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This is an incomplete list of embedded devices that run MontaVista Linux: electronic devices with limited internal computers whose main operating system is based on MontaVista's distribution of the open-source Linux operating system.

Digital Televisions[edit]

  • Philips Aurea[1] and selected ambiLight models
  • Sony Bravia models from 2005 and earlier[2]
  • selected models from Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp and Mitsubishi

Digital Video Recorders and Set-Top Boxes[edit]

  • Sony DHG-HDD250
  • Sony DHG-HDD500[3]

eBook Readers[edit]

VoIP Phones[edit]

  • D-Link DPH-125MS

Mobile Phones[edit]

Musical Instruments[edit]

Network Attached Storage (NAS)[edit]

  • Seagate Central STCG2000100
  • Seagate Business Storage STBN8000200
  • SMC TigerSTore SMCNAS02
  • SMC TigerSTore SMCNAS04



Cable Modems[edit]

  • all DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 3.0 cable modems based on Intel Puma5 chipset

Traffic Signal Control[edit]

  • Peek Traffic PTC-1[5]

Telecom Equipment[edit]

Digital Televisions[edit]

  • Aviosys IP Kamera 9070 series (TI Davinci DM355 board)


  • Spirent Testcenter
  • APC by Schneider Electric IP KVM - The AP5405 remote Internet Protocol Keyboard/Video/Mouse controller allows 16 servers to be accessed over a TCP/IP network.
  • Philips iPronto remote controller[8]
  • St. Jude Medical Merlin patient care system[9]
  • Texas Instruments have announced that they will be using MontaVista Linux Professional Edition as the supported operating system for their new System-on-Chip platform, Texas Instruments DaVinci. Consequently, new devices that use the DaVinci chip will come with MontaVista Linux by default. MVL4 and MVL5 were used for the first and second software development kit series until TI decided for a less commercial approach with the third edition of their software development kit.
  • The terminals used for the National Lottery and EuroMillions games in the Republic of Ireland are based on MontaVista Linux and use a Java client, as do most other newer GTECH Altura terminals.
  • SEGA Lindbergh hardware for arcade gaming
  • Clarion NX603 multimedia headunit
  • Phenom (electron microscope) (first generation - later switched to other distributions)
  • British Telecom ITS.Netrix dealerboards [10]
  • Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5051i Multi-function printer (MFP) [11]


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