List of bare-knuckle lightweight champions

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List of bare-knuckle lightweight champions is a chronological from England and the United States. In some cases, the champions and their reigns can be disputed. The purpose of this list is an attempt to chronicle the evolution of the lightweight division.

Reign Began Reign Ended Champion Recognition
ca. 1799 1804 Caleb Baldwin England
1804 1810-Retired Dutch Sam England
1810s 1810s-Vacated Jack Randall England
1820s 1820s-Vacated Dick Curtis England
1830s 1830s-Vacated “Young” Dutch Sam England
ca. 1838 1841 Jack Hannan England
1841 1842-Retired Johnny Broome England
1842 ? Jonny Walker England
1850s ? Bob Travers England
1855 1856 Johnny Moneghan United States
1856 1856-Vacated James Hart United States
1856 1857 Johnny Moneghan United States
1857 1858 Barney Aaron United States
1858 ca. 1861-Retired Patrick “Scotty” Brannigan United States
1861 1863-Retired Owney Geoghegan United States
1866 1867 Sam Collyer United States
1867 1867-Retired Barney Aaron United States
1868-Claimed Title ?-Vacated Abe Hicken United States
1867-Claimed Title 1868 Sam Collyer United States
1868 1872 Billy Edwards United States
1872 1879-Retired Arthur Chambers United States
1880s-Claimed Title ? Charley Norton United States
1880s-Claimed Title ca. 1885-Moved up in Weight "Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey United States
1885 1892-Retired Jack McAuliffe-Last Bare-knuckle Champion/First Gloved Champion United States