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This article is the list of episodes of the Teleserye, Sana Maulit Muli.

Episode list[edit]

Week 1[edit]

Episodes Week 1 Average Rating Original airdates
1 - 5 "31.2%" January 8–12, 2007 (January 8–12, 2007)

This tale of crossed fates and destined love begins its first chapter in present-day San Francisco, at a cemetery where the Johnson brothers mourn the loss of their father. While Brandon’s heart is filled with hate for this bad card dealt to him by fate, his half-brother Travis is filled with gratitude for his dad. A few months later, their mother Monica decides to move to Manila, her native country, along with the two sons. Travis is excited about the news, claiming that he knows a friend who can help them settle down there. This angers Brandon, however, who is reluctant to leave the place he calls home to live in the country where, he says, “Travis’ prostitute mother” lives. While packing for the trip,Travis discovers a single slipper which apparently has great sentimental value to him. He then flashbacks to 1996, when he was still a child in Cebu. After his mother died, he makes up his mind to go to Manila to find his father, after being informed by a neighbor that his real dad can be found there. He sneaks into a boat bound for the city, and while hiding, encounters a fellow stowaway – a girl just about his age, who is adamant about having someone occupy her hiding place. Bokbok, Travis’ nickname as a child, names his new friend Poknat, after he notices her sporting a scar on her head. After several acts of kindness, Poknat eventually warms up to her new friend, and reveals that she decided to go to Manila to help her mom. She even plays the guitar and sings for her new friend. This was interrupted, however, when a member of the ship’s crew hears them. Bokbok quickly tells Poknat to hide, but he is quickly discovered and brought on deck. After a brief scuffle, the boy is thrown in the ocean; but Poknat, who witnessed this, quickly jumped herself to save him. The two cling to Poknat’s guitar, and by nightfall a few fishermen find the two on an Iloilo shore, unconscious and half-dead. They wake up in a hospital, where the mayor himself offers to help the two children find justice. This proves to be the end of their paths, however, as Poknat is to be returned to her mom in Iloilo, while Bokbok will be sent to Manila to look for his dad, an American. The two bid each other a tearful goodbye, but not before Bokbok hands his best friend a slipper as a remembrance, and promises to write her regularly. Poknat, whose name is actually Jasmine Sta. Maria, eventually travels to Manila with her mom Emily, who finds a job there as a maid to George and Clara Soriano. Jasmine quickly becomes friends with their amo’s daughter Camille, and tells her all about Bokbok. As time passed, Bokbok’s letters mysteriously stops. But despite this, she couldn’t bear to part with the slipper Bokbok gave her. Unbeknownst to her, however, the real reason for this falling apart is the scheming Camille, who answers the letters herself and keeps in touch with him under Jasmine’s guise. In fact, it was also Camille who Travis contacted and asked for help, ten years later to the present day.The other pair still lies in Travis’ possession, and he brings it back to the Philippines. Camille welcomes them at the airport along with George and Clara, and invites the balikbayans into their home. Clara was extremely pleased with Camille and Travis’ setup, because their family is very rich; however, she treats her maids Emily and Jasmine quite the opposite. After angrily ordering Emily to serve the food faster and not keep the guests waiting, Jasmine offers to help her mother and serve the guests. She quickly runs into Travis, who was on his way to the bathroom to clean up a food stain; ironically, she spills a whole bowl of fruit salad on his shirt. Surprise suddenly turned into familiarity, however, when the two look at each other and sense a connection they cannot comprehend, but instinctively know.

Clara quickly apologizes and takes her to her mother, where she shamelessly reprimands the two. A tearful Emily apologizes for Jasmine’s ‘mistake’, but Clara warns her not to let her daughter be in the way again. Clara tells her daughter to just follow what she says, and not be like her father. After this, Jasmine was at school with Romeo (who goes to great lengths to hide his homosexuality from his father, who’s a police officer) and decided to watch their friend Kevin as he qualifies for the swim team. The three quickly notice Travis, who was trying out as well; but when he sees Jasmine, Camille tactlessly addresses her as their katulong (maid). The former grew upset over the matter and tells her mother about it. Emily then asks Camille to give a little respect for her childhood friend, but the girl disregards her plea. In school, Travis and his friend Bruce desperately tries to copy during an exam, but they get caught and Travis is seated beside Jasmine. He then tries to copy from her, but Jasmine turns her back on him. After the exam, Travis and Bruce lament the possibility of repeating fourth year when Jasmine and her friends pass by. Bruce angrily berates them, calling them losers; and soon a fight ensues, with Kevin throwing the first punch. Travis quickly defends his friend, but an angry Jasmine promptly clocks him in the face herself.

