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This is a list of all of the official Valérian and Laureline books. Each story was written by Pierre Christin, drawn by Jean-Claude Mézières and coloured by Evelyn Tran-Lé.


Every Valérian adventure from Bad Dreams to The Rage of Hypsis was first serialised in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Pilote. The first story to be collected in comic album format was The City of Shifting Waters which was numbered "1" in the series. When Bad Dreams was eventually collected as an album, it was given the number "0" to reflect its position as the debut adventure in the series. The dates given in the following list are the year of first publication of each story in album format:

Order English title French title Serialised in Pilote Album published English translation?
0 Bad Dreams Les Mauvais Rêves Issues 420 (9 November 1967) to 434 (15 February 1968) 1983 Yes
When a rogue technocrat called Xombul sabotages Galaxity's Dream Service and flees into the Middle Ages, spatio-temporal agent Valérian is ordered to follow and apprehend him.
1 The City of Shifting Waters La Cité des eaux mouvantes Serialised in two parts. Part 1: La Cité des Eaux Mouvantes (The City of the Moving Waters), Issues 455 (25 July 1968) to 468 (24 October 1968). Part 2: Terre en Flammes (Earth In Flames) in Issues 492 (10 April 1969) to 505 (10 July 1969) 1970 Yes
Xombul escapes from prison and flees into the past to 1986, a time when a great catastrophe has caused the polar ice cap to melt. Searching the flooded streets of New York for Xombul, Valérian encounters sinister robots ransacking the archives of the United Nations.
2 Empire of a Thousand Planets L'Empire des mille planètes Issues 520 (23 October 1969) to 541 (19 March 1970) 1971 Yes
Valérian and Laureline are ordered to investigate Syrte-the-Magnificent, capital of the Empire of a Thousand Planets. Who are the mysterious Authorities and what is the dark secret at the heart of the empire?
3 World Without Stars Le Pays sans étoile Issues 570 (8 October 1970) to 592 (11 March 1971) 1972 Yes
A rogue planet, Zahir, threatens the newly formed Earth colonies on Uxbar. Travelling to Zahir, Valérian and Laureline discover a hollow planet ravaged by a never ending war of the sexes. Both sides must be reunited if catastrophe is to be averted.
4 Welcome to Alflolol Bienvenue sur Alflolol Issues 632 (16 December 1971) to 653 (11 May 1972) 1972 Yes
Earth's industrial colony Technorog is thrown into chaos when the planet's indigenous population suddenly turns up and claim their home, which they call Alflolol, back. Valérian and Laureline must find a way to enable the natives and the colonists to live together in harmony.
5 Birds of the Master Les Oiseaux du Maître Issues 710 (14 June 1973) to 722 (6 September 1973) 1973 Yes
Crash landing on a strange planet, Valérian and Laureline are enslaved by the minions of the mysterious Master and his terrifying Birds-of-Madness.
6 Ambassador of the Shadows L'Ambassadeur des Ombres Issues M14 (1 July 1975) to M17 (1 October 1975) 1975 Yes
While on a diplomatic protection mission, Earth's ambassador to Point Central, the vast space-station that acts as a meeting place for all the races of the cosmos, is abducted along with Valerian. Laureline travels from section to section of Point Central in search of the kidnappers.
7 On the False Earths Sur les terres truquées Issues M31 (30 November 1976) to M34 (1 March 1977) 1977 Yes
India, the 19th century, Valérian, acting as a soldier in the French Company of the Indes is part of a force attacking a Jain fort. Entering the temple inside the fort, Valérian finds an alien communications device. Reporting back to Laureline, he is surprised and shot, he plunges into a river and then straight out into space. Laureline looks on in horror – this is the 206th time she has watched Valérian die...
8 Heroes of the Equinox Les Héros de l’équinoxe Issues M47 (21 March 1978) to M50 (27 June 1978) 1978 Yes
Valérian competes, as Earth's representative, with three other champions from other worlds to find out who is the most suitable to repopulate the sterile planet of Simlane.
9 Métro Châtelet, Direction Cassiopeia Métro Châtelet, direction Cassiopée Issues M70 (1 March 1980) to M73 (1 June 1980) 1980 Yes
Valérian is in Paris, 1980 investigating mysterious apparitions in the metro. Laureline has been dispatched to the Constellation of Cassiopeia to find the source of the apparitions. What connection to they have to the two powerful multinationals Bellson & Gambler and W.A.A.M.?
10 Brooklyn Station, Terminus Cosmos Brooklyn Station, terminus cosmos Issues M82 (1 March 1981) to M85 (1 June 1981) 1981 Yes
Continued from Métro Châtelet, Direction Cassiopeia . Valérian attempts to discover where the fourth apparition will manifest. Laureline continues her search in Cassiopeia. All sides come together in Brooklyn, New York.
11 The Ghosts of Inverloch Les Spectres d'Inverloch Issues M110 (1 July 1983) to M117 (1 February 1984) 1984 Yes
Laureline is in Scotland, the guest of Lady Seal. Valérian is hunting for a native of Glapum't. Albert is in London, en route to Scotland. The Shingouz are on Rubanis seeking information from Colonel Tloc, the chief of police. Lord Seal is in the United States being updated on sabotage of the world's military hierarchy. The Chief of the Spatio-Temporal Service watches Galaxity fade into the mists of time. Who is the ghost of Inverloch Castle and why has he called this disparate group of people together?
12 The Wrath of Hypsis Les Foudres d’Hypsis Issues M128 (1 January 1985) to M135 (1 September 1985) 1985 Yes
Continued from The Ghosts of Inverloch. The team sets out from Inverloch in search of Hypsis. What consequences will Valérian and Laureline's intervention have for the future of Galaxity?
13 On the Frontiers Sur les frontières Not serialised 1988 Yes
A series of unexplained accidents at nuclear power stations alerts Valérian, Laureline and Albert that someone may be attempting to return Earth's history back onto the course they derailed in The Rage of Hypsis. Following the trail across the borders of many countries, Valérian comes face to face with a ghost from the past.
14 The Living Weapons Les armes vivantes Not serialised 1990 Yes
Running short of money and with an astroship in need of a service, Valérian takes Laureline to the planet Blopik with a mysterious special delivery.
15 The Circles of Power Les cercles du pouvoir Not serialised 1994 Yes
Valérian and Laureline are on Rubanis, their astroship is desperate need of repair but they have no money. Reluctantly, they accept a job from Colonel Tloc, the chief of police – to find out who is controlling Rubanis from the Circle of Power.
16 Hostages of the Ultralum Otages de l'Ultralum Not serialised 1996 Yes
Valérian and Laureline are enjoying a luxurious cruise when the Caliphon, the son of the Grand Caliph of Iksaladam, is kidnapped, and Laureline with him, by the mercenary group the Mortis Quartet. Allying himself with some old acquaintances, Valérian attempts to rescue them.
17 Orphan of the Stars L'Orphelin des astres Not serialised 1998 Yes
Continued from Hostages of the Ultralum. Still pursued by the Mortis Quartet, Valérian and Laureline reach the Asteroids of Shimballil with the Brylian. Can they find a safe haven for him there?
18 In Uncertain Times Par des temps incertains Not serialised 2001 Yes
The trinity of Hypsis attempt to prevent the multinational Vivaxis from pursuing a line of genetic research. Valérian and Laureline move closer to learning the mystery behind the disappearance of Galaxity.
19 At the Edge of the Great Void Au bord du Grand Rien Not serialised 2004 Yes
The first part of a trilogy titled "In Search of the Lost Earth". Valérian and Laureline are acting as shopkeepers while trying to discover information about the disappearance of Earth. At the same time an expedition is about to leave for the Great Void, the unknown region at the edge of the universe.
20 The Order of the Stones L'Ordre des Pierres Not serialised 2007 Yes
Part two of "In Search of the Lost Earth". The expedition enters the Great Void where Valérian and Laureline encounter the sinister Wolochs.
21 The Time Opener L'Ouvre Temps Not serialised 2010 Yes
Part three of "In Search of the Lost Earth". The final volume of the trilogy.
22 Memories from the Futures Souvenirs de futurs Not serialised 2013 Yes

