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Treme is an American television drama series created by David Simon and Eric Overmyer. It premiered on HBO on April 11, 2010.[1] The series follows the interconnected lives of a group of New Orleanians in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Episode titles are primarily taken from a blues or jazz song. The series concluded on December 29, 2013, after four seasons and 36 episodes.

Series overview[edit]

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
110April 11, 2010 (2010-04-11)June 20, 2010 (2010-06-20)
211April 24, 2011 (2011-04-24)July 3, 2011 (2011-07-03)
310September 23, 2012 (2012-09-23)November 25, 2012 (2012-11-25)
45December 1, 2013 (2013-12-01)December 29, 2013 (2013-12-29)


Season 1 (2010)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateUS viewers
11"Do You Know What It Means"Agnieszka HollandDavid Simon & Eric OvermyerApril 11, 2010 (2010-04-11)1.13[2]
Three months after Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans neighborhood of Tremé holds its first "second-line parade" since the storm. Albert Lambreaux returns to his home to find it ravaged by the flood, but begins cleaning up the damage instead of heeding his daughter's pleas to return to Houston. She calls her brother Delmond, who comes down to argue with their father but has no more success. A British television crew interview Creighton Bernette, who becomes so outraged by their implication that the city isn't worth rebuilding that he throws their microphone into a canal. LaDonna Batiste-Williams finds out from a friend that her brother Daymo, who has been missing since the storm, was in police custody when Katrina hit the city; Toni Bernette is unable to find Daymo on any official record of prisoners in custody at that time, but she does uncover two newspaper photographs that appear to show him among a group of prisoners being taken across the overpass.
22"Meet De Boys on the Battlefront"Jim McKayStory by: David Simon & Eric Overmyer
Teleplay by: Eric Overmyer
April 18, 2010 (2010-04-18)0.777[3]
Davis McAlary is fired from his DJ job; instead of a loan, his father gets him a new position at a local hotel. When he directs three young tourists to a bar in the Seventh Ward and they don't return, Davis is quickly fired. However, he runs into the kids two days later and they thank him for pointing them to "the real New Orleans." Albert tracks down a young man named Skinny who stole Albert's tools, and beats Skinny senseless. Meanwhile, Albert struggles to reassemble his tribe, but only one member is able to show up for practice. Janette Desautel requests a $25,000 loan from her visiting parents to keep her restaurant afloat; her father tells her he can only give her $6,000. Toni believes that she has located Daymo in a Louisiana prison, but when she and LaDonna go to see him, the prisoner brought out to meet them is a stranger.
33"Right Place, Wrong Time"Ernest DickersonStory by: David Simon & David Mills
Teleplay by: David Mills
April 25, 2010 (2010-04-25)0.809[3]
Toni bails out Davis from jail for mouthing off to a National Guard officer, and in lieu of payment he begins giving piano lessons to her daughter Sofia. Toni also helps out Antoine Batiste, who is arrested and beaten after bumping a police car with his trombone, and he beseeches her to force the police to return the instrument. Albert finds a teenage boy using his house to have sex with a girl, and releases him with a warning; the next day, the boy's unsuspecting aunt asks if Albert can find a job for her nephew, Darius, while he's out of school. Creighton finds a video that Sofia has posted on a new website called YouTube in which she complains about having to go to boarding school in Baton Rouge while her New Orleans school is closed. Sonny buys Annie an expensive bottle of wine for her birthday, but when Tom McDermott invites her to play with him at a charity benefit and Sonny becomes bored and irritated while waiting for her to finish, he goes home and drinks the wine himself. Albert discovers the body of one of his tribe members decomposing underneath a boat in the man's garage; he and several other Mardi Gras Indians provide a proper memorial.