After the fight, the students were brought to the principal’s office, where everyone was reprimanded for the trouble they caused. Camille falsely claimed that Jasmine started the fight, but the principal disregarded this nevertheless. In order to help Travis with his studies, however, the principal assigned him a tutor: Jasmine. Upon returning home, however, Jasmine and Emily were confronted by an angry Clara, who demanded to know what Travis has done to deserve the trouble in school. Camille angrily confronted her as well, and an infuriated Jasmine answered back – to which Emily quickly apologized. George caught the proceedings and apologized to them as well for his wife’s treatment, but the two just shrugged and sadly went back to their house. The next day Bianca, Clara’s sister, arrived at their house; and while everyone welcomed her warmly, her sister was somewhat reluctant to see her. Meanwhile, Travis tries desperately to make amends with his tutor for his misgivings, but Jasmine constantly turns a deaf ear. In one incident in the library he accidentally surprises a screaming Jasmine, but when they get caught Travis claimed that it was he who shouted, and let loose with a girly scream of his own! Jasmine accepts Travis’ apology for getting her out of hot water. Kevin, however, remained doubtful on Travis’ true nature. Camille also warns Travis rather falsely that Jasmine is not who she seems. The two get along more and more, however, and Travis’ grades start to improve with Jasmine as his tutor. Back at home, Emily tries to make peace with Camille for Jasmine’s sake. George sees this again and tried once again (though somewhat unsuccessfully) to apologize for his family’s attitude towards them. The weeks of tutoring finally paid off, and Travis got a 92 on his exam! He happily hoisted her in celebration – but quickly gathered himself and put the blushing Jasmine down. After, Travis mentions to her that he senses a connection with them, like he’s regaining a lost memory. And so the two begin to get close.

Camille happily tells her mom that she and Travis are getting more and more close; but Clara reminds her to stick to the plan, lest she end up like her father. But this isn’t the end of her problems… Travis begins to doubt Camille, thinking that she doesn’t seem to be the Poknat he grew to love. Besides, Travis is now beginning to fall for his tutor Jasmine, with whom she’s slowly opening up to. So when Camille dismisses the slipper she “received” from Travis, the latter gets hurt because he can’t understand why this has no sentimental value to her anymore. A desperate Camille tells Travis she loves him, but her plea falls on deaf ears. This doesn’t faze her, however, and uses a charity event in their school to get her and Travis together. Meanwhile, after a swim meet, Travis is alone in the locker room when a janitor comes along, and tells him to decide with his heart in everything he does. His confusion, however, is overshadowed by Jasmine’s when, at the same time in school, she meets a blind man who tells her that time is running out. Strangely, the blind man seems to look like the janitor

Jasmine remains shaken by her encounter with the blind man, but shrugs it off and turns her attention towards the school’s Halloween auction, where she and Camille are both up for bidding as dates. Kevin and Romeo happily offered to help Jasmine with her wardrobe and preparation, while Camille, on the other hand, was saddened when her mom seemingly forgot this event. Meanwhile, Travis secretly bought quite a number of votes for Jasmine, but was shocked to learn that he had more votes for Camille (which votes she bought herself, under Travis' name). He then tried to cancel these, but during the night of the auction, it was Kevin who ended up with Jasmine, who received the most number of votes and got a standing ovation upon her entrance to boot. Camille did not get Travis as her date, but was even more heartbroken when she and her dad got home. After her mom dismissed the auction night as nothing of importance, Camille tearfully confided in her father that Clara sometimes doesn’t treat her as her daughter. Jasmine, on the other hand, was in for a very, very long day. First off, Travis finally declared his love for her; but a shaken Jasmine told him that they would be better off as friends. Later, while she was telling Romeo all about it, Kevin told her that she made the right decision, and in so doing giving her a clue that he liked her as well. When Jasmine got home she asked her mother about it, who replied that sometimes, the heart can make wrong decisions, too. All Saints’ Day soon arrived, and for Travis it would get even more cryptic: while he and Jasmine were studying, he saw the janitor who approached him recently, holding flowers and some candles. Jasmine asked him who he was looking at, but when Travis glanced back, the janitor was gone.

Week 2[edit]

Episodes Week 2 average rating Original airdates
6 - 10 "31.2%" January 15–19, 2007 (January 15–19, 2007)

Travis and Jasmine were called to the principal's office; but instead of a reprimand, the two were commended on their improving grades. Travis was in high spirits entering his swimming meet, but he finished as one of the last, while Kevin took the top spot. He was disappointed upon finding out that his team backed out on him after his dismal performance, but once again, the cryptic janitor told him that he has more important things to worry about. This turned out to be true that very afternoon. Jasmine, as she was consoling Travis, slipped and told him what she truly felt. A pleasantly surprised Travis could hardly keep from shouting for joy, and this began a beautiful, albeit secret, relationship. Christmas passed, and Camille was wondering why Travis was seemingly always too busy to go out with her. She then learned of the truth when she saw him bringing Jasmine home. A frustrated Camille quickly confronted Jasmine, and slapped her, but the latter pushed back. Clara saw them fight and quickly took to her daughter’s side; and Jasmine’s mom did the same.

