List of mountain passes in New Hampshire

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This is a list of mountain passes — generally called notches — in New Hampshire in the United States.[1]

White Mountains[edit]

Name GNIS Feature ID Location
Bear Notch 871466 Bartlett
Bunnell Notch 865863 Kilkenny
Carlton Notch 866001 Randolph
Carrigain Notch 871624 between Lincoln and Livermore
Carter Notch 871634 Bean's Purchase
Crawford Notch 871738 Hart's Location
Dickey Notch 871786 Thornton
Edmands Col 871849 Thompson and Meserve's Purchase
Franconia Notch 871907 Franconia
Hancock Notch 872003 Lincoln and Livermore
Hunters Pass 867682 Randolph
Jefferson Notch 872099 Thompson and Meserve's Purchase
Kancamagus Pass 872120 between Lincoln and Conway
Kinsman Notch 872141 Woodstock
Livermore Pass 872203 Livermore
Lost Pass 872220 Waterville Valley
Mad River Notch 872240 between Lincoln and Livermore
Oliverian Notch 872433 between Warren and Benton
Perkins Notch 872488 Bean's Purchase
Pinkham Notch 872508 Pinkham's Grant
Sandwich Notch 872624 Sandwich
Thornton Gap 872811 between Thornton and Waterville Valley
Trident Pass 872830 Success
Willard Notch 870906 Kilkenny
Zealand Notch 872973 between Bethlehem and Lincoln
Zeta Pass 872978 Bean's Purchase

Northern New Hampshire[edit]

Name GNIS Feature ID Location
Cleveland Notch 866211 Columbia
Cranberry Bog Notch 866379 Odell
Cree Notch 866394 Columbia
Dixville Notch 866591 Dixville township
Gadwah Notch 867007 Columbia
Gore Notch 867132 Stratford
Kelsey Notch 867834 Dixville township
Moran Notch 868557 Columbia
Stratford Notch 870222 Stratford
Tabor Notch 870324 Pittsburg

Southern New Hampshire[edit]

Name GNIS Feature ID Location
Barn Door Gap 865379 Strafford
Spofford Gap 870093 between Sharon and Temple