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These are sortable lists of compositions and arrangements of music by Imogen Holst. The first table lists original compositions, the second arrangements and adaptations by Imogen Holst of traditional folk tunes and works by other composers. The lists cover unpublished juvenilia from Holst's early teens to final works completed more than sixty years later. Title formats are those given in Christopher Tinker’s listing of works reprinted in the 2010 edition of ‘Imogen Holst: A Life in Music'. More detailed information about the publication and source materials of the music is included in that volume.

In her role of amanuensis to Benjamin Britten, Holst made numerous vocal and piano scores of Britten's works; these are not listed.

List of works[edit]

Voice type key: S= soprano; A= alto; T= tenor; B= bass

Table 1: Original compositions[edit]

Genre Year Title Forces
(instrumental and vocal)
Chamber 1918 Sonata in D minor Violin, viola, cello and piano Opus 1 (only the first four works were numbered)
Unaccompanied tune 1918 Four English Christmas Carols Opus 2
Instrumental 1918 Duet Viola and piano Opus 3
Instrumental 1920 The Masque of the Tempest Flute, clarinet, triangle and strings Opus 4
Choral 1921 Arrangement: "Resonet in Laudibus" Unison voices and small orchestra
Choral 1925 An Essex Rhapsody Treble choir and orchestra
Vocal 1925 Three songs (words: Walter de la Mare) Treble voice, two violins and cello
Vocal 1926 Two Four-part Rounds Unaccompanied voices
Vocal 1926 "Weathers" (song) (words: Thomas Hardy) Solo voice and piano
Instrumental 1926 Theme and variations Solo piano
Choral 1927 Mass in A minor SSATB choir
Instrumental 1927 Suite in F: "Allegro assai" Strings
Orchestral 1927 Suite: "Moderato" Small orchestra
Chamber 1928 Quintet Oboe and strings
Instrumental 1928 Sonata in G Violin and Piano
Chamber 1928 Phantasy String quartet
Chamber 1928 Suite Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon
Orchestral 1929 Overture: Persephone Orchestra
Brass band 1929 Suite: The Unfortunate Traveller Brass band
Instrumental 1930 Suite: The Unfortunate Traveller Strings Arrangement of brass band suite (1929)
Choral 1930 "What Man is He" SATB chorus and orchestra Text from Wisdom IX: 13–17
Ballet 1930 Meddling in Magic Orchestra
Instrumental 1930 Suite Unaccompanied viola
Chamber 1930 Sonata Violin and cello
Orchestral 1932 Morris Suite Small orchestra
Instrumental 1934 Five Short Airs on a Ground Pipes
Instrumental 1934 Five Short Pieces Solo piano
Instrumental 1934 Six Pictures from Finland Solo piano
Choral 1934 Wedding Hymn: "Father in Thine Almighty Hand" (words: Eleanor Spensley) SATB voices
Orchestral 1934 Incidental music: The Song of Solomon Orchestra Music for a Hollywood pageant
Concertante 1935 Concerto for violin and string orchestra Solo violin and strings Based on traditional Irish tunes
Instrumental 1935 Four Easy Pieces Viola and piano
Orchestral 1935 On Westhall Hill Small orchestra
Choral 1935 Carol: "My Bairn, Sleep Softly Now" (Anon.) Unaccompanied female voices (SSSAA) or solo soprano and pipes
Instrumental 1936 Canons Treble pipes
Vocal 1936 "Fly Away Over the Sea" (words: Christina Rossetti) Two sopranos and piano
Vocal 1936 Canon: "Great Art Thou, O Lord" Five unaccompanied equal voices
Vocal 1936 "Lady Daffadowndilly" (words: Christina Rossetti) Treble voices and piano
Choral 1936 "Now Will I Weave White Violets" (words: Meleager of Gadara) Female voices (SSA)
Choral 1937 Incidental music: Nicodemus Chorus and orchestra
Instrumental 1937 12 Songs for Children (piano accompaniments) Piano
Vocal 1937 "Little Thinkest Thou, Poore Flower" (words: John Donne) Voice and piano
Instrumental 1939 "Prelude and Dance" Piano
Orchestral 1939 Eothen Suite Small orchestra
Choral 1940 "The Cherry Tree Carol" Unaccompanied SATB voices
Instrumental 1940 Six Shakespeare songs Three recorders
Choral 1940 "A Hymne to Christ" (words: John Donne) SATB chorus
Chamber 1941 Offley Suite Recorder trio
