List of gold mines in Canada

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This list of gold mines in Canada is subsidiary to the list of mines article and lists working, defunct and future mines in the country. For practical purposes, defunct and future mines are demarcated in italics and bold respectively. Asterisks (*) note mines which produce(d) gold as a secondary product.


Mine Coordinates Town Owner Dates Comments
Lost Lemon Mine

British Columbia[edit]

Mine Coordinates Town Owner Dates Comments
Blue Hawk Mine 49°59′2″N 119°30′30.59″W / 49.98389°N 119.5084972°W / 49.98389; -119.5084972 Kelowna 1934 Also produced silver
Bralorne 50°46′29″N 122°48′52″W / 50.77472°N 122.81444°W / 50.77472; -122.81444 Ogden ????-1971 Produced 4.2 million ounces
Hedley Mascot Mine
Jolly Jack's Lost Mine
Kemess Mine
Pioneer Mine 50°45′34″N 122°46′47″W / 50.75944°N 122.77972°W / 50.75944; -122.77972 Ogden 1920-1960
Pitt Lake's Lost Gold Mine

New Brunswick[edit]

Mine Coordinates Town Owner Dates Comments
Murray Brook Mine

Nova Scotia[edit]

Mine Coordinates Town Owner Dates Comments
Catcha Lake Acadian Gold Corporation 1882 s planning to drill for samples in the future .


Mine Coordinates Town Owner Dates Comments
Barton Mine* 47°07′08.75″N 79°47′09.58″W / 47.1190972°N 79.7859944°W / 47.1190972; -79.7859944 Temagami 1906-1918 Secondary products included gold, silver, copper and bismuth.
Beanland Mine 47°05′28.71″N 79°49′30.83″W / 47.0913083°N 79.8252306°W / 47.0913083; -79.8252306 Temagami 1937-1938 Also produced silver
Big Dan Mine 47°05′28.53″N 79°46′28.95″W / 47.0912583°N 79.7747083°W / 47.0912583; -79.7747083 Temagami 1906-1907 Also produced silver and arsenic
Copperfields Mine* 46°57′44.41″N 80°02′13.67″W / 46.9623361°N 80.0371306°W / 46.9623361; -80.0371306 Temagami 1954-1972 Secondary products included cobalt, gold, nickel, palladium, platinum and silver.
Dome Mine Timmins
Golden Giant Mine Hemlo 1985-2006
Hermiston-McCauley Mine 47°05′54.30″N 79°49′38.18″W / 47.0984167°N 79.8272722°W / 47.0984167; -79.8272722 Temagami 1935-1940
Kanichee Mine* 47°06′13.07″N 79°50′38.63″W / 47.1036306°N 79.8440639°W / 47.1036306; -79.8440639 Temagami 1937-1948, 1948-1949, 1973-1976 Secondary products included gold, palladium, silver and platinum.
Leckie Mine 47°05′36.34″N 79°47′48.68″W / 47.0934278°N 79.7968556°W / 47.0934278; -79.7968556 Temagami ~1900-1909, 1933-1937 Also produced arsenic, copper and silver
McIntyre Mines
Norrie Mine* 47°06′59.59″N 79°46′27.63″W / 47.1165528°N 79.7743417°W / 47.1165528; -79.7743417 Temagami Prior to 1920 Secondary products included lead, gold, zinc and silver.
Northland Pyrite Mine* 47°10′26.24″N 79°44′34.45″W / 47.1739556°N 79.7429028°W / 47.1739556; -79.7429028 Temagami 1906-1911 Secondary products included cobalt, copper, zinc, gold and nickel.
Red Lake Mine Red Lake
Temagami-Lorrain Mine 47°06′39.79″N 79°40′58.2″W / 47.1110528°N 79.682833°W / 47.1110528; -79.682833 Temagami Prior to 1912 Also produced cobalt, arsenic, silver, nickel and copper

Northwest Territories[edit]

Mine Coordinates Town Owner Dates Comments
Beaulieu Mine 62°26′32″N 114°23′51″W / 62.44222°N 114.39750°W / 62.44222; -114.39750 Yellowknife 1947-1948 Only a total of 30 troy ounces were recovered.
Burwash Mine 62°24′N 114°24′W / 62.400°N 114.400°W / 62.400; -114.400 Yellowknife 1934-???? The Burwash Mine has some historical significance in that the original ore sample kept "gold fever" alive in the area and helped in the establishment of Yellowknife as a viable northern community.
Camlaren Mine Mining Corporation of Canada Limited 1963-1991 The Camlaren property is now part of the Gordon Lake Project.
Colomac Mine 64°12′00″N 116°01′11″W / 64.20000°N 116.01972°W / 64.20000; -116.01972 Canada 1990–1992 1994-1997
Con Mine
Discovery Mine
Giant Mine
Lost McLeod Mine
Negus Mine
Outpost Island Mine
Ptarmigan and Tom Mine
Ruth Mine
Salmita Mine
Thompson-Lundmark Mine
Tundra Mine


Mine Coordinates Town Owner Dates Comments
Lupin Mine
Meadowbank Gold Mine