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There are about 1023 species of fishes found naturally in Minnesota waters, including Lake Superior. The following list is based on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The species data on this page is taken from the Minnesota DNR, which also uses several labels to indicate a fish's status within Minnesota waters. An endangered fish species is near extinction in Minnesota, a threatened species is likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future, and a special concern species is either extremely uncommon in Minnesota or has unique or highly specific habitat requirements.

Several types of Minnesota fish are considered non-native invasive species. A prohibited invasive species is illegal to possess in Minnesota without a permit, and a regulated invasive species is legal to possess but still may not be released into public waters. Many invasive fish species are nonetheless already well-established.

Coldwater sport fish[edit]

legal game fish MN[edit]

Other sport fish[edit]

Non-game fish[edit]

Invasive species not currently in Minnesota[edit]

According to the DNR, these prohibited or regulated invasive fish species threaten Minnesota natural resources but are not currently known to be in Minnesota public waters.

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