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This list combines material found in several bibliographies of science fiction writer David R. Bunch. It should not be considered exhaustive, because no definitive Bunch bibliography is known to exist.

2064, or Thereabouts September 1964 Moderan Fantastic none
A Complete Father January 1960 Moderan Fantastic none
A Glance at the Past April 1959 Moderan Diversion Fantastic (Oct 1970)
A Husband's Share October 1960 Moderan Fantastic none
A Little At All Times Summer 1969 (uncollected) Perihelion #7 none
A Little Girl's Spring Day in Moderan September–October 1979 (uncollected) Galaxy none
A Little Girl's Xmas in Moderan May 1971 Moderan Coastlines F&SF (January 1960)
A Saint George Pens a Note to His Dragons September 1997 (uncollected) F&SF none
A Scare in Time September 1968 (uncollected) F&SF none
A Small Miracle of Fishhooks and Straight Pins June 1962 Bunch Fantastic none
A Vision of the King September 1964 Bunch Fantastic none
Alien January 1974 (uncollected) Fantastic none
All for Nothing May 1964 (uncollected) Fantastic none
Among the Metal-and-People People 1974 New Dimensions IV unknown none
And So White Witch Valley May 1971 Moderan none none
Animals Were So Kind January 1956 (uncollected) Inside #13 none
Any Heads at Home February 1969 Bunch Fantastic none
At Bugs Complete July 1974 (uncollected) Fantastic none
Awareness Plan November 1962 Bunch Fantastic none
Battle Won May 1971 Moderan none none
Breakout in Ecol 2 1973 Bunch, Nova 3 none none
Bubble-Dome Homes May 1971 Moderan none none
Control 1993 Bunch none none
Conversations with Women June 1969 (uncollected) Crawdaddy none
December for Stronghold 9 June 1982 (uncollected) Amazing none
Doll for the End of the Day October 1971 (uncollected) Fantastic none
Educational May 1971 Moderan none none
End of a Singer April 1975 (uncollected) Fantastic none
Ended June 1962 (uncollected) Fantastic none
First Day, First Job, Girl 1983 Bunch unknown none
For Tomorrow, Daphalene 1990 (uncollected) Pulphouse #7 none
From the Fishbowl 1984 Bunch Last Wave #4 none
Getting Regular August 1960 Moderan Amazing none
Has Anyone Seen This Horseman? Winter 1961 Moderan Shenandoah none
Head Thumping the Troops May 1971 Moderan none none
Helping Put The Rough Works To Jesse 1974 (uncollected) Eternity #3 none
Holdholtzer's Box 1971 Protostars none none
Home to Zero October 1964 (uncollected) Fantastic none
How Can a Man Be Himself November 1954 (uncollected) Inside #6 none
How It Ended January 1969 Moderan Amazing none
How They Did The Doggie At The Curbside March 1957 (uncollected) Inside #17 none
How They Took Care of Soul in a Last Day for a Non-Beginning 1962 Moderan Renaissance none
How Xmas Ghosts are Made 1974 Alternities none none
I Reckon September 1970 (uncollected) Zane Grey's Western Magazine none
In a Saucer Down for B-Day April 1969 Bunch Fantastic none
In the Complaints Service February 1960 Bunch Fantastic none
In the Empire 1961 Bunch Shenandoah none
In The Globe Of Changing Glass 1952 (uncollected) Orb v3 #1 none
In the Innermost Room of Authority May 1971 Moderan none none
In the Jag-Whiffling Service February 1959 Bunch Worlds of If none
In the Land That Aimed At Forever May 1974 (uncollected) Fantastic none
In the Time of Disposal of Infants January 1956 Bunch Inside #13 Amazing (March 1969)
In The Time of Peace Baskets, Phflug! Phflug! Spring 1961 (uncollected) Ball State University Forum none
Incident in Moderan 1967 Moderan, Dangerous Visions none none
Interruption in Carnage May 1971 Moderan none none
Investigating the Bidwell Endeavors 1965 Bunch Oneota Review none
It was in Black Cat Weather February 1963 Moderan Fantastic none
Keeping It Simple 1964 Bunch The Smith #3 none
Kicked Straight At Last Spring 1981 (uncollected) Pulpsmith none
Last Zero March 1961 (uncollected) Fantastic none
Lecture 1968 (uncollected) Chelsea none
Let Me Call Her Sweetcore December 1964 Bunch Galaxy none
Little Son's Party 1963 (uncollected) Genesis West none
Make Mine Trees January 1965 (uncollected) Fantastic none
Moment of Truth in Suburb Junction September 1973 Bunch Fantastic none
Mr. Who? April 1978 (uncollected) Fantastic none
New Kings are Not for Laughing May 1971 Moderan none none
New-Metal May 1971 Moderan none none
New-Metal Mistress Time May 1971 Moderan none none
No Cracks or Sagging Spring 1970 Moderan The Little Magazine none
Of Hammers and Men May 1971 Moderan none none
On the Sunniest Day of Spring 1962 Bunch Ball State University Forum none
