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This is a list of characters from Shiloh, a Newbery Medal-winning novel by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor published in 1991.


The characters in Shiloh are believable and well developed. Marty is a growing, curious, sensitive boy. Marty’s mother is compassionate and understanding, particularly when she discovers Shiloh. Ma has been suspicious because of Marty’s eating behavior and the disinterest that he has shown in spending time with his best friend, David Howard. Ray Preston is strict, yet supportive of his son. Open communication and a trusting relationship exists between all family members. Judd Travers is despicable but not beyond redemption, as is evident when he hands over the dog collar to Marty after the boy completes his twenty hours of work.
—Carol Ann Gearhart of Salem Press[1]
  • Shiloh - a sensitive brown and white beagle who escapes from his abusive former owner Judd Travers.
  • Martin "Marty" Preston - an eleven-year-old boy who finds Shiloh and wants to keep him; son of Ray and Lou Preston and the older brother of Dara Lynn and Becky Preston. By "A Shiloh Christmas" Marty is twelve.
  • Judd Travers - the alcoholic abusive man who owns Shiloh until the end of the book. He is cruel to his dogs, but Judd's father began physically abusing Judd when he was four years old. In the end, Judd warms to Marty, relents, and lets him keep Shiloh.
  • Raymond "Ray" Preston - Marty, Dara Lynn, and Becky's stern dad, a mail carrier.
  • Louise "Lou" Preston - Marty, Dara Lynn, and Becky's sympathetic mom, does odd jobs from home.
  • Dara Lynn Preston - Marty and Becky's seven-year-old sister. Marty and Dara Lynn don't get along, but deep down they love each other. Dara Lynn wants a cat, but her family can't afford to have one. At the end of "Saving Shiloh" Marty buys Dara Lynn a cat for her birthday. By "A Shiloh Christmas" Dara Lynn is eight years old.
  • Rebecca "Becky" Preston - Marty and Dara Lynn's three-year-old sister By "A Shiloh Christmas" Becky is four years old.
  • David Howard - Marty's best friend.
  • Dr. Taylor Murphy - a doctor who heals Shiloh.
  • Mrs. Howard - David's mom
  • Tangerine - Dara Lynn's cat. Marty buys Tangerine at the end of "Saving Shiloh" and gives Tangerine to Dara Lynn for her birthday.
  • Mr. Wallace - a man who owns a store down in the town. In the movie Mr. Wallace's name is Doc Wallace and he and his wife take care of their granddaughter Sam Wallace after her parents die in an accident.
  • Mrs. Baker's German Shepherd Dog – a large dog that attacked Shiloh


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