44"At the Foot of Canal Street"Anthony HemingwayStory by: Eric Overmyer & George Pelecanos
Teleplay by: George Pelecanos
May 2, 2010 (2010-05-02)0.667[4]
Suffering from a mouth injury after his run-in with the police, Antoine accepts LaDonna's request that he go to Baton Rouge, where her husband Larry performs the necessary dental work and Antoine has a rare visit with his sons. Darius is fired from the job Albert found him with his neighbor Robinette's hauling company; later, Darius stumbles on Albert's tribe's Mardi Gras practice. When his aunt discovers him there late that evening, she invites Albert to dinner. Davis's car is crippled by a pothole left by a utility company; when he comes back to retrieve it, the car is ransacked. Davis is inspired to run for public office on a campaign platform of raising money for city improvements through legalizing and taxing marijuana ("Pot for potholes!"). Creighton films his own YouTube video, responding to those who have questioned whether New Orleans is worth saving, and signs off with, "Fuck you, you fucking fucks." He is later recognized around town by many admirers of his rant. Delmond's manager convinces him to play a New Orleans-focused tour, despite Delmond's reluctance. Toni finally gets official DNA test results that prove the prisoner using the name Daymo Brooks is not Daymo, but an accused murderer named Keevon White. Off-the-record, Keevon admits to switching bracelets with Daymo after the storm, claiming that Daymo agreed to swap in exchange for Keevon's protection in jail, but says he doesn’t know where Daymo went after that. Meanwhile, Toni has been unsuccessful in finding Antoine’s confiscated trombone. Sonny's friends convince him to come to Houston to play at a roadhouse, and he makes Annie promise not to play with any other pianists while he's gone. The roadhouse gig goes badly for Sonny, although he convinces the bar's bouncer, who has never seen New Orleans, to come back with them. Sonny returns to find Annie sitting in with the New Orleans Jazz Vipers.
55"Shame, Shame, Shame"Christine MooreStory by: David Simon & Eric Overmyer and Lolis Eric Elie
Teleplay by: Lolis Eric Elie
May 9, 2010 (2010-05-09)0.572[5]
The roadhouse bouncer, Arnie, is staying with Annie and Sonny, and confirms Annie's suspicions that Sonny bought drugs while in Houston. Still searching for Antoine's trombone, Toni gives him a connection to a group of wealthy Japanese jazz fans seeking to help New Orleans musicians. One of these fans comes to meet Antoine, buying him a brand-new trombone and giving him a wad of cash. Antoine then discovers his own instrument in a pawn shop. When Toni confronts the police lieutenant about his officers pawning Antoine’s trombone, he tells her about the huge issues he's facing with officer morale and says he can’t get upset about a trombone. Albert presses a city council member, Ron Singleton, about why the projects have been closed since Katrina despite incurring no serious damage, but Singleton says that reopening the projects isn't up to him. Davis enlists an all-star roster of local musicians to play for free on a recording of his anti-government anthem, "Shame, Shame, Shame." Creighton records another angry YouTube rant, but brushes off a query from Toni about getting back to work on his novel, saying he has to focus on planning the upcoming Krewe du Vieux parade for Carnival. Working to prove to the courts that Daymo was in police custody during the storm, Toni discovers that he had been working at Janette's restaurant, Desautel's. Janette tells her that she talked to Daymo the morning Katrina hit but hasn’t heard from him since. A group of celebrity chefs pay an unannounced visit to Desautel's, and are much impressed by what Janette offers them. In the midst of another joyful second line, shots ring out, and Arnie grabs Annie and shepherds her to safety, leaving Sonny behind; Sonny, fearing that Arnie is moving in on his girl, ejects him from their home.
