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The Texas League of Minor League Baseball is one of three Double-A baseball leagues in the United States. The circuit was founded in 1888 and ran through 1892. After two years of dormancy, it was revived as the Texas Association in 1895, the Texas-Southern League in 1896, and the Texas League from 1897 to 1899. With the exception of three years during World War II (1943–1945), the Texas League has been in continual operation since 1902. A league champion is determined at the end of each season. Champions have been determined by post-season playoffs, winning the regular season pennant, or being declared champion by the league office. Currently, the first- and second-half winners within each division (North and South) meet in a best-of-five series to determine division champions. Then, the North and South division winners play a best-of-five series to determine a league champion. These records are correct as of the completion of the 2015 post-season series.[1]

League champions[edit]

Score and finalist information is presented when post-season play occurred. The lack of this information indicates a league champion by virtue of finishing the season in first place or missing information.
Year Champion Score Finalist
1888 Dallas Hams
1889 Houston Mudcats
1890 Galveston Sand Crabs
1891 Not in operation
1892 Houston Mudcats
1893 Not in operation
1894 Not in operation
1895 Fort Worth Panthers
1896 Houston Buffaloes
1897[a] Galveston Sandcrabs
San Antonio Missionaries
1898 Dallas Colts
1899 Galveston Sand Crabs
1900 Not in operation
1901 Not in operation
1902 Corsicana Oil Citys
1903 Dallas Giants
1904 Corsicana Oil Citys
1905 Fort Worth Panthers
1906 Cleburne Railroaders
1907 Austin Senators
1908 San Antonio Bronchos
1909 Houston Buffaloes
1910[b] Dallas Giants
Houston Buffaloes
1911 Austin Senators
1912 Houston Buffaloes
1913 Houston Buffaloes
1914[c] Waco Navigators
Houston Buffaloes
1915 Waco Navigators
1916 Waco Navigators
1917 Dallas Submarines
1918 Dallas Submarines
1919 Shreveport Gassers
1920 Fort Worth Panthers
1921 Fort Worth Panthers
1922 Fort Worth Panthers
1923 Fort Worth Panthers
1924 Fort Worth Panthers
1925 Fort Worth Panthers
1926 Dallas Steers
1927 Wichita Falls Spudders
1928 Houston Buffaloes
1929 Dallas Steers
1930 Fort Worth Panthers
1931 Houston Buffaloes
1932 Beaumont Exporters
1933 San Antonio Missions 4–2 Galveston Buccaneers
1934 Galveston Buccaneers
1935 Oklahoma City Indians
1936 Tulsa Oilers 4–3 Dallas Steers
1937 Fort Worth Cats
1938 Beaumont Exporters
1939 Fort Worth Cats
1940 Houston Buffaloes
1941 Dallas Rebels
1942 Shreveport Sports
1943 Not in operation
1944 Not in operation
1945 Not in operation
1946 Dallas Rebels
1947 Houston Buffaloes
1948 Fort Worth Cats
1949 Tulsa Oilers 4–3 Fort Worth Cats
1950 San Antonio Missions 4–2 Tulsa Oilers
1951 Houston Buffaloes
1952[d] Shreveport Sports (playoff)
Dallas Eagles (1st place)
1953[d] Dallas Eagles (playoff & 1st place)
1954[d] Houston Buffaloes (playoff)
Shreveport Sports (1st place)
1955[d] Shreveport Sports (playoff)
Dallas Eagles (1st place)
1956[d] Houston Buffaloes (playoff & 1st place)
1957[d] Houston Buffaloes (playoff)
Dallas Eagles (1st place)
1958[d] Corpus Christi Giants (playoff)
Fort Worth Cats (1st place)
4–3 Austin Senators
1959[d] Austin Senators (playoff)
Victoria Rosebuds (1st place)
1960[d] Tulsa Oilers (playoff)
Rio Grande Valley Giants
3–0 Victoria Rosebuds
1961[d] San Antonio Missions (playoff)
Amarillo Gold Sox (1st place)
3–0 Austin Senators
1962[d] Tulsa Oilers (playoff)
El Paso Sun Kings (1st place)
3–1 Austin Senators
1963[d] Tulsa Oilers (playoff)
San Antonio Bullets (1st place)
3–1 San Antonio Bullets
1964[d] San Antonio Bullets (playoff & 1st place) 3–1 Tulsa Oilers
1965 Albuquerque Dodgers
1966 Arkansas Travelers
1967 Albuquerque Dodgers
1968 El Paso Sun Kings
1969 Memphis Blues
1970 Albuquerque Dodgers
1971 Arkansas Travelers
1972 El Paso Dodgers
1973 Memphis Blues
1974 Victoria Toros
1975[e] Midland Cubs
Lafayette Drillers
1976 Amarillo Gold Sox
1977 Arkansas Travelers 2–0 El Paso Diablos
1978 El Paso Diablos Jackson Mets
1979 Arkansas Travelers 3–0 San Antonio Dodgers
1980 Arkansas Travelers 3–0 San Antonio Dodgers
1981 Jackson Mets San Antonio Dodgers
1982 Tulsa Drillers 3–0 El Paso Diablos
1983 Beaumont Golden Gators Jackson Mets
1984 Jackson Mets Beaumont Golden Gators
1985 Jackson Mets El Paso Diablos
1986 El Paso Diablos Jackson Mets
1987 Wichita Pilots Jackson Mets
1988 Tulsa Drillers 4–2 El Paso Diablos
1989 Arkansas Travelers 4–3 Wichita Wranglers
1990 Shreveport Captains San Antonio Missions
1991 Shreveport Captains El Paso Diablos
1992 Wichita Wranglers Shreveport Captains
1993 Jackson Generals El Paso Diablos
1994 El Paso Diablos Jackson Generals
1995 Shreveport Captains Midland Angels
1996 Jackson Generals Wichita Wranglers
1997 San Antonio Missions 4–3 Shreveport Captains
1998 Tulsa Drillers 4–3 Wichita Wranglers
1999 Wichita Wranglers Tulsa Drillers
2000 Round Rock Express 3–1 Wichita Wranglers
2001[f] Arkansas Travelers 2–0 Round Rock Express
2002 San Antonio Missions 4–3 Tulsa Drillers
2003 San Antonio Missions 4–1 Frisco RoughRiders
2004 Frisco RoughRiders 4–1 Round Rock Express
2005 Midland RockHounds 3–1 Arkansas Travelers
2006 Corpus Christi Hooks 3–1 Wichita Wranglers
2007 San Antonio Missions 3–1 Springfield Cardinals
2008 Arkansas Travelers 3–2 Frisco RoughRiders
2009 Midland RockHounds 3–1 Northwest Arkansas Naturals
2010 Northwest Arkansas Naturals 3–1 Midland RockHounds
2011 San Antonio Missions 3–0 Arkansas Travelers
2012 Springfield Cardinals 3–1 Frisco RoughRiders
2013 San Antonio Missions 3–2 Arkansas Travelers
2014 Midland RockHounds 3–2 Tulsa Drillers
2015 Midland RockHounds 3–0 Northwest Arkansas Naturals
2016 Midland RockHounds 3–1 Northwest Arkansas Naturals


  • a Galveston and San Antonio were declared co-champions.
  • b Dallas and Houston were declared co-champions.
  • c Waco and Houston were declared co-champions.
  • d From 1952 to 1964, first-place teams and playoff winners were declared co-champions.
  • e Midland and Lafayette were declared co-champions.
  • f Arkansas was declared champion after playoffs were cancelled in the wake the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.[2]


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