List of flower fly species of New Zealand

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The following is a list of hoverfly (Syrphidae) species recorded in New Zealand. This list is based on a list of New Zealand flower flies published by F. Christian Thompson in 2008. Currently the list consists of 37 endemic species, 1 native Oceanian species, and 5 introduced invasive species. Beyond this there are another 48 endemic species awaiting formal description.[1]

Subfamily Syrphinae[edit]

Tribe Bacchini[edit]

Genus Melanostoma Schiner[edit]

Genus Platycheirus Lepeletier & Serville[edit]

Subgenus Eocheilosia Hull[edit]

Tribe Syrphini[edit]

Genus Allograpta Osten Sacken[edit]

Genus Anu Thompson[edit]

Genus Melangyna Verrall[edit]

Subgenus: Austrosyrphus Vockeroth[edit]

Genus Simosyrphus Bigot[edit]

Subfamily Eristalinae[edit]

Tribe Eristalini[edit]

Genus Helophilus Meigen[edit]

Subgenus: Pilinasica Malloch[edit]

Genus Eristalinus Rondani[edit]

Genus Eristalis Latreille[edit]

Tribe Merodontini[edit]

Genus Eumerus Meigen[edit]

Genus Merodon Meigen[edit]

Genus Psilota Meigen[edit]

Tribe Milesiini[edit]

Genus Orthoprosopa Macquart[edit]

Subgenus: Paratropidia Hull[edit]