66"Shallow Water, Oh Mama"Brad AndersonStory by: David Simon & Eric Overmyer and Tom Piazza
Teleplay by: Tom Piazza
May 16, 2010 (2010-05-16)0.620[6]
Creighton’s agent comes to New Orleans to tell Creighton that his publisher still wants the novel about the 1927 flood, but she asks if he can include content about Katrina as well; he says he’ll deliver the originally planned manuscript. Davis’ political campaign continues in full swing, as he sells CDs of his campaign song and appears on a local TV station’s candidates forum. As the suppliers for Janette’s restaurant become more demanding, she makes the hard decision to suspend operations indefinitely. LaDonna’s mother is hospitalized for breathing problems. In the midst of arguing about whether Annie should accept a solo gig, Sonny strikes her and she flees their home; they later reconcile despite Annie’s misgivings about his drug use. An aide from Councilman Singleton’s office comes to see Albert, but instead of bringing news about reopening the projects, all he has to offer is a single FEMA trailer, prompting Albert to throw him out. Toni tracks down the former NOPD officer who arrested Daymo for an outstanding warrant on the day Katrina hit; in his abandoned police car, she is thrilled to find the citation that proves Daymo was arrested that day. However, when she meets with the Assistant District Attorney to request a joint motion for an emergency hearing to locate Daymo in the prison system, the ADA tells her they have a new policy against filing joint motions on emergency hearings; a disillusioned Toni joins her husband and daughter in marching, dressed as sperm, in the riotously anti-government Krewe du Vieux parade.
77"Smoke My Peace Pipe"Simon Cellan JonesStory by: Eric Overmyer & David Mills
Teleplay by: David Mills & Davis Rogan
May 23, 2010 (2010-05-23)0.560[7]
Having finally proven that the New Orleans police had Daymo in custody during the storm, Toni wins a court motion giving the Department of Corrections 72 hours to locate him among their prisoners. Davis' campaign for office is going well enough that a political strategist visits him to encourage him to focus the media's attention on key issues; instead, Davis decides to drop out of the race in exchange for a "Get Out of Jail Free" card from a judge who's backing another candidate. Creighton unsuccessfully tries to resume work on his novel, but instead drafts and films a new YouTube rant about "Katrina fatigue". Janette sells her restaurant equipment and buys a mobile grill that will allow her to cook anywhere. After Davis finds out that she's closed Desautel's, he helps her serve food at an outdoor festival. Albert takes up residence inside the Calliope Projects, hoping the publicity from his arrest will pressure the government into reopening the buildings. When the police come for him, he refuses to kneel to be handcuffed and is viciously beaten for resisting arrest. Annie tries out to join the Pine Leaf Boys on a Canadian tour, but chokes at the audition; her fellow musician Harley Watt suspects the problem is her anguish about Sonny. Antoine's friend and mentor Danny passes away in the hospital. After searching through records of current prisoners without finding Daymo, Toni and LaDonna eventually discover his body, under a different name, at the government's makeshift morgue. LaDonna refuses to break the news to her mother, or to start making funeral arrangements, until after Carnival.
88"All on a Mardi Gras Day"Anthony HemingwayEric OvermyerJune 6, 2010 (2010-06-06)0.541[8]
LaDonna continues to keep her silence regarding Daymo’s death, which leads her mother to opt out of celebrating Mardi Gras, hopeful that Daymo will be able to join them next year. Albert’s hearing is delayed, preventing him from participating in Mardi Gras festivities. Creighton waxes nostalgic about previous parades. All the show's characters enjoy Mardi Gras with the exception of Creighton, whose depression relapses causing him to return home. Sonny goes off by himself and ends up having sex with a woman who hears of his heroic exploits. Annie meets Davis and spends the evening with him. Delmond spots a group of Mardi Gras Indians dancing, raising his spirits. Antoine and LaDonna have a romantic encounter in LaDonna’s bar, causing them to miss having dinner with their loved ones. After serving food throughout the day, Janette spends the evening wandering the streets while drunk. Creighton films an extremely negative YouTube video insinuating that his beloved city and beloved festival have plunged into vulgarity and banality and will probably never return to their past greatness. Deeply melancholic, Creighton goes out on his porch, drinks heavily and passes out, much to the shock of his wife, who find him the following morning. Delmond bails Albert out of jail. LaDonna begins to make funeral arrangements.
