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The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority uses a number of yards and facilities for maintenance and storage of its road and rail fleets.

Active yards[edit]

Bus and trolleybus[edit]

Many of these facilities are former streetcar carhouses that were gradually converted to trackless trolley and bus use, although some like Southampton (built 2004) are of recent construction.

Name Location[1] Routes served[1]
Albany Street Garage Albany Street, South End, Boston Local, Mass Pike Express, and crosstown routes
Arborway Yard MBTA Arborway Yard in 1967.jpg Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, Boston Local bus routes; former terminus of the Green Line "E" Branch
Cabot Garage Cabot bus facility from 4th Street Bridge, September 2016.jpg Dorchester Avenue, South Boston Local bus routes
Charlestown Garage Arlington Avenue, Charlestown, Boston Local bus routes
Everett Main Repair Facility MBTA Everett Yard in 1967.jpg Broadway, Everett Heavy repair for buses and for subway components; former Orange Line terminus and yard
Fellsway Garage Salem Street, Medford Local bus routes
Lynn Garage Western Avenue entrance to Lynn garage, May 2017.JPG Western Avenue, Lynn Local bus routes; North Shore express routes
North Cambridge Carhouse MBTA trackless trolleys at North Cambridge Carhouse, April 2017.JPG Massachusetts Avenue, North Cambridge Storage and maintenance for Harvard-based trolleybus routes
Quincy Garage MBTA Quincy Garage, August 2018.jpg Hancock Street, Quincy Quincy-based local bus routes
Somerville Garage at Charlestown Arlington Avenue, Charlestown, Boston Local bus routes
Southampton Bus Maintenance Facility Southampton Street Garage, April 2015.jpg Southampton Street, South Bay, Boston Silver Line dual mode buses; local bus routes
Watertown Yard Watertown Carhouse February 2013.JPG Galen Street, Watertown Midday layover for local bus routes; former terminus of the Green Line "A" Branch and Green Line heavy maintenance facility


The subway lines each have one maintenance facility (except for three on the Green Line) and often several other yards used for overnight and midday storage. End-of-line tracks for temporary storage of trains are also present at Forest Hills (Orange Line), Wonderland (Blue Line) and Heath Street (Green Line); pocket tracks are present at Blandford Street and Northeastern University on the Green Line.

Name Location[1] Routes served[1]
Alewife Yard Alewife hatches.JPG North of Alewife Red Line layover/storage
Bowdoin Yard West of Bowdoin Blue Line layover/storage
Cabot Yard Red Line trains in Cabot Yard, March 2008.jpg Near Broadway Red Line maintenance and storage
Caddigan Yard Red Line trains in Caddigan Yard, August 2018.JPG South of Braintree Red Line (Braintree branch) layover/storage
Codman Yard Codman Yard.jpg South of Ashmont Red Line (Ashmont branch) layover/storage
Lake Street Carhouse Boston College inbound platform and yard, October 2016.jpg At Boston College Green Line ("B" Branch) maintenance and storage
Lechmere Yard MBTA Type 7 trolleys in Lechmere Yard in 2006.jpg At Lechmere Green Line layover/storage
Mattapan Yard PCC shop at Mattapan.jpg At Mattapan Ashmont-Mattapan High Speed Line maintenance and storage
Orient Heights Yard Orient Heights yard aerial photo, July 2016.JPG East of Orient Heights Blue Line maintenance and storage
Reservoir Carhouse Reservoir Carhouse from Strathmore Road, January 2016.JPG Between Reservoir and Cleveland Circle Green Line ("C" Branch and "D" Branch) maintenance and storage
Riverside Yard Trains in Riverside Yard (2), December 2017.JPG At Riverside Green Line ("D" Branch) maintenance and storage
Wellington Carhouse Wellington Yard panorama.jpg At Wellington Orange Line maintenance and storage

Commuter rail[edit]

All MBTA Commuter Rail lines have a dedicated layover near the end of the line for trainsets to be stored overnight. Some provide ground power and other facilities; others are simply several yard tracks off the mainline. The MBTA has one heavy maintenance facility on the northside, plus two light maintenance facilities on the southside. Equipment is transferred between the two sides via the Grand Junction Railroad.

Name Location[1] Routes served[1]
Alewife MOW Yard MBTA Alewife MOW yard, March 2017.JPG South of Alewife Maintenance of way equipment storage
Bradford Layover At Bradford Layover/storage for Haverhill Line
Franklin Layover East of Franklin/Dean College Layover/storage for Franklin Line
Greenbush Layover Greenbush MBTA station, Scituate MA.jpg At Greenbush Layover/storage for Greenbush Line
Kingston Layover At Kingston/Route 3 Layover/storage for Plymouth/Kingston Line
MBTA Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility MBTA Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility aerial.JPG Inner Belt, Somerville Heavy maintenance for all commuter rail equipment; layover/storage for northside lines
Lowell Layover Lowell MBTA.jpg At Lowell Layover/storage for Lowell Line
Middleboro Layover North of Middleborough/Lakeville Layover/storage for Middleborough/Lakeville Line
Needham Layover Needham Layover from West Street, March 2016.JPG South of Needham Heights Layover/storage for Needham Line
Newburyport Layover MARC unit in Newburyport yard.JPG South of Newburyport Layover/storage for Newburyport/Rockport Line
Pawtucket Layover Pawtucket Layover from Northeast Regional, November 2014.JPG Pawtucket, Rhode Island Layover/storage for Providence/Stoughton Line
Readville Interim Repair Facility Readville Interim Repair Facility, December 2017.JPG North of Readville Running maintenance and layover/storage for southside lines
Rockport Layover Rockport freight house and layover yard October 2013.jpg At Rockport Layover/storage for Newburyport/Rockport Line
Southampton Street Yard Southampton Street Yard May 2012.JPG South of South Station, Boston Amtrak heavy maintenance facility, used for running maintenance and midday storage for southside lines
Stoughton Layover MBTA train laying over near Stoughton station, April 2016.JPG At Stoughton Layover/storage for Providence/Stoughton Line
Westminster Layover Wachusett Layover facing east, September 2016.jpg West of Wachusett Layover/storage for Fitchburg Line[2]
Worcester Layover MBTA F40PH locomotives in Worcester layover yard.jpg East of Worcester Layover/storage for Framingham/Worcester Line

Former yards[edit]

Name Location Routes served
Attleboro Layover South of Attleboro Layover/storage for Providence/Stoughton Line; replaced in 2006 by Pawtucket Layover
Bennett Carhouse MBTA 8510 at Bennett Street Carhouse in 1967.jpg South of Harvard Square, Cambridge Harvard-based streetcar and trackless trolley routes; closed 1970 with Eliot Shops
Eliot Shops Red Line cars at MBTA Eliot Shops in 1967.jpg South of Harvard Square, Cambridge Red Line (and Blue Line from 1924-1952); closed 1970
Fitchburg Layover MBTA train passing East Fitchburg Yard, December 2014.JPG East of Fitchburg Layover/storage for Fitchburg Line; replaced by Wachusett Layover in late 2016
Forest Hills Shops South of elevated Forest Hills station Orange Line; closed 1987 with completion of the Southwest Corridor
Ipswich Layover Former layover tracks in Ipswich, May 2017.JPG South of Ipswich Layover/storage for Newburyport/Rockport Line; closed 1998 with extension to Newburyport
Sullivan Square Shops MBTA Sullivan Square shop in 1967.jpg At elevated Sullivan Square Station Orange Line and streetcars; closed 1975 with completion of the Haymarket North Extension


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