Clara works her manipulative ways once again. First, she reprimands Jasmine and Emily, saying that she has no respect for them, even if they are George’s last remaining relatives. Then she scolds George for being too soft, claiming that it was because of him that their daughter is the same. Next, she scolds Camille severely for letting Travis slip out of her grasp. And finally, she meets up with Monica and reveals to her that her son has a relationship with her lowly katulong. Meanwhile, Jasmine tearfully tells Travis to stay away from her, for the good of everyone involved. Travis would have nothing of it, and even punches Bruce for heckling her. Travis then catches up with Jasmine and tells her that there is no way that he could stay away from her, and she says the same.Eventually Travis takes her to meet Monica. While they were waiting for his mother, Jasmine notices a guitar and asks who in his family plays it. Travis then picks it up and plays the song that Poknat used to play for him. A tearful Jasmine asks how he learned that song, and soon hears their childhood encounter – but with Camille’s name instead of hers. She was getting ready to tell him the truth when a stern-faced Monica suddenly entered the house, and demanded to speak to Travis alone. Soon after, Camille was on her way home when an angry Jasmine confronts her, and asks who really stole Travis from whom.

A surprising twist is revealed. Emily, upset over Jasmine’s behavior towards Camille, sternly reprimands her, and accidentally slaps her daughter. Later, an apologetic Emily consoles her daughter, and explains why she has protected Camille all this while – she is Emily’s second daughter, and Jasmine’s younger sister. The next day, Jasmine asks Clara if she may speak to Camille, but the two find her room empty. An infuriated George confronts his wife, saying that Camille’s running away was her fault; and if she doesn’t treat her like the daughter they adopted, he will leave her immediately. Meanwhile, Jasmine finally finds Camille in the place where the two childhood friends used to console one another in times of trouble. She asks a hesitant Camille to return home, and tells her that she wants their conflict to end – because she sees her as a sister. Also, Jasmine offers to always be there for her, whether her mother or anyone else speaks ill will of her. Camille apologizes, and after a long time, the two enemies become friends again.

Jasmine has made amends with Camille and, like a true older sister, did not divulge this secret just yet to prevent any further complications. Now one thing is left to be done: break up with Travis, for the good of everyone involved. Travis, who was busy working hard with the swim team after a disappointing performance, agreed to meet with Jasmine afterwards. He was on his way, however, when his mother called and asked to help Brandon, who was drinking incessantly because of his breakup with Bianca. He followed his mother’s orders, despite being forewarned by the mysterious janitor not to miss a moment, lest it pass away completely. He met up with Jasmine right after, and she tearfully told him that she had to break up with him. Travis tried desperately to convince her otherwise, but then Brandon and his friends arrived and mocked the two. Jasmine quickly rushed away from the impending fight, and Travis followed; but in a strange twist of fate he saw the janitor, now dressed as a bus conductor – right before Jasmine got hit by an incoming bus. Travis could do nothing but hold Jasmine while, with her last breath, she told him everything about their childhood encounter. With this, she died. The janitor’s foretelling had come true.

Jasmine’s sudden death mended old wounds, and unearthed new revelations. Camille was distraught by the loss of the best friend she manipulated. Kevin was saddened not only by what happened, but that he never was able to profess his love for her. Romeo mourned the loss of his dearest friend. Brandon, who had harshly mistreated the woman his brother truly loved, asked forgiveness from Travis for all the wrongs he had done. And George’s sadness over the loss of Jasmine, and his concern for Emily, was something that left Clara confused and wondering. Travis, on the other hand, went to church and asked God why it was his will to separate the two. But unknown to him, another person was watching him pray – the strange janitor, who has always seemed to appear to Travis at a destined time and place.

Week 3[edit]

Episodes Week 3 Average Rating Original airdates
11 - 15 "28.2%" January 22–26, 2007 (January 22–26, 2007)

Travis is distraught over Jasmine’s death; in school, he even mistakes Camille for the one he loves. Camille, on the other hand, cannot help but ask forgiveness for the deception she’s done on Travis’ part; but he would never accept this act of treachery to be easily resolved. Travis then visited Jasmine’s grave again, and encounters the strange janitor, who now looked more ethereal than human. He offered Travis a choice: the ability to go back in time and make things right between them. But while fate can be reversed, it cannot be changed; Jasmine will still die at the appropriate time. He hands Travis a mysterious watch, a symbol of whatever he decides. Travis agrees. The next thing he knows, he wakes up on a plane; and even asks if they were going back to the States. Monica told him that they were in fact on their way to the Philippines. But while the events that are about to transpire may seem identical, it is merely similar; Travis, for example, has no recollection of Jasmine and still thinks Camille is his friend Poknat. But when a waitress suddenly spills fruit salad on Travis, a seemingly lost part of his memory manifests itself, like deja vu… but the waitress’ face remains to be seen.