99"Wish Someone Would Care"Dan AttiasStory by: David Simon & George Pelecanos
Teleplay by: George Pelecanos
June 13, 2010 (2010-06-13)1.165[9]
Annie tells Sonny that she wishes to perform with other musicians and criticizes his behavior, leading Sonny to break up with her. Annie makes temporary living arrangements with a friend. Sonny later calls and asks to meet over coffee. As Albert prepares for Saint Joseph's Day, he is warned by the police not to incite any violence. He finds that increased security has been placed on the Calliope projects. Janette organizes a big event at Bacchanal and pays musicians to perform while she provides food. The event is rained out, and Janette returns home to find her ceiling leaking. Toni wants an independent autopsy for Daymo, but LaDonna refuses to consider one. After learning that LaDonna’s family crypt needs repairs, Antoine offers money to help with the payment, which she accepts. She clarifies that their sexual encounter during Mardi Gras will not lead anywhere. LaDonna is later forced to ask her husband for money. Davis throws a release party for his record, and invites Annie. While she is unable to attend, he tells her that she is welcome anytime. After spending the night with Davis, a defeated Janette announces her plans to move to New York. Creighton assigns The Awakening to his class, and speaks of endings and transitions. With a much cheerier disposition, he compliments his wife and daughter, generously tips Annie as she performs, and throws himself from the bow of a ferry, killing himself.
1010"I'll Fly Away"Agnieszka HollandDavid SimonJune 20, 2010 (2010-06-20)0.931[10]
Davis returns to his old job as a DJ in order to fund his full-length CD project. Creighton’s body is found, and Toni refuses to honor his wishes for a second line at his funeral. Sonny asks Annie to return to their apartment. Annie repeats her wish to play with other people, causing Sonny to leave and continue to self-destruct. Davis prepares a day to convince Janette to stay in New Orleans, but she remains unconvinced and moves to New York. Antoine loses the majority of the money earned from his latest gig in a poker game. Albert’s Indian tribe almost has a confrontation with the police, but the situation is settled by a community relations officer. Afterward, Delmond returns to New York. LaDonna still refuses to consider an independent autopsy for Daymo. Annie asks Davis if she can move in with him. Daymo’s funeral is held.

Season 2 (2011)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateUS viewers
111"Accentuate the Positive"Anthony HemingwayStory by: Eric Overmyer & Anthony Bourdain
Teleplay by: Eric Overmyer
April 24, 2011 (2011-04-24)0.605[11]
Now fourteen months after Katrina hit New Orleans, on All Saints' Day, the characters remember their deceased loved ones and focus on continuing to cope with the struggles in their lives. Antoine is pressured by his girlfriend Desiree to get a more serious job. Toni appears to have parenting issues with her daughter Sofia, who is easily irritable ever since her father's death. Sonny survives a deadly shootout in a bar; he misses his relationship with Annie, who is now living with Davis McAlary. Albert Lambreaux is evicted from the bar he used to operate in. NOPD lieutenant Terry Colson is facing a rise in crime. Real estate developer Nelson Hidalgo arrives in New Orleans with plans to help rebuild the city. Meanwhile, in New York City, Delmond Lambreaux is offended by jazz club guests criticizing New Orleans music and the city's ability to recover, while Janette Desautel is now working in an elite restaurant under the renowned but surly chef Enrico Brulard.
122"Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky"Tim RobbinsDavid SimonMay 1, 2011 (2011-05-01)0.560[12]
Vincent Abreu approaches Toni to investigate the death of his son from the storm. He was told by the police that his son was killed by looters, but is not given the full story by the NOPD. Albert moves into his old house, which is in worse shape than the bar that he lived in. LaDonna decides to get live music for her bar. Tired of playing for tips on the streets, Sonny looks for bands needing a guitarist. Antoine considers starting his own band, and begins looking for other musicians. For Thanksgiving, Annie has dinner with Davis and his family, much to his dismay. Nelson assembles a team of haulers to begin demolition and debris removal work.
