List of Secretaries General of the Arab League

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This is a list of the Secretaries-General of the Arab League since its founding in 1945.

List of Secretaries-General[edit]

Secretary-General Life Took office Left office Nationality Photo
1 Abdul Rahman Azzam 1893–1976 1945 1952  Egypt Emblem of the Arab League.svg
2 Abdul Khalek Hassouna 1898–1992 1952 1972  Egypt Emblem of the Arab League.svg
3 Mahmoud Riad 1917–1992 1972 1979  Egypt Mahmoed Riad (1969).jpg
4 Chedli Klibi 1925–present 1979 1990  Tunisia Emblem of the Arab League.svg
5 Ahmed Asmat Abdel-Meguid 1924–2013 1991 2001  Egypt Emblem of the Arab League.svg
6 Amr Moussa 1936–present 2001 2011  Egypt Amr Moussa at the 37th G8 Summit in Deauville 054.jpg
7 Nabil Elaraby 1935–present 2011 incumbent  Egypt Nabil el-Araby 2005.jpg

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