Travis was given a gift no other person has ever received; a second chance in time. But is he using it wisely? Upon arriving in Manila, he correctly guesses the type of house Clara offers them; much to the latter’s amazement. But Monica attests this to his fever and the fact that she already told him while they were in the States. Travis desperately seeks Jasmine, even asking a confused Emily, who of course hasn’t met him yet. Camille, on the other hand, continues to act under Poknat’s guise. But Travis knows better – in fact, he berates Camille ruthlessly for the treachery he’s already aware of. Camille, confused and beset with problems with her mom, tries desperately to disprove Travis otherwise; and at every confrontation, a strong wind blows. Before swim practice, Travis opens his locker, and finds the watch given to him by the mysterious janitor. The latter suddenly shows up and reprimands Travis for changing the natural course of time. Travis, however, doesn’t mind the consequences, and is dead set on saving Jasmine from the impending tragedy. And true enough, while emerging from the pool after practice, he sees her for the first time – again.

It turns out that in order to make things right, Travis has to go all the way back to square one. Since he can’t convince Jasmine of something she doesn’t know about, and with the janitor’s warning not to confuse the natural course of nature, Travis sees only one solution: court Jasmine again. It wouldn’t be easy, however; Travis has already established himself as a rich kid from the States, and his relations with Camille and Bruce doesn’t help either. But when familiar things happen -- like when Bruce is accused of cheating -- Travis tries to use this knowledge of things past to get close to Jasmine. He even prevents the fight that should’ve ensued afterwards. But Jasmine’s perception of Travis is not good – she even tells him to stay away from her. Meanwhile, Camille complicates things by giving Travis a gift – the slipper he supposedly gave her while they were on the boat. After this Camille talks to Jasmine, and tells her to stay away from Travis.

This time, Travis learns that destiny can work in incomprehensible ways. He was able to prevent the fight that should have happened after the exam; but a few days later when the grades were announced, Bruce learns that he failed it. He decides to take his frustration out on Rocky after class, but it was Kevin who punches Travis instead. The group is taken to the principal’s office afterwards, and Travis is happy to discover that it seems exactly the same incident as before, and so he was looking forward to being tutored by Jasmine. But he overlooked one thing – he has good grades now! Travis follows Jasmine to the library nonetheless, and offers his apologies. Jasmine accepts, and the two become friends, and in so doing, Travis finally understands what the mystery janitor was telling him all the while – to make the most of his time without ruining the natural order of things. But Travis would suffer a painful setback once again – he perceives a premonition of Jasmine being hit by a car, with the mystery man as the driver. He then wakes up terrified.

We may know what fate has for Jasmine, but what does it have in store for Camille? Despite her attempts, Travis still seems to turn her down; and this time, Clara has had enough. After Travis quickly left when Camille professed her feelings for him, Clara interjects – and leaves Camille irritated. The two exchange words, but the mother’s proved to be harsher, and she leaves Camille weeping. Jasmine sees her soon after and tries to console her former friend. But Camille suddenly collapses, clutching her heart. This was due to her enlarged heart, a condition Camille has had since birth, and it was aggravated due to extreme stress and depression. An infuriated Clara quickly heads over to Jasmine and scolds her, but this time George shows his pent-up anger. He pulls Clara aside and tells her to use her head and give what Camille really yearns for – a mother’s love. Meanwhile Travis continues to pursue Jasmine, and while at school, calls her Poknat. Jasmine reluctantly tells him that she doesn’t know that name, and leaves him in a stupor.

Week 4[edit]

Episodes Week 4 Average Rating Original airdates
16 - 20 "27.2%" January 29 - February 2, 2007 (January 29 - February 2, 2007)

With a second chance comes a duty to make things right, and an opportunity to mend old family wounds. Brandon continues to use his father’s inheritance to waste his time away with women and vices, and his mother has had enough; after Monica sees him come down from his room with yet another ‘friend’, she reprimands him severely, telling him that if he does not finish college, his trust fund will go to his brother instead. At that moment Travis enters the house, and this fuels Brandon’s anger more; he suspects Travis of stealing all he had, even his father. The latter tries desperately to make amends for their mother’s sake, but Brandon shrugs off his plea. Meanwhile, Travis continues his mission, and pursues Jasmine relentlessly; but first, he tells a shocked Camille that they’d be better off as friends. Later in class, Jasmine sees a note on her desk from Camille, asking to meet up with her in the school garden. But suddenly Travis appears, and Jasmine gets irritated the fact that she got pawned into this predicament; but Travis, wasting no time, tells Jasmine of his love for her.

All it takes is Romeo to clear things up for Jasmine. In school, their teacher announces that for the principal’s birthday, two volunteers will be needed for a presentation. Jasmine jokingly ‘volunteers’ Romeo for a dance performance, who seemed somewhat irritated with the proceedings; Camille also recommends Travis, who is more than happy to comply – in this he saw a chance to prove to Jasmine that he is Bokbok through the song she taught him before. But Camille was quick to notice that Travis was paying too much attention to Jasmine, and after class, she confronted her about it. Afterwards, Jasmine and Rocky mulls over the incident when Romeo points out the similarities between her said experience with Travis – and Jasmine’s childhood memories of him as Bokbok. However, she still refuses to give in to the truth, although the proofs are all laid out in front of her.

