List of songs recorded by Washington Phillips

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These are lists of all the songs recorded by the gospel blues musician Washington Phillips (1880–1954), arranged both in alphabetical order of title and by recording date.[1] Additional information is given in parentheses.

Alphabetic list[edit]

Alphabetic list by recording date[edit]

December 2, 1927 – Dallas, TX
  • "Lift Him Up That's All" (Columbia 14277-D)
  • "Mother's Last Word to Her Son" (Columbia 14369-D)
  • "Paul and Silas in Jail" (Columbia 14369-D)
  • "Take Your Burden to the Lord and Leave It There" (Columbia 14277-D)
December 5, 1927 – Dallas, TX
  • "Denomination Blues – Part 1" (Columbia 14333-D)
  • "Denomination Blues – Part 2" (Columbia 14333-D)
December 4, 1928 – Dallas, TX
  • "I Am Born to Preach the Gospel" (Columbia 14448-D)
  • "Train Your Child" (Columbia 14448-D)
December 5, 1928 – Dallas, TX
  • "Jesus Is My Friend" (Columbia 14404-D)
  • "What Are They Doing in Heaven Today" (Columbia 14404-D)
December 2, 1929 – Dallas TX
  • "A Mother's Last Word to Her Daughter" (Columbia 14511-D)
  • "I Had a Good Father and Mother" (Columbia 14566-D)
  • "I've Got the Key to the Kingdom" (Columbia 14511-D)
  • "The Church Needs Good Deacons" (Columbia 14566-D)
  • "The World Is in a Bad Fix Everywhere – Part 1" (unreleased, thought to be lost)
  • "The World Is in a Bad Fix Everywhere – Part 2" (unreleased, thought to be lost)
  • "You Can't Stop a Tattler – Part 1" (unreleased at the time)
  • "You Can't Stop a Tattler – Part 2" (unreleased at the time)


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