List of presidents of the New York Stock Exchange

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This is a list of presidents of the New York Stock Exchange.

1898-1903 Rudolph Keppler
1903–1904 Ransom H. Thomas
1904–1907 Henry K. Pomroy
1907–1912 Ransom H. Thomas
1912–1914 James B. Mabon
1914–1919 Henry George Stebbins Noble
1919–1921 William R. Remick
1921–1924 Seymour L. Cromwell
1924–1930 Edward H. H. Simmons
1930–1935 Richard Whitney
1935–1938 Charles R. Gay
1938–1941 William McChesney Martin, Jr.
1941–1951 Emil Schram
1951–1967 G. Keith Funston
1967–1972 Robert W. Haack
No President between May 1972 and May 1980
1980–1984 John J. Phelan, Jr.
1985–1988 Robert J. Birnbaum
1988–1995 Richard A. Grasso
1996–2001 William R. Johnston
Presidents and Co-Chief Operating Officers
2002–2005 Robert G. Britz
2002–2008 Catherine R. Kinney
2006–2007 Gerald D. Putnam
2007–2008 Duncan L. Niederauer
No President between May 2008 and May 2014
2014–present Thomas W. Farley

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