Despite being granted a second chance, Travis has tried to convince Jasmine that they should be together, although it has proved to be difficult. However, during the principal’s birthday celebration in their school, Travis finally catches Jasmine’s heart – with the song she taught him when they were stowaways in the boat, many years before. Though she still keeps her feelings to herself, Jasmine now sees Travis in a new light. Meanwhile, Bianca finally arrives from the States. Everyone greets her warmly except for Clara, who is somewhat surprised by her visit. Later, she scolds her younger sister for leaving a successful photography business in Boston because of a failed relationship. Bianca knows her sister more than anyone, however, and still catches up on lost time with Emily, George and her only niece Camille. Jasmine is now convinced of Travis’ affection; but when she looks for the slipper they gave each other, she is shocked to find it gone. She asks her mother if she saw it, but unbeknownst to her, the real culprit was Camille, who stole the slipper to prove to Travis that she is Poknat.

Travis’ second go-around meant change not only for himself, but for others as well. Clara brings Bianca to Monica’s house, and Brandon is immediately smitten by her; he tries to talk her into a drink, but after witnessing how he mistreats his mom, Bianca remains unimpressed. Brandon sees this as a challenge though, and the next day, he does what he hasn’t done in a long time – apologize to his mom. Jasmine, on the other hand, finds yet another flower on her desk in class. She immediately dismisses it as yet another attempt by Travis to woo her, and throws the flower to him. A confused Travis explains that it wasn’t from him; and sure enough, Kevin finally admits to her. Meanwhile, Travis shows up early for swimming practice and finds Mang Andres. He asks him desperately what he must do to profess his love for Jasmine, but the janitor answers by knocking Travis smartly into the pool with his mop. But when he gathers his wits together enough to scream at Mang Andres, he instead finds Jasmine. He apologizes, and jokingly says that if she won’t accept it, he’ll drown himself in the pool. Jasmine chooses the latter, but when Travis remains submerged, she jumps in to save him – and finds out that it’s all a plan by the now crafty Travis.

George finally releases his pent-up anger over Clara’s misgivings. Since Clara told her Japanese client that George was not her husband, he goes out on a limb and tells George of his plans to date her. The enraged husband couldn’t control himself and forcefully pins the surprised client on the wall, warning him to stay away from his wife. Later, George confronts Clara about it – but it was he, the more emotional of the two, who gets hurt more. Emily consoles him soon after, telling him to keep it together for his child’s sake. Meanwhile, Jasmine is unimpressed by Travis’ fake drowning incident, and when he asks if they could be friends, she responds by pushing him back in the water again. Travis tries desperately to make up for it, leaving flowers and gifts on her desk. But it would serve to be successful, as Jasmine finally accepts flowers from him – and accepts his friendship as well. However, a heartbroken Camille watches them nearby.

Week 5[edit]

Episodes Week 5 average rating Original airdates
21 – 25 "27.9%" February 5–9, 2007 (February 5–9, 2007)

Nothing made Travis happier than seeing Jasmine accept the flowers. The next day, he continues to woo Jasmine, and won’t take no for an answer – but in a comedic fashion. Jasmine even shows a little frustration at his never-ending pleas, and when Travis lies down on the road, she agrees to go have a snack with him. In the restaurant, Travis continues to pry open Jasmine’s true feelings, asking her if she has ever ridden a boat, or if she knew what a poknat is. But when she is about to open up to him, Camille and Bruce suddenly appear, and Jasmine hurries out. But later at Rocky’s house, she secretly confides in him that she loves Travis already. Meanwhile, Brandon is busy wooing Bianca as well. He pays her a visit, much to Clara’s delight. Bianca, however, remains unfazed by his advances (and her sister’s manipulation), saying that his money doesn’t matter. Brandon also tries to get information about her from his mom, but Monica tells her son to stay away from such a sweet girl. That night, Jasmine was suddenly awoken by a noise coming from outside. She goes out to check a possible burglar, but instead gets surprised by Travis, who after avoiding a solid hit (and a bump on the head) courtesy of Jasmine’s frying pan, asks her to continue their date. Jasmine is worried about staying out too late, but is pleasantly surprised when she finds out the picnic Travis has prepared for her.

Apparently, Clara has more to do with Jasmine and Camille’s friction than meets the eye. She continues to get frustrated on her daughter’s futile attempts to woo Travis; and so she talks to Emily about it. Sure enough, Emily shows up at Travis and Jasmine’s secret picnic and quickly tells her to return home, preventing any complications from their amo. Meanwhile, Camille suspects what really is going on with Travis and Jasmine. But when she sees Jasmine tell him to leave her alone, and the pained look on his face afterwards, Camille gets angry. She confronts Jasmine that night and accuses her of stealing Travis from her – and even slaps her across the face. Emily quickly intervenes and rudely tells Jasmine to go home. A frustrated Jasmine asks her mother why she always seems to take Camille’s side – but Emily couldn’t tell her the truth just yet. Camille, on the other hand, is not out of the woods just yet. She receives a stern reprimand from her mother, and once again she gets hurt, but now she has an outlet – Jasmine. She recalls how as kids, she tried to earn her mother’s love by good grades, but was always beaten by Jasmine. She recalls how she decided to stop treating Jasmine as a friend. She recalls how she hid Travis’ letter to Jasmine, and how Clara, overjoyed on seeing the possibilities of having a friend from the States, coerced Camille into taking up Poknat’s guise. And with this, Camille realizes that she, and not Jasmine, has the upper hand.