Instrumental 1941 Deddington Suite Recorder trio
Chamber 1942 Serenade Flute, viola and bassoon
Instrumental 1943 Suite String orchestra
Choral 1943 Three Psalms SSAATB chorus and strings
Instrumental 1943 Theme and variations Solo violin
Concertante 1944 Oboe concerto Oboe and orchestra
Chamber 1944 First String Trio Violin, viola, cello
Choral 1944 Five songs (words: Anon., Robert Herrick, John Donne SSSAA voices
Vocal 1944 Four Songs (words: Tottel's Miscellany) Soprano and piano
Choral 1945 Hierusalem (words: Tottel's Miscellany ) Eight-part female chorus
Opera 1945 Young Beichan (libretto: Beryl de Zoete) Soloists, chorus and orchestra Puppet opera in seven scenes
Instrumental 1945 Offley Suite Strings Arrangement for elementary string classes
Instrumental 1946 Duet for treble recorders Two treble recorders
Instrumental 1946 Six Canons Violins Exercises for violin classes
Choral 1946 Anthem: "How Manifold are thy Works" Unspecified chorus
Choral 1946 Four Canons for Winsome Female voices For Winsome Bartlett, a colleague of IH at Dartington[1]
Chamber 1946 String Quartet No. 1 String quartet
Choral 1947 Birthday Canon for Winsome: "Open me the gates of righteousness" SATB voices
Choral 1947 Birthday Part-Song for Winsome: "The lopped tree in time may grow again" SSSAA voices
Vocal 1948 Round: "I stand as still as any stone" Four voices (unspecified)
Chamber 1949 String quartet No. 2 String quartet
Vocal 1950 Incidental music, Prometheus (words: Aeschylus) Voices (unspecified) and viola accompaniment
Choral 1950 Six part-songs: Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow SSA voices and harp (or piano)
Opera 1951 Benedick and Beatrice Soloists, chorus and orchestra One-act opera based on Shakespeare's characters[2]
Choral 1955 Motet: "Lavabo inter innocentes" SSSAA voices
Instrumental 1962 The Fall of the Leaf: three short studies on a 16th-century tune Solo cello
Choral 1962 "The Twelve Kindly Months" (words: Thomas Tusser) SSA voices
Instrumental 1962 Variations on "Loth to Depart" String quartet and two string orchestras
Instrumental 1962 String Trio No. 2 Violin, viola and cello
Choral 1964 "As Laurel Leaves That Cease Not to Be Green" (from Tottel's Miscellany SSA voices
Choral 1964 "That Lord that Lay in Asse Stall" SATB voices
Choral 1965 Carol: "Make Ye Merry For Him That Is To Come" SSATB voices
Choral 1965 "Not Unto Us O Lord" Two treble and alto choirs, organ, optional tubular bells
Choral 1965 Cantata: The Sun's Journey Soprano and alto choirs, small orchestra (or piano)
Orchestral 1965 Triannon Suite Orchestra
Instrumental 1966 Fanfare for the Grenadier Guards Three trumpets, horn, two trombones
Instrumental 1966 Fanfare for Thaxted Two trumpets, flute, bells
Instrumental 1967 Leiston Suite Brass quartet
Instrumental 1968 Duo Viola and piano
Choral 1968 "Out of Your Sleep arise and Wake" unaccompanied SSATTB chorus
Instrumental 1969 Badingham Chime Handbells
Brass Band 1969 Theme and seven variations: The Glory of the West Brass band
Orchestral 1969 Woodbridge Suite Orchestra
Instrumental 1970 Fantasia on Hampshire Folk Tunes String orchestra
Instrumental 1972 Iken Fanfare School wind band
Choral 1972 "Hallo My Fancy, Whither Wilt Thou Go" (words: William Cleland) SSTBB and counter-tenor
Vocal 1974 "Farewell to Rod" Solo voice and continuo
Concertante 1976 Joyce's Divertimento Viola and orchestra
Orchestral 1977 Deben Calendar Orchestra
Instrumental 1980 February Welcome Handbells
Vocal 1980 A Greeting Two sopranos, mezzo-soprano and piano
Vocal 1982 "Song for a Well-Loved Librarian" Soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor and baritone Dedicated to Fred Ferry, librarian to the Britten-Pears Library[3]
Chamber 1982 String Quintet String quintet: two violins, viola, two cellos
Vocal 1984 Homage to William Morris Bass voice and string bass
Instrumental 1984 Recorder sextet Sopranino, two descants, two trebles and tenor recorders
Instrumental 1984 Concerto for recorder and string orchestra Solo recorder and string orchestra
Instrumental 1984 Duet Violin and cello