One Did Not Suspect The Little Doors June 1965 (uncollected) Inside #13 Fantastic (June 1965) (as The Little Doors)
One False Step May 1963 Moderan Fantastic none
One Time, a Red Carpet... May 1971 Moderan none none
Our House 1961 Bunch Southwest Review none
Outside Paverts and Up to Zero Large 1952 (uncollected) Orb v3 #2 none
Penance Day in Moderan July 1960 Moderan Amazing none
Playmate May 1965 Moderan Fantastic none
Please Help! Save Our Bugs and Pile Our Birds 1981 Bunch Story Quarterly none
Preparation 1991 (uncollected) Pulphouse #11 none
Price of Leisure May 1971 (uncollected) Galaxy none
Remembering April 1960 Moderan Amazing none
Report from the Colony Fall 1973 (uncollected) Edge none
Reunion February 1965 Moderan Amazing none
Riders of Thunder 1960 Bunch San Francisco Review none
Routine Emergency December 1957 Bunch Worlds of If none
Seeing Stingy Ed June 1973 (uncollected) Haunt of Horror none
Short Time at the Pearly Gates March 1974 (uncollected) Fantastic none
Somebody Up There Hates Us 1963 Bunch Amazing none
Sometimes I Get So Happy August 1963 Moderan Fantastic none
Stilled Are The Guns March–April 1971 (uncollected) Zane Grey's Western Magazine none
Strange Shape in the Stronghold March 1960 Moderan Fantastic none
Survival Packages April 1963 Moderan Fantastic none
Taking Leave November 1968 (uncollected) The Smith #10 none
Thanks! Anyway January 1956 (uncollected) Inside #13 none
That High-up Blue Day that Saw the Back Sky-Train Come Spinning March 1968 Bunch F&SF none
The Bird Man of Moderan May 1971 Moderan none none
The Butterflies Were Eagle-Big That Day May 1971 Moderan none none
The College of Acceptable Death July 1964 Bunch Fantastic none
The Dirty War 1977 Future Pastimes Eternity #2 none
The Fable of the Moonshooter and the Indifferent Undergraduate October 1967 (uncollected) Dare none
The Failure August 1964 (uncollected) Fantastic none
The Final Decision February 1961 Moderan Amazing none
The Flesh-Man from Far Wide November 1959 Moderan Amazing none
The Good War December 1972 (uncollected) Fantastic none
The Joke August 1971 (uncollected) Fantastic none
The Lady was for Kroinking 1977 Generation, Future Pastimes none none
The Mad Man from Machinery Row Fall 1953 (uncollected) Fantastic Worlds #5 none
The Man Who Licked The Condition 1953 (uncollected) New Mexico Quarterly #23 none
The Man who Prepared for No Thinking 1959 (uncollected) Coastlines none
The Miracle of the Flowers October 1966 Moderan The Smith none
The Monsters November 1968 (uncollected) Amazing none
The One from Camelot Moderan Winter 1962 Moderan Descant none
The Pink Umbrella 1951 (uncollected) The Nekromantikon #5 none
The Problem May 1971 Moderan none none
The Problem was Lubrication January 1956 (uncollected) Inside #13 Fantastic (January 1956)
The Soul Shortchangers Winter 1993 (uncollected) Crank #2 none
The Strange Case of the Birds December 1975 (uncollected) Fantastic none
The Stronghold May 1971 Moderan none none
The Survey Trip May 1962 Bunch Fantastic none
The Time Battler 1992 (uncollected) Strange Plasma #5 none
The Time Saviour 1961 Bunch New Frontiers none
The Walking, Talking I-Don't-Care Man June 1965 Moderan Amazing none
The Warning November 1960 Moderan Amazing none
They Never Came Back from WHOOSH February 1964 Bunch Fantastic none
Thinking Back (Our God is a Helpful God!) May 1971 Moderan none none
This From-Far-Up-There Missile Worry Autumn 1994 (uncollected) Crank #4 none
Through a Wall and Back 1979 (uncollected) Eternity #1 none
Through Crisis with the Gonedaidins Summer 1953 (uncollected) Fantastic Worlds #4 none
To Face Eternity May 1971 Moderan none none
Tough Rocks and Hard Stones September 1970 (uncollected) F&SF none
Training Talk March 1964 Bunch Fantastic none
Training Talk No. 12 January 1972 Bunch, Christmas Magic F&SF none
Two Suns for the King March/April 1972 (uncollected) Worlds of If none
Unwarranted Departure 1972 Bunch The Smith none
Up to the Edge of Heaven April 1972 Bunch Fantastic none
Warning #1 January 1956 (uncollected) Inside #13 none
Was She Horrid? December 1959 Moderan Fantastic none
We Hardly Ever Waked Phene 1972 (uncollected) unknown Pulphouse #9
We Regret... February 1961 (uncollected) Fantastic none
When The Metal Eaters Came June–July 1979 (uncollected) Galaxy none
Will-Hung and Waiting May 1971 Moderan none none
Writer's Workshop Stories September 1982 (uncollected) Amazing/Fantastic none
Yet Another View of Hell 1972 (uncollected) Weirdbook #5 none


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