Sometimes telling a white lie or the cold, hard fact can mend – or break – the chain of fate. Brandon seems to be genuinely smitten with Bianca, as he continues to pursue her. And although Clara has coerced her into going to a date with him, Brandon showed his sensitive side by apologizing for his rude behavior and telling her that he just wants to get to know her. But by a bad stroke of luck, his ‘girlfriend’ suddenly shows up. Bianca, convinced that Brandon’s opening up to her was just one of his games, quickly leaves. Emily is bothered by Jasmine’s asking why she treats Camille more like her daughter. She talks to George about it, but the two can’t decide whether to tell the truth to her now. Clara meets up with the Japanese businessman again, but when he asks her to go to a motel, she tells him that she loves her husband and would not exchange that for some business deal. Finally Jasmine, beset by her mother’s plea to prevent further complications, tells Travis to stay away from her. However, he sees through Jasmine that something is stopping her from saying what she really feels and, true enough, she tells Romeo that she really loves him. But the problem soon escalates with Travis blatantly telling Camille that they are just friends. A frustrated Clara asks Jasmine to hurry up and tell the truth, but Jasmine lies that Travis and her have nothing going.

Jasmine learns something that will change her relationship with Camille forever. Distraught that Emily treats Camille more like a daughter than her, Jasmine decides to go back to Cebu by herself. Seeing this, Emily finally explains why: Camille is really her daughter, and Jasmine’s younger sister. She explains that when Camille was born, Emily was already struggling to make ends meet, and the child’s heart disorder made things more than a mother to bear. She decided to entrust her to George and Clara’s care, while Emily worked as a maid so she will always see her two daughters. This is why she has endured Clara’s attitude for so long. And like a good older sister, Jasmine understood. The next day, she apologizes to Camille, saying that she just wants to regain the friendship they had as children. Camille, however, tells her that ever since they were kids, Jasmine has always been the yardstick where Clara has measured her success; and this won’t change anything. Meanwhile, Emily tells George that she revealed 'it' to Jasmine. George, however, is adamant about Jasmine not learning the whole truth. And finally, Travis sees another chance when he hears of the upcoming Halloween auction. He desperately asks Romeo to nominate Jasmine, looking for a repeat performance of fate.

For the first time, the Johnson brothers had something in common emotionally. Brandon has broken up with his girlfriend, and he proceeds to Bianca to ask for a second chance. Bianca is seemingly touched by Brandon’s will to be a better person for her, but turns away his proposal. A frustrated Brandon goes home and broods over the rejection. Travis, on the other hand, tries to woo Jasmine as well, but keeps getting turned down. But little does he know that it is not because Jasmine does not have feelings for him; rather she is giving her younger sister some peace of mind. Emily, on the other hand, has earned Jasmine’s forgiveness and is glad that she dealt with it in a mature manner.

But it is Travis who feels uneasy. He talks to Mang Andres, who tells him not to rush things once again and instead use the time to pay attention to those who are dear to him as well. He tries to make amends with his brother, but it was just wrong timing, and Brandon once again berates him. So Travis goes to Jasmine and tells her directly that he loves her – and a mysterious gust of wind suddenly blows over them, like a sign of things to come. And true enough, Jasmine rejects him, saying that she has no feelings for him whatsoever.

Week 6[edit]

Episodes Week 6 Average Rating Original airdates
26 - 30 "27.0%" February 12–16, 2007 (February 12–16, 2007)

Sometimes, a sincere act of kindness can be misinterpreted and, as a result, cause confusion. Clara overhears George turning down a large bribe from an under-the-table deal, and she gets angry at her husband for not accepting the money. The two fight, and Clara leaves the house fuming. Meanwhile, Emily goes about her daily routine when, while cleaning Camille’s room, she finds the slipper Jasmine was looking for. After wondering what it was doing under her bed, she takes it with the intent of returning it to her daughter. The charity auction is now fast approaching, and Travis was grouped with Jasmine to decorate the auditorium. Travis sees this once again as a golden opportunity, and he offers his house to the group for meetings and such. Jasmine notices this, and tells him to meet her in the grandstand after class. However, she also leaves Camille a note (in Travis’ name) to meet him there as well. Travis excitedly heads to their meeting place, but was shocked with what Jasmine had to say. She begged him to love Camille instead, because it’s them who should be together. Travis couldn’t accept this and, as they were speaking, Camille suddenly shows up.

