List of colleges and universities in New York (state)

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The following is a list of public and private colleges and universities in the state of New York.

Public colleges and universities[edit]

State University of New York (SUNY)[edit]

City University of New York (CUNY)[edit]

Public campuses operated by private institutions[edit]

(SUNY Statutory Colleges)

At Alfred University

At Cornell University

Federal service academies[edit]

Non-sectarian private colleges and universities (not for profit)[edit]

Private colleges and academies (for profit)[edit]

Religious affiliated/oriented private institutions[edit]

Roman Catholic[edit]

Christian Brothers[edit]

Congregation of the Mission[edit]

De La Salle Brothers[edit]

Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt[edit]

Felician Sisters[edit]


Grey Nuns[edit]


Sisters of Charity of New York[edit]

Sisters of Mercy[edit]

Sisters of St. Joseph[edit]


Christian and Missionary Alliance[edit]




Nondenominational Christianity[edit]

Non-denominational progressive Christian[edit]

Southern Baptist Convention[edit]



Conservative Judaism[edit]

Orthodox Judaism[edit]

Reform Judaism[edit]

Defunct institutions (recent)[edit]

Private, non-sectarian colleges and academies[edit]

Private colleges and academies (for profit)[edit]

Private religious institutions[edit]

Roman Catholic[edit]

Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod[edit]

Listed by geographical region[edit]

New York City[edit]

Long Island[edit]

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