21, 2002
As the class settles in Kyoto, Kotake tries to protect Doremi from Akatsuki and Hana is turned back into a baby so the girls must hide her for the night. 
13 (163) "Mutsumi's Retirement Announcement!"
"Mutsumi no Intai Sengen!" (むつみの引退宣言!) 
April 28, 2002
Mutsumi wants to retire pro-wrestling after seeing her wrestling idol, Candy, retire. 
14 (164) "Unpreparedness is the Greatest Enemy! Level 7 Exam"
"Yudantaiteki! Nana Kyuu Shiken" (油断大敵!7級試験) 
May 5, 2002
Hana goes through her level 7 witch exam. 
15 (165) "Mother's Obstinacy"
"Okaasan no Wakarazuya" (お母さんのわからずや) 
May 12, 2002
16 (166) "How to Make a Rainbow That Doesn't Disappear"
"Kienai Niji no Tsukurikata" (消えない虹の作り方) 
May 19, 2002
A rainy day helps Baba remember one of Majo Tourbillon's children. The rainbow that comes after gives the girls an idea for removing a bramble from the Past Queen. 
17 (167) "Protect the Secret Base!"
"Himitsu Kichi wo Mamore!" (秘密基地を守れ!) 
May 26, 2002
Doremi and the girls find out that the boys in the 6th grade are hiding out in a secret clubhouse, home of Miyamae's homemade airplanes. The girls offer to help out, but unfortunately, Reika hears of this and tries to exploit them. 
18 (168) "Sweetheart's Whereabouts are Woof, woof, woof!"
"Koi no Yukue wa Wanwanwan" (恋の行方はワンワンワン) 
June 2, 2002
19 (169) "Father Becomes Honest!?"
"Otousan wa Sunao ni Narenai!?" (お父さんは素直になれない!?) 
June 9, 2002
20 (170) "The Search for Momoko's Dream"
"Momoko no Yume Sagashi" (ももこの夢探し) 
June 16, 2002
The girls reflect on what they want to pursue. Momoko doesn't know what her dream is and meets a similar boy on the same search. 
21 (171) "I Love You! Oyajide"
"Daisuki! Oyajiide" (大好き!オヤジーデ) 
June 23, 2002
22 (172) "Don't Go, Kimitaka!!"
"Kimitaka Ikanaide!!" (きみたか行かないで!!) 
June 30, 2002
Kimitaka is moving away. The day before he moves, he confesses his love for Pop. 
23 (173) "Tanabata Somehow Stopped!"
"Tanabata Nanteyaameta!" (七夕なんてやーめた!) 
July 7, 2002
Tanabata is fast approaching, but Altair and Vega refuse to meet with one another. 
24 (174) "With Love and Justice! We Are Majo Ranger!"
"Ai yo Seigi yo! Watashitachi Majo Ranger!" (愛よ正義よ!私たちマジョレンジャー!) 
July 14, 2002
Hana is devastated that her recently favorite show, "Battle Rangers"; is coming to an end, and therefore is determined to stop this by all means. 
25 (175) "Will You Smile? The Mysterious Glass"
"Egao wo Kureru? Nazo no Glass" (笑顔をくれる?謎のグラス) 
July 21, 2002
Glass cups sent to the witch apprentices are revealed to be enchanted! Baba remembers one of the Past Queen's children due to the resemblance of the cups. 
26 (176) "Camp and Curry are hot, hot, hot!?"
"Camp to Curry de Acchicchi!?" (キャンプとカレーでアッチッチ!?) 
July 26, 2002
The 6th grade goes on a camping trip. During a scavenger hunt, Doremi and Kotake get lost. 
27 (177) "White Elephant, Nice to Meet You!"
"Shiroi Zou-san, Hajimemashite!" (白いゾウさん、はじめまして!) 
August 4, 2002
During a festival, Hana meets a white elephant who is left alone by the others. She befriends this elephant, whom she names Pao. 
28 (178) "Not Suitable for Grandmothers!?"
"Obaachan Zuni wa Kanawanai!?" (おばあちゃんズにはかなわない!?) 
August 11, 2002
29 (179) "Don't Let Go! Hand in Hand"
"Hanasanaide! Tsunaide Te to Te" (はなさないで!つないだ手と手) 
August 18, 2002
Hana gets lost during the Summer Festival, but meets a mysterious boy and makes him promise not to let go of her hand. 