At this second run at fate, it is Jasmine herself who uncovers Camille’s treachery. First, Jasmine leaves Camille and Travis to themselves. Upon returning home, however, Jasmine sees the slipper she has been looking for all these days. When she asks her mother about it, Emily says that she found it under Camille’s bed. But when Jasmine confronts her, Camille vehemently denies any knowledge of this. Meanwhile, Brandon follows Bianca to a bar, where she’s enjoying a few drinks with Clara and Monica. Clara forces her to hang out with him in another table, while she introduces Monica to the bar’s guest singer, Francis. After an enjoyable night, she bids Brandon and Bianca to take an intoxicated Monica home, and secretly tells Francis that her friend is worth milking for all the money she’s got. The next day, after Camille has left for school, Jasmine quietly sneaks into her room, determined to find the real reason why the slipper was in her possession. After a few minutes of searching, she finally finds a baul under the bed, which could contain a clue.

Brandon continues to show Bianca that she made him a better man. He suddenly shows up at her first day of work, and tells her that he was able to ask a request from her boss. Bianca hurries into her office, expecting to find trouble; but she instead finds it filled with pictures of them. An impressed Bianca tells Brandon that he has already proved himself a gentleman, but they’re not acquainted enough, and to this he replies that he’s willing to take it slow. Meanwhile, Clara continues to pair Monica and Francis together. After building him up, Clara tells Monica that Francis has asked for her number; and sure enough, Monica’s phone starts ringing. The next day, George visits Monica to ask her about his wife, and Monica assures him that she would keep an eye on her herself. But soon after he leaves, she receives another visitor – Francis. Finally, Jasmine tells Romeo about the slipper incident. He advises that it would be best to get Travis’ side of the story too, just to be sure. So Jasmine asks Travis about it, and he narrates the childhood experience they shared together. Jasmine, however, is still bound by her promise to give Camille more leeway, and denies that she is Poknat. Travis couldn’t help it and shouted why she keeps on denying it, but Jasmine has no answer for him.

Sometimes a secret is revealed not because of a person’s fault, but simply because it was not meant to be kept in the first place. Jasmine is clearly disappointed with herself for what she had to tell Travis, but knows she had to do it. Travis, on the other hand, tries to forget about it by having a snack with Camille; but as she continues to portray herself as Poknat, Travis asks if they could talk about a different subject. Meanwhile, Brandon watched Bianca as she directed a pictorial. He later comments that he wished Bianca would be as serious with him as she is with her work. But she merely shrugs and tells him that he wasn’t a serious person in the first place. Brandon seemed to be insulted by this and leaves – but little does he know that he has already touched Bianca’s heart. That night, Camille approaches her mom and tells her that based on Travis’ erratic behavior, she suspects that he may already know the truth. Clara, on the other hand, assures her that her plans never fail. But it already has; Jasmine, who was just passing by the window, heard every word. The next day, Jasmine tells Romeo what she heard. Romeo claims that he’s fed up with Camille’s treachery, and decides that enough is enough; but Jasmine stops him. Romeo demands an explanation why she keeps putting up with Camille, and Jasmine blurts out that they are sisters.

Sometimes, even the simplest of gestures can make one’s heart open to forgiving – or forgetting. Clara continues to set Monica up with Francis, this time inviting her to a badminton court where the singer works as an instructor. Here he confides in Monica his true feelings for her. She hurriedly heads home, but later Monica tells Clara that she has feelings for Francis as well. Brandon visits Bianca in her office, to find out that she isn’t there. He goes into her studio and finds his picture on her laptop. Bianca suddenly arrives, and demands to know what he is doing inside her studio; to which Brandon quips that he wants to know what he’s doing in her laptop as well. Jasmine accidentally tells Romeo that she is Camille’s sister, and soon after he is approached by Travis, who tells him that he would give everything to her. Jasmine, on the other hand, continues to give leeway to Camille, whether it is grades – or Travis. Camille soon learns this, and angrily demands to know why. But Jasmine looks at her in a whole different light, and she gives her what she needs most – a shoulder to cry on. Jasmine tells her that despite her problems with Clara, Emily will always love her and look upon her as her own daughter as well. The two put their differences aside, and the former enemies – and in Jasmine’s knowledge, sisters – become renewed friends.

Week 7[edit]

Episodes Week 7 Average Rating Original airdates
31 - 35 TBA February 19–23, 2007 (February 19–23, 2007)

It’s time for the student auction, and no one’s more ready than Travis. He’s determined to make Jasmine his date, and even shelled out a lot of money to buy votes. Kevin, on the other hand, seems to have the same thing in mind; he even sold his watch with the intent of buying votes himself. Meanwhile, Camille and Jasmine suddenly become inseparable. But when Rocky asks her about it, Camille says that she’s merely doing it so Jasmine should shut up, and so she would have a good impression on Travis. George lost his job because he refused to accept a bribe, and no one’s more frustrated at this than Clara; but George wasn’t too happy with her as well. He threatened to leave, and was in fact already packing his bags when Clara mentioned Camille. This made George change his mind, but before unpacking, he made it clear that there is only one reason for this: Camille. Francis continues to court Monica, and even shows up at her house with a puppy. Monica was already ready to tell him of what she really feels when Brandon shows up, and intimidates Francis into leaving the house. The votes have been cast, and Travis and Kevin eagerly await the chance to be Jasmine’s date.

