List of projects, centers, and institutes at the University of Montana

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Coordinates: 46°51′37″N 113°59′01″W / 46.86028°N 113.98361°W / 46.86028; -113.98361 (University of Montana)

The University of Montana[1] is home to a variety of institutes ranging from Health to Business to Public Policy. UM is home to a variety of institutes and research centers with many regarding ecology, environmentalism, wildlife preservation, Native American Issues, and health.

Projects, Centers, and Institutes[2][edit]

Biological Sciences[edit]

  • Avian Science Center
  • Herbarium
  • Montana Biotechnology Center
  • Montana Ecology of Infectious Diseases
  • Murdock DNA Sequencing Facility

Business and Trade[edit]

  • Bureau of Business & Economic Research
  • Montana World Trade Center


  • Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Institute for Educational Research and Service
  • Montana Geriatric Education Center
  • Montana Partners In Ecology
  • Multicultural Learning Solutions
  • Schwanke Honors Institute

Environment and Nature[edit]

  • Center for Riverine Science and Stream Re-naturalization
  • Greening UM
  • Institute for Tourism & Recreation Research
  • Lubrecht Experimental Forest
  • Montana Climate Center
  • Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit (MT CWRU)
  • Montana Environmental Consortium
  • Montana Natural History Center
  • Mount Sentinel Vegetation Management & Restoration
  • Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center - Missoula Field Station
  • Paleontology Center
  • Wilderness Information Network
  • Wilderness Institute
  • Yellow Bay–Flathead Lake Biological Station


  • Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network (BRIN)
  • Center for Environmental Health Sciences
  • Institute for Gerontology Education
  • International Heart Institute
  • Montana Cancer Institute Foundation
  • Montana Center for Childhood Trauma
  • Montana Center for Work Physiology and Exercise Metabolism
  • Montana Neuroscience Institute Foundation
  • National Rural Bioethics Project
  • Center for Structural and Functional Neuroscience
  • Physical Therapy Clinic
  • Rural Institute on Disabilities


  • Center for Ethics
  • Environmental Writing Institute
  • Montana Committee for the Humanities

Native American Issues[edit]

  • Indian Law Clinic
  • Native American Center of Excellence–Skaggs School of Pharmacy

Public Policy and Service[edit]

Regional Issues[edit]

  • O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West

Science, general[edit]

  • National Science Foundation–EPSCOR
  • Partnership for Comprehensive Equity (PACE)


  • Center for Work-Based Learning
  • English Language Programs