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Hale is a civil parish in the borough of Halton, Cheshire, England. The parish contains 17 buildings that are recorded in the National Heritage List for England as designated listed buildings. Of these, one is listed at Grade II*, the middle grade, and the others are at Grade II, the lowest grade. The parish includes the village of Hale, and this is surrounded by agricultural land. It is on the north bank of the River Mersey and includes the promontory of Hale Head. Almost all of the listed buildings are houses and cottages in the village, the others consisting of the parish church, an ice house in the grounds of the former Hale House (now demolished), and a former lighthouse on Hale Head.


Grade Criteria[1]
II* Particularly important buildings of more than special interest
II Buildings of national importance and special interest


Name and location Photograph Date Notes Grade
St Mary's Church
53°19′57″N 2°47′43″W / 53.3325°N 2.7952°W / 53.3325; -2.7952 (St Mary's Church)
Hale Church 1.jpg
14th century The tower dates from the 14th century, the rest of the church was built in 1754, the interior was fully restored in 1979–80 after a fire.[2][3] II
Manor House
53°20′02″N 2°47′45″W / 53.3339°N 2.7959°W / 53.3339; -2.7959 (Manor House)
Manor House, Hale.jpg
Mid 17th century The house was originally built as a parsonage.[4] II*
22 High Street
53°20′09″N 2°48′08″W / 53.3357°N 2.8021°W / 53.3357; -2.8021 (22 High Street)
22 High Street, Hale.jpg
1665 A timber-framed cottage with a thatched roof.[5] II
32–34 Town Lane
53°20′15″N 2°47′51″W / 53.3376°N 2.7976°W / 53.3376; -2.7976 (32–34 Town Lane)
32-34 Town Lane, Hale.jpg
Late 17th century A pair of brick-built cottages.[6] II
4-6 Hale Road
53°20′12″N 2°48′18″W / 53.3367°N 2.8051°W / 53.3367; -2.8051 (4-6 Hale Road)
4-6 Hale Road, Hale.jpg
Late 17th ;century A pair of thatched lime-washed brick cottages.[7] II
14 Church End
53°20′02″N 2°47′51″W / 53.3339°N 2.7974°W / 53.3339; -2.7974 (14 Church End)
14 Church End, Hale.jpg
Late 17th century A cottage, formerly timber-framed, now lime-washed brick with a thatched roof.[8] II
16-20 Church End
53°20′01″N 2°47′48″W / 53.3337°N 2.7968°W / 53.3337; -2.7968 (16-20 Church End)
16-20 Church End, Hale.jpg
Late 17th century A row of three cottages, formerly timber-framed, now lime-washed brick with thatched roofs.[9] II
Old School House,
4 High Street
53°20′11″N 2°48′14″W / 53.3363°N 2.8039°W / 53.3363; -2.8039 (Old School House)
Old School House, Hale.jpg
1739 A two-storey brick building surmounted by a cupola.[10] II
39-43 High Street
53°20′08″N 2°48′03″W / 53.3356°N 2.8008°W / 53.3356; -2.8008 (39-43 High Street)
39-43 High Street, Hale.jpg
18th century Three joined brick buildings with a slate roof.[11] II
45-51 High Street
53°20′07″N 2°48′01″W / 53.3354°N 2.8004°W / 53.3354; -2.8004 (45-51 High Street)
45-51 High Street, Hale.jpg
18th century A pair of lime-washed brick cottages with slate roofs.[12] II
46 High Street
53°20′07″N 2°48′01″W / 53.3352°N 2.8004°W / 53.3352; -2.8004 (46 High Street)
46 High Street, Hale.jpg
18th century A lime-washed brick single-storey cottage with a stone plinth.[13] II
42-44 High Street
53°20′07″N 2°48′02″W / 53.3353°N 2.8006°W / 53.3353; -2.8006 (42-44 High Street)
42-44 High Street, Hale.jpg
18th century Two joined lime-washed brick two-storey cottages.[14] II
2-2A Church End
53°20′06″N 2°47′56″W / 53.3349°N 2.7989°W / 53.3349; -2.7989 (2-2A Church End)
2-2A Church End, Hale.jpg
Mid 18th century A lime-washed brick two-storey house.[15] II
38-40 High Street
53°20′07″N 2°48′04″W / 53.3354°N 2.8010°W / 53.3354; -2.8010 (38-40 High Street)
38-40 High Street, Hale.jpg
Late 18th century A pair of lime-washed two-storey cottages with slate roofs, each of one bay with a gable.[16] II
55-59 High Street
53°20′07″N 2°47′59″W / 53.3352°N 2.7996°W / 53.3352; -2.7996 (55-59 High Street)
55-59 High Street, Hale.jpg
Late 18th ;century Three joined lime-washed cottages in one storey with attics.[17] II
Ice house
53°19′55″N 2°48′19″W / 53.3319°N 2.8053°W / 53.3319; -2.8053 (Ice house)
Hale Ice House.jpg
Mid 19th century The ice house of the former Hale Hall (now demolished) in brick under an earth mound.[18] II
53°19′21″N 2°47′39″W / 53.3225°N 2.7941°W / 53.3225; -2.7941 (Lighthouse)
Hale Lighthouse.jpg
Early 20th century A disused lighthouse built in brick with a metal roof.[19] II