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This list of museums in the state of Burgenland, Austria contains museums which are defined for this context as institutions (including nonprofit organizations, government entities, and private businesses) that collect and care for objects of cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical interest and make their collections or related exhibits available for public viewing. Also included are non-profit art galleries and university art galleries.

The list[edit]

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Name Image Location Type Summary
Austrian Jewish Museum ÖsterreichischesJüdischesMuseum.Eisenstadt.11A.JPG Eisenstadt History website, history of the Jews in Burgenland, features private synagogue
Bad Tatzmannsdorf Spa Museum Bad Tatzmannsdorf History website, history of the town's hot water spa
Bad Tatzmannsdorf Bread Museum Bad Tatzmannsdorf Food website, history of bread making
Bauernmuseum Jennersdorf Jennersdorf Agriculture website, historic farm implements, furniture, tools
Bernstein Rock Museum Bernstein Felsenmuseum Außenbereich.jpg Bernstein im Burgenland Natural history website, serpentine mining, rocks, minerals
Burg Güssing Ruine der Festung Güssing.jpg Güssing Historic house Medieval castle with collections of art, music, books, food, hunting, cast iron pieces, miniatures dioramas
Burg Lockenhaus Léka légifotó1.jpg Lockenhaus Historic house Romanesque and Gothis fortress castle, exhibit about the Knights Templar
Burg Schlaining Stadtschlaining Historic house Medieval castle, includes the European Museum for Peace
Burgenland Fire Fighters Museum Eisenstadt Firefighting website
Burgenland History House Bildein History website, website, area history
Burgenland State Gallery Eisenstadt Art website, exhibits of local contemporary visual art
Castle of Arts Schloss Potzneusiedl-01.JPG Potzneusiedl Art website, display of icons, center of art and antiques
Diözesanmuseum Eisenstadt Eisenstadt Religious website, ecclesiastical art and artifacts of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Eisenstadt
Dorfmuseum Mönchhof Mönchhof Dorfmuseum 2.JPG Mönchhof Open air website, includes farm buildings, guest house, school, theater, town hall, fire department, handicraft workshops, shops, milk house, grist mill, church
Emigrant Museum - Josef Reichl House Alte Hofmühle in Güssing 01.jpg Güssing Local information, two museums in one building, history of area immigration to America and exhibit on local poet Josef Reichl
European Museum for Peace Stadtschlaining Peace website, causes and structures of violence and war, ways out of everyday violence, located in Burg Schlaining, operated by the European Peace University
Forchtenstein Castle BurgForchtenstein1.jpg Mattersburg Historic house Medieval fortress castle with restored baroque interiors, decorative arts and weapons collections
Freilichtmuseum Bad Tatzmannsdorf Bad Tatzmannsdorf Open air website, residential and commercial buildings from the late 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century
Freilichtmuseum Ensemble Gerersdorf Gerersdorf Kellerstöckl Postrum Bergen Obj14.JPG Gerersdorf Open air website, thatched houses, farm buildings, agriculture life
Haydn-Haus Eisenstadt Eisenstadt - Haydn-Haus, Joseph Haydn-Gasse 21.JPG Eisenstadt Music website, one of the homes of composer Joseph Haydn, exhibits of area music history
Haydn Church Bergkirchemitkalvarienberg.jpg Eisenstadt Religious website, includes the Joseph Haydn Mausoleum, treasury
Lackenbach Palace Lackenbach Wirtschaftstrakt im Schloss.jpg Eisenstadt Natural history website, Renaissance palace and nature theme park, museum with exhibit on anture and the history of mankind, archaeology, hunting and forestry, wood, climate issues, tourism, art and culture
Landesmuseum Burgenland Burgenlandmuseumhaupteingang.jpg Eisenstadt Local website, local history, culture, archaeology, art, folklore, natural history
Landtechnik-Museum Burgenland Sankt Michael im Burgenland Agriculture website, agriculture machinery, tractors, steam machines, processors, harvesters, tools
Franz Liszt's birthplace Raiding - Liszt-Geburtshaus.JPG Raiding Music website, the life of the composer Franz Liszt
Mining Museum Goberling Stadtschlaining Mining website, mining of antimony
Museum Jois Jois Local website, includes 1938 classroom, wine making, local history
Museum Oberschützen Oberschützen Local website, local history, folk culture
Museum of Clocks and Watches Aschau Horology website, clock works, watches and clock making
Pinkafeld City Museum Pinkafeld Museum.JPG Pinkafeld Local website, city history, culture, fossils, archaeological finds
Roman Museum St. Martin Sankt Martin an der Raab Archaeology website[permanent dead link], excavated Roman artifacts and remains
Schloss Deutschkreutz Deutschkreutz - Schloss (02).jpg Oberpullendorf Art website, works by Anton Lehmden
Schloss Esterházy Eisenstadt.jpg Eisenstadt Historic house Baroque palace, gardens, wine museum
Schnapsmuseum Neusiedl bei Güssing Neusiedl bei Güssing Beverages website, culture and the art of distilling
Stadtschlaining City Museum Stadtschlaining Local website, city history, culture
Steinmetz Museum Kaisersteinbruch Bruckneudorf Local website, history, stone quarrying
Tower Museum Breitenbrunn Local website, city history, culture, natural history
Wine Museum Burgenland Eisenstadt Wine Located in Schloss Esterházy, history of area wine-making
Windmill Podersdorf Podersdorf Mill website, working windmill
Wine Museum Moschendorf Moschendorf Beverages website, information
Wine Museum Neckenmarkt Neckenmarkt Beverages website,