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This is a list of places and things named after Anne, Queen of Great Britain, who reigned from 1702 to 1714.

Not all things with "Queen Anne" in their name refer to Queen Anne (1665–1714). Anne's great grandmother Anne of Denmark, the queen consort of King James I of England, lent her name to the theatrical company Queen Anne's Men, and Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Both queens are credited with lending their name to the plant Queen Anne's lace.[1][2]

Art, architecture, and design[edit]

Law and government[edit]



Buildings and streets[edit]

  • Princess Anne Street in Fredericksburg, Virginia, named before her accession.
  • Queen Anne Boulevard, Seattle
  • Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, London, UK – a short street created by merging a square with an inn-yard. A bust of the Queen stands halfway along.
  • Queen Anne's Gate, an apartment complex in Weymouth, Massachusetts
  • Queen Anne's School, Caversham, Berkshire
  • Queen Anne Elementary School, Los Angeles, California
  • Queen Anne Place, Los Angeles, California
  • South Anne Street, Dublin, Ireland
  • Queen Anne Square, a park in downtown Newport, Rhode Island
  • Queen Square, Bloomsbury, London]] – There is a statue in the square of Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III, but the square itself was built in 1708 and named for Anne.
  • Queen Square, Bristol, UK – This was the first residential square built outside London, in 1702. Anne paid a visit to the site during construction.
  • St. Ann's Fort (St. Ann's Castle), The Garrison, Barbados – a large citadel built to protect the capital Bridgetown and the island of Barbados, constructed between 1703 and 1716. The Fort was part of the 19th century British Military Garrison and still stands today within the headquarters of the Barbados Defence Force. The Garrison is being considered by UNESCO for World Heritage Site status.
  • Ann Street, Brisbane, Australia.[citation needed] (Streets of Brisbane's CBD are all named after British Kings and Queens)
  • Queen Street, Portsmouth, UK. Bordering HM Dockyard. The dockyard wall, running along the north side of the western section of this road, is pierced by Victory gate at its western end. On the wall to the right of this gate (looking into the dockyard) is a plaque inscribed: "This wall was begun the 4th June and finished ye 13th December 1711".
  • Queen Anne Road, Harwich, Massachusetts, A Residential Road In Running From East Dennis To Chatham, With the Majority In Harwich.
  • Queen Anne Terrace, Plymouth, UK.

Geographical Features[edit]



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