List of United States political families (Y)

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The following is an alphabetical list of political families in the United States whose last name begins with Y.

The Yates[edit]

  • Richard Yates (1818–1873), Illinois State Representative 1842–45 1848–49, U.S. Representative from Illinois 1851–55, Governor of Illinois 1861–65, U.S. Senator from Illinois 1865–71. Father of Richard Yates.[1]

The Youngs and Browns[edit]

  • William Singleton Young (1790–1827), U.S. Representative from Kentucky 1825–27. Brother of Bryan Young.[5]
  • Bryan Young (1800–1882), U.S. Representative from Kentucky 1845–47, Kentucky State Representative. Brother of William Singleton Young.[6]
    • John Young Brown (1835–1904), U.S. Representative from Kentucky 1859–61 1873–77, Governor of Kentucky 1891–95, candidate for U.S. Representative from Kentucky 1896, candidate for Governor of Kentucky 1899. Nephew of William Singleton Young and Bryan Young.[7]