List of films set around Father's Day

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This is a list of films set on or around Father's Day.


  • Underworld (1996) - an American mob film in which a mobster attempts to solve his father's murder and settle scores on Father's Day


  • Jam (2006), an American film about how various characters spend Father's Day
  • The Real Son (2008), an American short film in which a man plays in a Father's Day golf tournament with a friend's son


  • "Father's Day" (1982), a segment of the horror anthology film Creepshow in which a father is killed by his daughter on Father's Day
  • Father's Day (2011), an American-Canadian action-horror comedy film featuring a character known as the Father's Day Killer
  • "Father's Day" (2016), a segment of the American horror anthology film Holidays
  • Knock Knock (2015), an American horror film in which a man stays home alone on Father's Day weekend