List of Masters of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

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This is a list of Masters of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. Fitzwilliam House, the body established in 1869 for non-collegiate students attached to the University of Cambridge, was presided over by a Censor. Once the non-collegiate system was ended and Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge was established as a full college of the university in 1966 the college head became known as the Master (college).

Censors of Fitzwilliam House, Cambridge[edit]


Masters of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge[edit]

Name Years in office Career
Walter Wyatt Grave 1966 - 1971 Academic administrator
Edward Miller 1971 - 1981 Historian, Chairman of the Victoria County History Project and the History of Parliament Trust, Editor of the Agrarian History of England and Wales
Sir J. C. Holt 1981 - 1988 Medieval historian, President of the Royal Historical Society (1981–1985), Vice-president of the British Academy (1987–89)
Gordon Cameron 1988 - 1990 Economist
Alan Cuthbert 1991 - 1999 Pharmacologist, Sheild Professor (1979–99)
Brian F. G. Johnson 1999 - 2005 Chemist, executive at EPSRC and Academia Europaea, expert authority on nanoparticles
Robert Lethbridge 2005 - 2013 Expert on French Language and Literature, awarded Chevalier des Palmes académiques, Provost of the Gates Cambridge Trust (2010–13)
Nicola Padfield 2013 - Expert on Criminal and Penal Justice