Table 2: Arrangements[edit]

Genre Year Title Forces
(instrumental and vocal)
Instrumental 1932 First Book of Tunes for the Pipes Pipes Collected and arranged
Instrumental 1933 Selected 18th Century Dances Piano Collected and arranged
Instrumental 1933 Second Book of Tunes for the Pipes Pipes Collected and arranged
Instrumental 1933 Two Scottish Airs Cello and piano
Vocal 1934 Four Oxfordshire Folk Songs Two sopranos and piano
Vocal 1934 Four Somerset Folk Songs Two sopranos and alto
Orchestral 1934 Love in a Mist or The Blue-Haired Stranger Orchestra Arranged from music by Scarlatti
Choral 1934 Folk song: "Nowell and Nowell" Mixed voices
Vocal 1934 Six Scottish Folk Songs Voice, pipes piano
Orchestral 1934 Traditional Country Dances Orchestra Arranged for the Cecil Sharp House Orchestra and others
Instrumental 1935 Four Folk Tunes from Hampshire Unison violins and piano
Orchestral 1935 "Intermezzo" from Gustav Holst's First Suite in E flat Orchestra Orchestral arrangement
Choral 1935 Folk song: "The Virgin Unspotted" Unaccompanied female voices (SSA)
Instrumental 1936 Twelve Old English Dance Airs Pipes Arrangements, from Playford's English Dancing Master
Choral 1936 "Wassail Song" Unaccompanied men's chorus Arranged from Gustav Holst's setting for mixed voices
Instrumental 1937 Six Old English Dances Piano Arrangements, from Playford's English Dancing Master
Choral 1937 Folk song: "A Sweet Country Life" Unaccompanied SATB voices
Choral 1937 Folk song from Hampshire: "The Cobbler" Unaccompanied SATB voices
Choral 1937 "A Cornish Wassail Song" Unaccompanied SATB voices
Brass band 1937 Coronation Country Dances Brass band Co-arrangement with Gordon Jacob
Instrumental 1937 The Rival Sisters" Strings, ad lib woodwind and percussion Arrangements of Purcell's suite for small orchestra
Vocal 1938 Pelham Humphrey: Three Songs (Pelham Humphrey) Voice and piano
Vocal 1938 Ten Appalachian Folk Songs Voice and piano
Choral 1940 Six Traditional Carols (first set) SSA voices Completed between 1940 and 1946
Vocal 1940 Pastoral scene: Nymphs and Shepherds SSA voices, strings, optional recorders Based on music by Purcell
Choral 1940 Dorset folk carol: "Come All You Worthy People" SSA voices
Instrumental 1940 Pelham Humphrey: Five airs Recorder trio
Vocal 1941 Pelham Humphrey: Song "Nature's Homily" Baritone and piano
Instrumental 1942 Handel's "As When the Dove" Continuo
Instrumental 1942 A Bach Book for the Treble Recorder Treble recorder Selected and edited by IH
Vocal 1942 Three Carols from Other Lands Unspecified
Choral 1943 "Of a Rosemary Branch Sent" SATB voices with strings
Choral 1943 Shropshire folk carol: "All Under the Leaves" SSA voices Also known as "The Seven Virgins"
Choral 1943 Cornish folk-carol: "Cherry, Holly and Ivy" SATB voices
Choral 1945 Bach's Cantata No. 79: "God the Lord is Son and Shield" SSA voices
Instrumental 1945 Purcell's The Tempest Piano, flute, descant recorder, oboe, clarinet, strings
Orchestral 1945 Three Somerset Folk Songs Small orchestra
Instrumental 1947 British Folk Songs Solo piano
Choral 1948 Six Traditional Carols (Second set) SSA voices
Choral 1949 Gustav Holst: "Lullay my Liking" SSA voices with solo soprano
Choral 1949 Six Christmas Carols (Third set) SSA and SSAA voices
Instrumental 1950 Purcell: Four songs Recorder ensemble
Choral 1950 "Greensleeves" SSA voices
Instrumental 1950 Purcell: Seventeen songs Piano, two violins, cello ad lib
Choral 1950 Folk song: "I Must Live All Alone" SSA voices
Instrumental 1951 Ten Indian Folk Tunes from the Punjab Descant recorder Transcribed by IH and Prabhakar Chinchore
Choral 1952 Handel: L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato Equal voices with ad lib soprano and alto soli
