List of Nabataean kings

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The Rulers of Nabataea, reigned over the Nabataean kingdom (also rendered as Nabataea, Nabatea, or Nabathea), inhabited by the Nabateans, located in present-day Jordan, southern Syria, southern Israel and north-western Saudi Arabia.


Reign Name Notes
Kings of Nabataea
c. 169 BC Aretas I
120/110 to 96 BC Aretas II In some sources appears as successor to Rabbel I
c. 96 to 85 BC Obodas I
c. 85/84 BC Rabbel I In some sources appears as successor to Aretas I
84 to 60/59 BC Aretas III Philhellen Recognised by Rome 62 BC
62/61 to 60/59 BC Obodas II (?) Existence uncertain until recently; probably ruled a few months
59 to 30 BC Malichus I Becoming vassal of Herod the Great and Rome
30 to 9 BC Obodas III Vassal of Rome; probably ruled a few months; previously known to history as Obodas II
9/8 BC to 39/40 Aretas IV Philopatris
Ḥuldo, Queen
39/40 to 69/70 Malichus II
Šagīlat, Queen
70/71 to 106 Rabbel II Soter
Gāmilat, Queen
106 Annexed by Trajan becoming the Roman province of Arabia Petraea

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