133"On Your Way Down"Simon Cellan JonesJames YoshimuraMay 8, 2011 (2011-05-08)0.518[13]
Toni interviews Officer James Distel about Abreu's death, which he says he found the body decomposing inside the store, along with bullet casings. When Toni speaks with Colson, he says that Distel never filed a report of the murder. Antoine begins rehearsals with his new band mates, and believes they need a guitarist to fill out their sound. When collecting mail at Janette's house, Davis discovers her house has been robbed. Janette is forced to return to New Orleans to deal with the issue. When returning home, Sonny sees police raiding his apartment and taking his roommates in custody. In his wrecked apartment, his keyboard is broken and his guitar is missing. Nelson gives Robinette another job and puts him in charge of the demolition. Sofia begins an internship at councilman Oliver Thomas' office. Desiree gets Antoine a job interview at an elementary school as a music instructor, but he ends up leaving when he gets there as he is overwhelmed by all the kids running around. Sonny borrows Harley's guitar so he can audition for Antoine's band, Antoine Batiste and His Soul Apostles. Delmond fires his manager after poor music sales for his latest album. Albert has not begun working on his Indian suit for Carnival, and is able to get approved for the Road Home program. LaDonna is attacked by men after closing up the bar. LaDonna is found unconscious and beaten inside her bar by a man, who brings her to the hospital. At the hospital with her husband Larry, LaDonna does not want him to know she was raped.
144"Santa Claus, Do You Ever Get the Blues?"Alex ZakrzewskiStory by: Eric Overmyer & Lolis Eric Elie
Teleplay by: Lolis Eric Elie
May 15, 2011 (2011-05-15)0.561[14]
Antoine is hired as an assistant music instructor at a middle school. Toni speaks with a witness who says police were beating people during the Abreu incident, but will not testify. A documentary filmmaker asks Albert if they could film the process of the making of the suits, but he declines. He eventually accepts her to film them on Mardi Gras day. Davis gets his Aunt to invest $5,000 in his new record label. Annie performs onstage with Shawn Colvin, and is later introduced to her manager. Sonny auditions for the Soul Apostles, but Antoine is not overly impressed. LaDonna, still shaken by the incident, continues working at the bar, but not at nights. Janette, fed up with how her boss treats her, and that Alan Richman (played by himself), a critic that heavily criticized New Orleans restaurants in a GQ article is in the restaurant, leads her to throw a Sazerac at him. Davis and Aunt Mini launch their new record label, and begin recording with local musicians. Antoine's band debuts for the first time live, and when their guitarist June Yamagishi is unavailable for a Christmas Eve gig, they hire Sonny. Delmond, who has now rehired his manager, tells him his plans for a new record, to incorporate the roots of New Orleans jazz into his modern jazz. Delmond runs into Janette, who met each other in the airport the previous year, and invites her to his New Year's Eve gig. Sonny is warned by a band mate about blowing his chance at a constant gig when he warns him about his drug use. Antoine asks LaDonna to give their sons the Christmas gifts he bought for them. Albert and Delmond have Christmas dinner where Delmond suggests to his father that he is depressed. Later, Delmond apologizes to his father for his comment, where they smoke a joint and laugh together.
155"Slip Away"Rob BaileyStory by: David Simon & Mari Kornhauser
Teleplay by: Mari Kornhauser
May 22, 2011 (2011-05-22)0.591[15]
Albert receives a visit from a city inspector, who says he needs a permit for the work he has been doing to his house and that he needs a licensed plumber to redo the work. Albert's Road Home application is rejected, as it needed his wife's signature, even though she died in 2003. Fed up, Albert begins packing, ready to move back to Houston. Janette apologizes for the incident involving Alan Richmond, and is recommended she speak with chef Eric Ripert for a new job. Ripert offers her a job, but she will have to start at the bottom. Davis continues his music recording project, wondering what New Orleans musicians they should get. Davis discovers an impressive rapper named Lil Calliope. Colson investigates the first murder in his district. He believes another crime, a break-in, is related, but other officers disagree. LaDonna is shaken up over her attack and is unable to work at the bar at night. Annie begins trying to write her own music. Under financial pressure, Toni reluctantly hands off the Abreu case to another law clinic. Thousands of New Orleans citizens march on City Hall, to protest the overgrowing violence in the city.