Instrumental 1952 "Sellenger's Round" Strings Arrangement of Byrd setting
Vocal 1953 Daniel Purcell: "By What I've Seen I am Undone" Voice and piano
Vocal 1953 Henry Carey: Four Songs Voice and piano
Orchestral 1954 Britten: "March from the Courtly Dances sequence in Gloriana Orchestra Orchestral arrangement
Vocal 1954 Britten: Second Lute Song of Earl of Essex, from Gloriana Voice and piano
Choral 1955 Britten: Choral Dances from Gloriana Tenor solo and SATB chorus
Instrumental 1955 Bach: A Christmas Canon Recorder quartet
Vocal 1955 Handel: "For Ever Blessed Be Thy Holy Name" Voice and piano
Choral 1955 Folk song: "O Can Ye Sew Cushions" SSA voices and piano From Britten's Folk Song arrangements Vol. 1
Choral 1955 Six Scottish Songs SSA voices unaccompanied
Choral 1955 Traditional Songs of Scotland SSA voices unaccompanied
Vocal 1955 Arne: "Under the Greenwood Tree" Voice and piano
Vocal 1956 Sea shanty: "Sally Brown" Voices and recorders
Opera 1956 Venus and Adonis Unspecified From the original by John Blow: prepared for the 1956 Aldeburgh Festival[4]
Choral 1957 "Singing for Pleasure" Female voices Song collection
Choral 1958 Six Traditional Carols (Fourth Set) Unaccompanied SSA and SSSA voices
Choral 1959 "A Jubilee Book of English Folk Songs" Unison voices and piano Song collection
Choral 1959 Ten songs from John Wilson's Cheerfull Ayres and Ballads (1659) SSA voices
Instrumental 1960 Fifty Bach tunes Recorder Arranged from originals
Instrumental 1960 Ten Bach tunes Recorder Arranged from originals
Choral 1960 A Yacre of Land: 16 folksongs from collection of Ralph Vaughan Williams Unison voices and piano, or unaccompanied voices Co-arranged by IH and Ursula Vaughan Williams
Vocal 1961 Nineteen Songs from Folk Songs of Europe, ed. Maud Karpeles Voice and piano accompaniment
Choral 1961 Tunes from Kentucky Equal voices and junior orchestra
Choral 1962 Heinrich Schütz: The Passion According to St John Soloists and unaccompanied chorus Co-edited and arranged by IH and Peter Pears
Choral 1964 Scottish Traditional Song: "A Wee Bird Cam' to Our Ha'Door" SATB voices
Choral 1965 The Passion According to St Luke Unaccompanied voices Edited and arranged for performance from 15thC manuscripts
Choral 1965 Heinrich Schütz: The Passion According to St Matthew Soloists and unaccompanied chorus Co-edited and translated by IH and Peter Pears
Vocal 1966 Thomas Tudway: "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes" Soprano and continuo
Choral 1966 George Kirbye: "O Jesu, Look" SSATB voices
Opera 1967 Purcell: The Faerie Queen (shortened version) Soloists, chorus and orchestra Edited and prepared for concert performance by IH, Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten
Choral 1967 Bach: The Passion According to St John Soloists, chorus and orchestra Edited by Benjamin Britten and IH; English translation by Peter Pears
Orchestral 1967 Lully: Suite from Persée Orchestra Edited from original by IH and Emanuel Hurwitz
Vocal 1967 Three Carol Arrangements Three equal unaccompanied voices
Vocal 1967 Twenty Traditional British Folk Songs unaccompanied voices in part song
Choral 1968 Purcell: Wedding anthem, "How Blest Are They" Mixed voices, soprano and bass soli Arranged by IH and Philip Ledger
Choral 1969 Purcell: "Remember Not, O Lord" Male chorus
Instrumental 1970 William Byrd: "Browning" Violin, two violas, two cellos
Choral 1970 English folk song: "Gypsy Davy" Unaccompanied chorus Arranged as a ballad
Vocal 1978 Pelham Humphrey and John Blow: "A Dialogue Between Two Penitents" Two tenors and continuo
Instrumental 1981 Seventeenth-century traditional English dance: "About Ship" Piano duet
Instrumental 1983 Seven tunes by Gustav Holst piano Arrangement for elementary piano


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