Short stories[edit]

Seven short stories were also published in the quarterly, digest-sized Super Pocket Pilote between 1969 and 1970 and later collected in Across the Pathways of Space (Par Les Chemins De l’Espace) (1997):

English title French title Published in Super Pocket Pilote
The Great Collector Le Grand Collectionneur Issue 3 (3 April 1969)
The Cogs of Uxgloa Les Engrenages d'Uxgloa Issue 4 (12 June 1969)
Tsirillitis the Asteroid Tsirillitis l'asteroide Issue 5 (23 October 1969)
The Sad Planet La Planete triste Issue 6 (25 December 1969)
Funny Specimens Drôles de spécimens Issue 7 (19 March 1970)
The Fflumgluff of Friendship Le Fflumgluff de l'amitié Issue 8 (25 June 1970)
Triumph of Technology Triomphe de la technique Issue 9 (29 October 1970)

Other publications[edit]

  • The Inhabitants of the Sky: The Cosmic Atlas of Valerian and Laureline (Les Habitants du Ciel: Atlas Cosmique de Valérian et Laureline) (ISBN 2205049844) is an illustrated encyclopedia that gives further background detail to the many alien creatures Valérian and Laureline have encountered in their travels.
  • Mézières' Extras (Les Extras de Mézières) (ISBN 2205044435) compiles various miscellaneous Valérian related works including stamps, murals, images from the pilot episode of the proposed animated series in 1991 and Laureline's Playboy spread as well as other non-Valérian related artwork.
  • Mézières' Extras No.2 (My Fifth Element) (Les Extras de Mézières No.2 (Mon Cinquieme Element)) (ISBN 2205047515) primarily covers the work Mézières did on the 1997 Luc Besson film The Fifth Element but does also show where that film was influenced by the Valérian albums.