166"Feels Like Rain"Roxann DawsonStory by: Eric Overmyer & Tom Piazza
Teleplay by: Tom Piazza
May 29, 2011 (2011-05-29)0.531[16]
Toni awakens from a dream which featured her deceased husband, Creighton. Delmond invites his father to stay with him in New York, where he says he has been working on his suit for Mardi Gras and would like his father's help. Delmond shows his father the suit he has been making, and tells him it is for him to wear on Mardi Gras. Antoine continues to teach the music students about jazz music. Sofia finally finds out about her father's suicide. Annie continues to struggle with writing original music lyrics. Sonny is late for his gig with the Soul Apostles and is only paid half. Sonny is eventually fired by Antoine after his continued lateness. Davis and his band, along with the recruited Lil Calliope begin rehearsing. Janette returns to New Orleans to help Jacques who has been arrested for being in the country illegally. Toni discovers that shell casings matching the ones found from the Abreu murder match the ones from another murder. Detectives visit LaDonna and show her photos of men that have been arrested for the same crime the previous week, LaDonna easily identifies them. Colson joins Toni for a second line parade.
177"Carnival Time"Brad AndersonDavid Simon & Eric OvermyerJune 5, 2011 (2011-06-05)0.550[17]
Toni suggests to Sofia that they might scatter her father's ashes in the river at Mardi Gras. While Toni finally scatters Creighton's ashes in the Mississippi, Sofia gets drunk at a bar and has to be rescued by Davis. Delmond enjoys the parade in the company of his father. Annie travels to the countryside to experience a Courir de Mardi Gras. Sonny is allowed rejoin the Soul Apostles on condition that he gets clean, and finds temporary work on an oyster boat, missing Mardi Gras. Colson is satisfied with a relatively peaceful Mardi Gras after having earlier apprehended a gun-wielding teenager.
188"Can I Change My Mind"Ernest DickersonStory by: Eric Overmyer & James Yoshimura
Teleplay by: James Yoshimura
June 12, 2011 (2011-06-12)0.440[18]
LaDonna breathes a sigh of relief to learn she did not suffer any long term damage but continues to try to hold back a few details from her husband. DJ Davis' band premiers with a parody of George W. Bush. Annie works out her new song with Harley but and is eventually convinced to play in public without Davis and not on stage at the Carrollton Station. Theophile Jones Elie (TJE) school band finally gets their instruments and works on the basics. Delmond comes up with a scheme to help his father with "advances" on a fusion jazz/Indian recording and recruits an all-star band. Sofia gets arrested for possession and reveals she was aware of her father's suicide. Hidalgo manages to sell his printer cables to the city at the original inflated price. Anthony talks to George about Seals' murder. Janette explores a more creative occupation after sampling a Nick's rendition of a David Chang special. Antoine expresses remorse about failing to prompt his sons to perform music. Albert is hesitant about Delmond's idea. While Hidalgo is dining at the Palm Court Jazz Cafe, Delmond sits in with trumpeter Leroy Jones and plays Jones' composition Carnival's In Town. Annie sings her song publicly for the first time with Davis watching from a distance.