30 (180) "Suspicious Shadow!? The Chest of the Witch World"
"Ayashii Kage!? Majo Sekai no Mune Sawagi" (あやしい影!?魔女界の胸さわぎ) 
August 25, 2002
After the Queen of the Witch World falls ill while disguised, the girls go to the Witch World. They reunite with Pao as the Queen and Majo Rin look into an old legend. 
31 (181) "Pao is a Bothersome Elephant!?"
"Pao-chan wa Ojama Zou!?" (パオちゃんはおジャ魔ゾウ!?) 
September 1, 2002
There is a legend of a white elephant who can cure people that are cursed. Pao may be that elephant when Majo Rika falls under a curse. 
32 (182) "Even a Good Child Worries"
"Iiko Datte Nounderu" (いい子だって悩んでる) 
September 8, 2002
Hana becomes sick of the girls constantly keeping tabs on her. She befriends model student Sachiko, who secretly wishes her parents weren't teachers so they could spend more time with her. 
33 (183) "Lost Onpu"
"Mayoeru Onpu" (迷えるおんぷ) 
September 15, 2002
To everyone's surprise, Onpu does not pass a movie audition that would have made her debut in Hollywood. 
34 (184) "Baba and Forever"
"Baba to Itsumademo" (ババといつまでも) 
September 22, 2002
When Baba falls ill, she dreams of one of Majotourbillion's children as she is recovering. 
35 (185) "Level 4 exam is Lo, Lo, Lo, Lo?"
"Yon Kyuu Shiken wa no Rorororo~?" (4級試験はのろろろろ〜?) 
September 29, 2002
The girls prepare Hana and her fairy, Toto, for their Level 4 exam. 
36 (186) "The Bicycle That Goes Any Where"
"Jidensha de Dokomademo" (自転車でどこまでも) 
October 6, 2002
Hana learns how to ride a bicycle while she and Morikawa try to cure Hiroko of her phobia of bicycles. 
37 (187) "Disarray!? Sleeping Wizards"
"Zenmetsu!? Nemureru Mahoutsukai-tachi" (全滅!?眠れる魔法使いたち) 
October 13, 2002
The Wizard World has been invaded by the virus of the former witch queen. 
38 (188) "Finally a Second Marriage!? Aiko's Decision"
"Tsui ni Saikon!? Aiko no Ketsui" (ついに再婚!?あいこの決意) 
October 20, 2002
39 (189) "Wholeheartedly! A Happy White Rose"
"Kokoro wo Komete! Sachise no Shiroi Bara" (心をこめて!幸せの白いバラ) 
October 27, 2002
40 (190) "Doremi and the Witch Stop Being Witches"
"Doremi to Majo wo Yameta Majo" (どれみと魔女をやめた魔女) 
November 10, 2002
Doremi, who has no clue about her future, meets a retired witch named Mirai, who gives her guidance. 
41 (191) "Pop Becomes a Witch Early On!?"
"Poppu ga Saki ni Majo ni Naru!?" (ぽっぷが先に魔女になる!?) 
November 17, 2002
Pop takes the Level 1 exam, but becomes worried about her bond with Doremi when she has to decide whether to become a witch or stay a human. 
42 (192) "I Have to Decide!? Hazuki's Road"
"Jibun de Kimeru!? Hazuki no Michi" (自分で決める!?はづきの道) 
November 24, 2002
Hazuki discovers that her mother is making her take the entrance exam to Karen Girls Academy without her knowledge. Her mother shares a secret of her past as to why she did so. 
43 (193) "Level 1 Exam! Tamaki's Desperate Situation!!"
"Ichi Kyuu Shiken! Tamaki Zettai Zetsumei!!" (1級試験!玉木絶対絶命!!) 
December 1, 2002
Tamaki falls under the virus of the Witch Queen. Hana decides to cure her for her Level 1 exam. 
44 (194) "Hurry, Urgent! Final Clue!"
"Isoga nakya! Saigo no Tegakari" (急がなきゃ!最後の手がかり) 
December 8, 2002
The girls meet Robby, Roy's Grandson. Apparently, he has the final item, a tapestry, that can rid the Queen's curse. 
45 (195) "Brambles of Sorrow, Disappear!"
