List of garden structures at West Wycombe Park

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West Wycombe Park contains a number garden temples, pavilions and follies; many of these are listed for their architectural or historical significance:

Temple of Apollo at West Wycombe Park
Temple of Music at West Wycombe Park
Temple of Venus at West Wycombe Park
  • Boathouse
  • Britannia Pillar
  • Cascade (Grade II)[1]
  • Gothic Alcove
  • Kittys Lodge
  • North Lodge (Grade II*)[2]
  • Park Farm (private residence)
  • Round Lodge
  • Round Temple
  • Sawmill House (private residence)
  • Small Temple (Grade II*)[3]
  • 'St Crispins' (chapel)
  • Temple of Apollo (Grade II*)[4]
  • Temple of Bacchus (Grade II*)[5]
  • Temple of Daphne (Grade II*)[6]
  • Temple of Diana
  • Temple of Flora (Grade II*)[7]
  • Temple of Music (Grade II*)[8]
  • Temple of Venus
  • Temple of the Winds (Grade II*)[9]
  • Venus's Parlour


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