199"What Is New Orleans?"Adam DavidsonStory by: David Simon & George Pelecanos
Teleplay by: George Pelecanos
June 19, 2011 (2011-06-19)0.572[19]
Lil Calliope upstages Davis' 58 Mercury Monterrey records promotion at WWOZ with his own club dance track which is aired later that day. Sofia is snotty during her consultation with a third party lawyer. Annie meets Harley's English friend, Jim Lynch. Annie and Harley make plans to play the square later after dark where they later have a profitable set. TJE school band plays a reasonably good "FEVER" and starts raising their expectations. Lt. Colson is transferred to the Homicide unit under Captain Guidry. Chief Lambreaux is particular about the bass, the New York studio, and the rest of D. LaDonna learns that her case is on the vanguard for prosecuting her assailants. Janette is enjoying working for David Chang in New York. Antoine steals Kermit's audience from the Boom Boom Room and leads them to the Blue Nile like the pied piper and sneaks his student, Robert, telling the bouncer he is his son. Kermit seeks his revenge a set later. Lt. Colson takes Toni out for a drink but learns she is still hurting about her husband's death. Toni's witnesses clam up for fear of police retaliation. Annie and Harley are held up on their walk back and Harley is shot dead.
2010"That's What Lovers Do"Agnieszka HollandEric OvermyerJune 26, 2011 (2011-06-26)0.721[20]
Annie, Davis, Sonny, and company have an impromptu memorial service for Harley and make a shrine at the site. Robert asks Antoine for help starting a street band. Alex stops by and adds a wicked guitar solo to DJ Davis numbers. Antoine finally pays a cab fare in full. LaDonna decides to sell the bar and takes her stress out on Antoine and later the rest of her family. James says that the new record will stay in the red as a result of spending so much time in the studio. Delmond has other ideas. Hidalgo goes around buying individual houses on spec. Annie and Davis pack up Harley's things for goodwill and let Sonny keep his guitar. Sofia begins to enjoy her new job at the coffee house. Janette knocks her co-workers socks off with fried chicken and rice flour waffles luncheon and is later asked to lead with her own southern specialties. Toni tells Terry that she has casings from the shootings. Lt. Colson later finds a cache of relevant evidence. Davis has to bump one of his songs off of the sampler to add Lil Calliope's new hit. Sonny makes a pass at Linh and learns he has to secure her father's permission. Wanda curses Antoine and walks off stage after he upstages her song with quips. Delmond's all-star band prefers the New Orleans take of the Indian/Jazz song. Harley's sister drops by to pick up Harley's "This Machine Floats" acoustic guitar and mentions he was from Washington—not Texas.
2111"Do Whatcha Wanna"Ernest DickersonStory by: David Simon & Anthony Bourdain
Teleplay by: David Simon
July 3, 2011 (2011-07-03)0.664[21]
Antoine begins to get discouraged and later quits his Soul Apostles band. Janette returns to New Orleans to see her sous-chef released on bail and extends him some additional liberties. Janette is later offered a sweet deal to manage a new restaurant back in New Orleans—much to the chagrin of David Chang. Sonny is traded to Linh's dad's shrimp boat for the day. Lt. Colson collects the casings from a weary Toni. LaDonna prepares to sell the bar with some nostalgia. Davina, Delmond, Cheri, and James pool up $20,000 to give Chief Lambreaux as supposed royalties. Lambreaux believes them and proclaims "We gotta cut another record!". Davis learns that Alex is the new lead guitarist and Lil Calliope adds his new numbers to the second set. Toni visits an ex judge friend in prison. Nelson learns he is off the list of approved vendors because Councilman Thomas is under investigation. Lt. Colson, feigns the casings making a connection shortly before they mysteriously get lost. The Lambreauxs are invited to play the first Friday of Jazz Fest. Ladonna sees her aggressor at large, calls 911, and in her anger finds herself again. Her husband realizes she should not sell the bar and that he needs to move his practice back to New Orleans. Sonny is somber about slow leaks in the gulf but is later approved to date Linh. Jill declines storing Delmond's stuff since they are not an exclusive item. Lt. Colson turns the case over to the FBI. The same agent gets amnesia when Toni talks to them. Toni later cold shoulders Terry at the coffee shop. Aunt Mimi gives Davis a check for his half of selling Lil Calliope to another label—less his expenses. Davis forgets his marijuana for the Jazz Fest and later does a preppy finale with his band with James Brown's "Sex Machine". Antoine learns Henry Butler chose a different trombone player to play Japan. Antoine sponsors some tutoring lessons for Robert and later coaches some of him and a select band of his fellow to play The Rebirth Brass Band's "Do Whatcha Wanna". Davis can't sleep and returns to WWOZ. Sofia gets a reprieve from being grounded at the Jazz Fest. Antoine and his family get a new house.

