List of songs recorded by Nikka Costa

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This list will compile non album tracks by American singer Nikka Costa. Songs that were only recorded during live performances will not be included.

Year Song Notes
1994 "Everybody's On This Ride (Get Yourself A Little Head Space)" From the 1994 demo tape “Sugarbone”
"Let Me Be Your Love Child"
"Ain't No Mountain To Be Climbed (Put It Down)"
1996 "Right On To You" From the 1996 compilation “Mushroom Music Workshop”
"Some Love" B-Side to the 1996 single “Master Blaster”
"When My Man Cries"
"Miss Celie's Blues" B-Side to the 1996 single “Get Off My Sunshine”
"Skin" B-Side to the 1996 single “Treat Her Right”
1997 "Hey Joe" A cover version of The Leaves song, for the 1997 compilation “Not With That Clown: Songs Of Sexual Jealousy”, released in Australia
"Stay With Me" Faces cover, available at the “Live at the Bridge” bonus CD
"Yer Blues" The Beatles cover, available at the “Live at the Bridge” bonus CD
2000 "La La La" Demo recording from the “Everybody Got Their Something” sessions
"Stranger's Way"
"What Goes Around Comes Around"
"Rain" Demo recording from the “Everybody Got Their Something” sessions, later known as “I Don't Want To Be The Rain”
2001 "I Don't Want To Be The Rain" Japanese bonus track of the Everybody Got Their Something album
"Heaven Sinner" B-Side to the “Like A Feather” single
"Call Me" Blondie cover, from the Zoolander soundtrack
2004 "I Don't Think We've Met" Released as the first single from the “Can'tneverdidnothin`” album, but did not make the final cut. Available on iTunes and on some promotional copies of the album
"I'm Gonna Leave You" Available on some promotional copies of “Can'tneverdidnothin`”
"The Last Time"
2005 "Midday On Mars" Exclusive to Target's Red Room Vol. 3 compilation.
"Silver Tongue" Prior to the initial release of the CNDN album, VH1 reported that Costa had created a song with Prince called "Silver Tongue." The song later appeared as a download on Prince's site without any vocals from Costa. VH1 also reported that Nikka was in talks with Missy Elliott and Outkast, but there has been no confirmation about any collaborations happening.
"Tell Me Something Good" Between the 2004 version of can'tneverdidnothin' and the 2005 official retail release, an EMI employee reported that Costa was working on a cover of this Rufus featuring Chaka Khan classic with Pharrell Williams. The song has not been released, and it is not known if this song was recorded.
2006 "Mean Sleep" (Van Hunt featuring Nikka Costa) From Van Hunt's 2006 album “On The Jungle Floor”
"If I Had No Loot" (Sam Moore featuring Nikka Costa and Van Hunt) From Sam Moore's 2006 album “Overnight Sensational”
"I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl" From the compilation album “Sounds Eclectic – The Covers Project”
2007 "Negative People" Written for the Pebble to a Pearl album, but only performed live in 2007
"The Denial Twist" a version of the White Stripes song, has been featured on Costa's MySpace page and was an extra track on the European Version of the album.
2008 "Maybe Baby" A new original song, also has been featured on Costa's MySpace page. It was used in promotional spots for NBC's series Lipstick Jungle. A different version of the song was included on promotional versions of her 2011 album "ProWhoa".
2009 "The Rules Of The Road" A Cy Coleman cover, recorded for the "Then Was Then And Now is Now, a tribute to Cy Coleman" CD EP
"The Best Is Yet To Come" A Cy Coleman cover, performed live during the EP Release Tribute Concert for Then Was Then And Now Is Now.
2010 "Radio" A leftover track, featured only on the promotional release of Nikka's yet to be released album "Prowhoa". Other promo versions of the album include an alternate version of the song.
"Kick" An INXS cover that appeared on the tribute album Original Sin.
2011 "Little Lion Man" Mumford & Sons cover, available at iTunes and Amazon, independently released by Nikka Costa.
"Devil Inside"(Ben Harper featuring Nikka Costa) An INXS duet cover with Ben Harper, released as an iTunes bonus track for the compilation Original Sin.
"Live B4 We Die" Available on a promotional copy of ProWhoa.
"I Got You"