List of prisons in Jilin

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This is a list of prisons within Jilin province of the People's Republic of China.

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Baicheng Prison Baichengzi Farm In Wujiahu
Changchun Northern Suburbs Prison Changchun Northern Suburbs Prison Labor Services Company Kuancheng District, Changchun On January 18, 2004, over 200 inmates were released 2 days early
Changchun Prison Changchun Xinsheng Rubber Works Labor Service Company, Clothing Plant Changchun Roughly 1,000 inmates in 1990, produces Meihualu brand shoes
Changchun Tiebei Prison Changchun Xinsheng Switch Factory; Clothing Plant; Fuxin Iron Arts Plant; Tiebei Color Steel Mill Kuancheng District, Changchun
Dunhua Prison Dunhua In Qiuligou
Gongzhuling Prison Jilin Gongzhuling Xinsheng Tire Plant Gongzhuling Produces Shuangqiang auto tires. 900 inmates in the early 1990s
Jiangcheng Prison Jilin City 1983
Jilin Prison Jilin Forging Equipment Factory; Zhiqing Clothing Processing Plant Jilin City Has 1,500 inmates, exports to Japan and the United States
Jingyue Prison Changchun Inmates each have 22 m² living space.
Liaoyuan Prison Liaoyuan Prison Labor Services Co. Dongfeng County
Meihekou Prison Shengli Coal Mine Meihekou Shengli, Xinhe 1984
Mudanjiang Prison Mudanjiang Xinglong
Provincial Juvenile Offender Detachment Changchun Many inmates are 14-15
Provincial Women's Prison Jilin Prov. Women’s Prison Packing and Color Printing Plant Changchun Heizuizi, Xingfu As of Apr. 2006 1,700 inmates, 1997 paroled 8 people (0.76%) out of 1,042 total inmates. 1998 paroled 5 (0.43%) of a total 1,155 inmates, 1999 paroled 5 (0.43%) out of 1,162 inmates.
Sifangtuozi Prison Zhenlai Livestock Farm; Sifangtuozi Farm Zhenlai County, Baicheng In 1998, held 10,300 inmates
Siping Prison Shiling Cement Factory, Shuguang Construction Company, Knit Fabrics Plant Lishu County, Siping City Shiling Held more than 1,000 prisoners as of 2004
Tonghua Prison Tonghua 1983 More than 1,000 prisoners
Xingye Prison Clothing Factory Changchun
Yanji Prison Yanji
Yingcheng Prison Yingcheng Prison Mining Labor Reform Company Siping City