Season 3 (2012)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateUS viewers
221"Knock with Me – Rock with Me"Anthony HemingwayStory by: David Simon & Anthony Bourdain
Teleplay by: David Simon
September 23, 2012 (2012-09-23)0.568[22]
232"Saints"Jim McKayEric OvermyerSeptember 30, 2012 (2012-09-30)0.538[23]
243"Me Donkey Want Water"Adam DavidsonGeorge PelecanosOctober 7, 2012 (2012-10-07)0.484[24]
254"The Greatest Love"Ernest DickersonStory by: David Simon
Teleplay by: Mari Kornhauser & Chris Yakaitis
October 14, 2012 (2012-10-14)0.523[25]
265"I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say"Alex HallStory by: Eric Overmyer
Teleplay by: Lolis Eric Elie & Jen Ralston
October 21, 2012 (2012-10-21)0.602[26]
276"Careless Love"Anthony HemingwayStory by: George Pelecanos & Chris Offutt
Teleplay by: Chris Offutt
October 28, 2012 (2012-10-28)0.491[27]
287"Promised Land"Tim RobbinsStory by: David Simon & Chris Rose
Teleplay by: Chris Rose & Micah Kibodeaux
November 4, 2012 (2012-11-04)0.560[28]
298"Don't You Leave Me Here"Ernest DickersonStory by: Eric Overmyer
Teleplay by: Tom Piazza
November 11, 2012 (2012-11-11)0.496[29]
309"Poor Man's Paradise"Roxann DawsonStory by: George Pelecanos & Jordan Hirsch
Teleplay by: George Pelecanos
November 18, 2012 (2012-11-18)0.590[30]
3110"Tipitina"Anthony HemingwayStory by: David Simon & Anthony Bourdain
Teleplay by: David Simon & Eric Overmyer
November 25, 2012 (2012-11-25)0.473[31]

Season 4 (2013)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateUS viewers
321"Yes We Can Can"Anthony HemingwayDavid Simon & Eric Overmyer & George PelecanosDecember 1, 2013 (2013-12-01)0.560[32]
332"This City"Anthony HemingwayGeorge PelecanosDecember 8, 2013 (2013-12-08)N/A
343"Dippermouth Blues"Ernest DickersonEric OvermyerDecember 15, 2013 (2013-12-15)0.521[33]
New Year's Eve. Frustrated after a gig is cancelled, Davis reminisces about the old days in New Orleans with Janette, whose restaurant is having a quiet night due to her lack of supplies. The following morning they wake up together, Janette seemingly happy with this. Later, Davis discusses the legal possibilities of revitalizing the Rampart Street clubs with Toni. Albert continues to work on his costume, telling LaDonna he will have it finished for Mardi Gras, but as Delmond watches his father's health deteriorate he is not so certain he will be in a fit state to lead his tribe. Antoine is hired to coach an actor in how to pretend to play the trombone for a movie project, and questions the authenticity of this. Later, he runs into his missing pupil, Jennifer, on Bourbon Street, where he helps her see some music, and encourages her to continue playing. Terry Colson's precinct is investigated by the FBI, and he confronts his chief, telling him he will testify if he is called. The following day his car has been vandalized. Meanwhile, Annie, back in New Orleans continues to enjoy playing with local musicians.
354"Sunset on Louisianne"Alex HallDavid SimonDecember 22, 2013 (2013-12-22)0.348[34]
365"...To Miss New Orleans"Agnieszka HollandDavid Simon & Eric OvermyerDecember 29, 2013 (2013-12-29)0.397[35]


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