List of U.S. Highways in Washington, D.C.

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United States Numbered Highways in the District of Columbia
U.S. Route 1 marker
Highway marker for U.S. Highway 1
System information
Formed November 11, 1926[1]
Highway names
US Highways US Highway X (US X)
Special Routes:

Alternate U.S. Highway X (ALT US X)
Business U.S. Highway X (BUS US X)

Bypass U.S. Highway X (BYP US X)
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The U.S. Highways in the District of Columbia comprise 10 current and former United States Numbered Highways in Washington, D.C..

U.S. Highways[edit]

Number Length (mi) Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
US 1 14th Street Bridges in Arlington, VA Eastern Avenue in Mt. Rainier, MD 14th Street Bridges, 14th St SW/NW, Constitution Ave NW, 6th St NW (northbound) / 9th St NW (southbound), Rhode Island Ave NW/NE

US 1 Alt.
Pennsylvania Ave / 6th St NW (US 1) in Judiciary Square Eastern Ave in Brentwood, MD Pennsylvania Ave NW, Constitution Ave NW/NE, Maryland Ave NE, Bladensburg Rd NE

US 1 Byp.
Current US 1 Alt. was known as US 1 Byp. in the 1940s; was cosigned with U.S. Route 50 Alt.
US 29 Francis Scott Key Bridge (Washington) in Arlington, VA Eastern Ave in Silver Spring, MD Francis Scott Key Bridge, Whitehurst Freeway, K St NW, 11th St NW, Rhode Island Ave NW, 7th St NW, Georgia Ave NW
US 50 Theodore Roosevelt Bridge in Arlington, VA John Hanson Highway near Cheverly, MD Theodore Roosevelt Bridge, Constitution Ave NW, 6th St NW (northbound) / 9th and L Sts NW (southbound), New York Ave NW/NE

US 50 Alt.

US 50 Byp.
US 211 01926-01-011926 01980-01-011980 US 211's eastern terminus was truncated to Warrenton, Virginia, eliminating the overlap with US-29.
US 240 01926-01-011926 01972-01-011972 US 240 began at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th Street near the White House. US 240 followed Massachusetts Ave to Wisconsin Ave.

US 240 Alt.
US 240 Alt. ran along Connecticut Avenue with its southern end at the intersection with US 240 at Dupont Circle.[2][3]
  •       Former

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