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The Bavarian capital Munich was home to many military barracks. The first ones were located near the historical center of Munich. At the end of the 18th century a lot of military installations were built to the north of the historical center. Most of the installations were renamed during Nazi Germany, once more during the occupation of Germany after World War II when the installations were used by the United States Army, and once more when the Bundeswehr got them for use. Only three of them are currently used. The barracks of Munich are listed on a memorial stone which is located in Bayern-Kaserne.

Former barracks[edit]

name built in / closed in other names remarks
Kreuzkaserne 1670–1883
Alte Isarkaserne 1700–1892
Kosttor-Kaserne 1705–1855
Max-Joseph-Kaserne 1804/1807–1899/1900
Lehel-Kaserne 1806–1901
Seidenhauskaserne 1808–1899/1900
  • Artillerie-Kaserne
Neue Isarkaserne 1811–1902
Türkenkaserne 1824–1945
  • Neue Infanteriekaserne am Türkengraben
  • Prinz-Arnulf-Kaserne
see also Türkentor
Salzstadelkaserne 1849–1890
  • Jägerkaserne
Maximilian-II-Kaserne 1865–1945
Marsfeldkaserne 1888–1945
  • Infanteriekaserne
  • "Einser"-Kaserne[1]
Eisenbahnkaserne 1890–1976
Oberwiesenfeldkaserne 1893–1969
Luftschifferkaserne 1896–1999
Prinz-Leopold-Kaserne 1902–1945
Telegraphenkaserne 1909/1910 –
Kradschützen-Kaserne 1931–1994
  • Indiana Depot (U.S. Army use)
  • Stetten-Kaserne (Bundeswehr use)
Korpsnachrichten-Kaserne 1934–1994
  • Saar-Kaserne
  • Jensen Kaserne (U.S. Army use)
  • Waldmann-Kaserne (Bundeswehr use)
Funkkaserne 1936–1992
Prinz-Eugen-Kaserne 1937–2009
  • Lohengrin-Kaserne (Nazi Germany)
  • Peterson Kaserne (U.S. Army use)
McGraw Kaserne 1945–1992 parts were used from the Reichszeugmeisterei (Nazi Germany)
Kronprinz-Rupprecht-Kaserne 1963–1994
  • Virginia Storage Area / Alabama Storage Area (U.S. Army use)

Existing barracks[edit]

name built in / closed in other names remarks
Bayern-Kaserne 1935 –
  • General-Wever-Kaserne (Nazi Germany)
  • Henry Kaserne (U.S. Army use)
sold in 2007
Fürst-Wrede-Kaserne 1936 –
  • Will Kaserne (U.S. Army use)
parts were sold in 2006
Ernst-von-Bergmann-Kaserne 1936 –
  • Kaserne "München-Freimann" (Nazi Germany)
  • Warner Kaserne (U.S. Army use)

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