List of balls in Vienna

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The classic Viennese ball has a proud tradition stretching back over four centuries, and has even taken the first steps towards inclusion in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The full spectacle extends from the opening ceremony featuring a debutant's committee to midnight stage shows with dance and music performances. There is also traditional ball etiquette to consider - from the "Damenspenden", a gift presented to the ladies, to the requisite gown, tuxedo or formal traditional Austrian dress, Austrian culture runs through every aspect of the Viennese Ball.

Ball Location When Note
Wiener Rotkreuz Ball Rathaus, Vienna November
Zuckerbaeckerball Hofburg Palace January
Ball der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien Hofburg Palace January
Steirerball Hofburg Palace January
Ball der Offiziere Hofburg Palace January
Ball der Pharmacie Hofburg Palace January
TU Ball Hofburg Palace January
Wiener Akademikerball Hofburg Palace last Friday in January; until 2012: "Ball des Wiener Korporationsringes"
Wiener Aerzteball Hofburg Palace last Saturday in January
Vienna Ball of Sciences Rathaus last Saturday in January
Jägerball Hofburg Palace last Monday in January traditional costume mandatory,
Blumenball Rathaus, Vienna Mid-January
BOKU-Ball Hofburg Palace February
IAEA-Ball Hofburg Palace February
Hofburg-Ball der Wiener Wirtschaft Hofburg Palace February
Philharmonikerball Musikverein given by the musicians of the Vienna Philharmonic
Techniker-Cercle Musikverein engineers, technicians
Immobilienball Hofburg Palace February
Kaffeesiederball Hofburg Palace February
Regenbogenball Hofburg Palace February
Vienna International Spring Ball Hofburg Palace March
Vienna Opera Ball Vienna State Opera Fat Thursday government figures, international celebrities, debutants, wide televised coverage
St. Johanns Club Ball Palais Liechtenstein late Spring St. Johanns Club/Jockey Club members, SMOM, historical nobility
Juristenball Hofburg Palace lawyers, judges, law students,
Rudolfina Redoute Hofburg Palace Shrove Monday ladies must wear masks,
Flüchtlingsball Rathaus first Saturday after Ashwednesday
Elmayer-Kränzchen Hofburg Palace Shrove Tuesday

Another important location of Balls is the Rathaus.