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This is a list of shows broadcast by C/S 9 and C/S Origin.


Procedural drama[edit]

Comedy series[edit]



News, talk and infotainment[edit]

Movie block[edit]

  • C/S Movie Mania


From C/S 9 and C/S Origin[edit]

(*) - The Survivor franchise originally aired on Studio 23 (now with ABS-CBN Sports+Action) before its move to C/S. However, when GMA acquired the rights to air the Philippines' version of Survivor, sister station Q (now with GMA News TV) also acquired the rights to air the next Survivor TV series. Survivor: Gabon was first shown on September 26, 2008, while Survivor: Tocantins was shown on February 14, 2009 on C/S Origin. The franchise moved back entirely to Solar with the showing of Survivor: Samoa on C/S 9.