"Kanashimi no Ibara yo, Kiete!" (悲しみのイバラよ、消えて!) 
December 15, 2002
While the girls finish up the tapestry, brambles spread more and more. 
46 (196) "Farewell, Curse of the Witch-Frogs!"
"Saraba, Majo-Gaeru no Noro!" (さらば、魔女ガエルの呪い) 
December 22, 2002
The Queen has been set free from her curse, and faces a new future. 
47 (197) "Even If You Go Far Away"
"Tatoe Tooku Hanaretemo" (たとえ遠くはなれても) 
December 29, 2002
As Onpu is accepted into a different middle school, Momoko is given the choice to move back to New York or stay in Japan. 
48 (198) "Aiko's Number One Happy Day"
"Aiko no Ichiban Shiawase na Hi" (あいこのいちばん幸せな日) 
January 5, 2003
Aiko goes to Osaka to help take care of her grandfather at the hospital. Her parents make the decision to take care of him at home, and as a result, decide to move back to Osaka. 
49 (199) "Forever Forever, Friends"
"Zutto Zutto, Friends" (ずっとずっと、フレンズ) 
January 12, 2003
Hazuki secretly wants to apply to her dream school, but becomes conflicted over choosing her desires over staying with Doremi. 
50 (200) "Good Bye, Ojamajo"
"Sayonara, Ojamajo" (さよなら、おジャ魔女) 
January 19, 2003
The girls must make the hardest decision ever: if they become full-fledged witches, they must stay in the Witch World forever. If they don't, they can never see Hana again and never return to the Witch World until Hana becomes the new queen of the Witch World. 
51 (201) "Thank You! Until We Meet Again"
"Arigatou! Mataau Himade" (ありがとう!また会う日まで) 
January 26, 2003
On the day of graduation, Doremi refuses to attend school in fear of losing her friends forever. Hana threatens to turn into a witch to show all the classmates, and Doremi comes out just in time before she shows everyone. 


# Title Original air date
Movie 1 "Ojamajo Doremi # The Movie"
"Eiga Ojamajo Doremi #" (映画 おジャ魔女どれみ#) 
July 8, 2000
While taking her next witch apprentice test, Pop realizes that Hana followed her into the witch world. She follows the baby into the Queen's garden, which has many heart-petaled flowers. She decides to take one special one that stands out, which happens to be a Witch Queen Heart, capable of granting any wish. When she returns, she finds her sister and friends frantically searching for Hana. However, when trying to tell them about her successful test, Doremi completely ignores it and lectures her for taking Hana without permission. Angry with this, Pop runs away and tearfully wishes that her sister would turn into a rat, which is granted by the flower. However, this is a bad wish, and the flower changes color, gets up, and leaves. When she tells Hazuki, Aiko, and Onpu about this and finds out that her sister has been accidentally kicked out, the three head out to look for the plant before it plants itself, generates more seeds, and grants the wishes of everyone else, while Pop goes to look for her sister. After a wild chase, Doremi finds herself heading to her sister's steak bait but the two end up falling into the sewer in miniature size. There, the two make up for the past argument but are quickly surrounded by sewer rats. With the help of Hana's magic, they manage to get out just in time. Meanwhile, the other three were busily looking for the magical plant, which had been granting other's wishes. They manage to stop time and pluck it before it plants itself to spread its seeds. Majo Rika tells them that the plant must be burned, but Pop disagrees, saying it is her fault. They try Magical Stage to return it to normal, but if fails to work. It only returns to normal when they tearfully ask it to. The plant is then returned to its rightful place in the garden. 
Movie 2 "Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi ~Secret of the Frog Stone~"
"Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi ~Kaeru Ishi no Himitsu~" (も〜っと!おジャ魔女どれみ カエル石のひみつ) 
July 14, 2001
Doremi, her friends, and her family are visiting Doremi's Grandparents. Aiko fears Doremi's grandfather due to accident when she was young. The group learn of the legend of the Frog Stone and a story of a couple. The witch apprentices, minus Pop, go in search of the stone. They lose their powers, end up getting lost in the forest they're in, and talk to Aiko about what happened between her and her grandfather. The group encounter what appear to be ghosts, but were actually Doremi's father and grandfather wearing masks as part of a tradition. When they return to the cabin, Aiko's fears have receded.