It may be his second chance at the auction-a-date night, but for Travis and everyone involved, it turned out to be a totally different experience. He was overjoyed at first on winning Jasmine as a date for that night, but is shocked to see her hurry off. Camille sees the proceedings and stops Travis from pursuing her, telling him to dance with her instead. But after a few minutes Travis can’t take any longer, and goes off after Jasmine. He and Romeo frantically search backstage, but find no one. When they venture outside, Jasmine suddenly emerges from under the table after the event and goes home, only to find Travis at the now empty stage. The two share a dance together, but Jasmine quickly breaks off and leaves. Travis pursues her, only to have Jasmine tell him that she is not Poknat. Travis, however, would not believe her, because he knew that during their dance together that Jasmine felt the same way as he does for her. Meanwhile, George and Emily become worried that Jasmine is still out at such an ungodly hour, and decide to look for her. They finally find Jasmine walking alone, and bring her home. But Jasmine is quickly confronted by Camille, who accuses her of buying all the votes so she would be Travis’ date. But Jasmine keeps her good disposition towards her, and for a moment, the two become friends again.

Travis comes up with a crafty plan to woo Jasmine and keep Camille happy – at the same time. After Jasmine learns from Rocky that Travis remained sullen during the auction, she feels a little guilty and decides to apologize to Travis. Seeing that Jasmine still remains faithful on her intent to keep Camille happy, Travis strikes a deal: for every time he goes out with Camille, Jasmine has to go on a date with him too. That day he tries to invite her for a snack, but Jasmine, who knows she’s been had, hurriedly walks away. Soon Camille excitedly tells Jasmine that Travis had asked her to have dinner. And true enough, he picks her up that night. A happy Camille then tells her about her date, but Jasmine doesn’t seem too happy with the proceedings. The next day, however, Travis cashed in, inviting her to dinner near the church. While serving dinner, Jasmine overhears Camille and Clara talk about Travis not being home yet. She was shocked to learn that Travis pushed through and, despite the heavy rain, ventured out to meet her. She expected him to be sad, and he was indeed standing in the rain alone; but as they meet, he tells her that he knew all along that Jasmine would come.

In the pouring rain, Travis waits for Jasmine. Amidst the drenched clothes, soiled food and thunderclaps, Travis lies waiting for the love of his life, afraid to lose her again. Finally Jasmine appears, her voice a beacon of light in the dark night. With all of Travis' efforts for a perfect candlelit dinner ruined, Jasmine tells him to go home instead, as he's already soaking wet. However Travis pleads, and Jasmine finally obliges to have dinner in a restaurant with him, "to clear her conscience". No doubt, the night ends well for our lovestruck Travis, who finally gets a chance to have a date with the girl of his dreams. Meanwhile Monica reminisces fond memories of Francis, and takes the day off to take care of Travis, who ends up with a fever and skips school. However her son informs him he's feeling better, so his mom can leave and take Coco out for a walk. George then informs Emily that his boss got caught for taking bribes along with his cohorts. Because of that, George's boss got dismissed, and faces a lawsuit against him. Clara soon enters the picture, and again berates her husband. George tells her he already resigned from his job, and there's a chance that he might not get his job back. Clara then storms off irate, and orders Emily to brew coffee for her. Soon, Travis hears a faint knock outside, and gets the surprise of his life when he sees Jasmine on their doorstep. It turns out that Camille and Bruce decided to pay Travis a visit, and had requested Jasmine to cook soup for him. His hopes sinking, he goes to the kitchen to spend some time with Jasmine, only to be interrupted by Camille a few minutes later. Jasmine then proceeds to leave, on the pretense that she has to study in case their teacher gives a pop quiz the following day. Meanwhile, Monica finds herself strolling her pet chihuahua Coco, around the village. Surprisingly, Francis shows up, who borrowed his friend's dog in order to keep Monica company. The two then talk about the future, and Francis again relays his feelings for her. Unfortunately, their little walk in the park is chanced upon by Brandon, who happens to be driving around the same area.

Week 8[edit]

Episodes Week 8 Average Rating Original airdates
36 - 40 "##.##%" February 26 - March 2, 2007 (February 26 - March 2, 2007)

Week 9[edit]

Episodes Week 9 Average Rating Original airdates
41 - 45 "##.##%" March 5–9, 2007 (March 5–9, 2007)

Week 10[edit]

Week 11[edit]

Episodes Week 11 Average Rating Original airdates
51 - 55 "99.99%" March 19–23, 2007 (March 19–23, 2007)

Week 12[edit]

Episodes Week 11 Average Rating Original airdates
56 - 60 "99.93%" March 26–30, 2007 (March 26–30, 2007)

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